Delusion As Revenge, Milo Yiannopoulos Destroyed Own Career Years Ago And Now Buries It Admitting To Framing Trump



'Rent Free - President Trump is living rent free in your head, son', by unknown, UL by Tysonist, via knowyourmeme.com. President Donald Trump continues to prove he is brilliant at real estate.
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This has nothing to do directly with race and religion, but we refuse to tip toe around such issues so they will be mentioned in context. We actually had a soft spot for Milo Hanrahan (Yiannopoulos’ birth name), as several years ago, due to a back injury, we were laid up for a few weeks on a couch (closer to the bathroom, and firmer than the bed) with nothing to do and ended up watching his entire (new at the time) ‘college tour’ video series on YouTube.

Milo worked for Breitbart from 2014 to 2017, as the ‘Technology Editor’. We remember he wrote about the ‘Gamergate’ situation (which we are NOT getting in to) but also articles on a wide variety of topics. He was interesting. He was recruited to work at Breitbart by Stephen K. Bannon, who had helped co-found the site in 2009 (then left work to work for President Trump, before coming back to Breitbart in August 2017 before leaving again on January 9, 2018).

Milo Yiannopoulos — ‘No More Dead Babies’. Speech at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in Spanos Theatre on Jan. 31, 2017 at 6 p.m.” Aside from periodically mentioning throughout that he is gay, this is solid Conservative content. Including…”Incidentally, uhm, the left is the only place that knows where to buy swastika flags.” –Milo, from THIS event. RIP 2017 Milo.

Ben Shapiro also worked at Breitbart during that time, starting in 2012 and leaving March 2016, allegedly over the Michelle Fields situation. She had headed a Libertarian group in college, then was a reporter at The Daily Caller before working at PJ Media (a Libertarian site), while also being a contributor for Fox News. She and Ben also shared a hatred of Donald Trump.

Fields claimed that Corey Lewandowski (then Trump’s campaign manager) grabbed her and twisted her arm before throwing her down at an event for Trump. She resigned from Breitbart on March 13, 2016, after video of their encounter was released by the venue it took place at.

That video proved the incident was over in seconds and that after Fields blocked Corey’s way before he briefly touched her in a different spot than the bruises she posted pictures of (which were obviously done by her own then boyfriend, and now husband Jamie Weinstein, who was senior editor of The Daily Caller at the time). Or Shapiro, or some other never-trumper. But they could NOT have been done by Corey!

Proving her right-of-center leanings were all a mask, less than 2 months after leaving Breitbart (and RIGHT before getting engaged, so Jamie knew) she ended up at alt-far-left-communist-democRAT ‘The Huffington Post’ (AKA Huffington COMpost, as in communist OR full of shit, take your pick) where she is still employed to spew hate.

‘…somehow became…’, by unknown, found online.

Why are you telling me all of this?

Painting a picture. Laying the groundwork. Drawing a map.

It turns out that Milo is a chameleon and grifter, but so are Michelle Fields and David Brock (who used to write books about how evil the Clinton’s were before suddenly announcing he was both gay AND going to work for…the Clinton’s). Milo now has no other place left to go but to join them as openly democRAT.

Why? The infamous dinner on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 22, with Kanye West (no we won’t call him by that idiotic name he wants us to) and the obviously hispanic Nick FUENTES (who RINOs and the alt-far-left always identify as a “white nationalist” and Hitler fan), who nobody on the Right even knew who he was until the other day…but EVERYONE on the left did. Hmm…

What dinner? Apparently, President Trump had invited Kanye to dine with him and West showed up with the uninvited FUENTES in tow. Trump, being a gracious host, and obviously trusting beyond what he should have, accepted the third dinner companion. Trump said he did NOT know FUENTES, which Nick has now confirmed in interviews.

‘…exposing…politicians…’, by unknown, found online.

Kanye says when he decided to run for President he wanted to inform Trump at the dinner AND asked Trump to be his VP running mate. Kanye did rightly tell Trump that he should do more to help the J6’ers.

Milo is a political adviser to Kanye’s campaign. This comes after Milo worked as an unpaid intern for U.S. Representative from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R), known as MTG.

It turns out it was all a set-up, which Milo admitted. He hatched the plot along with Kanye and FUENTES “just to make Trump’s life miserable”, apparently because Milo feels “betrayed” by Donald and blames him for his career collapsing. That sounds like some great revenge, but Trump had NOTHING to do with Milo collapsing into himself like a dying star.

After Milo left Breitbart, he wrote a book and started a web site, both named ‘Dangerous’, and around that time we became aware that he was being funded by a wealthy woman but had no idea who. We do remember him posting videos and streaming events in which he spent lavishly, showing off his shopping sprees and expensive trips and high-priced liquor and even trips to the desert to shoot guns.

It turns out that the Mercer family, headed by billionaire and former co-CEO of a hedge fund Robert Mercer (who has helped finance Breitbart, backed Donald Trump for President, and supported Milo’s college tour, among other things) and his daughter Rebekah Mercer, who along with her two sisters purchased her father’s stake in Breitbart. She also funded and was a co-founder of the Parler social media site (which West is now NOT buying after all)…and who helped bankroll Milo, as her father did.


During that time, Milo was wrongfully blamed for violence on some campuses he visited, but that was the lamestream (or leftstream) media ‘urinalists’ talking. If someone is speaking and you don’t want to hear it the normal response is not to riot and threaten people, but rather to go about your normal life and let others who want to hear them make up their own minds.

If we attacked democRATs as they do us simply for existing, there wouldn’t be a democRAT left, just as if We The People actually ‘insurrected’, there wouldn’t be a scorched stone left standing in the Capitol.

After the Mercer family finally cut off his funding, Milo said, “I am grateful for Bob’s help in getting me this far in my career. I wish him and the family all the best.”

Simon & Schuster had given Milo a $250,000 advance for him to write that book. On February 20, 2017 they announced they were canceling the book and the same day a story came out that ’employees at Breitbart’ (who? how many? allegedly at least 6, per an anonymous source) had threatened to resign if he remained as senior editor.

Then CPAC quickly canceled an invitation for him to speak at the event scheduled to run from the 22nd to 25th. We remember being furious with Conservative Political Action Conference Chairman Matt Schlapp over that.

‘DP #193 | MILO YIANNOPOULOS ON DP! – THE SITUATION! (DP = Drunken Peasants).’ We think this is frokm 2016. THIS contains the comments, just before 53 minutes in.

Why did this all happen at once? Milo had made some comments that seemed to justify pedophilia. At the time, we accepted his explanation that he wasn’t promoting it and that in fact he was molested as a child by an older male his family knew.

You won’t find us admitting mistakes too often. It isn’t that we are perfect (nobody is, Trump included), but we try hard and don’t make many AND we refuse to admit to ones we didn’t make (which the left seem to thrive on getting right-of-center people to do).

On Milo, though, we made a mistake. Not in liking his stuff, but specifically in not following up on those allegations and seeking out the video of them. Having listened to it now, for this article…wow. And it doesn’t even matter if he was molested. ZERO excuse for what he said. Totally unacceptable. We fucked up not checking into that then. And we didn’t even have to admit it. If we say nothing, you have no idea.

So CPAC was right to un-invite him, and the publisher was right to cancel the book. It came out anyway, self-published by Milo’s ‘Dangerous Books’. And as bad as it was for us to not investigate his comments further, at least we didn’t pour money into his horrible spending habits and life decisions.

“The Office – S8 E6 – ‘Doomsday’, “Pobody’s Nerfect”.

Milo even seems confused about religion. Or perhaps he intentionally confuses US. Under Jewish Law, the child is the religion of the mother until they reach legal age and can decide for themselves. Milo’s mother is Jewish, and of German descent, but their relationship wasn’t good and he ended up being raised by his paternal Greek-Irish grandmother in the Catholic faith.

The one prescient statement Milo made on that is, “People claim that really stupid things are anti-Semitic that are not really anti-Semitic, or they make more of a fuss about it than they need to.” And to think he was talking about himself in mid-2019 when he said it too!

He went on to add that “it’s not conspiracy, that’s a fact” that Jewish people are “disproportionately influential in media, publishing, entertainment and finance”. This isn’t a knock, but given that just 20 million or so people out of a global population of 8 BILLION are Jewish, and a lot of them end up in those fields…something is going on. And for fuck’s sake, it shouldn’t be a crime to discuss it!

Milo said that “They may have some prejudice about Jews. Like the Jews run everything. Well we do. The Jews run all the banks. Well we do. The Jews run the media. Well we do. You know they’re right about all that stuff.” We guess he wasn’t Catholic that day.

He added, “Just like I don’t like left-wing political correctness about women and blacks and Muslims, I don’t like right-wing political correctness about Jews and Israel.” And yet here he is, trying to blame Trump for his own results from his own bad behavior and using ‘anti-Semitism’ allegations he FUCKING STAGED to do it.

‘this is fair use’, by unknown on imgflip.com, via torrentfreak.com. The New York Slimes, aka New York Times, forced Trump to take down the meme picture on the left of this meme because their photographer took it. Fuck that! Trump is IN the picture! It is clearly fair use. We’ll sepia it and reverse the image if needed, fair using all over it!

Donald Trump’s own daughter is Jewish, so is her husband, and so are their children. As President, Trump moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. He has also been friends with and hired many Jewish people. That is the opposite of anti-Semitism…and AGAIN, Nick Fuentes is fucking hispanic.

What he is doing, possibly intentionally, is the dirty work of the actual anti-Semites in the democRAT party. And we say that before he said that they were that prior and, if anything, they’ve gotten worse since then!

Milo has also spoken out about mass migration from Muslim countries to the West. We have also said that, given that islam is NOT a religion of peace as claimed. If you actually take the time to read Quran / Koran, available FREE online as ebook and audiobook via a quick search, you will learn it is a religion if pieces…of you here and pieces of you over there. Those muslims NOT acting in a violent way are the radicals!

Oh, and fuck the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). They are both Marxist front groups, just like BLM and ANTIFA, and also alt-far-left-communist-democRAT hate groups who spread disinformation. The fact-checkers here at Reality Shed have fact-checked that statement…and it is TRUE.

Also fuck any other group that is opposed to free speech, and only wants that for them, including Venmo, PayPal, MSM and democRATs. Folks should boycott the shit out of all of them!

‘…bring him back’, by Reed Cooper News, found online.

West has spent most of the year getting a divorce, complaining about who his now ex-wife (as of 2 days ago) was dating, and revealing his true nature (hating on Jewish people and plotting against President Trump).

So, against the advice of some close to him, President Trump hosted the dinner because he insisted he wanted to help Kanye, who had asked him for business advice due to West’s recent problems. And West repaid that by colluding with Milo and FUENTES to fuck Trump over.

The three even set up Karen Giorno, a contributor for NewsMax who prior worked for Trump, getting her to pick Kanye up in Miami and drive him and ‘Nick’ (she wasn’t told FUENTES’ last name on purpose by Milo beforehand) the 70 miles to Mar-a-Lago AND help get them in.

The trio insist that they informed her of their plan on the drive, and of FUENTES’ identity then too). Giorno insists she tried to take the other two men to the bar area so that Trump and Kanye could dine alone, but the President left it up to Kanye, who insisted they all dine together, including her.

‘I’m Crushing Your Head! – Trump Crush’, by unknown, UL by satoshiincarbonite, via knowyourmeme.com.

We had lost track of Milo, almost as if he fell off the Earth after Twitter banned him. Apparently, he has been waging war on Trump (and MAGA) since 2020. We guess having lots of gay sex wasn’t enough to keep him busy during covid. During the last two years, both Giorno and Milo had public spats with Laura Loomer (who is Jewish), the young lady who gathered a group of real illegal aliens and took them to Nancy Pelosi’s mansion a few years back, and who still backs Trump.

Loomer has also run for Congress unsuccessfully, which is too bad, as we like her…she has guts. We like MTG too, but now question her as Loomer has over her hiring of Milo. Laura thinks MTG was even in on the infamous dinner plot.

Greene spoke at an event put on by FUENTES in early 2022 but, as with Trump, said she had no idea who he was and that her speech was to the audience (that she was told would be 1200 or so college kids) and not to Nick himself. She added that video of the event is out there and it was basically the same speech she normally gives. As for Milo, MTG (who has endorsed Trump for 2024) says he lives in the same city in Georgia as she does and that they talk occasionally.

Milo (who is white) was married to a black man, but in March 2021, he declared he wasn’t gay any longer. He has, however, spent the last year claiming Kanye (who is black) is gay AND likes white guys, in over a dozen social media comments. Now he is working for him. We’ll just leave that right there…

“Kids In The Hall – Head Crusher: Rival”. The epic battle between “I’m crushing your head” and “I’m pinching your face”.

Kanye told Tim Pool he was connected to Milo by a producer for Alex Jones. Milo then brought FUENTES on board Kanye’s campaign. And obviously, Alex Jones took Elon Musk’s condemnation (and Twitter ban) to heart and, realizing he would NEVER be let back on Twitter, decided to flush the rest of his career too by aligning with Kanye (and also Milo and Fuentes too).

The usual RINO suspects (Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Chris Sununu) were all quick to condemn Trump, so we hope that someone decides to set those self-righteous anti-American fuckers up real soon. Kind of even the playing field…

Milo is still British. We always wondered why a guy who claims to love the USA, and who both lives and works here wouldn’t become a citizen. Now we are glad he did not.

In the end Milo fucked Milo (AKA his perfect date). The lesson here for everyone is to vet who you spend time with, especially if they initiate contact asking to associate with you. And we still don’t hate anybody…except communists.

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Parler is likely gone for good as of April 14, 2023.
Twitter account abandoned May 12, 2023, after Elon Musk hired WEF’er Linda Yaccarino as new CEO.

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