Fetterman Dehumanizes ‘Minorities’, PA democRAT US Senate Candidate Claims ID ‘racist’ Against “people of color”



John Fetterman accosts a (black?) jogger in what appears to be a church while a 'migrant refugee' looks on, from Harry Potter by Warner Bros. via quotev.com
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democRATs love to proclaim things as racist to cover for their own racism. THEY constantly talk about race, divide us by race and pit us against each other by race, which is the actual definition of racism. Plus, white people are just 16% of the global population (merely 1 out of every 7 people on Earth), so they are the true minority and actual victims of ‘cultural appropriation’ every time electronics (phone, computer, camera), networks, clothes, eyeglasses, straight hair, cars, planes or more are used by non-whites. So be aware people who claim dancing in the rain is ‘yours’…this game plays both ways and, unlike Carmelo Anthony, we play defense as well as offense. So thank you for what led to Rock ‘N Roll, and you are welcome for basketball. Rain nobody owns, you racists.

Graeme O’Neil takes a look at Drew Barrymore’s viral TikTok where she joyously laughs in the rain.

As part of their overall risky scheme, over the last several years, democRATs have tried to push the MYTH that state-issued photo ID or Driver’s Licenses are racist. In the PA race for US Senate and hot on the heels of his other risky scheme to release convicts to move back in with their parents, John Fetterman, a troll-American*, is now pushing that claim as well. Referring to them as “people of color” (as if white people are actually WHITE white, which is a color anyway; non-whites should actually be ‘people of excess melanin’). John also says they are “less likely to have their ID at any given time” as if they don’t need it for other things or the money that is usually in the wallet/purse they carry both things around in.

Fetterman also states that ID laws for voting are “outrageous” and “illogical” and “unfair” and “insidious and unnecessary”. No ma’am, democRATs are (all 4 or 5 times, depending on how you count those). John also claims that such laws, standard virtually worldwide, suppress the vote. No, ma’am, democRATs do every time you let a dead person or illegal alien vote. Pretending to be “horrified” by people needing to prove who you are is an interesting game to play. Also, please explain why local Board of Elections need our signatures on file if not to use them to verify identity when voting.

We checked PA and 4 other random states and this is the cost:
PA DL $35.50 good for 4 years, $32.50 photo ID good for 4 years
OH DL $26.50 good for 4 years, $8.50 photo ID good for 4 years
GA DL $32.00 good for 8 years, photo ID same
NE DL $29.00 good for 5 years, photo ID same
CA DL $38.00 good for 5 years, $33.00 photo ID good for 6 years

No desire to check all 50 states, but from this we can say that anyone can afford the less than $0.03 a day in most cases to have a proper ID (for years). If they can’t, then states should have a program where people can help clean a public park or something to help pay for the nominal cost.

Fetterman’s argument is that “Because…at any given time, there’s tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians who typically are on the poorer side and are people of color that are less likely to have their ID at any one given time”. Well, we have a handy list below that blows this stupidity out of the water. Plus, across the board in polls, Voter ID laws are popular regardless of race. Also, democRATS love them some EU and all 46 nations there have those laws.

John Fetterman threatening (what most would say is) a woman along with two ‘trans’ in the bathroom, from Harry Potter by Warner Bros. via wizardingworld.com

65 times when valid Photo IDs are required (and aren’t considered ‘racist’):
Boarding an Airplane
Purchasing a Car
Getting a Car Registration
Renting a Car / Boat / Jet Ski / etc.
Buying Insurance
Buying Train Tickets
Obtaining a Passport
Picking up mail from FedEx, UPS, Post Office, etc.
Renting Tools / Furniture / Equipment

Visiting a Doctor’s Office / Hospital
Getting Outpatient Testing
Donating Blood
Getting a Prescription
Buying Certain OTC Cold Medications, and products like nail polish remover
Applying for a Job
Applying to School
Applying for a Professional License
Getting Married
Check Out a Book from the Library

Joining the Military
Adopting a Child
Transacting with a Bank
Sending a Wire Transfer
Applying for Online Banking
Applying for Store Credit
Establishing a Utilities Account (Water / Light / Electric / Cable / Gas / etc.)
Cashing a Check
Getting a Credit Card
Opening a Retirement Account

Applying for a Mortgage
Buying a House
Applying for Apartment Rentals
Renting a Hotel Room
Buying a Cell Phone
Going to Court
Entering a Federal Building
Getting a Business License
Getting a State ID
Cashing a Large Lottery Ticket Win

Obtaining Medicare / Medicaid
Applying for Food Stamps
Applying for Welfare
Applying for Unemployment
Using Social Security Services
Applying for Section 8 Housing
Applying for H-1B Visa, or Green Card
Holding a Rally or Protest
Buying a Firearm
Adopting a Pet

Applying for a Hunting License
Applying for a Fishing License
Joining a Gym
Using Pawn Shops
Buying Annual Tickets to Amusement Parks
Entering Night Clubs
Volunteering at Non-Profit Organizations
Voting for a Union Election
Buying Cigarettes
Buying Liquor

Visiting a Casino
Buying an “M”-Rated Video Game
Going to Jail {…or Prison}
Participating in Outdoor Activities Like Sky diving, Bungee jumping, etc.
Participating in Political Events

When valid Photo IDs are not required (and ARE considered ‘racist’):

A group of medical residents consult with attending physicians regarding John Fetterman’s stroke, from Harry Potter by Warner Bros. via wizardingworld.com

Having no ID requirement leads to voter fraud (AKA democRATs stealing elections). They claim courts ruled that didn’t happen in 2020 but actually no courts ever allowed evidence to be presented or ever ruled on ‘merit’, they always ruled on ‘standing’ (even against President Trump himself, which is whack). Ultimately, we all need to learn to live with our bad Driver’s License pictures, not just white people.

*this will have to be the last ever Fetterman article as we’ve now run out of Harry Potter troll pictures (as they are like twins). Just kidding about stopping, we will simply switch to LoTR trolls (despite the lack of resemblance).

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