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Collusion In Real Time, Left Denies It But Twitter Spam Attack On Elon Musk Obviously Coordinated By Vindman Group



'Honesty is such a lonely word, Everyone is so untrue, Honesty is hardly ever heard, And mostly what I need from you', "EVEN CONSIDERING JOHN CANDY IS DECEASED WHO WOULD YOU SAY IS MORE HONEST?", by anonymous, via 100% the corpse of John Candy is more honest than communist Vindman on his best day.
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Before leftists (or anyone else) reading this attempts to label us or pin us down, which they always do, we are not pro-Russia OR pro-Ukraine. We also hate NOBODY…except communists. Black? Nope. Hispanic? Nope. White? Nope. Asian? Nope. Jewish? Nope. DNA deniers (AKA alphabet people)? Nope, not for just that. Any of the aforementioned AND communist? YEP!

Have you ever known, in your gut, that someone was a scumbag the first time you saw or met them? You should always listen to your gut. Think of it as a ‘Spidey-sense’ style warning system. It is usually correct.

Some stuff has gone down on Twitter, and in real life (IRL) over the last few days. It started with journalist Andy Ngo @MrAndyNgo (who happens to be both Asian and gay…and so what?! Look at his work!), who alt-far-left-communist-democRAT ‘rollingstone’ refers to as “a Right-Wing Troll” who “Demonized Antifa to the Mainstream”, which translates from leftist as “Andy spoke truth to our communist power and must be punished”.

Do you remember the false rape allegations ‘rollingstone’ made against University of Virginia fraternity members in 2014? They had to pay those young men $1.65 MILLION. Obviously, they need to be taught more such lessons…soon!

Alexander Vindman Twitter spam attack on Elon Musk, by unknown, via

And although antifa are the ‘heroes of their own story’, everyone sane sees them as the communist terrorists and whiny little bitches they truly are.

Andy is one of the leading experts on and trackers of antifa and their behavior. He alerted Elon Musk @elonmusk the other day on how that terrorist group acts (along with blm, he just didn’t say that part) as the paramilitary wing of the democRAT party, and has long used Twitter (which Musk now owns) to coordinate their criminal and terrorist activity.

Musk replied by suspending many such accounts. That then led to attacks on Musk by other members of the alt-far-left, including one familiar face who then launched a coordinated spam tweet attack on Elon himself.

‘He still has SHRAPNEL IN HIS BODY!’, “Admitted attempting to alter telephone transcript; And the hypocrites crying about Trump bad-mouthing about him, had no problem bad-mouthing Tulsi Gabbard and Mike Flynn”, by Elect_Elvis_Is_Dead, via And so fucking what, he still has communism in his heart! Notice U.S. Army uniform but hat colors just so happen to look Ukranian.

We have hated that ‘familiar face’ man since the first time we saw and heard him, knowing what he was but not being able to prove it. But if you bide your time and wait long enough, people always reveal exactly who they are.

Wait a minute! You’ve said many times (including above) that you don’t hate anyone, except communists.


‘Asking for a Friend….’, “”…What I can offer is that…it was a properly cleared individual with a need to know.” If properly cleared with a ‘need to know’, why were they not on the call???”, by RAK13, via Your pants are on fire…liar! As with about, notice U.S. Army uniform but hat colors just so happen to look Ukranian.

Our long stated position on Ukraine (and Russia) can be found HERE, HERE and HERE.

We reply that it is kinda weird that @AVindman gets to decide who the President of the United States is. Way too much power for one erratic individual born in a communist country with obvious allegiances to that mindset to wield, don’t you think?

Our reply to Vindman who is replying to Musk who was replying to Vindman over his spam attack. Screenshot by us.

It used to be very easy to identify the ‘good guys’. Now evil sometimes works in CONgress or the military or police, or as scientists or doctors. Or at The United States National Security Council (NSC).

To Vindman, that uniform was a costume for the part he was playing. You can take the boy out of the communist country, but you can’t take the communism out of the boy, apparently.

‘Vindman caught in lie’, by King_Louiscybre_6x3, via

The sickest part was democRATs thinking the most honest man at the White House, if not the entirety of the USA, is a fucking Ukrainian who acted like his job at the White House was to set foreign policy, especially with Ukraine (his home country), which it was NOT.

Ukraine even offered Lieutenant Colonel (U.S. Army) Vindman their defense minister position. We are certain that it was agonizing for him to not accept that job.


We further suggest that if Vindman himself isn’t militarily advising antifa, then someone (or someones) else like him is.

That is a side issue from the funding, because all black head-to-toe outfits, frozen eggs, frozen water bottles, magically appearing stacks of bricks, and even hate itself, don’t fund themselves.

There was also the video from at least one 2020 riot where a man NOT wearing a mask was giving orders (a la Ray Epps on J6) AND passing out cash from a large stack in his hand. Never found or arrested. Somebody funded AND protected him (just as is happening with Epps).

‘Eric Ciaramella, Eric Ciaramella, Eric Ciaramella’, by dolan900, via

But communist Vindman didn’t collude alone. He worked with alleged ‘whistle-blower’ Eric Ciaramella, along with alleged pedophile Adam Schiff to destroy America from within by attempting to remove a duly elected President from power.

The awesome thing about running your own site is that only you can censor yourself. Before we signed up, our hosting service assured us that if it is legal in the USA to go for it. ERIC CIARAMELLA! Some well-known sites still prohibit you from saying that name!

Musk noted that the Vindman-led spamming, by bots or humans, was a violation of Twitter TOS, and that this indicated the left weren’t giving up control of the narrative easily.

Our reply to RDI replying to Musk over his actions regarding Vindman’s spam attack. Screenshot by us.

Obvious communist front group ‘renew democracy initiative’ (or RDI) on twitter @Renew_Democracy, then went after Musk claiming Alexander Vindman @AVindman and also fellow Soviet Union born Garry Kasparov @Kasparov63 (the famous Russian chess player) are board members and that Elon was picking on all of them.

RDI laughably describes itself as “a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to defending liberal democracy at home and abroad”. That translates as “we are working to spread communism under the guise of ‘democracy’ because that phrase is easily corrupted and gaslightable”.

Anything calling itself a “non-profit” is either simply making no money because they are horrible at business or are lying (and probably laundering money, perhaps via Crypto through Ukraine and back to democRATs to steal elections and otherwise fund corruption).

Our comment on RDI’s bullshit profile. Screenshot by us.

A ‘democracy’ {sic} is two wolves and a lamb voting on what is for lunch. The USA has always been a Constitutional (or Representative) Republic, with safeguards (such as the Senate filibuster) built-in to prevent tyranny of the majority. THAT is why the left are always trying to claim we are what we are not, because it would give them more power over you. And that is why they have stolen the last two elections and will try to steal 2024.

RDI actually sounds remarkably like a sexually transmitted disease (STD). “I’m going to the free clinic to get my RDI dealt with.” See!

Both of those Soviet-born fuckers, and likely that group, are gung-ho on the USA pouring money into Ukraine (which is laundered and partially fed back to democRATs and RINOs). Kasparov even tweets out Harry S. Truman quotes to attack those who rightfully oppose sending those blank checks to Ukraine.

‘President Whistleblower’, “Talking about corruption isn’t a crime. Change my mind.”, by unknown of Steven Crowder for meme, by scantron14, via

Never forget that a representative of the democRAT party, Senator Tedward Kennedy of Massachusetts (AKA the hero of Chappaquiddick), wrote a letter (May 1983) to ‘General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’ Yuri Andropov (former head of the KGB, who had put down multiple rebellions behind the ‘Iron Curtain’) offering a quid pro quo.

The deal was that Kennedy would help him in dealing with U.S. President Ronald Reagan in exchange for the USSR helping democRATs in the 1984 election against Reagan. Can you say “democRAT collusion with Russia”?

Kennedy even offered to visit Moscow to coach them so that their arguments in negotiations would be more convincing when the USA MSM were covering their speeches and meetings. He also offered to arrange MSM interviews for Andropov, and encouraged Yuri to address remarks directly to the American people. Can you say “propaganda instruction and aid disguised as journalism”?

‘Vindman is entitled to his incorrect opinion’, “Alexander Vindman was deeply troubled by Trump’s efforts to subvert U.S. foreign policy… …even though it’s the President’s job to set U.S. foreign policy”, by Elect_Elvis_Is_Dead, via Know your role and shut your hole. NOBODY voted for you!

Tedward himself was eyeing the Presidency for 1988, not wanting to run against the VERY popular Reagan who had just won 489-49 in the Electoral College (EC), winning all but 6 states and Washington DC in November 1980.

Reagan went on to win 525-13 in EC, winning every state except Minnesota (Walter Mondale’s home state, where Reagan spent ZERO dollars, and only losing by 3761 votes out of over 2 million cast there) and Washington DC in November 1984.

‘Colonel Alexander Vindman’, “Is Vindman a media hero for blowing the whistle on criminal activity at the NSC? No, he’s a media hero for participating in criminal activity at the NSC.”, by scantron14, via Old ‘Rules For Radicals’ Saul Alinsky trick, accuse your enemy of what you are guilty of yourself. Vindman is a criminal.

Andropov died 8 months after receiving the letter, and never acted on it. But it needs to be noted that democRATs were long fond of the Soviet Union, just as they are fond of communist China today, and that Kennedy colluded with the Soviets while Reagan was rightfully labeling the USSR as “the evil empire”.

The left are the terrorists, and the haters, and the conspiracy theorists (see ‘Russian Collusion’ as a recent example), and election deniers, AND election theft deniers. They always have been too!

‘Deep State Bureaucrat: they know how America is supposed to work’, by VinceVance, via This communist fucker doesn’t have resting bitch face, he has resting smirk face.

They are child minds trapped in adult bodies, which explains every temper tantrum AND the ease with which they are controlled via indoctrination and ongoing gaslighting by MSM into the sheeple they are.

There are NO ‘fascists’ (as they define them) running around except for democRATs. Fascist = Nazi = national SOCIALIST = left wing. Socialists are ALWAYS left wing, despite the gaslighting by anyone trying to falsely claim otherwise.

‘Russians!’, by ross09ya, via democRATs are guilty of the Russian collusion they accuse Trump of, and it was with Vindman.

There are normal people and there are varying degrees of communists (aka global socialists, and also left wing). The national socialists simply aren’t on board the global aspect of communism, yet.

WE are the normal ones. WE are the patriots. WE are Americans first and only, with no allegiance to any other country or organization. And we will continue to call out pedophiles, groomers and, of course, communists.

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democRAT ‘muh The Science’ Posts YUGE Win, It Only Took Less Than 200 Years To Determine That Gas Stoves Are Hazard



'ted', by Ally Perry, via 100% democRAT voter there.
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Okay, 197 years to be specific. In 1826, James Sharp, a British inventor, patented the gas stove. In 1828, Smith & Philips marketed it for him, and he opened a factory in 1836 to manufacture gas stoves in Northampton, England. Now, in January 2023, we discover he was committing a ‘hate-crime’…or whatever.

Democrats aren’t real, which you can catch up on HERE if you missed it. Their replacements, democRATs, are gaslighting us over gas-lighting (aka actually lighting gas on fire to cook food with). The left are coming for our stoves, specifically gas stoves. Your electric stoves are just fine…until they turn off the electricity.

‘wanted’, “James Sharp; Dead or Alive; For gas(stove)-lighting”, by us using alleged silhouette of James Sharp and ‘Wanted’ template from

The same people who tell us that 18-year-old’s can graduate high school and go into the military but they shouldn’t be able to own a gun are also the people who tell us that new-born babies know they were born the wrong sex, and now they also tell us that gas stoves are deadly.

The left’s ‘the science’ is pretty much all over the place. Seemingly politically selective in its ‘scientific’ approach. Basically anti-science.

Sandy Ocasio (New York, D is for daft) aka Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once she decided to run for office and put on glasses to make herself look smarter (yes, they are a prop), posted online that gas stoves led to “reduced cognitive performance”.

‘Designing Women meme Suzanne gas stove gaslight’, by Robert Sanchez, via MSM loves to gaslight us.

Congressman Ronny Jackson (Texas, R), who is also a retired United States Navy rear admiral, and is a medical doctor (unlike noted taco expert Jill Biden), AND was ‘Physician to the President of the United States’ from 2013 to 2018 (last 4 years of Obama, first 2 years of Trump). He replied to Sandy with a picture she had posted of herself using a gas stove in her own kitchen.

This came about because yet another government agency has been corrupted by communists to spew hate-speech, and WE define that as any language critical of Western civilization.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, with its easy to remember acronym of USCPSC, pronounced UsCpSc, alleges that gas-powered stoves are a “hidden health hazard” and emit “harmful pollutants”, while encouraging people to switch to electric stoves. It only took those commie fucks 197 years to discover that ‘danger’ too.

‘Try it its cool’, by Forever_a_red, via

We believe that old-school thinking needs to be set aside. Leftists are not normal people who are horrible at what they do and stupid to boot. Demeaning them might make some feel better but it doesn’t stop them. They are instead insidious and evil and know exactly what they are doing and laugh at you when you call them names as they destroy Western civilization.

After the democRAT politicians like Sandy touted that ridiculous and incorrect assessment of a known proven technology, of course their colluders in MSM jumped in and ran with it.

‘yeah, if you could stop trying to turn every knob of the gas stove on that’d be great’, by unknown, via

Bill Weir of CNN (Criminal News Network) said “The science is showing us having a gas stove, in a small apartment especially with bad ventilation, is like having a car idling there. If you have young kids, it can affect cognitive abilities, as well as asthma”. Where was Weir when masks were forced on kids (and adults)? Where was Bill for 197 years while we cooked in ‘ignorance’?!

Not to be outdone, Bloomberg (an alleged news organization, not the rich jackass who founded it) said “Natural gas stoves, which are used in about 40% of homes in the US, emit air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and fine particulate matter at levels the EPA and World Health Organization have said are unsafe and linked to respiratory illness, cardiovascular problems, cancer, and other health conditions, according to reports by groups such as the Institute for Policy Integrity and the American Chemical Society.”

‘Set your house on fire – wok adapter’, “NOVEL WAYS TO SET YOUR HOUSE ON FIRE; THE WOK GAS BURNER ADAPTER”, by Fred.Matherson, via THIS is a picture of an actual product (called ‘Wokmon’) and they made a meme from it!

The WHO (not the rock band, the World Health Organization, which is organized communism on a world-wide level to damage the health of us all) are known liars and are in bed with the communist Chinese, as they pushed ‘the covid’ and all of its associated lies and trappings…like those masks. Cloth STILL is not magical, and blocks NO viruses!

The EPA are land-grabbers, and even alt-far-left ‘The Shill’ AKA The Hill admitted same in June 2015 when they said “The EPA just finalized one of the biggest land grabs in American history. Under the Clean Water Rule, all “tributaries” will be categorically regulated by the federal government. Tributaries — which quite literally mean anything with a bed, banks and an “ordinary high water mark” — are now under federal control.”

‘supremacy’, by DaMusicGamer, via

This gas stove nonsense is evolving out of California, which voted for Reagan and Bush the father before being lost to anti-science pro-illegal alien leftists. Proving that, in September 2022 the ‘Air Resources Board’ there decided that by 2030 they would prohibit the sale of gas water heaters and furnaces, replacing them with electric devices.

That is a state where ‘rolling blackouts‘ are normal now. Soon, folks there won’t be able to heat their homes, or water, or cook food, or charge their over-priced, very expensive batteries with 4 tires and a steering wheel that children in Africa mined the cobalt for the lithium-ion batteries for at great risk to their own health.

‘Angel X’, by unknown, via Those look perfect!

Did you know that ongoing exposure to disinformation from democRATs is linked to reduced cognitive performance…such as voting democRAT? The cure is to not listen to democRATs or MSM. Instead do the things they abhor. Learn about that regularly here, where those who have shed their reality are taken to task (out behind the shed, by reality). The Reality Shed fact-checkers have fact-checked that statement and found it to be TRUE!

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Democrats Aren’t Real, What We Have Long Suspected Actually Turns Out To Be True And Here Is How It All Came About



'Democrats Aren't Real' billboard, by us. Location of actual billboard won't be released to protect the innocent...billboard put'er uppers.
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The greatest conspiracy theory in the history of forever has now finally been proven true and the fate of our entire planet depends on how we choose to deal with it.

Following the so-called ‘Russian Revolution’ of 1917-1923 (which wasn’t a real revolution, and is only said to have ended with the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, aka USSR), the Soviet communists began a program of infiltration into the West, and specifically the United States, by replacing normal Democrats with communist lookalike drones (we call those democRATs to distinguish them).

‘democrats then and now Memes & GIFs — Democatsthenandnow’, “YOUR GRANDPARENT’S DEMOCRAT PARTY; YOUR DEMOCRAT PARTY”, by aquabach, via They just seems more reasonable before colors were invented.

The process sped up beginning in 1948 when Jack Kerouac (pronounced Smith) first used the phrase “Beat Generation” and then, following the Soviet launch of the Sputnik 1 satellite*, the two terms were merged by Herb Caen on April 2, 1958, in the San Francisco Chronicle, giving birth to the ‘beatnik’ movement. They were an anti-conformist underground movement, which by 1967 had morphed into the hippies.

‘Plague’, by Avidreader, via She didn’t say which God… Pretty sure hers is NOT ours.

Some ask what happened to all of the real Democrats when they were replaced with democRATs, but the answer is that nobody knows for sure. The most likely possibility is that they became pig food. Those fuckers will eat anything…even teeth, so don’t ever fall down in a group of hungry pigs.

Perhaps this is why bacon tastes so good now…hmm.

“important conversation by settleslugger” — OP labeled this wrong. Obviously this is a pair of patriots speaking privately about American food (burgers first, then Taco Bell which is NOT Mexican food and is basically the same 20 or so ingredients rearranged into a near endless variety of menu items), when a pair of enforcement drones came over to try to oppress them and they responded by freedom’ing all over them (ie continuing their conversation like the tools of the man weren’t there). And NO, we are NOT anti-police. Just this BS kind of ‘policing’. This was an AB conversation so C your way out of it!

Near the end of the Bill Clinton Presidency, he pushed CONgress to allow communist China (who had illegally funded he and Algore’s reelection campaign) into the World Trade Organization (WTO). From December 26, 1991, when the USSR ended, until communist China officially joined the WTO on December 11, 2001, there was a struggle for control over the democRAT drones.

After that became a reality, the replacement accelerated and control over them shifted almost exclusively to the communist Chinese.

‘Mostly false… psych!’, by Jackmorgan, via They didn’t even read what they wrote!

Over time, Democrats went through various stages on their journey left, starting with ‘liberals’, ‘social-liberalism’ and ‘center-left’, then to ‘moderate’, ‘new Democrat’, ‘centrism’, and ‘third way’, then on to ‘progressive’, ‘leftwing’, ‘leftwing populism’, and ‘Democrat-socialist’.

Along the way, they discarded ‘conservative Democrat’ and ‘Blue Dog’. The reality is they can call themselves whatever they want to, but what they really are now is alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-grifter-indoctrinating-gaslighting-Alinskyite-globalist-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers.

‘pelosi on trump and biden’, by unknown, via Hypocritical bitch.

Unfortunately, this all happened with few noticing and despite President Ronald Reagan often using cryptic words in his speeches, which some now interpret as him trying to provide hints of it going on, real Democrats no longer exist in the USA as of January 2023.

The roots of today’s awareness campaign began in 1984 during Reagan’s reelection campaign, but didn’t do us a lot of good. No matter what anyone else tells you, Democrats are not real any longer. Never believe a democRAT truther.

“Highly Illogical”, by oudaveguy98, via They just want their reliably leftwing votes.

What are they trying to accomplish? Their risky scheme is to subvert the government of the United States. Their policies are real and intentionally painful, and they govern through terrorism. They are the existential threat we face today.

democRATs have even stolen two elections in a row now (House, Senate and Presidency in 2020, along with Senate and various offices in 2022 while also limiting their loss in the House). As if drones could win a real election!

‘Muchos Mexicanos’, by unknown via imgflip, UL by BigDaddyMoonpug via Pelosi did the same thing when Laura Loomer dropped off a load of illegals at one of her mansions.

To that end, they also have control of MSM who are aware of their status and collude with the drones to push their agenda via propaganda. That includes amazing double-standards, pushing bogus ‘the science’, and flooding America with illegal alien third world replacement citizens, just not to their cities or at their homes.

It also covers denying truth via ‘fact checking’, which is really reality denial in disguise, printing more fiat currency to give to those who launder their stolen money and make their bioweapons.

‘Dems being Dems’, by unknown via, UL by The_KlansMan via Got it, shitty ULer name. Good meme! Look, they are giving OUR 2A Rights to Ukrainians with no trace of irony!

How do you spot one? Easy, they wear masks to hide their drone-ness, get software upgrades via repeated shots, and need to be in or around Electric Vehicles (EVs) to recharge. They can also pull current from nearby electronics if needed, so if you must go near one, please make sure your devices are fully charged up first.

‘Thanks’, by unknown for Turning Point Action, UL by Alex_Sim via The right side of meme is sliced off, and we couldn’t find a better version but wanted to use it, so yes the ‘E’ at the end of the top line is missing.

We hear you saying, “Great, now I know what they look like, but how do I deal with them?” You don’t and can’t. Never negotiate with or acquiesce to a terrorist.

The damage they have done is very real. We went from energy independence to begging others to pump oil in less than 2 years. Bidenflation is squeezing everyone and some are even taking out loans to eat.

‘slavery, by defiantamerica, via We are the resistance now.

The government has been turned back on the citizens led by the corrupt IRS (beginning under Obama, with Lois Lerner against the Taxed Enough Already, or TEA, party), and the FBI (which isn’t a law enforcement agency any more).

democRATs (and their RINO** stooges) have pushed too far, and the walls are closing in on them. Their policies are for the birds and this is the beginning of the end for communism. We will see to that.

‘Democrats Aren’t Real, Wake up, 20PeMc17!, Gorvernment Surveillance Drone’ flier, by us. Spelling error intentional. No we don’t have branded duct tape for sale. But print the flier off and help spread the word.

*Which began orbiting Earth on October 4, 1957 but after 3 weeks its radio signal stopped as its batteries ran out. It continued in orbit for 3 months, then fell back to Earth on January 4, 1958.

**Republican In Name Only, not to be confused with real Republicans.

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Republicans Racist Against Teslas and Iguanas, According to democRATs Global Warming Causes Climate Change And Cold



'New for 2023, Tesla introduces Iguana-mode', meme by us FROM 'cat in Tesla', by unknown, via AND 'iguana', by unknown, via No more falling from trees in cold weather. Just leave your iguana inside your Tesla!
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Electric Vehicles (EVs) that won’t charge. Iguanas falling out of trees. All caused by Republican opposition to taxes that would somehow change weather patterns that have existed for billions of years due to our Solar System’s own Sun and its cyclical patterns of heating and cooling.

That is what leftists such as autistic Swede Greta Thunberg and governorship usurper Kathy Hochul (New York, D is for disreputable) claim. “It’s very clear to me that the effects of climate change are wreaking havoc everywhere.”, Hochul said, blaming that made up thing for record snowfall and cold. Read a fucking book we reply.

‘…existential threat…’, by unknown, found online. It is all about power.

Winter storms are NOT caused by “climate change” {sic}, they are caused by the Sun, which is 99.86% of the mass in our solar system and accounts for all of our energy AND weather AND climate. [Source: Wikipedia ‘The Sun’…a left-wing site]

“The helical model – our solar system is a vortex”

The Sun’s core is 29 million degrees Fahrenheit and spins 4x faster than the surface, which is ‘only’ 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, per UCLA research in 2017. It also travels through space at 448,000 miles per hour (MPH). Sound fast? At that speed it will take the Sun 230 MILLION years to travel once around the Milky Way galaxy, which itself turns at the rate of 1.3 MILLION MPH.

‘climate change…’, by @RacySicilian at Patriots Hub, found online. The left’s policies are meant to enslave us all.

Leftists want you to believe that what 8 billion of us do actually matters, but all of us together are just a TINY part of the remaining 0.14% (just over 1/8th of 1 percent) mass of the solar system. You can’t beat that math!

The alt-far-left-communist-democRATs are Sun Deniers, which, along with their DNA denying proves they are science deniers. They are also election fraud deniers AND election thieves. Leftists even claim math is racist, but it was invented in Sumer (where Iraq is now) about 7000 years ago. Their claim is actually racist!

‘climate crazies…’, by unknown, found online. Quick, boil some water and grab some buckets!

The left also tell us to ditch regular cars for EVs (which can be dangerous). Well, some EV owners are discovering something that many gasoline-powered car owners have known for years: during the Winter car batteries sometimes won’t hold a charge.

Only for those driving EVs (which are basically batteries attached to a steering wheel and tires) that doesn’t mean calling AAA for a jump-start (or new battery). In fact, if your EV battery needs replacing, it is roughly the same price as the entire car!

‘The power of the purse’, by BobboJenkins, via We are slaves to the left. They don’t want to work so they design policies they profit from at our expense.

The owner of a ‘Tesla S’, Domenick Nati of Lynchburg, Virginia, tried to charge his car for Christmas Eve events and due to freezing temperatures (19 degrees Fahrenheit), it would not do so. His battery was at just 40% when he plugged it in at a so-called ‘supercharger’ Tesla station on December 23.

‘Climitard…’, by unknown, found online. The only thing ‘climate policies’ solve are how to empty our wallets into leftist wallets.

After 2 hours, the battery percent had actually dropped with the outside temperature. He drove home and attempted to charge it there but it still would not. He then went to a different ‘supercharger’ station and after an hour the system said the battery was heating up and to keep the charge cable inserted, but no charging was taking place.

‘Inconvenient truth’, by BobboJenkins, via Algore has been wrong about everything he has ever said. And no, he did NOT invent the internet (it started as ‘ARPAnet’, U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, before he entered CONgress)!

Being gullible, he has no other vehicle, so as his Tesla said it only had “19 miles left to empty”, he left the car charging at the ‘supercharger’ station and got a ride home. He tried to reach Tesla but could not. FIFTEEN HOURS LATER, still no charge, so he canceled his Christmas plans.

He wasn’t the only one affected by the cold as 1.5 MILLION Americans and 125,000 homes were without power due to the ‘bomb cyclone‘ (formerly known as a Canadian cold spell). All the left cared about was their precious replacement citizen ‘migrants’. And if you happen to be in a place like Florida and an iguana falls from a tree, don’t worry, it isn’t dead, it is just stunned from the cold.

‘Where are the solar panels?’, by unknown, found online. If solar was the answer then those roofs would be full of solar panels.

That happens practically every year at least once per winter and hits even Florida and Texas. Being cold-blooded, iguanas require heat from an external source (aka the Sun) to stay warm. So they are going into a catatonic hibernation-like state due to the arctic cold.

Even in this condition, they can be dangerous, so they should be left alone. When they wake up, and they will, they can be very aggressive (scratching and biting), and they possess claws and sharp teeth, and will even use their tales as a weapon. Just like democRATs. Mostly peaceful indeed!

“In Search Of The Coming Ice Age … With Leonard Nimoy (1978).”

The left doesn’t want to solve real problems, they create fake problems so they can tax us and pretend to solve them. From the 1960’s on we’ve had overpopulation, new ice age, acid rain, ozone hole, global warming and climate change. None of them real. All of them designed to give power to the left.

‘…how much climate change do we have?’, by unknown from, found online. Nobody hated white people until Obama came along. Odd, that was when we last had 2 ‘genders’ too…

We will not join the left’s religious cult. The big yellow thing in the daytime sky prohibits our doing so. What will save the planet is ‘comprehensive leftist control’, which isn’t leftists being in control, but rather is control of leftists by we normal people.

democRATs are the existential threat to mankind, and to Earth. So-called scientists of the left lie all of the time. Their goal is to regress civilization, and when they eventually shut off the electricity, the EV owners can buy horses to pull their cars for them.

‘I take it all back…’, by unknown, found online. Communist says what? Witch’s tit, bitch!

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