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Process Of Elimination, The Four Horsewomen Of The Leftpocalypse Limit Reproduction To Wipe Out The West’s Future



"And just like that; children weren't the future anymore", by us, via (Forest Gump meme template) and (for watermark).
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“I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way.
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier.
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be …”
— from ‘Greatest Love of All’, found at, written by Michael Masser & Linda Creed in 1977, and most famously recorded by Whitney Houston in 1985 on her self-titled debut album.

We chose the term “horsewomen” so as not to be misogynist to the misandrist globalists who have been insisting for over 60 years now that Earth is overpopulated, but as we’ve accurately detailed before, the entire population of Earth (all 8,045,311,447+ and counting of us) can live in Texas with a population density equal to Manhattan.

‘Mental gymnastics.’, by jollyolly123, via Make up your deluded mind already! It could instead be a diluted mind… Notice that the left never volunteer themselves when discussing population reduction.

While doing that, the left have mainly concentrated their efforts on Western civilization, for the most part ignoring developing and third world countries. There is a reason for that which will be detailed shortly.

And by “children”, our ‘meme Mr. Gump’ actually means kids from Western countries (aka ‘the first world’).

Just to make it into the world today as a child of the West is a miracle, beyond the basic miracle that being born once was. Kids now have to dodge those ‘horsewomen’: female empowerment, birth control, abortion, and the newest addition…DNA denial aka ‘the trans’ aka ‘mental and physical child abuse, including genital mutilation’. It is Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

‘Any Questions?’, by RonJ220, via Undeniable truth, as the DNA of a baby is only HALF from the mother, making it a unique being she is hosting for 9 months.

The first ‘horsewoman’ is so-called empowerment, which was always built on a lie. There is nothing empowering (for those physically capable) about not reproducing and raising a family. It is very empowering to continue your bloodline and teaching proper values to progeny. It is diabolical to tell women to put off having a family, knowing full well that they have a specific window of time in which that is possible.

Next is birth control, which is part of a chess move. It protects their empowerment piece, while setting up (or clearing the path) of acceptance for the next piece to move.

‘not your body’, by unknown, found at [SIC] (which claims to train “pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly and argue persuasively” but really just attacks and belittles those trying to stop baby murder), attached to an article by baby murder proponent Timothy Brahm who asserts that those opposed to abortion don’t understand the situation and that this meme isn’t accurate. What he fails to understand while pushing his own alt-far-left ‘Scientifically Ignorant View’, embarrassingly, is that since a babies DNA is only 50% from the mother it is also 50% from the father, which means it is completely unique and therefore the baby is NOT part of the mother, and that she is instead a host for it. DNA is settled science, and to ignore that fact makes you a science denier. Abortion is like killing a dinner guest because you find them inconvenient, and abortion isn’t performed (this isn’t a musical recital), it is committed (like murder, because it is in fact murder of a life that began at conception and is ending unnaturally on a whim). Rape, incest and life of the mother all account for less than 1% of abortions each, so they total less than 3% together. I really wish that he could go back in time and convince his own mother of his current beliefs. It would have saved us from reading his commie drivel, and typing this.

That third piece is abortion, which is child sacrifice, and usually female and non-white (just ask communist China or black areas of the USA). The so-called elite want the power to decide who can and can’t reproduce, just as the leadership in China has, in order to prevent those they can’t control (or those they consider below them) from having children.

Abortion is in fact ‘Abortioncide’, as you don’t perform an abortion you commit one, just like a murder. Nobody would say they performed a murder. Nope, you commit murder.

‘When you realize Luciferian Globalists start wars as a giant human sacrifice, you become less…hawkish.’, “*2B FAIR I DO CALL IMPERIALISTIC, WARMONGERING NEOCONS OUT 4 THIS, 2”, by acenbeaky, via Hiding in plain sight.

Then finally, for anyone who survived all of that, the last bullet in the globalist left’s gun is ‘the trans’, which involves abuse at the hands of alleged medical professionals (doctors and others) and also Big Pharma pumping bodies full of what was never intended to be in them. To deny what you were born as is to deny ‘the science’ and yourself.

To be clear, a man / male can never EVER become a woman, nor can a woman / female EVER become a man. At best, the belief otherwise is delusional, and more likely it is simply someone being evil. It is also anti-science, since DNA is settled science!

Which brings us to that ‘reason’. This all culminates in a lower IQ populace, since the next step is that when the population in Western countries drops, the left insist that they must import the third world to fill jobs. And a lower IQ which ‘gubmint skrewls’ with their gaslighting, brainwashing and indoctrination help with, makes folks easier to control.

‘ABORTION – THE ULTIMATE IN CANCEL CULTURE’, “Confession Cat template”, by unknown, vis Having to deliver such a powerful truth bomb made that kitten sad.

As for non-Western countries, you hear stories about a certain guy who couldn’t even develop an Operating System (OS) that didn’t freeze or crash, sneaking harmful things into his new passion, ‘vaccines’. His name rhymes with ‘Gill Bates’, and he is a master baiter, using bait and switch tactics to increase his net worth.

By the way, Linux is FREE as in freedom, and not the challenge it once was to install and work with. If you have an older computer, all the better, as if you wipe Windoze from the hard drive and install Linux, it will feel like a brand new computer, thus extending the life of the machine you already own (rather than perpetuating the ‘planned obsolescence’ of hardware and software Micro$oft is known for pushing).

‘Constitution’, by Catholic Memes, via The only people who know this is true have actually bothered to read the Constitution.

The far easier solution for the West would be to encourage Western women (as part of a family unit, with a man who is her husband) to have children instead. The problem for the left is that those children would grow up knowing that they had rights and what those rights were, whereas the third worlders have no idea and just stick their hands out expecting them to be filled with free phones, free housing and free food.

As we’ve said before, this isn’t rocket surgery or brain science, and if countries were sending us their best and brightest, we’d be flooded with doctors, lawyers, engineers, college professors, pilots, and others like that. Instead, they send us people incapable of rebuilding their own countries, so they are incapable of helping improve our country!

You can’t be the future if you can’t create additional generations. Why? Because you can’t create something out of nothing. Surgically and chemically altered (aka sterilized) boys who were brainwashed into thinking they are girls, and surgically and chemically altered (aka sterilized) girls who were brainwashed into thinking they are boys, can’t EVER have biological children of their own.

“Women know what’s in their best interests”, by MassCentralMedia, via His advice is both really good, and 100% true.

Then those people who weren’t created because of that and therefore who don’t exist can’t produce offspring either. That all leads to a population decrease, which then leads to the left demanding we import the third world into the West.

That then leads to Western civilization ending, because the last thing the lazy and talentless, the uneducated, the diseased, the criminals and the moneygrabbers that we end up with (who all consume our natural resources after coming here illegally) want to do is assimilate and continue what WE built.

No, what they want is a free ride. To live like kings and queens off of ‘welfare’ programs and the sweat of our labor.

Sound racist? It is, and they are the ones guilty of that. We aren’t invading their countries. The illegal alien (the proper term under U.S. Law) racists are invading our countries.

And we say countries because this is happening in every developed country, not just the USA…almost like it was planned. Or, more correctly, schemed. Even better…colluded!

“Common sense and the law’s interpretation”, by Che_D_Lay_sir, via Elon Musk did actually say this, on Friday April 14, 2023. AND, he was correct, at least until their execution after a fair trial by a jury of people who value kids as future people, not some lab experiment for their ‘Mengeleic’ practices.

The same people calling for a reduction in the global population aren’t alarmed either, because they set the entire risky scheme in motion.

How did we get here? It is a direct result of those that the alt-far-left place on a pedestal.

Josef Rudolf Mengele was born 16 March, 1911, and graduated high school in April of 1930. The next year, he joined a group that later became part of the Nazi party, but didn’t officially join the party himself until 1937.

Before that, he earned a PhD in anthropology in 1935, did genetic research beginning in 1937 under eugenics proponent Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer, and earned his MD in 1938, which is the same year that he joined the SS. He was then called up for service in June of 1940, and a year later was stationed in Ukraine.

‘Punch and Pie’ scene, from the movie ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut’ (1999). — There should always be punch and pie.

In early 1943, Mengele applied for transfer to concentration camp service and ended up at the Auschwitz II Birkenau location in Southern Poland, where he would earn the nickname ‘Angel of Death’ for his experiments on those imprisoned there. He also regularly sent reports and specimens to his mentor von Verschuer.

Mengele fled to Argentina after World War II, dying in 1979, and in 1992, when they released his records, it was revealed he had likely practiced medicine without a license in that country, including performing abortions.

‘Stalag 17 (1953) – Barrack Fuhrers [HD]’, “Bagradian leads the barracks men in impersonating Hitler to the annoyance of Sergeant Schulz.” — Since we couldn’t find the clip we wanted, namely the scene where the Germans give the prisoners their mail and blankets because the Red Cross man is there for inspection, and when showing him the excellent food and stirring the soup, Sergeant Schultz exclaims “There should be a ham-hock!” after not finding one in the pot of alleged bean soup with ham hocks.

Remember that Nazis are national socialists, and that, despite the myth the left perpetuates to this day, all socialists are left wing. Communists are global socialists. So, the two groups only differ in the scope of control they strive for.

So democRATs (and MSM) are the Nazis AND the communists. And ‘antifa'[SIC] should be committing suicide if they really want to stop fascism.

‘quotes from Sanger and Hillary’, by unknown, via According to the ‘Reuters Fact Check Team'[SIC] the Sanger quote “Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated.” is fake, but according the Rasheed Walters (a black man who writes for the Boston Herald) it is true, which means that if Reuters disagrees then they are ‘muh racist’. Reuters does admit that Sanger started ‘The Negro Project’ in 1939 to spread birth control in black communities, mainly in the South. The real weeds are alt-far-left-communist-democRATs (including Reuters). Everyone admits the Hillary quote is real.

Margaret Louise Higgins Sanger was born September 14, 1879. In 1911, she and her first husband moved to New York City and both became active in socialist politics, joining the New York Socialist Party (and no, there was no punch or pie). There also was no ham-hock.

In 1916 Sanger opened the first ‘birth control’ clinic in the USA and worked to popularize that term. She even lectured the Silver Lake, New Jersey, branch of the women’s auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan. democRATs founded the KKK, and many prominent Dems (such as President Harry S. Truman, and Hillary Clinton’s mentor Senator Robert Carlyle Byrd…born Cornelius Calvin Sale Jr.) were members.

‘Abortion’, “DEMOCRATS WILL PROTECT THESE BABIES BY LAW; BUT WILL MURDER THESE BABIES; BY THE TRUCK LOAD”, by faranger, via democRATs love birds and hate black kids. In fact, they only like blacks who grow up to vote communist.

Then, in 1922, she spread her beliefs to China during a trip there, and in both 1924 and 1925, John D. Rockefeller Jr. (the only son of Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller) gave Sanger’s ‘American Birth Control League’ (ABCL) $5,000 (equal to $89,213.16 and $87,174.00, respectively, today).

Also in the 1920’s, she began focusing her attention on blacks, particularly via a ‘clinic’ in the Harlem neighborhood, located in Upper Manhattan, New York City, New York.

“Abortion Drugs Discovered in Bill Gates’ Vaccines, Secret sterilization program discovered in Africa, By Jay Greenberg on 10th June 2017 @ 12:58pm”, by unknown from, found on Article used was from (RIP). The site is still there, but that article is gone, and the last new article was posted on July 29, 2022.

By 1942, the ABCL and a splinter group (the ‘Clinical Research Bureau’ or CRB, later renamed ‘Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau’ or BCCRB) had joined again, and changed their name to Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Sanger continued her evil until 1966, when she died on September 6. It is claimed by the left that she hated Nazis, but her own policies were aligned with theirs in that both wanted to limit births among those they felt were a drain on society (or inferior people), making them kindred spirits. Her legacy is a nearly endless trail of dead babies and barren women.

‘Finding Neverland’, by Jewish Truther via, UL by galvanize, found online. It is NOT a vaccine, it is ‘vaxx’.

Also, women who have abortions are at increased risk of developing breast cancer. The left deny this, yet 53 of 73 studies (or 72.6%) conducted since 1957 have shown this, and the other 20 studies were lying. So you can thank Sanger for that too.

Alt-far-left-democRATs are waging war on kids, and their latest weapons of mass destruction are masks, vaxx and ‘the trans’. And just like that, children (at least Western kids) aren’t the future anymore.

“The age of consent by US state. An important map for many to remember”, by Doublet98, via Notice that the states that are 16 are either democRAT now, or were democRAT controlled up until fairly recently. Not that 16 is their lower limit, because it obviously is NOT, just look at the illegal alien kids they import.

There is nothing gender affirming about so-called “gender-affirming care”. What would actually be gender affirming is to tell a little boy who wants to be a girl or a little girl that wants to be a boy that that is not how things work and that they are as God intended them to be.

““God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth’” (Gen. 1:28a). God could have created everything imaginable and filled the earth himself. But he chose to create humanity to work alongside him to actualize the universe’s potential, to participate in God’s own work.” —

‘democRATs are pedophiles’, by unknown, found online. Everyone sane knows this is true.

If you want to see how truly sick the left are, do a search for ‘meme abortion plan c’. We must step up and protect the kids from leftists. Those kids will thank us too, because otherwise they would not be around to do so!

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Parler is likely gone for good as of April 14, 2023.
Twitter account abandoned May 12, 2023, after Elon Musk hired WEF’er Linda Yaccarino as new CEO.

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That Escalated Quickly, democRATs And Canadian Left Champion Occult ‘Spirit Cooking’ & ‘the trans’ AND Ukraine Nazi



'pot, kettle, black', by unknown, via Times Radio on "‘Defeated Russia’ resorts to ‘information terrorism’, says Ukrainian soldier", from April 13, 2023, this was accusing Russia of doing exactly what 'the trans' was doing for Ukraine. Red words of truth by us.
Spread the reality, RealityShed.Com --

The outright worship of Ukraine by the globalist left is beyond absurd and needs to be treated as the lunacy that it is. They claim that if you don’t sacrifice for Ukraine, and fund Ukraine, and even die for Ukraine, then you are ‘muh pro-Russian’.

democRATs and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only, so basically democRATs) insist that we choose between Ukraine (#4 most corrupt country on Earth) and Russia (#7 most corrupt).

Our standard disclaimer here: we won’t be tricked into accepting that those are the only options. We don’t have to support Ukraine OR Russia! Both countries suck and we have prior commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his evil ways.

‘2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine – Western media before February of 2022 on Ukraine (Ukraine is full of Nazis), Western Media after February of 2022: slava ukraini’, by SteelWolf, via MSM are hypocrites, they hated Ukraine and now love it, just as they loved Donald Trump…right up until he announced on June 16, 2015, that he was running for President as a Republican. The left only like people they can use. The Soviet communists used to refer to those people as “useful idiots”.

We instead choose option #3; America for Americans, and American money for American problems!

We want the United States as it was before the Biden Usurpation by election fraudster and ‘Resident in Thief’ Joe, and all members of the Biden Crime Family and their enablers AND colluders imprisoned while awaiting their executions for their crimes against the people of the USA.

The left have also long FALSELY accused Nazis (national socialists) of being on the Right, but ALL socialists are on the left, with communists being ‘global socialists’. The only difference between the two groups is scope.

No, not the mouthwash brand.

‘actual picture before Photoshop’, by some Ukrainian Nazi, via online. We have seen memes where the left claims the Nazi flag is Photoshopped in. We found proof that in the prior meme the 3rd picture up from the bottom in the 2nd column from the right WAS actually modified in the widely distributed version of that picture, yet they admit that the Nazi salutes (guy in brown shirt on left of middle row, and middle guy of 7 on bottom row) in the same picture are real. As seen here, the original flag was the ‘Donetsk Peoples Republic’ double-headed eagle flag. The guy to the left of brown-shirt is either face-palming, trying to hide his face, or both.

The political spectrum IS a line, but there is NO such thing as the “far right” [SIC] or “alt far right” [SIC], there are only normal people (us) and the staunch-alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-grifter-indoctrinating-gaslighting-Alinskyite-fringe-election-theft-denying-globalist-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers who are the existential threat that America and the West faces today.

Prior to World War II, German communists and German Nazis fought each other for control of that country. There was never a chance for a positive outcome, as if the commies had won they would have aligned with the Russian ‘Soviet Union’ (USSR) in their quest to take over the world. Instead it was Hitler doing the same thing.

‘In Ukraine, the US is dragging us towards war with Russia’, by anon44012888, via Another example of MSM hypocrisy, this article is real and from HERE. The meme description at that site reads, “Today, if you know, you know that the Ukraine has a history of Nazism and despite our wonderful sources of News. They fail to mention that, however, in 2014 they told a different story: [this meme]. There’s more examples, but I’d urge you to search for yourself before cheering for this so called, “Democracy” that they want us to cheer for as the people pulling the strings are very much against this.”.

For the left, politics is a means to an end, and that end is power and control for them over you. They even promote baby murder as freedom for slut women (and reckless men).

Why? They despise the basis of Western civilization, which is the traditional family unit of a husband, wife and children that aren’t dead or medically mutilated.

Western leftists also now push what they refer to as “public-private partnerships” (PPPs).

‘billboard’, made by unknown from, then posted by some communist on while they claimed that democRATs are not both communists and Nazis.

“Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are a mechanism for government to procure and implement public infrastructure and/or services using the resources and expertise of the private sector.” –from ‘About PPPLRC and PPPs’ on, AND…

“Public-private partnerships involve collaboration between a government agency and a private-sector company that can be used to finance, build, and operate projects, such as public transportation networks, parks, and convention centers.” –from ‘Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): Definition, How They Work, and Examples’ on

Sounds great, until you actually understand what they are really calling for. It is another phrase that they falsely accuse the Right of engaging in.

“Smoke Screen”, ‘CALLING PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW “RACIST” AND “NAZIS”; TO COVER FOR REAL NAZIS AND THEIR EVIL SHIT💩’, by Zalix512, via Alinskyites always accuse us of their own crimes.

“There is actually another, more accurate term for public-private partnerships. It’s called fascism; plain and simple. Private business may act as an administrator but the state still pulls the reigns. From a political perspective, public-private partnerships are quite ingenious. Politicians remain in control while convincing voters they believe in the efficiency of a robust private sector. And when issues arise over the performance of a service, whatever private firm granted the monopolistic privilege of delivery can be treated like a scapegoat despite having to operate within government established guidelines. The state escapes criticism as the public ignorantly clamors for more protection from those evil hearted businessmen. To the ruling establishment, public-private partnerships are “heads I win, tails you lose.”” –from ‘Public-Private Partnership: A New Kind of Fascism?’ on

So, with all of that in mind (because we know you are capable of thinking in broad strokes), over the last few days the left felt comfortable enough to do some really objectionable things. Three of them actually.

“Funny How It’s Almost a Crime to be a Nazi in the US, But Not in Ukraine.”, by RogueNation, via Nothing new here, as the left always try to hide what they are. The left also claim that muslims have it better in Ukraine since Russia left, but Nazis have a LONG history of working with muslims so that isn’t a surprise.

Up in Canuckia, Justin Pierre James Trudeau [Castro], the Prime Minister of Canada (since 2015, after taking control of the Liberal Party of Canada in 2013), held an event for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky before the Canadian Parliament.

During that, Anthony Rota (the Speaker of the House of Commons) led a standing ovation for Yaroslav Hunka, who was described as a “veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians and continues to support the troops today even at his age of 98”.

‘no longer wanting to punch Nazis’, by unknown, via He is SO proud of that tattoo that he got it on his back so that only his boyfriends could see it…

Again, sounds okay, but in actuality Hunka was in the ‘First Ukrainian Division’, which was also known as the ’14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS’, (the SS, or ‘Schutzstaffel’, being the paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party). Then his sociopathic Nazi ass immigrated to Canada.

Then later, according to published reports, Zelensky asked Marina Abramović (born in Serbia when it was part of the former Yugoslavia, but who now resides in New York), to become an “ambassador of [or for; reports vary] Ukraine”.

‘Just Be Assured That if You Support Ukraine Then You Are Supporting Nazis Too. Enjoy Your Endless Hypocrisy, SJW Scum!’, by ASaneZoomer, via Brainwash, gaslight, influence, propagandize, indoctrinate…whatever you prefer to refer to it as, the MSM is working overtime doing it for their democRAT tag-team partners.

Marina is famous for her connection to Bill and Hillary Clinton via their longtime stooge, Tony Podesta. Her specialty is the satanic activity known as ‘spirit cooking’, at least one ‘recipe’ of which calls for the mixing of sperm and breast milk, while others involve blood. SMH…and yuck!

As for Zelensky, people claim that since he is Jewish he can’t be a Nazi, but they also deny that George Soros (who is also allegedly Jewish) was/is a Nazi, despite him being a proven Nazi from when he was a Nazi working with World War II German Nazis doing Nazi stuff!

‘Meet the Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion’, by RogueNation, via Azov Battalion ARE actually real genuine 100% Nazis, and now a lot of those kids have been dispersed to other countries as so-called ‘refugees'[SIC], when they are actually ‘Evelyn Salt’-style sleeper agents…just like the Vindman twins, who helped democRATs impeach President Trump.

That is the same Zelensky who is currently preventing Christians from worshiping and who also extended martial law in Ukraine (preventing the scheduled Presidential election there from happening) in an attempt to remain in power…because Western money won’t launder itself.

We will see if Biden tries to follow suit election-wise, as even leftist-urinalist polls show Trump trouncing not only the 2024 RINO Primary field, but also Joe himself in the General election.

‘THOSE WHO FORGET HISTORY; ARE DESTINED TO REPEAT IT’, by anonymous, via Great comment there replying to criticism of the meme said “First off, this is exactly what media mind control does, it has clouded your mind. NSDAP; National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or Nazi Party. They were in favor of gun control, they knew (just like Democrats) that it would be impossible to take away all of the guns, so they made it more difficult by stricter gun laws, and control of ammunition. Guns are worthless without bullets. Censorship is just that. Anyone who tries to speak up against Democrats or the nazi party was censored. They controlled media outlets. MSM is left leaning propaganda just like back then. Very seldom can you even find a neutral media source. Even google is left wing. It doesnt say abortion is mandatory. Its implying they’re pro abortion. Omar and Tlaib both have anti-semitism views and cal rep harris and pelosi defended them. And any Democrat or liberal is going to blindly follow democratic government officials thus “worshipping the government”. So how is this false?” They meant Senator Harris, but otherwise well said!

Meanwhile, at home in the good ole USA, two elected officials from Nevada, Dina Titus of the U.S. House of Representative, and Catherine Cortez Masto of the U.S. Senate, both gave ‘certificates of recognition’ to a DNA-denying freak who threatens people.

That would be John-Michael Cirillo (46; born in 1977, somewhere in northern Florida, although HE has also claimed to be from New York with family living in the Bronx). HE is currently cosplaying as ‘Sarah Ashton-Cirillo’ [SIC], who is ‘the trans’ and spokesMAN for the Ukrainian military, which again are actual Nazis.

‘Democrats are Nazis apparently’, by u/SocraticTiger on r/ForwardsFromKlandma, via The left consider ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’ blueprints, not warnings. THEY are what Eric Arthur Blair (AKA George Orwell) was predicting would happen!

One more time, just so we are clear…frak Russia too. There is no saint here, and the USA shouldn’t be involved. We have our own border to worry about, as we have been in a constant case of invasion since Biden stole office on January 20, 2021, at noon.

Ukraine helped democRATs impeach President Donald Trump, and helped them launder billions in ‘the covid’ money that vanished mysteriously, AND also assisted in the 2020 election theft (White House, Senate and House).

‘Dems have a Nazi attitude.’, by @AmericanHoodE (AmericanSanityMagazine), via During the 2020 election the so-called ‘Bernie Bros.’ were openly calling for Conservatives to be rounded up and put into re-education camps. Other leftists never denounced that.

The only real surprise after the alt-far-left were emboldened by their successful election theft of 2020 and (to a lesser extent) 2022, is how far they are willing to push us towards their ‘ultimate solution’ (communism) and the extent to which many good Americans are willing to completely ignore that happening.

They act almost as if it doesn’t and can’t ever affect their lives. Boy will they be in for a shock when the cattle-cars begin running. Jewish people in October 1938 Germany sure were!

None of this behavior from the left is normal, no matter how much MSM urinalists claim otherwise. One thing is for certain, we did ‘not see’ any of this coming.

UPDATE, 09/26/2023 7:04pm…Anthony Rota threw himself under the bus and resigned as Canadian House Speaker to protect Fidel’s illegitimate son, Justin Trudeau.

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Parler is likely gone for good as of April 14, 2023.
Twitter account abandoned May 12, 2023, after Elon Musk hired WEF’er Linda Yaccarino as new CEO.

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Communists Of Reddit, Leftist Redditors Rage As Elon ‘Mr Twitter’ Musk Won’t Aid Nazi Ukraine Vs Monocratic Russia



"COMMUNISM ACCORDING TO COLLEGE STUDENTS: COMMUNISM ACCORDING TO HISTORY:", by managing_brazil_v16, via They make it sound so pleasant.
Spread the reality, RealityShed.Com --

As you may have already guessed from the headline, we will NOT be participating in the re-branding of Twitter into ‘X’ (which is what Elon’s payment system that merged with ‘Confinity’ into ‘PayPal’ was originally called…).

We also will never support Ukraine OR Russia, as they are the #4 and #7 most corrupt countries on Earth, and deciding between them is one of the typical false choices the globalist left present to us.

As we have said before, and contrary to decades of lies, the only difference between a Nazi (aka a National Socialist) and a Communist (aka a Global Socialist) is the scope of their totalitarianism (local or long distance). Both of those groups are on the left, as there are NO socialists on the Right!

And those are both different from a ‘nationalist’ who simply loves their own country above all others, with race not factoring into that AT ALL! And frak you white/brown/black/yellow/red communists for claiming that it does.

The best outcome for Planet Earth is a large hole where Ukraine AND Russia used to be, preferably while communist China’s Xi and Iran’s Ali Hosseini Khamenei are visiting Moscow at the same time that democRATs, RINOs and ‘European Union’ (EU) [SIC] globalists are visiting Kiev.

‘communism’, “DON’T BE FOOLED”, by DanielDonohue, via It is a veritable paradise, right up until the bullets strike you.

While we don’t endorse everything that Elon Musk says or does, Musk has improved things on TWITTER since buying it from secret muslim [see behavior pattern and beard] @Jack(ass) Dorsey and the other prior totalitarian owners.

TWITTER was a complete leftist hellhole under @Jack(ass) though, so that wasn’t hard to change, since all you really had to do was simply not be Dorsey.

Musk also doesn’t deserve grief for trying to save his daughter from ‘the trans’, which upsets the left greatly: “Elon Musk explains how ‘woke virus’ infecting his trans daughter led to Twitter purchase” on ‘r/NewsOfTheStupid’. But that doesn’t stop the left from dishing it out.

Sure, alt-far-leftists still spread their hate on TWITTER, just as they do everywhere they go. And one place they seem to virtually totally control is a special slice of communism known as ‘reddit’.

‘Party Pooper Lenin’, “THE GOAL OF SOCIALISM IS COMMUNISM. CAN’T YOU KEEP A SECRET LENIN! THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SURPRISE FOR THE AMERICANS.”, by Dr.Strangmeme, via The left are always one off what they admit to being. They speak glowingly of socialism now, so… Lenin looks like facepalm Picard (probably intentionally).

There is basically no such thing as free speech on that platform, unless you are anti-MAGA, anti-Trump, anti-White, anti-science (as in real science), anti-woman (as in real woman) and/or anti-American (as in them, NOT us).

You basically need to be at least one of those things (and preferably all) to post freely there, otherwise comments get taken down and people get banned from a ‘sub-reddit’ (or 3 and counting…and we didn’t even curse).

All roads today lead to Ukraine, and Western ‘democRATic'[SIC] leftists act as though only Ukraine has children and women dying. Meanwhile, they launder money, develop biological weapons (aka covid) and throw adult male Ukrainian lives at Russia, all in an attempt to wipe it (and the USA) off of the map.

Russia isn’t faultless, and Putin is known to have people he views as a threat (variably) clipped, smoked, whacked or snuffed. So many people there vanish as a garbage truck goes by them that it feels like the ending of Sergio Leone’s ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ (1984) being played on a loop.

And don’t even get us started on the plethora of folks who seem to find their way out of windows in tall buildings there.

“Once Upon a Time in America (1984) by Sergio Leone – What happened to Max? The garbage truck scene..”. In context, this scene is very haunting.

So, the other day, the alt-far-left, including Reddit, decided to sky-scream in unison about Elon Musk, and particularly about his decision A YEAR AGO (per a new book) to not enable the EU/Washington Deep State/Ukraine war-machine.

For those unfamiliar with reddit, congratulations! One of us originally joined a few years ago and lasted a hot minute before deleting the account. Another joined recently, which led to this article.

Here are a few of those sky-screams, some with commentary at the end (‘r/’ beginning is the name of a sub-reddit, and ‘u/’ beginning indicates a reddit user name):

“Elon Musk ‘committed evil’ with Starlink order, says Ukrainian official – Ukrainian presidential adviser says deaths of civilians ‘the price of a cocktail of ignorance and big ego’” on ‘r/worldnews2’.

“Ukraine rips Elon Musk for disrupting sneak attack on Russian fleet with Starlink cutoff” on ‘r/worldnews’.

“Anti-Communist meme: All roads of Socialism, Marxism, and Communism lead to gulags, concentration camps, and killing fields.”, by JonHammond7, via And then the final destination for leftists…hell.

“Elon Musk cut the internet to Ukraine’s military as it was attacking Russian fleet! Elon Musk has committed literal Treason per the constitution against the USA and it’s ally Ukraine. Elon Musk the souls of those you betrayed shall haunt. You WILL be humbled to core. For USA & Slava Ukrai. 🇺🇸 🇺🇦” on ‘r/EnoughMuskSpam’.

“Elon Musk admits preventing Ukrainian attack on Russia by refusing access to Starlink ‘to avoid being complicit in a major act of war’ – but furious Kyiv says his ‘big ego’ led to civilians being killed” on ‘r/BreakingNews24hr’.

“CNN: Elon Musk secretly shut down Starlink access off the coast of Crimea last year to thwart Ukraine’s underwater USV attack on the Russian Navy. The USVs, filled with explosives, had already approached the Russian fleet, but suddenly “lost contact and harmlessly washed ashore.”” on ‘r/DemocraticDiscussions’ AND on ‘r/UkrainianConflict’.

“Musk, Starlink and hypocrisy: Elon’s “Benedict Arnold” moment shows US can’t have it both ways” on ‘r/usa’.

“[#452|+756|269] Elon Musk Secretly Manipulated Starlink to Hamstring Ukrainian Attack Against Russia [r/wallstreetbets]” on ‘r/longtail’.

‘That would show the true meaning of the hammer & sickle!’, “The true symbol of socialism should be a worker with a hammer hanging over his head and a sickle around his neck.”, by Hank_Rearden, via We all know what the sickle will do next.

“Elon Musk allowed the destruction of Ukrainian citizens, electrical infrastructure and homes.” on ‘r/UkraineConflict’. Actually, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who canceled elections and banned religious services, is responsible for that as well.

“Привет, Привіт, and Hello! Earlier today, I’ve got word of some newly-revealed treachery: last year, Elon Musk “secretly ordered his engineers” to turn off the Starlink communications system to prevent Ukraine from attacking the Russian fleet in Crimea. I think you’ll agree that this is a disgrace.” on ‘r/Krym_Russia’. That is, in Cyrillic, ‘hello’ in Russian, Ukrainian and…duh…English (in English), at the beginning.

Some were even calling for Elon to be punished for his decision:

“What, if any, consequences should Elon Musk and his companies face for interfering with the Ukrainian Army’s plans with his Starlink network?” on ‘r/AskReddit’.

‘The mother land’, by Ferox55, via The left think this is just one big game…

“Something needs to be done with Elon Musk. Where are the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Congress and Supreme Court? He is acting on behalf of the People’s Republic of China and Russian Federation.” on ‘r/ADVChina’.

“CNN’s Tapper Demands Elon Musk Face ‘Repercussions’ For Denying Starlink to Ukraine For Attack Operation” on ‘r/FightingFakeNews’.

“Should the Logan Act be enacted against Elon Musk?” on ‘r/law’, AND ” Lock Elon Musk up for violating the Logan Act” on ‘r/WhitePeopleTwitter’.

From Michael Scott’s favorite source of information…”The Logan Act is a United States federal law that criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized American citizens with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. The intent behind the Act is to prevent unauthorized negotiations from undermining the government’s position.” –

So, actually, The Logan Act (TLA) should be enacted against BIDEN since Joe wasn’t actually elected and in fact stole office (no, he wasn’t, and yes, he did…with help).

“COMMUNISM YOU CAN SEE IT FROM SPAGE” […space…], by idolized_swing, via …but it isn’t a game, and they hurt actual people!

“The U.S. Government Can’t Allow Elon Musk the Power to Intervene in Wars | The billionaire’s interference in Ukrainian military operations shows he’s a national security risk. No private citizen should have that much power.” on r/TheMajorityReport.

“What the Hell is Wrong with Elon Musk?” on ‘r/PoliticalMemes’ where one user even said “This man, is it [SIC] national security threat and needs to be dealt with”, indicating violence.

Whose national security is at risk? Certainly not that of the United States. No, that is ‘being taken care of’ (as in being ignored by) democRATs and RINOs. We have no borders…now.

The left wasn’t done, however, and the lunatic fringe over on ‘r/conservativeterrorism’ bleated “Elon Musk is a National Security Threat. | He has now disrupted a Ukrainian attack on Russian fleet.”

Elon’s own father is now very concerned that his son will now be assassinated over this.

Musk did not interfere with Ukraine’s military communications, he simply didn’t help them commit war.

He created and owns Starlink, and it is his to do with what he wants (as long as he isn’t a ‘Bond villain’ with it).

‘Welcome to Elon Musk’s Twitter’, by SocraticTiger, from r/ForwardsFromKlandma on They are actually claiming there that this meme is not true, but it is 100% true!

Then the circle jerks of leftist losers brought out the big guns…ad-hominem attacks:

“Elon Musk is openly racist, transphobic and antisemitic – NASA and the DoD needs to stop doing ANY business with him” on ‘r/WhitePeopleTwitter’. That subreddit is total communist scum, and their name itself is racist (since they despise white people).

“Elon Musk blaming Jews for Antisemitism because Jews are “Woke”. FFS.” on ‘r/WhitePeopleTwitter’. Elon is correct. They invented it and use it to attack those that they despise. They claim there is a rise in ‘antisemitism’, but what is really going on is that folks simply don’t want to live in a totalitarian anti-science world, which is what the combined left (including leftist Jewish people) are pushing for (see ‘the trans’, magical cloth and ‘vaxx’ being called vaccines as just some of the proof).

Even the Liber(al)tarians are getting into the act, with “Ukraine rips Elon Musk for disrupting sneak attack on Russian fleet with Starlink cutoff. Example of why centralized private power is always the biggest threat to mankind.” on ‘r/LibertarianUncensored’. Pick a side already! Standing in the middle of the road just gets you run over.

‘yeet’, by unknown via, found online. Yeet = “to throw something with a lot of force” via We learned something new, and maybe you did too. That is a twofer.

There are also those that think the world revolves around them, and that you are there to fulfill their every need (a bit like a slave):

“And then Elon Musk said there’ll be no more war – not via his satellite. Aren’t we lucky to have the world in his hands? | Marina Hyde” on ‘r/UkrainianConflict’. Build your own satellite system, smeghead. And why are you so pro-war?! Is it because Russians are white? Of course it is!

“Whatever the fuss over Elon Musk, Starlink is utterly essential in Ukraine” on ‘r/anime_titties’.

The left insist that Starlink is a “lifeline” for Ukraine. Tough titties. We like free stuff too, but that doesn’t mean you are entitled to it. Especially when you are using it to blow up ships and kill people.

Also, please note that NOBODY is calling for Musk to allow the use of Starlink to defend against the southern U.S. border invasion.

‘girl holding paper’, “being a communist heathen; praise Satan”, by AmySwank1, via The left certainly doesn’t worship the Christian / Jewish God.

Some headlines actually claimed that Musk “secretly used Starlink to foil an attack on Russia”, or “sabotaged the Ukraine attack on Russia”, or “withheld satellite service to thwart Ukraine attack on Russia” are inaccurate.

Globalists are simply upset Musk didn’t AID the attack, which is what they expected him to do (just as they have done). It is important to point out that there is also NO evidence that Elon has aided any Russian attacks on Ukraine. So there!

But Elon did have a valid fear that Russia would respond by escalating, including nuclear weapons: “Musk told SpaceX engineers to cut off Ukrainian submarine drones’ access to Starlink satellites as the Ukrainians prepared a sneak attack on Crimea last year, per new Musk biography by Walter Isaacson. Musk feared a Russian retaliation via nukes.” on ‘r/LessCredibleDefence’.

“Musk, Starlink and hypocrisy: Elon’s “Benedict Arnold” moment shows US can’t have it both ways” on ‘r/AntiTrumpAlliance’.

‘if you ask…’, by unknown, via It goes without saying.

Yet while persisting with claims that he was “protecting and defending” Russia, there were some voices of common sense as well though, which will likely be stomped out now, including:

“Elon Musk clarifies that the Starlink ToS clearly state the service can only be used for defensive purposes – explains why the request to enable offensive use was rejected” on ‘r/WhenIsConflictJust’.

“The Left is now calling Elon Musk “pro-Russian” for not wanting to use Starlink as a weapon of war.” on ‘r/ThingsSushiSees’.

“How is Elon Musk a “traitor” or “security threat” over the Starlink thing when America isn’t at war with Russia and he isn’t Ukranian?” on ‘r/NoStupidQuestions’. In fact, he is (south)African-American.

‘u/axidava’ on ‘r/axidava’ rightly points out that “Elon Musk can do whatever he wants with Starlink. It’s his damn company.” And we will add that any leftist disagreeing is promoting actual fascism, because that is what it would be if the government dictated what he could do.

‘Be Free, not a Commie’, “HEY MILLENNIALS -; IT’S EASY TO BE A COMMUNIST IN A FREE COUNTRY; BUT TRY BEING FREE IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY”, by equestrian, via They won’t attempt that because they are gutless punks.

If Ukraine (or any other country) wants to use drones (air, or, as in this case, underwater) to attack another country, then they just need to develop satellites and connectivity to accomplish that. Simple!

Musk is now also threatening to sue the Defamation League (or DL, formerly known as the Anti-Defamation League, or ADL), which is a group of demons who go around denying the free speech of others while accusing them of ADL’s own various crimes…so basically they are democRATs.

The DL and their tag-team partners the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center [SIC]) can join that Ukraine/Russia hole too.

According to Musk, the DL has contacted many TWITTER advertisers and lied to them about him and his companies, including accusations of being “antisemitic”[SIC], which ended up costing TWITTER business. Elon says he intends to sue them for $22 BILLION in lost value.

“Sgt Hulka in Stripes take a swing” — (1981) The ‘gutless punk’ scene is right before John Winger (Bill Murray) attempts to go AWOL.

But that number only includes damage done to…you know it is coming…TWITTER, and leaves off collateral damage done to Musk’s other business interests (SpaceTWITTER aka SpaceX, DrillingTWITTER aka The Boring Company, DrivingTWITTER aka Tesla, and at least 5 more per list…the dude owns a lot of stuff).

Remembering that in the USA you can sue someone for any amount at any time for any reason, although that doesn’t mean you are right or will win, we strongly encourage the guy with the extremely deep pockets to pull the same lawfare crap on the left that they are doing to us.

Lastly, Elon just announced that he would be rebranding the practice he had been falsely accused of as ‘antisemitiX’, so be on the look out for that.

You can find us on social media here:

Parler is likely gone for good as of April 14, 2023.
Twitter account abandoned May 12, 2023, after Elon Musk hired WEF’er Linda Yaccarino as new CEO.

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Impending Patriot Purge, False Charges And Soviet-Style Show Trials Of Trump To Precede 2024 Leftist Election Theft



Soviet-style show trials, by us, using 'Left Exit 12 Off Ramp' meme template (found online). If the left succeeds in framing President Trump for their crimes, then their next targets are any Americans who resist their communism.
Spread the reality, RealityShed.Com --

Everything old is new again. President Donald John Trump, aka ’45’, aka the leading cause of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), who, despite his flaws (one of which was putting Mike Pence in charge of ‘the covid’ task force) is the only person capable of taking on the alt-far-left and the Biden Crime Family, which is why they are keen to prevent him from running for POTUS again.

Note that there is no such thing as Clinton/Obama/Biden derangement syndrome (CDS, ODS or BDS). Why not? We on the Right focus on the overall cause of communism rather than on any one person pushing that abhorrent agenda.

Elements of the combined alt-far-left, in this case democRATs and their MSM urinalist colluders, are now outlawing disagreeing with them AND using that as an excuse to remove our CURRENT (not forever) most powerful chess piece from the board.

But that move is just the beginning, and their endgame is the elimination of MAGA (Make America Great Again), aka those who understand and value freedom.

This was intended to be a part of the last article (on indictments), and then when that grew it was meant to be released later that day, then the next day, then life got in the way. So here it is now, the part 2 that nobody expected or asked for, but were destined to get nonetheless.

“You’re guilty of… something. Which I won’t tolerate… whatever it was”, made with by unknown, via GIF of Mark Sheppard as ‘Fergus Roderick MacLeod’ AKA Crowley, the ‘King of the Crossroads’ and (in Lucifer’s absence) the ‘King of Hell’, from ‘Supernatural’ (2005-2020), specifically Season 10, Episode 3, ‘Soul Survivor’ (2014).

Certainly, we have already witnessed some private citizens being falsely charged with either crimes they didn’t actually commit, or with actions that leftists always get away with (which would seem to indicate they aren’t actually crimes).

Example, far more damage was done to the United States during the 2020 RIOTS and the TWO Capitol takeovers by leftists in 2018 and 2020 than during the January 6, 2021 PROTEST of the obviously stolen 2020 election (yes, it was).

“Leftists claim that ‘J6’ was an “insurrection”, but it was NOT. It was a FEDsurrection. Actual insurrections include: October 6, 2018 (over Kavanaugh), all 2020 riots, October 12, 2020 (over Coney Barrett), November 3, 2020 (stolen entire U.S. election), January 5, 2021 (stolen GA special election), 2022 attack on SCOTUS over Roe/Dobbs ruling leak, again after the ruling was official, and the stolen 2023 elections.” –us, in a prior article.

To clarify, they didn’t steal every seat in 2020, but they strategically stole select places to grab control of what they needed to make sure the POTUS election theft stuck.

There have even been videos put together of all of the times (150+) that democRATs have denied losing elections they failed to steal. None of them has ever been charged though…

‘Crimes of Stalin’, by Путин Ис Ан Асхол @tritejoy, via For those who don’t read pretend Cyrillic (okay, it is actual Cyrillic but it is being used to spell out words in English NOT Russian), it says “Putin is an asshole”, but then again, so is Zelensky…fuck #7 most corrupt country on Earth Russia AND fuck #4 most corrupt country on Earth Ukraine, we are rooting for one big hole in the ground where they both used to be, and another one where ‘Deep State’ Washington D.C. was).

However, George Soros operatives such as Fulton Country (Georgia) District Attorney Fani Willis, and Manhattan (New York) District Attorney Alvin Bragg, along with Federal ‘Special persecutor’ Jack(ass) Smith (2x) have taken election interference to a new low.

They have brought charges against him for the very crimes Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and other democRATs have committed, while Trump simply questioned what was being done to him.

Then sub-human Tanya Chutkan, an alleged ‘U.S. District Court Judge’, revealed her inner RINO by setting a trial date for Monday, March 4, 2023, which is an obvious and blatant election interference attempt.

Why? It just happens to be the day before ‘Super Tuesday’, when Republicans hold their Primary in 14 states (Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia).

In addition, Utah and American Samoa will each hold a Caucus that day as well.

‘Stalin Victims’, by unknown, from ‘The Socialist Appeal’ of December 18, 1937, via “After Lenin died in 1924, Trotsky and Stalin had a power struggle, which Trotsky obviously lost, then Leon was exiled in 1929. Fearing he would lose power, in 1936, Stalin authorized what is now known as ‘the great purge’. By 1938, everyone else in this picture was dead, along with up-to 1.2 MILLION other people, mostly in mass executions…so we have those to look forward to again.”

To be clear, we do NOT(!!!) advocate for threats (including doxxing) or directly threaten anyone! We support alt-far-leftists being properly charged by non-communist legal authorities, then tried before a jury of MAGA (which is far more fair than the DC, NY and Atlanta commies set to judge President Trump), then imprisoned briefly (and safely) while awaiting their speedy execution for treason against the United States of America, including their election theft.

So people publishing the address or other personal information of those actually committing crimes is very wrong. What isn’t wrong? Gathering that information and keeping it available. They know where you are at all times, so fair is fair. We suggest using a VPN, TOR browser and a virtual machine (VM), then deleting the VM.

Wait, they don’t know where I am at all times!

Really? Look at your ‘cellular phone’, aka CELL phone. As in a prison cell.

If 20 years ago Americans had been told that not only would they willingly carry a tracking device that monitors all of their phone calls but also their written communication AND that they would pay for the privilege, they would have told you that you were crazy. Welcome to 2023.

So with the old ways coming back, let’s revisit a situation from about one hundred years ago, this time not involving Mercury ingestion.

“TLDR: Stalin purged thousands of his own officers and routinely airbrushed people out of photos as part of his effort to rewrite history (yes, dark AF).”, by unknown, via Standing for ‘As Fuck’ and ‘Too Long; Didn’t Read’, we had thought that one was an acronym, but actually it is an ‘initialism’, which “is an abbreviation where you pronounce the individual letters” (per, such as CIA or FBI or DVD, whereas an acronym “is made up of parts of the phrase it stands for and is pronounced as a word” (per, like NATO or ASAP or LOL. We enjoy sharing when we learn new things, such as becoming aware that we apparently write a lot of TLDR articles…

The ‘Russian Revolution’ [SIC] (actually a Russian Civil War) ran over 6 years, from March 8, 1917 to June 16, 1923, and resulted in the deaths of up-to 12 MILLION people (via “war, terror, hunger, and disease” per, including the murder of the imperial family, the Romanovs. But that was just the beginning, as communism had taken hold, and that demon needs to be fed constantly!

Actually, ‘The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression’ (1997 French, and 1999 English) by Stéphane Courtois, Andrzej Paczkowski, Nicolas Werth, Jean-Louis Margolin and others, describes that as a coup. They differentiate Communism (the Marxist–Leninist kind) from general ‘lower case c’ communism, which they state has been around for thousands of years just without that formal name.

By the way, if you are ever looking for a book (from older and out of print, to newer releases), and don’t mind reading a non-physical version, look for an ‘archive’. Perhaps Anna can help you with that. We were even able to find digital versions of physical books we already own, so that we can read them ‘on the go’ without dragging the book along.

Then came the ‘Great Purge’ (1936 to 1938) and 1.2 MILLION more deaths as Joseph Stalin solidified his power over the ‘Communist Party’ and the Soviet Union. Stalin did things that, until then, democRATs could only dream about.

‘We owe an apology…’, by unknown, found online. Before she turned on MAGA and Trump, Ann Coulter proved that those named by Joe were listed in the archives opened when the USSR fell as communists. “In her third book, Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism, also published by Crown Forum, she reexamines the 60-year history of the Cold War – including the career of Senator Joseph McCarthy, the Whittaker Chambers-Alger Hiss affair, and Ronald Reagan’s challenge to Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”—and argues that liberals were wrong in their Cold War political analyses and policy decisions, and that McCarthy was correct about Soviet agents working for the U.S. government. She also argues that the correct identification of Annie Lee Moss, among others, as communists was misreported by the liberal media. Treason was published in 2003, and spent 13 weeks on the Best Seller list.” – They were NEVER “liberal”, they just restrained their inner-communist better back then.

But the death toll run up by the USSR pales in comparison to the communist Chinese total of 65 MILLION as of 1997, which when combined with the 20 MILLION dead Russians, and millions of others in various other communist countries brought the then (pre-2000) total number of deaths to more than 110 MILLION.

But wait, there is more! The alt-far-left pushes abortion as a method of liberating women, but it is actually just baby murder legalized for the irresponsible, and the death toll from that is 73 MILLION…per year, globally.

Add it all up and you have one gigantic never-ending human sacrifice to Ba’al, or Moloch, or whatever name the left currently uses for the demon they worship.

In addition to abortion, the left are also normalizing election theft, false ‘medicine’ such as ‘the vaxx‘, DNA denial (aka ‘the trans‘), and even want acceptance of MAPs (Minor-Attracted Persons) aka “Joe Biden’s” aka pedophiles.

If you don’t think that communism can happen here, you are kidding yourself. Sure, we have the Second Amendment (2A), but leftists are working every day to cripple then remove that RIGHT (to self-defense, and ability to overthrow their tyranny…2A was NEVER about ‘hunting’).

And if you don’t like guns, just remember your decision when leftists are loading you on to a cattle-car, or lining you up against a wall. You sure showed them!

The left doesn’t want to be called what they actually are. There are no ‘democrats’ or progressives or even socialists any longer. What we are dealing with today are communists, and they are (in many ways) beginning their purge of us. Resist!

You can find us on social media here:

Parler is likely gone for good as of April 14, 2023.
Twitter account abandoned May 12, 2023, after Elon Musk hired WEF’er Linda Yaccarino as new CEO.

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