Leftists Unhinged, Jemele ‘Dangerously Dumb’ Hill & Whoopi ‘Toxic Thing’ Goldberg & Lew ‘Communist Buffoon’ Alcinder



'A Potify Original: Jemele Hill Is Dangerously Dumb' original picture by unknown via open.spotify.com. Edit and red words of truth by us.
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Not that we really need it, but once again, the alt-far-left are proving how unhinged they are and three of them decided to go off within a very short period of time, so we are lumping them together…birds of a communist feather.

This is 100% not about race, it is about politics. Our long-standing joke here in the shed is that we are racist…against communists, and that since leftists insist ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’ and ‘muslims’ are races now, then so is communist.

Black people do as a group tend to vote democRAT, but that is changing and hopefully will speed up, as it is with Hispanics. So, when roughly 90% of blacks vote democRAT for POTUS every 4 years, it isn’t a shock that 3 of them would all decide to be toxic extremist assholes at around the same time. So in order…

Jemele Juanita Hill worked for groomer DISNEY owned ESPN, where she injected Marxist politics into sports. She has a LONG history of racist statements, which eventually even ESPN could no longer tolerate. Now she works for ‘The Atlantic’, which we dealt with HERE.

Hill decided to attack Kanye West and Candace Owens (both black as well) for daring to say that other lives besides black ones matter, in this case specifically white lives, via a new shirt design they wore. Hill said that that COMMON FUCKING SENSE statement is a “Dangerously Dumb Message”. Fuck you bitch! My life matters every bit as much as yours does, and if it comes down to it someday…more.

Those shirts had the message on the back, and St. Pope John Paul II on the front. Hill likely hates Catholics too, so she is a double bigot. She even had the nerve to accuse Kanye of trolling, which actually (old Saul Alinsky trick) describes Hill’s entire fucking career so far!

Then again, she tries to disguise her “foolishness as genius”, and along with her obvious racism, that makes her “incredibly dangerous”. We’ve read Rules For Radicals too. We get it, she hates white people AND America. YAWN! All a part of Jemele’s “long slide into fascism”. The real kind, not the one in her fevered imagination. NEXT!

Whoopi Goldberg on the View, from ABC, owned by groomer Disney via deadline.com. Edit and red words of truth by us.

Caryn Elaine Johnson AKA Whoopi Goldberg AKA WhoopedUp Goldbrick of TheSkew. Three marriages, not one of which was to anyone named Goldberg = cultural appropriation. She also famously laughed and enjoyed then boyfriend Ted Danson at the 1993 Friar’s Club roast when he appeared in blackface, as seen HERE.

Whoopi also has a LONG history of saying insane things, such as that “the Holocaust isn’t about race” by claiming most Jewish people appear white. See above on the left’s skewed ‘view’ on what race is (a view we are prepared to match skew for skew).

‘Goldberg’ also claimed that Jill Biden was a “hell of a doctor” and an “amazing doctor” and “should be Surgeon General” despite her doctorate being in EDUCATION not medicine. Now she describes unborn babies as a “toxic thing” in a mother’s womb that women are forced to carry.

Creating life is a gift from God, and carrying a child is reserved for women…whatever those are, right bitch? Then she decried Roe v. Wade being overturned by saying “it is negative that you changed a law that’s 50 years old”, forgetting that the Roe decision itself overturned law FAR OLDER than 50 years.

She claims that her rights have been taken away, but she can still get an abortion (not that at her age she needs one), and also forgets that, since the baby is 50% from the father’s DNA, it is a unique being with rights of its own which SHE pretends don’t exist….the fucking bitch. NEXT!

Lew Alcinder by unknown via realscreen.com. Edit and red words of truth by us.

Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr., who wants to be called “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar” but fuck him, we practice ‘selective personal pronouns'(TM) and will call him whatever the fuck we want to…in this case Lew.

First we want to “speak truth to power” and declare the FACT that if Lew were 6’2″ tall instead of 7’2″, then not only would he not be famous but he also likely wouldn’t have played professional basketball at all. EVER!

The reason we mention that height is that it happens to be that of Kyrie Irving, currently of the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA, and the target of Lew’s current wrath. What put the stick up Lew’s ass about Kyrie? Mr. Irving is a free thinker who decided to NOT take the death shots and missed some time last year as New York state doesn’t recognize personal freedom and basically took his job away.

But the main reason Lew attacked him is that Kyrie is friendly with Alex Jones AKA the boogeyman to the left. We aren’t huge fans of Alex, and he has done and said some things we never would have, HOWEVER, he has been right more often than wrong and was WAY ahead of the curve on things like the globalist plan to destroy Western civilization and also on vaccines (or those things they pass off as vaccines now that are NOT vaccines).

Lew had the nerve to say that Kyrie is tarnishing “the reputations of all athletes” while claiming that “Alex Jones is one of the most despicable human beings alive and to associate with him means you share his stench”. More Alinskyite language, and actually all true about Lew himself as he takes a knee for the alt-far-left.

Alcinder further claimed that “Irving does not seem to have the capacity to change”, as if he needs to, and said he would fight against “his brand of destructive behavior” while calling him a “comical buffoon”. On a prior occasion, he also attacked LeBron James for posting a covid meme (featuring three versions of Spider-Man pointing at each other, labeled ‘flu’, ‘cold’ and ‘covid’. So right back at you, you communist buffoon!

We in the shed embrace reality, and stand with anyone who supports true freedom from the obviously destructive plans the globalist left have for Western civilization in general and America specifically. And we despise communists. NEXT! (stay tuned)…

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