Too White For Alt-Far-Left?, MSM Warning democRATs Their Extremism Is Causing Hispanics To Flee And Vote Republican



'Jill...won't taco about it.', by @ImMeme0, via thebullelephant.com. If WE had done that meme, we would have changed the V to an R so the magazine was Rogue...
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It all started on February 26, 2012. A black 17-year-old male had gone out and returned home, but instead of doing what a normal human being would do and simply enter his house upon arriving there, he instead told his girlfriend via cellphone that he was going to double back as he thought someone was following him. He then found and attacked that man who proceeded to kill him in self-defense.

That man was instantly labeled a “white hispanic” by the alt-far-left-communist-democRATs and their MSM colluders, and they proceeded to demonize him and anoint the young man who had attacked him as a saint. But the pictures from that night don’t show a murderer, they show a man that fought for his own life and won.

This all took place in Sanford, Florida, which luckily had a law in place (‘stand your ground’) that legally protected the attacked man from criminal prosecution. Then, after pressure from high ranking elected officials in collusion with the MSM, he was prosecuted anyway.

‘Police photo of George Zimmerman taken the night he killed Trayvon Martin [IN SELF-DEFENSE; RS] from the State of Florida 9th Supplemental Discovery’, “George Zimmerman with a bloody, swollen nose in the back seat of a police car on the night of the shooting”, by Police (probably Sanford Fla. Police), from State of Florida 9th Supplemental Discovery and GZLegalCase.com -AND- ‘Police photo of the back of George Zimmerman’s head showing injuries after the shooting [IN SELF-DEFENSE; RS] of Trayvon Martin’, “The back of Zimmerman’s head at the police station”, by Stanford Police / Seminole County Sheriff’s Office – Provided by Florida State Attorney’s Office, from cbsnews.com, both via wikipedia.org. merge and resize [PLUS CORRECTION] by us.

Despite endless attacks by the left, the trial of the unfairly charged George Zimmerman (a registered democRAT) ended with him acquitted of both manslaughter and second degree murder by a jury. He then endured three years of the Obama INjustice Department investigating him for ‘civil rights charges’, which ended in 2015 when they decided they couldn’t frame him for a ‘hate crime’* {sic}. George had voted for Barack Obama in 2008 (we couldn’t find a mention of his 2012 vote).

We will repeat again, here in the shed we don’t hate ANYONE…except communists. And if ‘muslim’, ‘migrant’ and ‘illegal alien’ can be races, then so too can ‘Patriot’ and ‘Conservative’. WE have ‘civil rights’ too! AND a big tent, welcoming all who embrace capitalism, ‘law and order’ and true freedom.

‘Karen says that “Latino is offensive”…’, by qlrroberts, via imgflip.com

It was amusing doing the research for this and seeing Martin referred to as a “boy” at 17, when leftists have called for 16-year-olds to vote and lately for children down to babies to be able to be surgically mutilated and sterilized. In the past, their politicians have also lumped in people in their 20’s as children when discussing certain policies (like gun deaths, while also forgetting some were ‘gang members’).

‘Most hispanics haven’t heard LatinX term’, “ONLY 3% OF U.S. HISPANICS USE TERM ‘LATINX’; 76% HAVE NEVER HEARD OF IT.”, by genefoto, via imgflip.com. Found the PewResearch.org poll HERE that this meme used!

That all said, one group commits a higher percentage of all crimes than they should and needs to start taking some fucking responsibility and behaving like they are civilized. To see LeBron James and others on Twitter recently saying the ‘N’ word has been being thrown around a lot since Elon Musk took over days ago was ridiculous, and we replied that he was following the wrong people as we hadn’t seen it there at all! If you are what you eat, your mind is also what you let into your thoughts (such as cRAP ‘music’, AKA the #1 place to find the ‘N’ word used today…other than LeBron’s twitter feed).

‘Let’s stop using this absurd and etymologically invalid appellation’, “Me whenever someone uses the term ‘Latinx’. You are not a clown. You are the entire circus.”, by lokpikr999, via imgflip.com

Some in MSM claim the change in hispanic voter attitude towards democRATs is due to inflation, but it hurts us all! Jill Biden’s taco comment, and others saying stupid things too, didn’t help. Leftists conflating legal immigrants with illegal aliens is wrong and hurtful to those who came here legally. While ‘LatinX’ is a joke, and the left are doing with that what they did with Christmas and X’ing out Christ.

‘Secret fact Democrats never speak of. Hispanics generally DO NOT like other Hispanics. Ask a Hispanic friend if you doubt it.’, “WHY IS IT….WHEN YOU ASK A WHITE DEMOCRAT WHAT SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT THE BIDEN BORDER CRISIS, THEY SAY: ‘MAKE THEM CITIZENS IMMEDIATELY!’; WHEN YOU ASK A NATURALIZED MEXICAN AMERICAN WHAT SHOULD BE DONE, THEY SAY: ‘SEND THEM BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM!’, by CorporateLife2k, via imgflip.com. Ditto black people, but rank each other by darkness of skin, and use phrases like “redbone” and “high yellow”. There is also “white passing“, and two we’d never heard of “‘skillet blonde’ (dark skinned black women with caucasian features) and ‘yellow wasted’ (light skinned women with black features)”. The only equivalent whites seemingly have is ‘ginger’…and The Doctor still isn’t one.

However, their treatment of George Zimmerman was the start of the left’s downfall with hispanics. Unlike the last article, we don’t have a lot of math and statistics to throw at you. We do have a strong gut feeling based on the MSM panicking and Democrats trying to overcompensate (as with Jill’s remarks).

Hispanics will break for Republicans in this election and embrace freedom from the communism many actually fled to get here, recently or long ago. And not at the same level, but we believe blacks will in greater numbers than normal too. Prepare for more sky screaming.

‘Taco Emergency’, by unknown, via thebullelephant.com. On November 9, 2022, democRATs will be making that call!

*ALL crimes are hate crimes, as nobody commits crimes against those they like or love. Not too long ago, that phrase did NOT exist!

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