Too Much Rather Than Not Enough, Claim Is Lack Of ‘Diversity’ But MLB Is Giving Foreigners Jobs Instead Of Americans



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You’ve got to wonder about a professional sports league that has, for the longest time, now denied their own history for a manufactured one, while at the same time complaining about ‘diversity’ {sic} which is a made-up thing to destroy Western civilization and leftist code for anti-white. One tool the left uses is Jackie Robinson, who was indeed a good man and player, but he did NOT break the professional baseball color barrier.

That was accomplished by Moses Fleetwood Walker, also a black man, on May 1, 1884, when he played Catcher for the Toledo Blue Stockings of the professional (as in paid players) American Association (AA). He appeared in 42 of their 104 games (batting .263, which was the 3rd best average in the league), at a time before “catcher’s mitts”. Mainly he caught barehanded, but did sometimes wear a regular glove with slits in it so he could stuff some padding into the palm.

Moses’ own brother, Weldy Walker, was the 2nd professional black baseball player, on July 15, 1884, as an OF for the same team when injuries left them short of players. He played just 5 games that year, but later played 3B for other teams. Toledo finished 8th (46-58) out of 13 teams. It would then be almost 63 years until Jackie started at 1B for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

Oberlin College baseball team of 1881 (they were 3-0). Moses Fleetwood Walker #6 sitting middle row, and his brother Weldy #10 standing in back row. Moses’ course of studies included Greek, Latin, German, French, rhetoric, astronomy, botany, geology, and zoology. He did not graduate, but left to attend University of Michigan for 2 years before leaving to play professional baseball. By unknown, from AP, via theguardian.com

New research touts William Edward White (who was mixed race; white father, black mother) as the first black player (ONE game on June 21, 1879 for the Providence Grays*, of the then new National League; and the first team to install a screen behind home plate to protect fans from wild pitches and foul balls), but he both passed as AND self-identified as a white man. Moses never hid from what he was, so in our book he remains first.

Back to today, democRATs, MSM and other communists, along with MLB itself are claiming that with ZERO American-born black players on World Series rosters this year, for either the Philadelphia Phillies (NL champs) or Houston Astros (AL champs), that MLB lacks ‘diversity’ {sic}. Let’s look at the math, which as we know the left insists is ‘muh racist’.

2022 MLB season (versus population of USA)
62.1% White (59.3%)
28.5% hispanic (18.9%)
7.2% black (13.6%)
1.9% asian (6.1%)
0.4% other (2.1%)

‘Remember kids, diversity is our strength.’, by Karaokephile, via imgflip.com

Some of these players are foreign born, but going just by race, Whites are SLIGHTLY over-represented (by 2.8%), and hispanics are vastly over-represented (by 9.6%) while blacks are approximately half what would be par. Asians and ‘other’ (combined) are also under-represented at barely over 28% of what would be par.

Here is the distinction. We think the best people should get the job, regardless of race…but they should not be foreigners, they should be Americans. We also feel the same way about pro sports leagues in other countries.

According to their own report, MLB opening day rosters for 2022, along with players on various lists (such as injured, restricted or bereavement), total 975 men (840 active, 135 not). Other than the expanded roster year of 2020 (which had 291), the 2022 season was the highest for foreign born players with 275 foreign players from 21 countries and territories. That is 28.2% of all MLB players this year.

The countries represented are:
The Dominican Republic (99), Venezuela (67), Cuba (23), Puerto Rico (16), Mexico (13), Columbia (10), Panama (6), Honduras (1), Nicaragua (1). So 236 hispanics total of 275.

Along with Canada (12), Japan (7), Curaçao (5), South Korea (4), the Bahamas (3), with Aruba, Australia, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan, and U.S. Virgin Islands all having one. There is also 1 unknown (possibly from outer-space**). So 39 of 275.

‘The Hypocrisy is real’, by crocidile90 from iphone Conservative, via memedroid.com

The Houston Astros have SIXTEEN foreign-born players on their roster! So from that we know they help a team be successful AND that they are more likely to cheat (which kind of goes hand in hand for that team which never truly paid a price for their cheating that they did while winning via cheating. In other words, they cheat. And Rob Manfred is a piece of shit for letting them get away with it).

Those 275 spots are jobs that Americans can and would do, just like late night comedy talk shows***. The claim is that despite the U.S. population increasing, there simply aren’t enough MLB quality American players to stock teams, so they must hire foreigners, and THAT is complete and utter bullshit:

U.S. Population, every 10 years since 1950)
1950 148,281,550
1960 176,188,578
1970 200,328,340
1980 223,140,018
1990 248,083,732
2000 282,398,554
2010 311,182,845 (more than double 1950, just 60 years earlier)
2020 335,942,003
2022 338,289,857

Number of teams in the league today (and in 1950)
MLB (founded 1876 NL, 1901 AL) = 30 (16 in 1950)
NFL (founded 1920) = 32 (13 in 1950, first year of the AAFC–NFL merger which brought in the Browns, 49ers and Colts)
NBA (founded 1946) = 30 (11 in 1950-51 season)

“We can’t find 275 more good players out of 338 MILLION Americans.” Fuck you MLB. They no longer give us heroes.

“Especially when 9% of that 12.9% lives in poverty.”, ‘CONCENTRATING 90% OF YOUR ADVERTISING ON 12.9% OF THE POPULATION IS AN UNSUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MODEL’, by Julie.F., via imgflip.com

While over the decades blacks have stayed at roughly about 13% of the U.S. population (or just over 1 in 8, which is 12.5%) they have managed to take 68% of the NFL player jobs and 81.1% of the NBA player jobs. That is NOT ‘diverse’.

Whites are just 16% of the global population, or 1 in 7 people on Earth. THAT is a minority. Yet the alt-far-left try to end them being a majority in countries they founded and now in sports leagues in those countries. Leftists claim that because the player % is so high in the pro sports leagues, that the coaching % should be too, but that isn’t logical. The problem is that the player % is too high, and the coaching % ​​is almost exactly where it should be.

If we went by the strict definition of diverse, there would be 127 American-born black players in MLB out of 975 (or 4.23 per team), since according to the left you have to have representation according to your portion of the population.

There would also be 221 American born black players in the NFL out of 1696 players (or 6.91 per team), and 59 American born black players out of 450 (or 1.97 per team). Why is all of that important? Think back to 2020, and the BLM riots. Those riots could never EVER have happened if what the left claim they want (equality defined by population percentage) was real.

“Why are some products/services not OK with this, but other times it is OK?”, ‘REMOVE THESE RACIST DEPICTIONS FROM YOUR PRODUCTS NOW!, YAY! DIVERSITY!’, by pureserenity524, via imgflip.com

This proves beyond all doubt that leftists are the actual racists. And what MLB is doing is transferring wealth from Americans (fans, and even people able to play who aren’t allowed to) and giving the money to foreigners who usually send the money back home (AKA out of the USA), while taking jobs from American citizens, all in the name of ‘diversity’ {sic}. These leagues are the opposite of ‘diverse’, but still lecture us.

democRATs like to throw the phrase “systemic racism” around but forget THEY ARE THE SYSTEMic. Always talking about race, dividing people into groups by race and pitting them against each other by race IS RACISM! In reality, the left is working to eliminate blacks (and other so-called minorities) from many aspects of society, including product packaging.

Leftists have also tricked black people into believing freedom means killing their own babies, and mutilating / sterilizing those that survive for the ‘trans’ agenda (MLB is all-in on this). If you make it to adulthood, you live in large cities that democRATs (who founded the KKK) control, that are basically modern-day plantations offering the illusion of freedom with the new crop being votes.

If you don’t fall in line and vote democRAT**** you are called “Uncle Tom” or worse. And if you make it out of all of that, then dare to say ‘the wrong thing’, you get cancel cultured as they are now doing to Kanye West and Kyrie Irving.

“Expect Competence From No One”, by unknown, via memebase.cheezburger.com

*The Providence Grays (NL) and New York Metropolitans (AA) played the first postseason inter-league game (pre-dating the World Series), which was won by the Grays 6–0 on October 23, 1884. It was a 3-game series (not the best of the 3), with the Grays winning all 3 games.

**We ran the numbers from the MLB Press Release from April, 2022, three times and there is one missing. Although maybe they aren’t from space…

***Until fairly recently, we had to put up with foreign communists: Samantha Bee (Canada), Trevor Noah (South Africa), and both James Corden and John Oliver (of PrettyGood Britain). With the first two gone, and James leaving, we just need to deport John.

****In POTUS election years, blacks vote approximately 90% for democRAT candidate, which explains why they are where they are as a group, and why they complain so much. All Republicans did was free you FROM the democRATs after the Civil War…

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