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Shots the Hell Up!, Nobody is Anti-Vaxx But Anti-Reality Leftists (Who Can’t Define ‘Woman’) Redefined ‘Vaccine’ to Silence Us



Kill the strong, by unknown, from
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Despite the best efforts of the alt-far-left-communist-democRATs and their MSM toadies to both change the definition of vaccine and to coerce people to take the shots, many people absolutely refuse. The good news is that those people are doing just fine. But WE(!!) worry about the rest of you.

An article from August 5, 2022 actually dismissed a cluster of Canadian doctors dying. It stated all 3 died of cancer, blamed “anti-vaxx” social media, said there was no evidence it was the ‘vaxx’ and said we should all move on. The only problem is that another article yesterday (2 days later) said it was actually FOURTEEN (14!) doctors who died over the last 9 months, all from the same hospital!

According to the second article only 2 of them 14 died of cancer:

• died cancer (lung, stage 4, 1 year)
• died cancer (gastric, stage 4, 11 months)

And the others were:

• died swimming (triathlete)
• died unexpectedly, no reason given
• died in sleep (2 weeks after 3rd jab)
• died unexpectedly, heart
• died running (Olympic sailor)
• died swimming, no reason given
• died from “unspecified illness”
• died in sleep, no reason given
• died unexpectedly, no reason given
• died after “brief illness”
• died in sleep (4 days after 3rd jab)
• died unknown (in total but cause not listed)

The youngest was 27, and the oldest just 62. Of the 14 the 2nd article gave an exact age for 10 and that came out to EXACTLY 50.0 years old each (500 total years). I also need to point out that the two cancer deaths came AFTER shots were being encouraged if not forced onto people, which blows the original articles dismissal (standard leftist hack attempt that it was) right out of the water.

My Rights, by unknown. Found online.

We are also seeing athletes (high school, college, professional, or retired pro) dropping like flies. Even MLB legend Hank Aaron died just 17 days after getting a Covid shot, but MSM like the NY Times dismiss that saying it can’t possible be connected. Yes he was almost 87, but 17 days! What was the point of the shot?!

And it is happening to plenty of other non-doctors or non-athletes too! Healthy people, including celebrities, who before the shots did NOT die suddenly or unexpectedly. The NIH is SO evil they are trying to normalize that with the new term “Sudden Unexpected Death” or SUD, going so far as to call it “natural”. Actually natural is a long healthy shot free life.

Despite the claim of the original article we on the New Right are NOT anti vaccine, but we are anti-‘vaxx’ (NOT the same thing) because these shots are NOT NOT NOT real actual proper vaccines, they are death shots disguised as vaccines.

Pfizer warns, by unknown. Found online.

We all had real vaccines as children and know what they are. And they never required masks, distancing or boosters. And they took 10 years on average to develop, if we could even do so (there is no vaccine for the common cold virus). The alleged Covid vaccines took 9 months, almost like they were there waiting in the wings before the virus was released. With all due respect to President Trump, and we believe he was given bad advice, Operation Warp Speed was more like Operation Ludicrous Speed.

And the left knows well that the ‘vaxx’ is designed to destroy your natural immune system which is what fights off things like cancer! According to recent studies the loss is at a rate of 3-6% per month and it is cumulative and never comes back. For those who dismiss that, enjoy your heart inflammation (Myocarditis).

I would argue the globalists don’t mind the doctors dying as they are changing what medicine is anyway, and the fewer people who remember the old ways the better for their plans. We are perfectly happy being a pureblood and will be staying that way.

Snow White says no, by unknown. Found online.

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THEY Think We Are Stupid, ZERO History Of Athlete Mass Death Or Cardiac Arrest Prior To covid Shots But Link Denied



'...clotting', by unknown, found online. We should be rooting for the left to 'shot away' as the fewer of them the earlier we get back to normal as a planet.
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Imagine history as a continuous line of events, in which the order matters and key events are recorded so we can learn from them. Now return to 2022 where alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-indoctrinating-gaslighting-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers tell us that doesn’t matter and to ignore anything that happens after someone takes covid shots.

’32 dead Canadian doctors’, by unknown, found online. We don’t have athlete pictures, but back on August 8, 2022, a total of 14 Canadian doctors had died suddenly after the vaxx…now it is 32!

We wrote HERE about 14 Canadian doctors dropping dead and now it is up to 32! We also wrote HERE about the Miami Dolphins front office guy who dropped dead suddenly at 47 and how ‘sudden death’ used to mean something else entirely (and in addition to the sites listed there we are also on Parler and Truth Social now too).

‘brainwashed’, by unknown, found online. It is NOT just the shots, the left are brainwashed about a LOT of things, and they want to convert us too!

We wanted to do a story listing all athletes who had died or suffered ‘vaccine injury’ but we ditched it as there are simply too many now to start compiling from scratch. Luckily someone else has been on that and we found it HERE. It covers 922 deaths and 1354 cardiac arrests…so far!

‘…tell my’, by unknown, found online. Our children can’t be the future if they are dead or ‘vaccine injured’.

They also encourage skeptics to repeat the following after reading about each death in their report: “The COVID vaccine is a normal vaccine. The COVID vaccine is safe. These injuries and deaths are normal.”

‘…reckoning*’, by unknown from, found online. Actions should always have consequences, and we must make sure the left settles their bill.

The alt-far-left can’t stop lying (which we wrote about HERE, HERE and HERE), and because of that folks haven’t stopped dying. Those lies are killing our friends, relatives, doctors, and athletes, all of whom were perfectly healthy before those shots that are NOT vaccines, and leftists MUST be held accountable for their actions.

*’Reckoning’ as in the ‘ARCHAIC’ usage of “a bill or account, or its settlement.”

NOTE: We post 2 articles a day on average, and have a Comment section here in the shed (below every article), so please use it and help build the Reality community. And if you enjoy our work we have a ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ donation link. Thank you.

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Recharge Your Immunity, Alt-Far-Left’s ‘Novel’ Lie To Keep You Taking Shots That Destroy Your Natural Immune System



"You may die, which is normal." by unknown, found online.
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We are not doctors nor do we play them on TV, but that means we’ve never killed anyone with intentionally bad advice like Anthony Fauci and others have done. It also means we know what actual vaccines are, since we (and you) all had those as children, and they never required masking, distancing or booster…ing. EVER! Plus, the bonus was you never EVER got what the shots were for. So, these shots they are pushing are NOT vaccines and we really need to stop using the left’s language and referring to them as such because when we do that they win, which is why we use ‘vaxx’ instead.

“Protecting the protected…” by unknown, found online.

Fast forward to 2020 through 2022 and according to ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’, you now need 5 or more shots (they are now trial-ballooning shots every year for the rest of your life…$$$) and we hear about mutations and they cover up ‘sudden death‘ like it isn’t happening to otherwise healthy people (even athletes) who were gullible enough to believe the LIES of their government and MSM, and now aren’t around to sue over it.

‘They Live’ Covid meme, by unknown, found online.

Studies have shown that the Covid ‘vaxx’ reduces your natural immune system at a rate of 3-6% per month, which is cumulative, and it never recovers. That was intentional so that things like cancer would be easier to develop and harder to treat. But you will pay to try anyway and Big Pharma will profit from that (and the shots that governments aren’t going to be paying for now going forward), and if some of us die along the way, that is cool too.

VAERS Covid ‘vaxx’ mortality report 11.05.2021, by unknown, found online.

democRATs want us to die so they can replace us ALL (not just whites) with lower IQ illegal aliens (here, here and here) who will vote reliably left and be easier to control. RINOs (the In Name Only variety of Republican, like Liz Cheney) want us to die so they can replace us ALL (not just whites) with cheaper labor. The ‘great replacement’ being a part of their ‘great reset‘.

‘Cult’ by @realseanhoffman, found online.

The combined globalist alt-far-left, including the communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-indoctrinating-gaslighting-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers along with MSM, Big Pharma, Big Tech and others, are the existential threat America faces today. They are also the reason that Donald Trump had to be removed from office and, after MANY attempts, they succeeded via election theft, a method which defied the will of We The People and disenfranchised most of our Republic.

‘Grateful’ by @grandoldmemes, found online.

So the FDA and CDC have been corrupted, just like IRS, DOJ and FBI. Also, NBA, MLB, NFL and more. Really, virtually any alphabet named thing today can’t be trusted. But despite their lies, you CAN #RechargeYourImmunity with a healthy diet, exercise, some Zinc and other vitamins, and by staying the fuck away from their death shots!

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Sun Is Always On…Right?, Prime Minister of Australia Expects Solar Panels To Charge Electric Vehicles At Night



List of leftist environmental frauds since 1960's (meme maker forgot overpopulation was first), by unknown, found online.
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The alt-far-left insist we are suffering ‘climate change’ (we are NOT) and as part of their risky scheme (one of many listed here and here) to combat the issue that does NOT exist, they are insisting we all switch to $60,000+ Electric Vehicles (EVs) which are basically batteries with a steering wheel as when the battery dies the cost to replace it is the same as buying a new vehicle!

Anthony Albanese, Sun denier.

Now an old video clip has surfaced of Anthony Albanese, the current Prime Minister of Australia (Labor Party), from when he was opposition leader, claiming people need to charge their EVs from solar panels…at night.

10 years to stop catastrophe…in 1972 per UN, by unknown, found online.

Albanese is likely misunderstanding ‘radiative cooling’, which can take advantage of the materials that absorb solar energy during the day and radiate heat into the sky at night by capturing that and converting it into energy. But the amount of energy that it can generate is only enough to charge a cell phone or power some LEDs and NOT enough to charge your fucking car!

One of many Algore allegations (or Algoregations) proven a lie, by unknown, found online.

Leftists also can’t tell you how to get the money that you will need to pay for all of that (EV, solar panels and charging system) and when they tried to give a tax break in the USA for EV purchases, then manufacturers all raised their prices, which effectively wiped out the tax credit before anyone could even apply for it.

10 years to global warming disaster predicted by UN in June 1989, by unknown, found online.

Then, even if you did manage to get all of that and it is working properly, they now tell you in California that you can’t charge your EV (or use air conditioning) at certain times of day. The left also want us to eat bugs, grow embryos of ourselves to harvest for spare parts, and microchip ourselves so they can control our movement. Everything the left does is about control for them over you. Always!

NOTE: We post 2 articles a day on average, and have a Comment section here in the shed (below every article), so please use it and help build the Reality community. And if you enjoy our work we have a ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ donation link. Thank you.

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