Xenophobe Joe Biden, Alt-Far-Left MSM Silent As Racist Who Used N-word In U.S. Senate 7x Is Now Openly Anti-Chinese



'Chinese Virus - Stop the xenophobic fear-mongering. Be honest. Take responsibility. Do your job.', by Matt, via knowyourmeme.com. Red words of truth by us.
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That is AT LEAST 7 times, by the way. He felt comfortable doing it as he was after all in the company of fellow good-old-boys like U.S. Senator Robert Byrd (West Virginia, D is for dragon as in he was never a Grand Dragon but WAS an Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan AND Hillary Clinton’s personal mentor).

That is okay though, because Joe was younger, so it was (according to leftists) just a youthful indiscretion…from the age of 30 to the age of 66. Practically a child! Oh, and he did it again in February of 2021 too.

Beginning on January 31, 2020, President Donald Trump restricted travel from communist China to the United States. The alt-far-left-communist-democRATs and their MSM colluders went bat-shit nuts, and Trump was called every name in the book.

Fast forward to December 28, 2022, when Usurper in Thief Joe Biden illegally proclaimed that beginning January 5, 2023, anyone coming to the USA from communist China will need to present a clean ‘the covid’ test for entry. Only nobody is calling Biden names. Even the names that he and his fellow communists called Trump.

‘Democrats, We will call it the Trump Virus and get our allies CNN and MSNBC to say it!! Yes they did!’, by thenukeman123, via imgflip.com

Additionally, the new restrictions only cover humans 2 years old and older. At the same time, U.S. ‘health officials’ are pushing ‘the vaxx’ for AMERICAN children older than 6 months.

So we have a situation similar to illegal aliens pouring in from Mexico where communist Chinese children 6 months old to 2 years old are somehow immune to ‘the covid’, just as ANYONE coming in from Mexico is immune, since Biden not only doesn’t test them for ‘the covid’ (or anything else) but he also doesn’t require them to get ‘the vaxx’. Foreigners are now somehow magical…

The oddest part of Biden’s new mandate is that it applies REGARDLESS OF ‘VACCINATION’ STATUS. Before 2020, vaccines meant something vastly different than today. EVERY single time that we use leftist language regarding those shots they laugh at us. Why? Because it means they’ve won. YOU have bent to their will. They own you. Well, at least your mind. Please, don’t let them do that. It is actually painful to watch.

‘China is to Blame for COVID 19! Not President Trump!’, by thenukeman123, via imgflip.com

This all started because of two flights from communist China that entered Milan, Italy, both of which had about 50% of the passengers testing positive for ‘the covid’, which as we have stated prior is 0.04% lethal. That is out of the standard 100.00% (in this case). So you are ONLY 99.96% likely to survive ‘the covid’. If you test positive it is pretty much time to update your will…NOT!

Remember, this is happening when the World Health Organization {SIC} (aka WHO) tells us that more than 80% of the global population are “fully inoculated”, aka ‘fully vaxxed and boosted’ {sic}.

Getting back to 2020, before then having a vaccine never required a ‘booster’ and it meant you not only couldn’t get sick from what you were vaccinated from but also that you couldn’t spread it to others. We ALL know what real vaccines are, as we had them when we were kids. What the left now pushes as vaccines are NOT vaccines!

‘COVID-19 Pandemic – Virus bae’, by Isolated Monk @IsolatedMonk, UL by Reddit Moments, via knowyourmeme.com

A real vaccine, if we can even make one (we still don’t have one for the common cold, or AIDS, or any number of other viruses), takes 10 years on average. We are supposed to believe that in less than 9 months after ‘the covid’ broke out (INTENTIONALLY!, FROM WUHAN IN CHINA!) we magically had a vaccine. That isn’t “operation warp speed”, that is ‘operation ludicrous speed’.

Similarly, the word ‘nationalist’ gets a bad wrap now…from the globalists. It actually just means someone who loves their own country more than any others, and the left has no issue with that when it is ‘yellow nationalist’ Xi Jinping of communist China, brown nationalist Andrés Manuel López Obrador (aka AMLO) or any other such people.

Also, being white only became a crime after the half-black Obama got elected (his mother being a white atheist from Kansas). So America still has its first FULLY black president to look forward to. When that day arrives, hopefully they will be both 1) actually American, which Obama wasn’t, and 2) Conservative.

‘Xenophobia Attitude during Covid-19 Pandemic: A Disease Naming Stigma’, by unknown, via openjournal.unpam.ac.id. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Wuhan is in China. That isn’t racist, it is a fact.

We mention Xi because, contrary to the left’s denial of reality (a thing very dear to us here in the shed), ‘the covid’ DID start in Wuhan, which is in communist China. We will add here that we bear no ill will towards the PEOPLE of China. We will also point out they have no Bill of Rights with a Second Amendment, and that they likely wish they did.

Communist China has a population of 1.426 BILLION people. They claim a ‘covid vaxx’ rate of 92.4% with at least one dose, and 90.2% with the every changing goal-line of ‘fully vaccinated’ {sic}. Given that, they say that between December 1 and December 20 of 2022, 250 million people (or close to 1/6th of the population were ‘infected with the covid’, with some large cities (such as Beijing) at over 50%.

That is NOT possible if the vaccines are real vaccines. 14-days to flatten the curve is now about to enter year 3. These fucking shots OBVIOUSLY do not work! Cloth is still not magical either, and blocks NO virus. Smoke particles are larger than ANY virus and they go right through cloth! Also, so-called ‘boosters’ are just full strength ‘vaxx’ doses, so please don’t fall for that.

‘COVID-19 Pandemic – hang up‘, UL by Reddit Moments, via knowyourmeme.com. Another fact is that unlike Hong Kong, Taiwan was never part of China.

Unfortunately, the promised answer of mRNA shots is actually designed to alter your DNA. They are meant to injure and hurt and worsen and mutate and spread. We are certain that was NOT the intent of Doctor Robert W. Malone MD when he developed mRNA, but unfortunately someone else had evil intent, and here we are. One giant cash-grab.

There is no way to ‘unvaxx’. If you’ve taken any of those shots, please stop, and monitor your blood for clotting. We do not want you dying of ‘suddenly’. If you are pureblood, congratulations. Your blood and sperm or eggs will someday be worth your weight in gold. Although we might eventually have to fight to remain unjabbed. And we will NEVER allow covid amnesty for the left from their actions!

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