Be More Racist Every Day!, Reality Shed’s 2023 New Year’s Resolution Everyone Must Embrace To Perturb Alt-Far-Left



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The alt-far-left are insidious and evil. Over the years, they have told us that various perfectly normal things are wrong and ‘racist’ and even ‘White supremacy’. They also change definitions constantly to further their communist agenda.

Despite what democRATs claim, THEY are the actual racists. They always talk about race, divide us by race and pit us against each other by race. THAT is racism!

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Our standard disclaimer: We in the shed are only racist against communists (and those that are communist adjacent). We also believe that race can be discussed without someone being racist, which ‘Anti-Joke Chicken’ was kind enough to assist us in proving. Thank you AJC, you were delicious…we mean helpful.

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Over the years, democRATs have claimed that ‘muslims’, and ‘migrants’, and ‘refugees’ are all races. Great, now so are Conservatives and MAGA and Pureblood. Deal with it you racist fucks!

In addition, leftists have claimed that things such as hard work, spelling, grammar, math, speaking proper English, wanting English spoken in the USA, not liking a left-wing movie or TV show, questioning bad ‘the science’, and anything else that opposes democRATs are either ‘muh racist’ or are ‘White supremacy’ {sic}.


Even RINOs (Republicans IN NAME ONLY) have jumped on that bandwagon. Recently they have even tried to frame President Trump with a ‘White supremacist’ that is actually hispanic. Fuentes…you seriously thought we would fall for that?! SMH!

Now a new false claim by the so-called ‘TIME Magazine’, entitled “The White Supremacist Origins of Exercise, and 6 Other Surprising Facts About the History of U.S. Physical Fitness” says that ‘working out’ and staying in good shape is racist.

‘Anti-Racist Chicken’, “…jumping out of a plane…”, by unknown via memebase.com, found at memebase.cheezburger.com

We are surprised globalists didn’t push that during ‘the covid’ lockdowns, as it would have pumped up their body count. Instead they just denied access to public workouts (in gyms), while ‘racists’ still worked out at home.

The Coalition of Diseased Communists (CDC) is also out claiming that not wearing masks for ‘the covid’, a virus that is 99.96% survivable without ANY effort to avoid it, is ‘muh White supremacy’. We are shocked they haven’t pegged Nick Fuentes as their spokesperson yet!

‘anti joke chicken, “…can’t jump…”, by unknown via Memebase.com, found at pinterest.com

MSM pushes all of these hoaxes, especially the race ones, to further the communist agenda (destroy USA from within) that they collude with democRATs on. Every day they work to dehumanize and infantilize so-called ‘minorities’.

The reality is that Whites are just 16% (or 1 in every 7) people on Earth…a true minority! So-called ‘diversity’ is code for anti-White. True ‘diversity’ would see the NBA, NFL and MLB looking VERY differently!

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Musical interlude time…

Musical interlude time… “Toto – Africa (Official HD Video)”

We’ve even seen creators crap on their own prior work, and so-called ‘creators’ destroy that which they did NOT create (HERE and HERE), all in a race to embrace woke.

Meanwhile, Usurper in Thief Joe Biden’s wife (the new one, he killed the other one so he could marry the woman he was having an affair with…her ex-husband verified he knew of their affair) sees ‘breakfast tacos’ everywhere. But it didn’t start under Biden, or under President Trump.

‘A black guy, A Chinese guy and a Jewish guy walk in to a bar Suddenly a meteor strikes the earth rendering the planet inhospitable for life and making the racial differences between the men inconsequential’, by unknown, via quickmeme.com

The open attacks on Caucasians began under the HALF-black Obama, whose white maternal grandparents raised him (their reward was him ‘throwing them under the bus’ during his 2008 campaign) after his ‘white atheist from Kansas’ mom died and his amazingly awesome black-african dad abandoned him. Father of the year material right there, that one was!

“What’s sad about 4 black people driving off a cliff? They were my friends”, by unknown, via quickmeme.com

ALL lives matter!!! If they didn’t, then black lives couldn’t matter. That entire Marxist BLM movement (the co-founder even Cosplays as black) proves that racism is alive and well, and directed AT White people.

‘Anti Joke Chicken’, “…muslin in New York…”, by jokester1, via imgflip.com

In fact, leftist blacks are incredibly racist, as proven HERE. They even rate each other on the lightness or darkness of their skin, complete with nicknames, and have a hierarchy based on that. Indians, like KamelaHairAss (Indian from India mom, Jamaican dad, raised in Canada) also have a caste hierarchy system. Just another type of racism.

‘how do you starve a black person? deprive them of food’, by unknown, via quickmeme.com

Obviously, we haven’t really been talking about being more racist as racism actually is, but rather as what the left falsely claims racism is. Why? Because pissing off communists is fun!

‘…can’t…stop….making…. Anti-Joke Chicken Memes. Must get help…’, “A white guy, a Mexican guy, and a black guy each make a wish. Then they jump off a cliff. Wishes aren’t real. But gravity is. So they died.”, by BlackATTACK, via imgflip.com

So exercise, don’t wear a mask (cloth still isn’t magical), speak properly, ‘learn good math’, use proper spelling and grammar, demand that foreigners who want to live here learn English, question fake scientists, criticize woke TV shows and movies, and work hard.

‘Racism is for the birds!’, by us, combined ‘Racism in the hen house’, by unknown, via xdpedia.com WITH ‘RACISM was here’, by unknown via VeryDeMotivational.com, UL by Ayriksi via cheezburger.com

Be ‘White’, even if you are not actually White! Strive to achieve that every day. Defy the alt-far-left-communist-democRATs! Be THAT kind of ‘racist’. But REAL racism IS for the birds, and so is communism. Fuck Joe Biden, and Happy New Year!

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