Process Of Elimination, The Four Horsewomen Of The Leftpocalypse Limit Reproduction To Wipe Out The West’s Future



"And just like that; children weren't the future anymore", by us, via imgflip.com (Forest Gump meme template) and picfont.com (for watermark).
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“I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way.
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier.
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be …”
— from ‘Greatest Love of All’, found at genius.com, written by Michael Masser & Linda Creed in 1977, and most famously recorded by Whitney Houston in 1985 on her self-titled debut album.

We chose the term “horsewomen” so as not to be misogynist to the misandrist globalists who have been insisting for over 60 years now that Earth is overpopulated, but as we’ve accurately detailed before, the entire population of Earth (all 8,045,311,447+ and counting of us) can live in Texas with a population density equal to Manhattan.

‘Mental gymnastics.’, by jollyolly123, via 9gag.com. Make up your deluded mind already! It could instead be a diluted mind… Notice that the left never volunteer themselves when discussing population reduction.

While doing that, the left have mainly concentrated their efforts on Western civilization, for the most part ignoring developing and third world countries. There is a reason for that which will be detailed shortly.

And by “children”, our ‘meme Mr. Gump’ actually means kids from Western countries (aka ‘the first world’).

Just to make it into the world today as a child of the West is a miracle, beyond the basic miracle that being born once was. Kids now have to dodge those ‘horsewomen’: female empowerment, birth control, abortion, and the newest addition…DNA denial aka ‘the trans’ aka ‘mental and physical child abuse, including genital mutilation’. It is Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

‘Any Questions?’, by RonJ220, via imgflip.com. Undeniable truth, as the DNA of a baby is only HALF from the mother, making it a unique being she is hosting for 9 months.

The first ‘horsewoman’ is so-called empowerment, which was always built on a lie. There is nothing empowering (for those physically capable) about not reproducing and raising a family. It is very empowering to continue your bloodline and teaching proper values to progeny. It is diabolical to tell women to put off having a family, knowing full well that they have a specific window of time in which that is possible.

Next is birth control, which is part of a chess move. It protects their empowerment piece, while setting up (or clearing the path) of acceptance for the next piece to move.

‘not your body’, by unknown, found at blog.equalrightsinstitute.com [SIC] (which claims to train “pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly and argue persuasively” but really just attacks and belittles those trying to stop baby murder), attached to an article by baby murder proponent Timothy Brahm who asserts that those opposed to abortion don’t understand the situation and that this meme isn’t accurate. What he fails to understand while pushing his own alt-far-left ‘Scientifically Ignorant View’, embarrassingly, is that since a babies DNA is only 50% from the mother it is also 50% from the father, which means it is completely unique and therefore the baby is NOT part of the mother, and that she is instead a host for it. DNA is settled science, and to ignore that fact makes you a science denier. Abortion is like killing a dinner guest because you find them inconvenient, and abortion isn’t performed (this isn’t a musical recital), it is committed (like murder, because it is in fact murder of a life that began at conception and is ending unnaturally on a whim). Rape, incest and life of the mother all account for less than 1% of abortions each, so they total less than 3% together. I really wish that he could go back in time and convince his own mother of his current beliefs. It would have saved us from reading his commie drivel, and typing this.

That third piece is abortion, which is child sacrifice, and usually female and non-white (just ask communist China or black areas of the USA). The so-called elite want the power to decide who can and can’t reproduce, just as the leadership in China has, in order to prevent those they can’t control (or those they consider below them) from having children.

Abortion is in fact ‘Abortioncide’, as you don’t perform an abortion you commit one, just like a murder. Nobody would say they performed a murder. Nope, you commit murder.

‘When you realize Luciferian Globalists start wars as a giant human sacrifice, you become less…hawkish.’, “*2B FAIR I DO CALL IMPERIALISTIC, WARMONGERING NEOCONS OUT 4 THIS, 2”, by acenbeaky, via imgflip.com. Hiding in plain sight.

Then finally, for anyone who survived all of that, the last bullet in the globalist left’s gun is ‘the trans’, which involves abuse at the hands of alleged medical professionals (doctors and others) and also Big Pharma pumping bodies full of what was never intended to be in them. To deny what you were born as is to deny ‘the science’ and yourself.

To be clear, a man / male can never EVER become a woman, nor can a woman / female EVER become a man. At best, the belief otherwise is delusional, and more likely it is simply someone being evil. It is also anti-science, since DNA is settled science!

Which brings us to that ‘reason’. This all culminates in a lower IQ populace, since the next step is that when the population in Western countries drops, the left insist that they must import the third world to fill jobs. And a lower IQ which ‘gubmint skrewls’ with their gaslighting, brainwashing and indoctrination help with, makes folks easier to control.

‘ABORTION – THE ULTIMATE IN CANCEL CULTURE’, “Confession Cat template”, by unknown, vis makeameme.org. Having to deliver such a powerful truth bomb made that kitten sad.

As for non-Western countries, you hear stories about a certain guy who couldn’t even develop an Operating System (OS) that didn’t freeze or crash, sneaking harmful things into his new passion, ‘vaccines’. His name rhymes with ‘Gill Bates’, and he is a master baiter, using bait and switch tactics to increase his net worth.

By the way, Linux is FREE as in freedom, and not the challenge it once was to install and work with. If you have an older computer, all the better, as if you wipe Windoze from the hard drive and install Linux, it will feel like a brand new computer, thus extending the life of the machine you already own (rather than perpetuating the ‘planned obsolescence’ of hardware and software Micro$oft is known for pushing).

‘Constitution’, by Catholic Memes, via facebook.com. The only people who know this is true have actually bothered to read the Constitution.

The far easier solution for the West would be to encourage Western women (as part of a family unit, with a man who is her husband) to have children instead. The problem for the left is that those children would grow up knowing that they had rights and what those rights were, whereas the third worlders have no idea and just stick their hands out expecting them to be filled with free phones, free housing and free food.

As we’ve said before, this isn’t rocket surgery or brain science, and if countries were sending us their best and brightest, we’d be flooded with doctors, lawyers, engineers, college professors, pilots, and others like that. Instead, they send us people incapable of rebuilding their own countries, so they are incapable of helping improve our country!

You can’t be the future if you can’t create additional generations. Why? Because you can’t create something out of nothing. Surgically and chemically altered (aka sterilized) boys who were brainwashed into thinking they are girls, and surgically and chemically altered (aka sterilized) girls who were brainwashed into thinking they are boys, can’t EVER have biological children of their own.

“Women know what’s in their best interests”, by MassCentralMedia, via imgflip.com. His advice is both really good, and 100% true.

Then those people who weren’t created because of that and therefore who don’t exist can’t produce offspring either. That all leads to a population decrease, which then leads to the left demanding we import the third world into the West.

That then leads to Western civilization ending, because the last thing the lazy and talentless, the uneducated, the diseased, the criminals and the moneygrabbers that we end up with (who all consume our natural resources after coming here illegally) want to do is assimilate and continue what WE built.

No, what they want is a free ride. To live like kings and queens off of ‘welfare’ programs and the sweat of our labor.

Sound racist? It is, and they are the ones guilty of that. We aren’t invading their countries. The illegal alien (the proper term under U.S. Law) racists are invading our countries.

And we say countries because this is happening in every developed country, not just the USA…almost like it was planned. Or, more correctly, schemed. Even better…colluded!

“Common sense and the law’s interpretation”, by Che_D_Lay_sir, via memedroid.com. Elon Musk did actually say this, on Friday April 14, 2023. AND, he was correct, at least until their execution after a fair trial by a jury of people who value kids as future people, not some lab experiment for their ‘Mengeleic’ practices.

The same people calling for a reduction in the global population aren’t alarmed either, because they set the entire risky scheme in motion.

How did we get here? It is a direct result of those that the alt-far-left place on a pedestal.

Josef Rudolf Mengele was born 16 March, 1911, and graduated high school in April of 1930. The next year, he joined a group that later became part of the Nazi party, but didn’t officially join the party himself until 1937.

Before that, he earned a PhD in anthropology in 1935, did genetic research beginning in 1937 under eugenics proponent Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer, and earned his MD in 1938, which is the same year that he joined the SS. He was then called up for service in June of 1940, and a year later was stationed in Ukraine.

‘Punch and Pie’ scene, from the movie ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut’ (1999). — There should always be punch and pie.

In early 1943, Mengele applied for transfer to concentration camp service and ended up at the Auschwitz II Birkenau location in Southern Poland, where he would earn the nickname ‘Angel of Death’ for his experiments on those imprisoned there. He also regularly sent reports and specimens to his mentor von Verschuer.

Mengele fled to Argentina after World War II, dying in 1979, and in 1992, when they released his records, it was revealed he had likely practiced medicine without a license in that country, including performing abortions.

‘Stalag 17 (1953) – Barrack Fuhrers [HD]’, “Bagradian leads the barracks men in impersonating Hitler to the annoyance of Sergeant Schulz.” — Since we couldn’t find the clip we wanted, namely the scene where the Germans give the prisoners their mail and blankets because the Red Cross man is there for inspection, and when showing him the excellent food and stirring the soup, Sergeant Schultz exclaims “There should be a ham-hock!” after not finding one in the pot of alleged bean soup with ham hocks.

Remember that Nazis are national socialists, and that, despite the myth the left perpetuates to this day, all socialists are left wing. Communists are global socialists. So, the two groups only differ in the scope of control they strive for.

So democRATs (and MSM) are the Nazis AND the communists. And ‘antifa'[SIC] should be committing suicide if they really want to stop fascism.

‘quotes from Sanger and Hillary’, by unknown, via ifunny.co. According to the ‘Reuters Fact Check Team'[SIC] the Sanger quote “Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated.” is fake, but according the Rasheed Walters (a black man who writes for the Boston Herald) it is true, which means that if Reuters disagrees then they are ‘muh racist’. Reuters does admit that Sanger started ‘The Negro Project’ in 1939 to spread birth control in black communities, mainly in the South. The real weeds are alt-far-left-communist-democRATs (including Reuters). Everyone admits the Hillary quote is real.

Margaret Louise Higgins Sanger was born September 14, 1879. In 1911, she and her first husband moved to New York City and both became active in socialist politics, joining the New York Socialist Party (and no, there was no punch or pie). There also was no ham-hock.

In 1916 Sanger opened the first ‘birth control’ clinic in the USA and worked to popularize that term. She even lectured the Silver Lake, New Jersey, branch of the women’s auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan. democRATs founded the KKK, and many prominent Dems (such as President Harry S. Truman, and Hillary Clinton’s mentor Senator Robert Carlyle Byrd…born Cornelius Calvin Sale Jr.) were members.

‘Abortion’, “DEMOCRATS WILL PROTECT THESE BABIES BY LAW; BUT WILL MURDER THESE BABIES; BY THE TRUCK LOAD”, by faranger, via imgflip.com. democRATs love birds and hate black kids. In fact, they only like blacks who grow up to vote communist.

Then, in 1922, she spread her beliefs to China during a trip there, and in both 1924 and 1925, John D. Rockefeller Jr. (the only son of Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller) gave Sanger’s ‘American Birth Control League’ (ABCL) $5,000 (equal to $89,213.16 and $87,174.00, respectively, today).

Also in the 1920’s, she began focusing her attention on blacks, particularly via a ‘clinic’ in the Harlem neighborhood, located in Upper Manhattan, New York City, New York.

“Abortion Drugs Discovered in Bill Gates’ Vaccines, Secret sterilization program discovered in Africa, By Jay Greenberg on 10th June 2017 @ 12:58pm”, by unknown from hotcore.info, found on ifunny.co. Article used was from NeonNettle.com (RIP). The site is still there, but that article is gone, and the last new article was posted on July 29, 2022.

By 1942, the ABCL and a splinter group (the ‘Clinical Research Bureau’ or CRB, later renamed ‘Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau’ or BCCRB) had joined again, and changed their name to Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Sanger continued her evil until 1966, when she died on September 6. It is claimed by the left that she hated Nazis, but her own policies were aligned with theirs in that both wanted to limit births among those they felt were a drain on society (or inferior people), making them kindred spirits. Her legacy is a nearly endless trail of dead babies and barren women.

‘Finding Neverland’, by Jewish Truther via imgflip.com, UL by galvanize, found online. It is NOT a vaccine, it is ‘vaxx’.

Also, women who have abortions are at increased risk of developing breast cancer. The left deny this, yet 53 of 73 studies (or 72.6%) conducted since 1957 have shown this, and the other 20 studies were lying. So you can thank Sanger for that too.

Alt-far-left-democRATs are waging war on kids, and their latest weapons of mass destruction are masks, vaxx and ‘the trans’. And just like that, children (at least Western kids) aren’t the future anymore.

“The age of consent by US state. An important map for many to remember”, by Doublet98, via reddit.com. Notice that the states that are 16 are either democRAT now, or were democRAT controlled up until fairly recently. Not that 16 is their lower limit, because it obviously is NOT, just look at the illegal alien kids they import.

There is nothing gender affirming about so-called “gender-affirming care”. What would actually be gender affirming is to tell a little boy who wants to be a girl or a little girl that wants to be a boy that that is not how things work and that they are as God intended them to be.

““God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth’” (Gen. 1:28a). God could have created everything imaginable and filled the earth himself. But he chose to create humanity to work alongside him to actualize the universe’s potential, to participate in God’s own work.” — theologyofwork.org

‘democRATs are pedophiles’, by unknown, found online. Everyone sane knows this is true.

If you want to see how truly sick the left are, do a search for ‘meme abortion plan c’. We must step up and protect the kids from leftists. Those kids will thank us too, because otherwise they would not be around to do so!

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