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Mental Illness As Religion, Globalist Left Choose ‘trans’ As Reason For Ultimate Culture War ‘Har Məgīddō’ Battle



"Two Body Dysmorphias, one harmful treatment", by Hagia, via This is NOT medicine and these are NOT doctors.
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We get it, the combined alt-far-left (democRATs, MSM and RINOs; Republicans IN NAME ONLY) are heterophobes. They HATE heterosexual (AKA normal) people. They are the Borg from Star Trek, AND ‘the Shadows’ from Babylon 5, all rolled into one. They despise America and Americans, wanting to change the former and replace the latter. We used to assist people with mental illness, now they dictate policy to us.

As part of replacing us, they gaslight us into putting off having children, even claiming abortion (AKA baby murder; as 50% of a baby’s DNA is from the father, meaning it is a unique being and NOT “a part of the mother”) as a ‘freedom’ for women.

You can have it all baby, they claim. Have a work career now (so you can pay taxes to the government while driving down wages by increasing the labor force…just as illegal aliens coming here do)_and then have children later.

But the problem is that REAL science shows that older women can’t get pregnant as easily, and that there is an increased risk of complications after 35 years of age. THAT is the ‘man behind the curtain’ that you aren’t supposed to pay any attention to.

“Educate yourself bigot”, by sasukeplox, via John Money started it all.

What the left are doing is pushing a radical agenda invented by pedophile John William Money, who coined the term ‘gender identity’ in 1955 and both mutilated and sexually abused children under the guise of research.

Cleveland Clinic is even pushing the ‘trans’ leftist anti-science ‘birthing people’ nonsense. THAT is how you flush a 100+ year reputation of medical excellence down the toilet by embracing communism.

‘Cleveland Clinic goes woke’, from 11/23/2022, screenshot by us.

We have RINOs like Asa Hutchinson (soon to be former governor of Arkansas, who is rumored to be running for POTUS) ‘advising’ actual Republicans to “tone down” reality-based views HE labels “harsh rhetoric” about “trans”. Fuck you communist. If you don’t have the courage to call out the leftist demons preying on children, you are no better than they are.

We even saw the president of the truly evil ‘American Federation of Teachers’, Randi Weingarten, use the old Saul Alinsky tactic of accusing us of what the left are actually guilty of themselves. Former Trump CIA Director and later Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even labeled her “the most dangerous person in the world”.

Randi’s claim is that Republican opposition to the ‘trans’ movement is “demonic” and “dangerous”. Get that, the communist bitch supporting mutilating and sterilizing CHILDREN is calling us names! She is upset that teachers who are grooming kids are being labeled as groomers. Want it to stop lady? STOP GROOMING KIDS, YOU GROOMER!

“Ripped From the Headlines”, by rabbitroy, via

We don’t even have to resort to making false charges as the left does constantly about us, we just need to have the courage to stand up and speak truth to their usurped power and accuse them of their actual crimes, which are horrendous enough.

Randi worries that “it’s making our jobs harder” for teachers. Good! It shouldn’t be easy to groom children. In fact, you should be living in constant fear while doing so, you sick twisted communist fucks. What is demonic and dangerous is letting you continue unopposed. Also, Randi sounds like a dude’s name.

We saw, but won’t use (because it is pro-grooming), a meme showing a male child with rainbow butterfly wings being cut off by parents with the caption “be your child’s first bully.’ The left now gaslights that encouraging your children to grow up healthy and happy as they were born is ‘bullying’ them. Okay groomer!

“the world is going to poop”, by Root_Beer, via

Then the recent shooting in Colorado Springs, CO, at the ‘Club Q’ alphabet hangout brought out the usual fake news ‘urinalist’ suspects. Ben Collins of PMSNBC (aka MSNBC) accused Republicans of causing it. Narrative. Insta-broken. By. Reality.

Surprise, the SUSPECT, Anderson Lee Aldrich, ‘identifies’ as non-binary {SIC} and uses the incorrect English pronouns “they and them”, and “Mx.” (rather than Mr.), to identify HIMSELF. Reality is a constant problem for Collins and his alt-far-left propaganda machine. And THEY are the bigots, being anti-heterosexual (AKA anti-normality).

Sarah Kate Ellis, the ‘CEO of glaad’ (the homosexual group, not the trash bag company…common mistake if you made it) actually tried to blame Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, saying the motive had to be Republicans “spreading lies and hate about our community”. Nice try!

“Cope” by Retro-Satana, via At least we should be able to discuss the facts openly on now, and Erin Reed @Erinthemom is a heterophobe.

The “dehumanizing” actions they claim come from us are actually taken by the alt-far-left as they seek to change what being a normal human being is. We are all facing a daily left-wing harassment campaign as they gaslight us into accepting abnormal behavior. Just say no!

Then, despite the attack being carried out by one of the left’s own AND WITH A HANDGUN, their go to move was to call for an “assault weapon” {sic} ban. Those don’t even exist.

Automatic (illegal in most cases), semi-automatic (one bullet per trigger pull) and broken are the only types of guns around today. What we need are comprehensive red flag laws against leftism…and an end to election theft.

“Mentally ill person does mentally ill things? How surprising”, by French_Eater_VII, via Uvalde Texas school shooter was ‘trans’ so MSM dropped story.

They will now sweep the CO shooting under the rug just as they did with the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, after it was revealed that it was carried out by a ‘trans’ (Salvador Ramos).

It is a united leftist effort, and the woke joke NHL is joining MLB (HERE and HERE; who openly promote mutilating and sterilizing children) by supporting a ‘trans’ hockey tournament. These are men who can’t compete with other men, so they claim to be women. Men used to stand up for real women. Real men still do, while communist ‘professional’ sports leagues don’t.

‘NHL goes woke’, from 11/23/2022, screenshot by us.

The left also just wiped out the achievement of whatever ACTUAL woman was “the most successful female contestant in Jeopardy! history”, as a man calling himself ‘Amy Schneider’ {sic} has now usurped that spot.

Leftists are erasing women. Their argument is that men make better women than women do. That is what the war on women is all about, and the true reason for ‘trans’ and men pretending to be women by playing in women’s sports.

“Switching teams but you still suck”, by snowman007, via

That includes ‘Brittney Griner’, who is a man…despite alt-far-left ‘’ and ‘’ being in denial. HE couldn’t cut it playing basketball with men, so HE ‘switched teams’ to the WNBA…but still dates REAL women.

Actress Ellen Page is still a woman, just one without breasts because she had them surgically removed. No matter what other surgery SHE has done, that won’t change HER into a HIM.

“Fat”, by ATech, via

Ditto ‘United States assistant secretary for health’ Richard Levine, who can insist on calling HIMSELF ‘Rachael’ but he will always be a man. That goes for Bruce Jenner too.

The left’s delusions will NEVER be our reality. Resistance to their leftism is NOT futile. No civilization has ever tolerated such behavior, and Western civilization in 2022 can’t become the first to do so.

“The cure to the ultimate mental illness”, by CrayonEaters66, via

Pedophiles, groomers and others pushing ‘trans’ should be in court facing charges for their crimes against humanity, then convicted by a jury, then we can let ‘Vir Cotto’ have them. Earth is OUR safe space. Now, get the hell out of OUR galaxy!

‘Babylon 5 Vir answers Mr Morden’ — just change the word “favors” to “actions”.
‘Vir Cotto Is A Badass’ — Babylon 5, it took almost 3 years but Vir got his wish. Again, change the word “favors” to “actions”.
‘Babylon 5 scene: Sheridan: Get The Hell out of our Galaxy!’ — “both” meaning leftists and their ‘trans’ monsters.

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That Can Only Work For Leftists, Censoring YouTube CEO Resigns ‘Suddenly’ After US House Committee Subpoena Arrives



'YOU DONT HAVE TO PLEAD THE 5TH IF YOUIGNORE THE SUBPOENA', by unknown, via That can only work if we have a corrupt DOJ. So it might work here, as the House can only refer criminal activity to FBI and DOJ.
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There are certain things that are only a problem when Republicans are in power. One example is ‘homeless’. They still exist when democRATs are in power, but they and MSM pretend they aren’t there.

Debt is also a concern when a Republican is POTUS, but when a democRAT is in the White House it magically ceases to exist…as a problem. In real life, it doubles very quickly. Obama did that, taking over 200 years of debt and virtually x2’ing it in just 8 years.

Trump did not. Oh it went up, but democRATs controlled the House for his last two years, and a RINO did his first two years, and ALL spending Bills originate in the House. Except ObamaDONTcare, which makes that ‘law’ illegal.

“When you have been given a subpoena – and didn’t want to testify”, ‘Tony Stark Eye Roll’, by unknown, via The way to avoid getting one is to not be evil, or keep democRATs out of power as they send those to people they are trying to frame for their own crimes.

Conversely, there are certain procedures that apparently only apply to non-leftists. One is a subpoena, particularly if issued by a U.S. House committee. That is a document that leftists usually just ignore.

They have a general habit of running out the clock when they are up against the wall, and moving at lightning speed when they think they have ANY opening.

Leftists also believe, incorrectly, that rules and laws do not apply to them. That includes not just democRATs, but also MSM, Big Pharma, and Big Tech.

‘antifa member burns subpoena’, by alt-far-left-communist-democRAT Ford Fischer @FordFischer on They don’t respect our Constitution, our history, our statues, our free speech, our freedom of association, and our God given right to live and work in buildings that are not on fire, so why would they obey a subpoena! When we don’t want to testify we argue in court as to why we should not have to do so. The left does this.

We have seen people die of ‘suddenly‘ (always the wrong ones too), chickens die of ‘suddenly‘, and now, for the second time, someone resign of ‘suddenly‘. But this time, not for the same reason.

That brings us to one of the most evil bitches that ever bitched an evil, Susan Wojcicki, who decided ‘suddenly’ to resign RIGHT after receiving a subpoena from a U.S. House committee. She is now the former CEO of YouTube, which is actually owned by Google, which now calls itself Alphabet, which makes it ‘the gay’…we guess.

The left now own rainbows and alphabets and, in a way, cigarettes and bundles of sticks (which both used to be known as ‘faggots’).

‘Stop Noticing–Or Else!’, by TheRealEVCG, via The founding fathers knew how to deal with people like those.

Susan was actually one of Google’s first employees, which started in her own garage on September 4, 1998, and that means she is an expert at evil, in addition to being a bitch.

Disclaimer: we respect ALL women…except communists. Fuck them.

No, not like that, the other meaning. The one not involving sex.

Also, what is a woman? If you know, please explain it to the leftist nearest you as they seem to have an issue grasping that concept.

Google’s original motto was “Don’t be evil.” A few years ago they shortened it to just “Be evil.”

‘I got my Luger’, by iiSagez, via Clearly evil search results. We have seen similar on Google before.

Susan, who was previously ‘senior vice president for ad products’ until 2014, is being replaced by ‘Neal’ Mohan, who supports even ‘leftier’ plans for censoring than Susan herself implemented.

‘Neal’ was born in Lucknow, India, to Aditya (father) and Deepa (mother). We can’t find his real first name, but it is motherfucking NOT ‘Neal’. No Indian couple from India names their child ‘Neal’…or ‘Nikki‘. What is it with Indians from India not wanting people to know they are Indian?!

Also, we are a little tired of ANY foreigners who come to the USA and proceed to change us into the same shithole they left. Fuck you communists! If you want to have kids with your brother or miss your ‘caste’ system, or want to speak something other than English, then GO THE FUCK HOME!

‘Zucked’, by BobboJenkins, via Yes it isn’t Google, but they have equally abhorrent ‘commun(IST)ity’ standards.

‘Neal’ joined Google in 2008 when they purchased DoubleClick (where he had been for 6 years), and has been her right-hand-demon as ‘senior advertising and product executive’ after being ‘senior vice president of display and video advertising’ for 8 years, so he spent over 14 years reporting to her.

The CLAIM is that Susan is leaving because advertising revenue dropped for two quarters in a row. The ACTUAL reason she is leaving, ‘suddenly’, is because she hopes to avoid testifying about her actions in a U.S. House committee hearing on camera for the entire world to see.

Susan, 54, says she wants to focus on “family, health, and personal projects” while still serving as an advisor to Alphabet.

‘Destroy the Ministry of Truth’, by Trollmahn, via In this case, Big Tech does leftist government’s dirty work for them.

The bad news for Susan is that her personal censorship decisions, as well as those at Google she did not make, affected many Republicans who are currently elected House members and out for scalps (obvious American Indian reference, but it fits…and hopefully causes her fits).

Resigning from her job will not stop them. She still needs to testify about decisions made in her prior job. Even if she ‘pleads the fifth’ all day long, the American people need to see her refuse to justify her own actions.

In 2021, ‘Neal’ said “Ensuring that our platform is not a place for misinformation to spread, other types of…what we deem to be violative content is my number one priority, the top priority of…all of us at YouTube.”

‘Tolerance’, by BobboJenkins, via On the timeline of history, we are at this point.

As we reported prior, misinformation can be by accident, while disinformation is intentional. Notice where his priority is.

The only changes at Google will be for things to become worse, as foreigner ‘Neal’ is a major league censor and to the left of leftist Susan, while showing open disdain for the country he moved to and its Constitution. We REALLY need better vetting…or, in this case, ‘alphavetting’.

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Candy And An Agenda, Wrong ‘Suddenlys’ Die But Big Pharma Execs Along With Elected democRATs And RINOs Communist On



'Totally Safe!', by Anticommunist70, via A spoof of the picture of Ronald Reagan, George Bush and others that gets used for memes a LOT! No links allowed on first picture used, so link to original picture is in LAST paragraph of article.
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Sometimes we start an article and think we know where it will go, then get thrown a curve-ball…or even an ‘Eephus pitch’. Sometimes, when that sometimes happens, we sometimes back-burner it and other sometimes we just go with the flow and let it lead us to where it wants to end up.

‘LaRoche strikes out Thomas on eephus pitch’ — our dad used to mix those in when throwing to us. Despite what other videos claim, it isn’t just about speed. The pitch HAS to be HIGH too!

This one started off as a straight-up ‘died of suddenly’ featuring new corpses…we mean people. But in verifying events, as we do​, we discovered it wasn’t that simple or easy, so the article after this one will act like the part II we never saw coming.

Like every other week now, we notice seemingly endless stories about people dying of suddenly. This never happened before 2020, unless something like THIS occurred.

‘The Warriors Vs The Police HD (English)’ — that is ‘Fox’ who was the Warriors ‘scout’ fighting with a police officer and being thrown in front of a subway train. Thomas G. Waites who played that character had a disagreement with writer and director Walter Hill who after 8 weeks of butting heads decided to kill off the character despite it being intended to survive AND end up with ‘Mercy’ the girl in that scene. He ordered his stunt coordinator to take care of it and he used a member of the production crew who looked enough like Waites to do that entire scene. From the time they run down the stairs until Fox dies except for briefly as he flies onto the tracks the replacement is hiding his face. Thomas did some other work and runs an acting school too, but Hill originally saw him as the next James Dean, which never happened. By the way, the movie is based on a novel, which is based on a true story where ancient Greek soldiers were trapped 1000 miles (not 30) behind enemy lines.

But we will start off with some good news first though, and other than Rapinoe, we haven’t had much lately. On Sunday, November 20, 2022, Rachel Milless collapsed in her Sherburne County, Minnesota kitchen ‘suddenly’, but her 4-year-old son Asher helped save her life.

Asher called his grandmother, who then called his father, Tyler, who was working out of town. Tyler then called 911 and told Asher to watch for paramedics and unlock the door for them.

Wouldn’t it have just been quicker to teach Asher how to dial 911?

Asher also hooked up his mom’s nebulizer, and took his two younger siblings out of the kitchen so they didn’t see their mother going through that. Sturdy kid!

It turns out that Rachel recently had influenza, which ‘the covid’ seemingly cured given that nobody…except Rachel…ever gets it now, and she also had pneumonia too. The combination caused septic shock, which led to her collapsing.

Anyway, the Sherburne County (Minnesota) Sheriff’s Office presented a very brave Asher with its ‘Life Saving Award’. Bravo.

‘Risk myocarditis (permanent heart damage) and death? Or risk virus with 99.999% survival rate.’, by JustAProle, via Driving also is not a Constitutional right…but living is.

Now on to the horrible news. On Wednesday, January 4, 2023, Jackson Ball of Durham, North Carolina, died of a “catastrophic brain event” at 6. He was the middle of 3 kids, with two sisters, and from the obituary, sounds like a great kid.

To hear his father, Billy Ball, @Billy_K_Ball on Twitter, tell it Jackson’s death is normal and fuck us for saying it is not.

To hear us tell it, Billy is a demonic rat fucking bastard who killed his own kid using the promise of candy…CANDY…if he got a shot he did not need for a virus he was not at risk from, and just so Billy could make a partisan political point. He deserves to be in prison, not attacking people for speaking truth to power on Twitter.

Only going to say this as many times as it takes. ‘the covid’ vaxx kills. Go elsewhere if you can’t accept that fact.

With all of the parents blissfully leading their own children to death, this actually feels like blood sacrifice.

‘Jackson Ball, only 6 years old, died after suffering a catastrophic brain event on Jan. 4, 2023’, by unknown, found online. THIS picture was the inspiration for this article.

We’ve also recently seen an analysis of “SARS-CoV-2” and its “spike protein” acting as a Progeria drug. That is the progressive genetic disorder also known as Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome that makes children age rapidly. You’ve seen them, and they look very similar to the house-elves in the Harry Potter movies, just with shorter ears.

We’ve said that the vaxx is meant to destroy the natural immune system, and studies have shown it cripples your natural immune system at the rate of 3-6% per month and it never recovers. That new analysis is further proof that it isn’t just causing heart attacks and cardiac arrests.

Q: What’s the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest?
A: A cardiac arrest involves handcuffs.

Thank you, we are here all week. Please don’t forget to tip your server.

‘PEOPLE VISITED BY THE ANGEL OF DEATH THEN THEY DIE OF SPINNING SADS SYNDROME’ — finally tracked down this video we had seen over a year ago. Some say it is not covid related. Never saw it until vaxx was being given out. Regardless, if you see videos like this one save them off as they get deleted often!

Expect to see an increase in a LOT of different medical ailments and problems in the coming years. One will be this aging thing, where the insides of younger people will be more like someone decades older than they really are.

The problem is that most just report on these things and move on. The left do it to keep us from knowing the truth, and unfortunately, many on our side are lazy and don’t want to do any research, so they claim something is a fact, then just move on. That is what slowed us up here, verifying info or finding out it was bullshit.

What is happening is not normal, and no matter how much the alt-far-left push it as normal, that still won’t ever make it normal. Healthy people simply don’t just drop dead of ‘suddenly’. Well, they didn’t before 2020.

‘Climate Sally’, by JimBob via unknown, UL by HuguesMongus via So how does a stethoscope pick that up? Do ‘climate scientists’ know about it?

Hmm? What happened in 2020 and after that, which could have caused this…? Again, according to the alt-far-left, not a thing. They can’t find any reason why people going about their lives should just stop existing…suddenly.

Of course, in the real world we know what happened. The communist Chinese sent ‘the covid’ from Wuhan, just as they previously sent ‘the SARS’ and ‘the H1N1’, and likely many other viruses and diseases.

Then, although it wasn’t deadly, we were told that it was which created the demand for a vaccine, but they gave us ‘vaxx’ instead and here we are. Now on to more deaths!

‘Spicy Memes is Best Memes…’, by oudaveguy98, via Didn’t do any of those, and didn’t need to do #3 of 3.

Another recent death seemingly too early is Jeremy Ruehlemann, a model, who died at 27 on January 21, 2023. Initial reports were they didn’t know what killed him, so it was easy for some to jump to dying of ‘suddenly’. His father, Achim Ruehlemann, 59, says that although toxicology tests aren’t complete yet, that he believes his son died of an accidental drug overdose.

Achim said that Jeremy had struggled with addictions to prescription drugs, including painkillers. “He did rehab and had tried to get off prescription medication. Obviously, he was not successful.”

‘AJ Styles Better Watch Out for the Undertaker…..’, by oudaveguy98, via We are old enough to remember that never happening to athletes of any kind. We are 4 years old.

On January 28, 2023, a 23-year-old police officer for the Cairo Police Department in Georgia, Clarence Williams, died of suddenly. He had pulled over a vehicle for what we are certain he assumed was a routine traffic stop.

Suddenly, the driver took off running and Williams along with another unnamed officer gave chase before Clarence collapsed and died from what is considered “routine physical activity”.

His own department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are looking into the death, but honestly, the officers were likely required to get shots for ‘the covid’ so we know the cause…running while vaxxed. Clarence joined the department in 2020.

‘Devil in Disguise’, “THE PEOPLE AREN’T TAKING THE COVID-19 CLOT SHOT ANYMORE . . . THEN NOW CALL IT THE FLU SHOT !”, by equestrian, via Not 100% true but we used the meme to make a point. They are trying to push a joint ‘vaxx’ for both things, so if you do choose to trust them on flu (we will NOT) then please make certain you don’t get the dual shot that includes ‘the covid’ vaxx too.

On January 30, 2023, Sariah Saibu, a model and actress from Perth, Australia, died suddenly. Nobody seems to know how old she was. The closest we could get was “late 20’s”, so we’ll say pushing 30…if not already there. Not sure what that is a secret. Whatever!

She is known for a 2021 movie about two lesbian surfers called ‘Beautiful They’. That conflicts with the left not being able to define what a woman is. Whatever, again!

Originally, reports said nobody knew why she died, so some jumped to ‘suddenly’, but we in the shed did some more digging and found two reports it is from a car crash. Of course, that crash could actually have been from suddenly, either her or another party.

She was the second fairly recent young actress to die. The other was Emily Chesterton, 30 and British, who, according to the alt-far-left died of “unexpected natural causes” shortly before Thursday, November 10, 2022, which is when her family announced it. MSM immediately claimed that it was in no way connected to her getting vaxx shots for ‘the covid’.

‘”It’s Not a Lie If You Believe It” -George Constanza’, by oudaveguy98, via And when other countries have election theft we call it that, at least before 2022 and Brazil.

Those demonic motherfuckers are so brainwashed and gaslighted than no sooner does someone die that should not be dead and from something they should not be dead from and at an age they should not die at, then they go off on rants about “anti-vaccine” people spreading lies. YOU need to look in a mirror you assholes! If anyone is spreading disinformation, and for partisan globalist political reasons, it is you. Also, fuck you!

On Sunday, February 5, 2023, Lilly Kimbell died at 31 of suddenly. She was a former tennis player for the University of Georgia. She had 88 singles wins, and 109 doubles wins, among her individual achievements.

The team did well with her there too, going 24-5 and winning the 2014 SEC Tournament Championship, and in 2013 they were 24-4 and won the regular season. They advanced to the NCAA Quarterfinals all four of her years there (2011-2014) as well.

Lilly was from Texas, and had returned there after college to work.

‘PROUD UNVAXXED & safe from VAIDS’, by AlexHimself, via Our pronouns are still “fuck you communist”.

Going back in time a little bit, Fay Adderley’s mother, Shirley, thought she was joking around the morning of Monday, November 21, 2020, as Fay, 18 of Liverpool, UK, couldn’t be woken up. The claim is that she died suddenly of the “silent killer”, which they say is a seizure from epilepsy.

She had just been diagnosed with epilepsy 2 weeks prior! Researchers estimate that 1 in every 1000 people with epilepsy will die from ‘Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy’ or SUDEP every year.

Shirley has a condition called ‘neuronal migration disorder’ herself, and one form is epilepsy which her daughter inherited, and they only learned that after Fay’s death. No mention of her vaxx status, so that can’t be ruled out as the cause of the seizure.

‘No suddenly here’, by unknown via, UL by Anticommunist70, via Nor will he! Ditto Kyrie Irving, whatever else you may think about him.

Remember when the left says we can’t prove any of these are vaxx connected, that they insisted people get the vaxx in order to live a normal life and that, unfortunately, most people complied and took at least one shot.

Now illnesses your natural immune system would handle, with or without help (like radiation treatments or drugs), it can’t handle after being vaxxed, so you’ll remain sick or die, possibly of suddenly.

Therefore, the left can’t prove that these illnesses and deaths are not caused by their beloved vaxx, and we don’t need to prove anything because their own government numbers (aka ‘the math’) prove that it is more possible these people took a shot than that they did not.

The parts we had to remove from this article (as it quickly grew out of control) dealt with MSM, and that 2nd article will be up soon. So tune in tomorrow, “same bat time, same bat channel”! And since we can’t put a link on the first article picture, HERE is the one to the original ‘non-lizard’ photo.

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Suicide In Slow Motion, Megan Rapinoe Continues To ‘Boost’ Itself To Death Having Just Taken FIFTH ‘the covid’ Shot



'That Car Must've Been Made of Scissors', by jtcaseley1, via THIS is what will happen to Megan eventually. Hopefully in mid-game, since that will make for a great video to share around.
Spread the reality, RealityShed.Com --

In today’s world we really need good news, and we finally got some too! Megan Rapinoe, known on socialIST media as @mrapinoe, which we strongly believe stands for “Mr Apinoe”…prove us wrong…is actually trying to ‘booster’ itself to death, and we thank it for the effort.

It announced that over on it’s Instagram account a few days ago. The end of the video shilled for ‘vaccines dot gov’ and also for Pfizer. Don’t tell it, but it won’t be able to spend that money once it has died of suddenly.

So that points to it not taking the one dose ‘Johnson and Johnson’ poison or the two dose ‘Moderna’ poison, instead favoring the two dose ‘Pfizer’ poison, and then 3 boosters, for a total of 5 death shots so far!

There is NO vaccine for ‘the covid’. Anyone who says there is happens to be a science denier. Vaccines take 10 years on average to develop, if we even can!

‘megan rapinoe’, “I REALLY LIKED THE WOMEN’S WORLD CUP; UNTIL THIS GUY RUINED IT FOR ME”, by sharps45, via The truth is that fewer people, even women, like to watch women’s sports.

We still don’t have one for the common cold virus, or for the AIDS virus, as just two examples. For a third example, we also still don’t have one for communism, and boy do we need one for that! But enough about democRATs and the FBI.

Real vaccines prevent you from getting what the vaccine is for, AND they prevent transfer of whatever they are for, AND they never require distancing, AND they never require masking, AND they never require ‘boostering’ either.

We all know that is true, because we all had those as kids. And once you’ve vaxxed, which these shots are, you can’t unvaxx (HERE and HERE)!

You know what else isn’t real? Boosters. Those are just another full strength dose of the same shot you already took that didn’t work as you thought it would, for a virus that requires a co-morbidity to kill you and, even then, is only 99.9x% (x digit depends on age and prior health) survivable without doing anything.

‘Honoring Women in the Military’, “I CAN RUN FAST AND KICK A BALL INTO THE NET; WELL THAT’S PRETTY SPECIAL”, by VBVAGUY, via Nobody hates women, except lesbians. What?! Sure, if they liked them they would get married to a man and produce more of them.

Why do we know all of that? Because we also have common sense, something that isn’t common any more which makes no sense.

In addition, we have something called a ‘natural immune system’. Those are going the way of the dinosaurs, as ‘the covid’ shots are designed to eliminate them at the rate of 3-6% per month. The good news, for Big Pharma anyway, is that it never recovers either and that means more money in their pockets.

Also, once you’ve got spike proteins, and there are 42 TRILLION per dose, good luck getting those out of your capillaries, veins and arteries as they shoot around in your blood (at least until that clots) slicing and dicing like little razor blades.

We in the shed love President Donald Trump, but he was suckered by Mike ‘traitor’ Pence, Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, who headed his ‘the covid’ advisory team. All a part of their alt-far-left scheme to get him out of office, which worked perfectly.

‘megan rapinoe’, “100% LEFTIST; UNLESS YOU MEAN TRANSGENDER ENTRY INTO MY SPORT”, by worm3368, via We would rather watch women’s sports than ‘trans’ sports, so it is right on this issue.

Back to anyone who believes there is a vaccine for ‘the covid’…they are also a fucking retard. Not the ‘born that way and really trying, so God bless them’ kind either. No, they are the ‘intentionally living that way’ kind, and not the least bit embarrassed either.

That includes Megan, and we bet you didn’t think we could even find four memes featuring it either! Yes four. Look closely under the rock.

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