Mental Illness As Religion, Globalist Left Choose ‘trans’ As Reason For Ultimate Culture War ‘Har Məgīddō’ Battle



"Two Body Dysmorphias, one harmful treatment", by Hagia, via This is NOT medicine and these are NOT doctors.
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We get it, the combined alt-far-left (democRATs, MSM and RINOs; Republicans IN NAME ONLY) are heterophobes. They HATE heterosexual (AKA normal) people. They are the Borg from Star Trek, AND ‘the Shadows’ from Babylon 5, all rolled into one. They despise America and Americans, wanting to change the former and replace the latter. We used to assist people with mental illness, now they dictate policy to us.

As part of replacing us, they gaslight us into putting off having children, even claiming abortion (AKA baby murder; as 50% of a baby’s DNA is from the father, meaning it is a unique being and NOT “a part of the mother”) as a ‘freedom’ for women.

You can have it all baby, they claim. Have a work career now (so you can pay taxes to the government while driving down wages by increasing the labor force…just as illegal aliens coming here do)_and then have children later.

But the problem is that REAL science shows that older women can’t get pregnant as easily, and that there is an increased risk of complications after 35 years of age. THAT is the ‘man behind the curtain’ that you aren’t supposed to pay any attention to.

“Educate yourself bigot”, by sasukeplox, via John Money started it all.

What the left are doing is pushing a radical agenda invented by pedophile John William Money, who coined the term ‘gender identity’ in 1955 and both mutilated and sexually abused children under the guise of research.

Cleveland Clinic is even pushing the ‘trans’ leftist anti-science ‘birthing people’ nonsense. THAT is how you flush a 100+ year reputation of medical excellence down the toilet by embracing communism.

‘Cleveland Clinic goes woke’, from 11/23/2022, screenshot by us.

We have RINOs like Asa Hutchinson (soon to be former governor of Arkansas, who is rumored to be running for POTUS) ‘advising’ actual Republicans to “tone down” reality-based views HE labels “harsh rhetoric” about “trans”. Fuck you communist. If you don’t have the courage to call out the leftist demons preying on children, you are no better than they are.

We even saw the president of the truly evil ‘American Federation of Teachers’, Randi Weingarten, use the old Saul Alinsky tactic of accusing us of what the left are actually guilty of themselves. Former Trump CIA Director and later Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even labeled her “the most dangerous person in the world”.

Randi’s claim is that Republican opposition to the ‘trans’ movement is “demonic” and “dangerous”. Get that, the communist bitch supporting mutilating and sterilizing CHILDREN is calling us names! She is upset that teachers who are grooming kids are being labeled as groomers. Want it to stop lady? STOP GROOMING KIDS, YOU GROOMER!

“Ripped From the Headlines”, by rabbitroy, via

We don’t even have to resort to making false charges as the left does constantly about us, we just need to have the courage to stand up and speak truth to their usurped power and accuse them of their actual crimes, which are horrendous enough.

Randi worries that “it’s making our jobs harder” for teachers. Good! It shouldn’t be easy to groom children. In fact, you should be living in constant fear while doing so, you sick twisted communist fucks. What is demonic and dangerous is letting you continue unopposed. Also, Randi sounds like a dude’s name.

We saw, but won’t use (because it is pro-grooming), a meme showing a male child with rainbow butterfly wings being cut off by parents with the caption “be your child’s first bully.’ The left now gaslights that encouraging your children to grow up healthy and happy as they were born is ‘bullying’ them. Okay groomer!

“the world is going to poop”, by Root_Beer, via

Then the recent shooting in Colorado Springs, CO, at the ‘Club Q’ alphabet hangout brought out the usual fake news ‘urinalist’ suspects. Ben Collins of PMSNBC (aka MSNBC) accused Republicans of causing it. Narrative. Insta-broken. By. Reality.

Surprise, the SUSPECT, Anderson Lee Aldrich, ‘identifies’ as non-binary {SIC} and uses the incorrect English pronouns “they and them”, and “Mx.” (rather than Mr.), to identify HIMSELF. Reality is a constant problem for Collins and his alt-far-left propaganda machine. And THEY are the bigots, being anti-heterosexual (AKA anti-normality).

Sarah Kate Ellis, the ‘CEO of glaad’ (the homosexual group, not the trash bag company…common mistake if you made it) actually tried to blame Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, saying the motive had to be Republicans “spreading lies and hate about our community”. Nice try!

“Cope” by Retro-Satana, via At least we should be able to discuss the facts openly on now, and Erin Reed @Erinthemom is a heterophobe.

The “dehumanizing” actions they claim come from us are actually taken by the alt-far-left as they seek to change what being a normal human being is. We are all facing a daily left-wing harassment campaign as they gaslight us into accepting abnormal behavior. Just say no!

Then, despite the attack being carried out by one of the left’s own AND WITH A HANDGUN, their go to move was to call for an “assault weapon” {sic} ban. Those don’t even exist.

Automatic (illegal in most cases), semi-automatic (one bullet per trigger pull) and broken are the only types of guns around today. What we need are comprehensive red flag laws against leftism…and an end to election theft.

“Mentally ill person does mentally ill things? How surprising”, by French_Eater_VII, via Uvalde Texas school shooter was ‘trans’ so MSM dropped story.

They will now sweep the CO shooting under the rug just as they did with the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, after it was revealed that it was carried out by a ‘trans’ (Salvador Ramos).

It is a united leftist effort, and the woke joke NHL is joining MLB (HERE and HERE; who openly promote mutilating and sterilizing children) by supporting a ‘trans’ hockey tournament. These are men who can’t compete with other men, so they claim to be women. Men used to stand up for real women. Real men still do, while communist ‘professional’ sports leagues don’t.

‘NHL goes woke’, from 11/23/2022, screenshot by us.

The left also just wiped out the achievement of whatever ACTUAL woman was “the most successful female contestant in Jeopardy! history”, as a man calling himself ‘Amy Schneider’ {sic} has now usurped that spot.

Leftists are erasing women. Their argument is that men make better women than women do. That is what the war on women is all about, and the true reason for ‘trans’ and men pretending to be women by playing in women’s sports.

“Switching teams but you still suck”, by snowman007, via

That includes ‘Brittney Griner’, who is a man…despite alt-far-left ‘’ and ‘’ being in denial. HE couldn’t cut it playing basketball with men, so HE ‘switched teams’ to the WNBA…but still dates REAL women.

Actress Ellen Page is still a woman, just one without breasts because she had them surgically removed. No matter what other surgery SHE has done, that won’t change HER into a HIM.

“Fat”, by ATech, via

Ditto ‘United States assistant secretary for health’ Richard Levine, who can insist on calling HIMSELF ‘Rachael’ but he will always be a man. That goes for Bruce Jenner too.

The left’s delusions will NEVER be our reality. Resistance to their leftism is NOT futile. No civilization has ever tolerated such behavior, and Western civilization in 2022 can’t become the first to do so.

“The cure to the ultimate mental illness”, by CrayonEaters66, via

Pedophiles, groomers and others pushing ‘trans’ should be in court facing charges for their crimes against humanity, then convicted by a jury, then we can let ‘Vir Cotto’ have them. Earth is OUR safe space. Now, get the hell out of OUR galaxy!

‘Babylon 5 Vir answers Mr Morden’ — just change the word “favors” to “actions”.
‘Vir Cotto Is A Badass’ — Babylon 5, it took almost 3 years but Vir got his wish. Again, change the word “favors” to “actions”.
‘Babylon 5 scene: Sheridan: Get The Hell out of our Galaxy!’ — “both” meaning leftists and their ‘trans’ monsters.

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