Coalition of Diseased Communists, CDC Quietly Rebrands After Withdrawing BOGUS Mask Mandates For Healthcare Workers



CDC caused this nonsense! by unknown via online. This is child abuse.
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Mask mandates were always designed as a measure of control, NOT as a preventative measure against a virus. This was all a power grab, and most of us fell for it. Government rarely, if ever retracts, it just expands at different rates and the last two years are what is known as booming business.

Just like the alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-MSM when they rarely admit (usually because they lost a lawsuit) their lies on page 24 in a tiny paragraph when the original story was on the front page, the ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ (CDC) barely admits its many mistakes.

That is exactly what happened when the CDC decided to throw in the m̶a̶s̶k̶ towel and drop healthcare worker mask mandates, with MSM largely ignoring it as it doesn’t fit their narrative. As this happened on Friday September 23, 2022 and you likely just heard of it as we did then this ‘conspiracy theory’ is proven TRUE! See, now we are all ‘fact checkers’.

They also dropped another bombshell at the same time, which is admitting that natural immunity acquired from infection by covid is as beneficial as from the vaccines that are NOT real actual proper vaccines after denying that from the beginning.

More CDC caused nonsense! by unknown via online. This is also child abuse.

Here is a healthy dose of reality for the CDC:
• Covid travels 30 meters (~99 feet) and NOT “6 feet and falls to the floor”

• Per their own data, 85% of those getting covid wore a mask always (71%) or often (14%)

• Mark packages all contain a disclaimer that they don’t work against any virus

• Cloth isn’t magical and blocks NO virus

• Masks are a visible sign of submission (AKA a mini burqa) and enable the left to spot sheeple

• Prior to covid medical staff wore masks to avoid (in or out) splatter NOT to block any virus…EVER

• Smoke particles are bigger than ANY virus and go right through cloth, so wearing cloth to block a virus is like putting up chainlink fence to block mosquitoes

Plastic face-shields and store counter barriers are even more ridiculous as unless you are on a separate air supply they make ZERO sense. Hey geniuses, if there is ANY HOLE the virus can get in! Cloth is full of those. Even N95 masks are only UP TO (qualifying words) 95% effective.

Any real medical and/or scientific organization would have known all of that and helped spread the word, not push a leftist control agenda that cost people their jobs, and possibly their lives too.

“Local school band orders special face masks for students. Each mask was designed for a specific instrument, which allows students to play music comfortably.” by Maria Aguilera Cameron TX via Text their Tip Line letting them know they are promoting child abuse because that is what this is!

Just as with any other infectious virus, there is a group that is more vulnerable. During the Spanish Flu of 1918 (when 5.26% of the world’s population died) it was healthy young people. For covid it was known early on it was older people and those who already had health issues, and globalists locked us all down anyway.

Beware of covid misinformation or disinformation. You can tell it right away as it looks, feels and smells like control. If it in any way resembles freedom, then run towards it and embrace it. Then get ready for the left to attack you for doing so.

A lot of people who work in the medical field no longer deserve to be able to do that, as they knowingly pushed lies. We well remember the TikTok dance videos of doctors and nurses when we couldn’t see relatives who were dying. You involved are beasts and deserve punishment, not hero worship. We have never seen any true hero act as shamefully as you did.

“The Pittsford Panther Pep Band, masked and socially distanced, perform ‘Sweet Caroline’ at half time during Pittsford’s season opening game against Hilton Saturday, March 20, 2021 at Pittsford Sutherland High School.” by Shawn Dowd of ‘Democrat And Chronicle’ in story “Will NY require masks in schools this fall? What we know so far” by Sarah Taddeo of New York State Team. via Yeppers, more child abuse.

Two weeks to slow the spread, or 15 days to flatten the curve, whatever the lie it needs to be dealt with. Over 2.5 years later, we STILL have restrictions on living scattered throughout the country, mostly in demonic blue areas. Make no mistake, this was 100% intentional to destroy President Trump’s booming economy and make it appear more likely that their election theft wasn’t that.

Now more than half of all those getting covid are ‘vaxxed’, so that proves those are NOT vaccines as real ones prevent you from 1) getting, and 2) spreading, what the shots are for, while the ‘vaxx’ is designed to mutate and spread the virus. And the ‘elite’ you see getting the shots are taking saline.

If you have never taken the shots, PLEASE stay pureblood! If you have, then PLEASE don’t take any more as they are designed to weaken your natural immune system (at a proven rate of 3-6% a month, which is cumulative and never recovers), which makes you more susceptible to cancer and other diseases. Good luck.

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