How Many Rallies Did You Hold?, ZERO Skin In Game Establishment Blowhard Ann Coulter Now Existential Threat To MAGA



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Yes, we went there. Of course, we had the balls…unlike that deer. To be clear right from the start, Ann Coulter has every right to speak on any issues she so chooses, and if people want to go and see her live or buy a book she wrote or read an article or tweet online, so be it.

Apparently, just the other day, Coulter had a speech at Cornell interrupted and canceled. Some communists went after those people trying to exercise their Constitutional right to freedom of association by entering the event, then it lasted just 30 minutes, of which Ann spoke for about 7 (no word on how long it was supposed to last, but certainly longer).

Although the event was supposed to be limited to only those who registered online, several terrorists infiltrated the room and screamed her down. All the chants the alt-far-leftists used were actually only true about themselves. That Cornell, an alleged ‘Ivy League’ college, tolerated that is beyond the pale, yet also par for the course.

‘Andy Bernard The Office GIF’, by incakeswetrust, via tenor.com. Although Ann herself graduated from Cornell, we all know who the most famous alumnus is.

We are capitalists. If someone wants Ann to speak at an event, they have to pay her. We’d never deny anyone a payday like that. We have also defended Ann for YEARS now. On a variety of issues. Those days are over.

This isn’t even a close call! The United States of America or Ann Coulter? Hmm… We will take the USA over Drat Smudge of the Smudge Abort‘s bestest buddy Ann any day of the week. We had already picked President Trump over her and stopped reading her stuff. But a headline the other day caught our eye.

Ann is also a “Breitbart News contributor”, and as that site is a shell of it’s former self and we are certain Andrew is spinning in his grave over the RINO authors, censored comment section and frankly the poor spelling, grammar and punctuation, Ann is also likely responsible as she infects it with her hatred of MAGA (Make America Great Again) and Trump.

“Democrats Don’t Mind Being Lied To, Cheated Or Scammed Unless It’s By A Republican…”, by unknown, from TennesseeConservativeNews, via tennesseeconservativenews.com

We check the shit out of our stuff, so if you ever find an error, it was either missed by ‘our brain spell, grammar and punctuation checks’ AND the text editor checks AND the online check site we use next AND then also by the checks built into the platform we use…OR it was intentional for humorous purposes. We like to make up words!

Monkey! You can’t say that on Breitbart, even if you are commenting on an article about zoo animals being given the covid ‘vaxx’ and some of them are MONKEYS! You also can’t say ‘black’ or ‘race’ there, even when talking about the color and the activity, in context. WE also can’t say ‘Soros” (although we see others doing so), and ended up using ‘billionaire george’ instead. SMH! Poor Andrew!

Back to Ann. Her audience is increasingly RINO and democRAT. SHE is the establishment now, which she used to rail against. So while she is busy attacking President Trump…how many miles of border wall has Ann built? How many illegal aliens has Ann deported directly to their home countries or even just back outside the USA?

‘RINO Raccoon’, by Finally, from imgflip.com via mouthporn.net. You can be both!

What was Ann’s record in endorsements in 2022? 2020? 2018? How many people did Ann campaign for? How many people did Ann even donate too, and who were they so we can vet them (AND her judgment, at the same time)?

When Ann makes her off the wall pronouncements, what does Drat Smudge (an election theft denier) know and when does he know it? Do they coordinate (AKA collude)? Does she tell him when she posts new articles so he can link to them? Or does he check Ann’s site (and Breitbart) himself?

It turns out that Ann is friends with Kellyanne Conway (who is married to George Conway, one of the p3d0s from ‘lincoln project’ {sic}). As most probably know, Kellyanne ran Trump’s 2016 campaign (Paul Manafort was there for a hot minute to make sure Senator Ted Cruz didn’t steal delegates at the convention, which Ted and Senator Mike Lee DID try; and Stephen Bannon was also there for part of it, but Kellyanne got him across the finish line).

‘Apprentice TV Show Rating with Donald Trump’, stats from Nielsen, graphic by unknown, from TheWrap, via thewrap.com. In article by alt-far-left urinalist Tony Maglio who made not one but TWO “tiny hands” comments in article. We all know what is tiny on Tony…yep, ‘his’ clitoris. As of 2009, Ann Coulter had written 12 books and sold 3 million copies total. Now look at these ratings, not to mention Trump’s vote totals in 2016 and 2020.

So when Ann began her attacks on President Trump, for not violating the law to fulfill campaign promises while dragging democRATs and RINOs along the way, it is surprising that Kellyanne didn’t arrange a sit down or even a phone call. Of course, she didn’t do that for George either.

Just as with Anthony Scaramucci (who briefly had a White House job and wanted a second), and Andrew Napolitano (who asked for both of the first 2 of 3 SCOTUS positions), George also asked for a White House job and wasn’t given one…while his wife was. THAT is why those three ass-hats have non-stop attacked President Trump ever since, in case you didn’t know.

Interestingly, to us anyway, Kellyanne was born on January 20, which is the prescribed date (at noon) when new Presidents are sworn in (and also Usurpers in Thief’s such as Joe Biden). So she was born to run political campaigns, and not that we care about that sort of thing, but she was the first woman to ever run a successful POTUS campaign.

‘Transrepublican’, “Political Memes – Page 101 – The Hunting Beast”, by unknown, via thehuntingbeast.com

Returning to Ann again, she has NO ‘skin in the game’. She can write articles from anywhere and publish them at any time. We know because we do. She can also complain, but she isn’t out there trying to solve any of the ‘problems’ she alleges exist.

We are NOT alone in noticing either. Go to the Disqus comment section on Breitbart for the articles she writes and see for yourself. We The People have had enough of your hate, Ann. Get over Trump not dating you…or whatever it is that pushed that stick so firmly up your ass.

Ann is also an election theft denier, and a distractor as her now exposed RINO ass defends the other previously known RINOs who helped democRATs steal the entire 2020 election (two being Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger of Georgia). Two of the states involved in that theft (of “our democracy” {sic}) were at it again in 2022, yet she attacks Trump for U.S. Senate losses in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

‘RINO Republicans’, by sharps45, via imgflip.com

The issues that allowed the 2020 election to be stolen were NOT corrected by Tuesday of this week. AND she knows that. We heard Trump held 40 or so rallies, and his endorsement record was 92% wins (216 out of 235, with some still to be decided). We did also hear a record of 174 out of 183 for 95.1% win rate, but it doesn’t matter. Either one is better than what Ann could do.

Ann is a moronic (she uses that phrase to describe others, so fair game) hate-filled RINO bitch and after liking her work for years, we wouldn’t cross the road to piss on her if she were on fire and we had a full bladder. Fuck that retard* (she once used that word to describe President Trump) and the Drat Smudge horse she rode in on.

We are just a shed, but like the ‘T.A.R.D.I.S.’ from ‘Doctor Who’ (through Peter Capaldi anyway), we are bigger on the inside. The two things we do NOT have room for, EVER, are communists and RINOs. Goodbye ‘never-trumper’ Ann, MAGA will prevail while you have now exposed yourself…and at THAT a nation rejoices.

‘Only you…’, by unknown, found online

*We have long said that there are TWO types of retarded people: 1) those born that way (and God bless them because they try really hard), and 2) those who choose the lifestyle. Ann is obviously the second type…now.

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