Shots the Hell Up!, Nobody is Anti-Vaxx But Anti-Reality Leftists (Who Can’t Define ‘Woman’) Redefined ‘Vaccine’ to Silence Us



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Despite the best efforts of the alt-far-left-communist-democRATs and their MSM toadies to both change the definition of vaccine and to coerce people to take the shots, many people absolutely refuse. The good news is that those people are doing just fine. But WE(!!) worry about the rest of you.

An article from August 5, 2022 actually dismissed a cluster of Canadian doctors dying. It stated all 3 died of cancer, blamed “anti-vaxx” social media, said there was no evidence it was the ‘vaxx’ and said we should all move on. The only problem is that another article yesterday (2 days later) said it was actually FOURTEEN (14!) doctors who died over the last 9 months, all from the same hospital!

According to the second article only 2 of them 14 died of cancer:

• died cancer (lung, stage 4, 1 year)
• died cancer (gastric, stage 4, 11 months)

And the others were:

• died swimming (triathlete)
• died unexpectedly, no reason given
• died in sleep (2 weeks after 3rd jab)
• died unexpectedly, heart
• died running (Olympic sailor)
• died swimming, no reason given
• died from “unspecified illness”
• died in sleep, no reason given
• died unexpectedly, no reason given
• died after “brief illness”
• died in sleep (4 days after 3rd jab)
• died unknown (in total but cause not listed)

The youngest was 27, and the oldest just 62. Of the 14 the 2nd article gave an exact age for 10 and that came out to EXACTLY 50.0 years old each (500 total years). I also need to point out that the two cancer deaths came AFTER shots were being encouraged if not forced onto people, which blows the original articles dismissal (standard leftist hack attempt that it was) right out of the water.

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We are also seeing athletes (high school, college, professional, or retired pro) dropping like flies. Even MLB legend Hank Aaron died just 17 days after getting a Covid shot, but MSM like the NY Times dismiss that saying it can’t possible be connected. Yes he was almost 87, but 17 days! What was the point of the shot?!

And it is happening to plenty of other non-doctors or non-athletes too! Healthy people, including celebrities, who before the shots did NOT die suddenly or unexpectedly. The NIH is SO evil they are trying to normalize that with the new term “Sudden Unexpected Death” or SUD, going so far as to call it “natural”. Actually natural is a long healthy shot free life.

Despite the claim of the original article we on the New Right are NOT anti vaccine, but we are anti-‘vaxx’ (NOT the same thing) because these shots are NOT NOT NOT real actual proper vaccines, they are death shots disguised as vaccines.

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We all had real vaccines as children and know what they are. And they never required masks, distancing or boosters. And they took 10 years on average to develop, if we could even do so (there is no vaccine for the common cold virus). The alleged Covid vaccines took 9 months, almost like they were there waiting in the wings before the virus was released. With all due respect to President Trump, and we believe he was given bad advice, Operation Warp Speed was more like Operation Ludicrous Speed.

And the left knows well that the ‘vaxx’ is designed to destroy your natural immune system which is what fights off things like cancer! According to recent studies the loss is at a rate of 3-6% per month and it is cumulative and never comes back. For those who dismiss that, enjoy your heart inflammation (Myocarditis).

I would argue the globalists don’t mind the doctors dying as they are changing what medicine is anyway, and the fewer people who remember the old ways the better for their plans. We are perfectly happy being a pureblood and will be staying that way.

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