MLB Propaganda Spells ‘Unreliable’ Wrong, Cartoons Professing Negro League Baseball History Are Blatantly Dishonest



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‘Might be the best thing all year. #Rays’, by MLB Memes @MLBMeme on twitter.com (and reddit.com). They might have gone to the concession stand… The team will always be the ‘Devil Rays’ (their original name) to us. Ditto Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians. The difference is that Tampa is racist against manta’s, probably because they are black…and killed Steve Irwin. RIP Steve.

We have prior discussed Marxist League Baseball (MLB) concerning their new rules (HERE), how they import foreigners to take American jobs (HERE), how they collude with the globalist left to ‘the trans’ our kids (not enough to set up a hospital to do so, as the Bush family did, but they are trying; HERE), and what MLB was like when Patriots were still allowed to play the game (HERE).

Our standard disclaimer: we don’t hate anyone…except communists. Our favorite basketball player growing up was black, as was one of our 2 favorite football players, and our favorite baseball team had a deep mix of white, black and hispanic players, and while we would imitate several of their batting styles and other mannerisms while playing (even learning to hit from both sides of the plate) our favorite baseball player was white.

The point is, this is not about race, it is about accuracy. MLB is pushing racial propaganda, and doing so while replacing black AND white American players with foreigners. They are also pushing for American kids to be sterilized. Do you really want to support all of that with your time and money? If you said yes, please leave and never come back.

No, we are not kidding. Get to stepping. That ‘back’ button is at the top of your screen, and on the left (just as you are).

‘MLB BLM’, by coinz900, via reddit.com. Look carefully. That is NOT a man, that is a tool of globalists helping them push a Marxist ideology.

MLB now refer to their new video series claiming to feature little known facts about Negro League Baseball as “undeniable”, but that isn’t what they really are.

The three cartoons released so far (we fully expect MLB to churn out more lies later) are:

  • “Women of The Negro Leagues”
  • “The International Impact of the Negro Leagues”
  • “Jackie and Monte”

The first was put up on February 1, 2023, then the others followed on February 8 and 15. In that time they have a decent amount of page views, but an embarrassing amount of up votes and comments. Kind of like our articles here.

We still appreciate all 42 of you regulars!

‘Cancel culture & PC ruined baseball’, by AngelSoto5,, via imgflip.com. Ditto, the only man in this meme is the one standing in the top half.

The totals as we prepare this are (views, up votes, comments):

  • 669,076, 906, and 76
  • 480,232, 842, and 43
  • 559,996, 609, and 31

Wow! The up votes are a fraction of 1% of the views, and the comments are less than 10% of the up votes (the 2nd and 3rd videos are actually barely above 5%)! It is almost as if a bot is ‘viewing’ the videos but can’t vote or comment on them…

Maybe we should try that!

Anyway, we have endured watching this garbage so you don’t have to do so. But please, feel free, especially if you enjoy mental pain. We won’t link directly to them, but you can find them via a quick search. They also play very abbreviated versions as commercials (at least on streaming services).

Going through the videos in order, hosted by chief propagandist Bob Kendrick (President, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum), we noticed the following (likely intentional) inaccuracies and omissions:

‘Glad MLB is celebrating negro league baseball i missed using that word’, by unknown, via quickmeme.com. THEY can say it, as in United Negro College Fund, and they can also say Colored as in ‘National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’. They can also say the real ‘N’ word in songs and movies. Racists!

“Women of The Negro Leagues”:
The three women in question were Toni Stone, Constance ‘Connie’ Enola Morgan, and Mamie Lee Johnson.

Toni Stone first joined in 1953 (which was a mere SEVEN years before the Negro Leagues vanished; see below for the actual timeline), playing for the Indianapolis Clowns, and played primarily at 2nd base but also a few other positions.

Toni was traded the next year and replaced by Connie Morgan, who also played 2nd base.

Mamie Johnson joined next as a pitcher and posted a 33-8 record over 3 seasons, which is impressive (not that the other ladies were not).

Their myth makes it out to be some kind of Utopia, with the female players being vital to the leagues and everyone being one big happy family when they joined. The reality is very different.

1) they played near the end of the run and were used as a stunt (just as the 3 feet 7 inches tall and 60 pound Edward Carl ‘Eddie’ Gaedel was during his August 19, 1951 when he was walked on 4 straight pitches in his only MLB at bat, before being replaced by a pinch runner), and 2) some (not all) male players resented them because they took jobs away from men AND were also paid more(!!), and 3) some (not all) male players treated them like pieces of meat (instantly sexuallizing them) OR simply ridiculed them.

But this video saves its biggest lie for the end, with Bob insinuating that “…it strikes me that a league born out of segregation would become the driving force for social[IST] change. You see they didn’t care what color you were and they didn’t care what gender you were.”

When the left say the word “social”, always hear “socialIST” because that is what they really mean.

‘Negro League Baseball’, by Jason Porter. via pinterest.com. The play was minor league level with a sprinkling of major league caliber players, but their logos and names were quite imaginative.

“The International Impact of the Negro Leagues”:
It turns out that blacks have nobody but themselves to blame for hispanics coming here now to take away their (and white too) baseball jobs.

Bob brags that “…the Negro League helped make our game the global[IST] game that it is today. You see Negro League players were often times the first Americans to play in many Spanish-speaking countries, and of course when we went there we were treated as heroes…”

When the left say the word “global”, always hear “globalIST” because that is what they really mean.

Bob also later points out that the Negro Leagues sent a team to Japan in 1927 and 1934, leading to the Japanese embracing the game and some of them playing in MLB (such as Ichiro Suzuki did, and Shohei Ohtani now does).

As always, actions have consequences. Thanks to those efforts back then, Bob, many black Americans will never get the chance to play MLB today. Congratulations!

‘The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Official Trailer #1 – James Earl Jones Movie (1976) HD’ — “The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Trailer – Directed by John Badham and starring Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones, Richard Pryor. Tired of the slave-like treatment of his team’s owner, charismatic star Negro League pitcher Bingo Long takes to the road with his band of barnstormers through the small towns of the Midwest in the 1930’s.” That team owner treating the black players like slaves is another black man, by the way.

“Jackie and Monte”:
Bob now claims that Jackie Robinson was the start of the ‘civil rights movement’, a movement that ended when it was later co-opted by Marxists (and now including BLACK Marxists, such as BLM) and which has shown no traction and has in fact gone backwards, as now they see racism everywhere but in the mirror, which is the only place it exists.

The actual racists today are globalist alt-far-leftists, including so-called minorities (whites are still just 16% of the global population, or 1 out of every 7 people on Earth). Oh wait, they claim math is ‘muh racist’ too…despite being invented in Sumer (ancient Mesopotamia, where Iraq is now) around 7000 years ago by non-whites.

The grandchildren of those who called for an end to segregation in 1947 when Jackie started playing with the Brooklyn Dodgers, today call for their own safe spaces away from ‘whitey’. What frail little snowflakes they are, screaming that a world with whites in it is unfair, and all because they are too chickenshit to compete…as Jackie Robinson did!

Math isn’t racist, you are! Tests only discriminate against those who do not study for them! You get a job by being impressive during interviews, and you keep a job by performing!

Then Bob said, “If there is a bittersweet aspect to the overall story of the Negro Leagues it lies in the fact that you can directly parallel the rise and fall of the Negro Leagues with the rise and fall of black economy.”

Huh? There is ONE economy, sir, and Joke Bitem is intentionally fucking it up for all of us. We had a neighbor years ago who was VERY loud when using their phone and we came home to hear this person, an older black male, yelling at someone he was speaking with about how blacks should only deal with black-owned businesses.

And if all other groups did the same, how do you think that would work out for you? democRATs tricked you into thinking killing your own babies was freedom and it dropped you from #2 population in the USA to #3 while hispanic (and other) illegal aliens out breed you.

Bob concludes with “To a large extent, black economy never recovered from losing the Negro Leagues. What was good morally, what was good social[IST]ly, was devastating economically.”

Tell that to all of the millionaire players today. The average NFL salary in 2022 was $2.7 MILLION, the average MLB salary in 2022 was $4.41 MILLION, and the average NBA salary was $9.7 MILLION.

Marxism pays when non-Marxists fail to recognize what they are funding, and make no mistake, all three leagues are pushing the same brand of alt-far-left-communism (aka Marxism).

‘TRUTH!’, by unknown, found online. Can’t make a joke here, because this meme is painfully true.

Now some real facts about the Negro Leagues. First, usually when people refer to ‘Negro League Baseball’, it is as if it were one league, but it was not.

In fact, there were several, including the Negro National League (NNL), Negro American League (NAL) and the Eastern Colored League (ECL; shortened from the Mutual Association of Eastern Colored Baseball Clubs).

There was even a Negro Southern League (NSL), but it was considered to be more of a minor league level.

There were also ‘barnstorming’ black baseball teams, as depicted in the 1976 movie ‘The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings’, starring Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones and Richard Pryor. Of course, all three would later go on to be in ‘Star Wars’.

‘The Richard Pryor Show – Star Wars Bar (1977)’ — “The Richard Pryor Show was an American comedy variety show starring and created by Richard Pryor. It premiered on NBC on Tuesday, September 13, 1977.” And THAT will teach you to doubt us! Okay, seriously we were just making a joke then did a quick search, and there it was… Hard to believe NBC aired that considering the last joke AND Richard using the ‘N’ word. Fun fact: Pryor was Mel Brooks’ first choice to play Sheriff Bart in ‘Blazing Saddles’ but the studio said no, so Richard helped write the movie instead.

By 1931 the NNL and ECL (actually in 1928) were gone, with two NNL teams joining the NSL in 1932 (which didn’t magically raise the overall level of the league). That was the same year that a new league, the East-West League (EWL), also emerged, but it lasted just one season.

In 1933 a new NNL was formed, with teams in the midwest and east. Then, in 1937, the NAL was created out of the Midwest teams and the NNL became just an eastern league.

The NNL folded again in 1948, just under 3 years after Jackie Robinson was signed by the Dodgers and 1 year after he made his major league debut.

After Jackie’s signing, players like Satchel Paige, Willie Mays, and Hank Aaron followed him and, with the talent pool shrinking, black teams had to resort to gimmicks, including signing black women, and even a few white men.

NAL disbanded in 1960, and the last barnstorming team (Indianapolis Clowns, who Aaron had played for) lasted until 1973, although by then they had also added white players).

‘Just better’, by YourOtherLeft, via memedroid.com. Not just dirt, but also steroid free.

We have already detailed the lies surrounding Jackie Robinson, who was a good and decent man, just not the guy who broke the so-called ‘color barrier’ in professional baseball.

That honor goes to Moses Fleetwood Walker, and you can click that second link in the opening paragraph of this article to learn about the actual first black professional baseball player.

MLB isn’t rushing to retire Walker’s uniform number, and not just because we can’t find any proof that he had one. They are also busy ignoring him, pretending he didn’t exist, and ‘hey, look over there…ing’ while pointing at Jackie. We suggest retiring #1 as his official number, and making the players all wear THAT patch!

Another myth is that the Negro Leagues were started because of white racism, but the fact is that despite wanting to integrate the American League (AL) and National League (NL) of MLB, the Negro Leagues themselves didn’t have any asian, hispanic or other so-called minorities, and only even had a few white players.

One was (Richard) Dick ‘Lefty’ O’Neal, who pitched for two different Negro League teams. How was he treated? Black children wanted to touch his skin and hair, curious if it felt the same as theirs, and his wife had to be protected by local police when she watched him play. Sounds welcoming, doesn’t it?

We need to stop allowing others to attempt to create a fantasy world in our minds where only whites are capable of certain behavior, and blacks are always ‘soulful saints’ or victims. Stop infantilizing them!

There was even a recent article on a lamestream site, by a black writer(!!) who should know better, claiming black over-representation in MLB isn’t high enough. But no, he has been blinded by Marxism and claims that the 7.2% of MLB players who are black isn’t high enough despite blacks being just 13% of the U.S. population and MALE blacks being just 6% of the population.

‘BLACK LIVES MATTER!! Therefore I am not supporting the NFL, NBA, MLB or NASCAR anymore! See Comment!’, by thenukeman123, via imgflip.com. Giving up sports wasn’t as hard to do as we imagined it would be. We actually did it as they each went on strike, or had a ‘lock out’. We sure weren’t coming back for the Marxism and anti-white racism.

Then we come to the giant travesty of MLB declaring the Negro Leagues as major leagues and incorporating their statistics into the record books.

There is precedence for retroactively making statistics ‘major league’.

In 1890, the “Players’ National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs”, known commonly as “the Players’ League” (PL), played their only season, having been created after a dispute over pay with the two professional leagues of that day, the National League (NL) and American Association (AA).

In 1914 to 1915, ‘the Federal League of Base Ball Clubs’, also known as ‘the Federal League’ or FL, played two seasons.

For decades, those were ignored, then in 1968 the ‘Special Baseball Records Committee’ of MLB made those PL and FL statistics ‘major league’.

But the GIANT difference between the PL and FL, and the Negro Leagues is that, during their existence, the Player’s League and Federal League considered themselves major leagues and contained major league players signed from the pre-existing major leagues, while the Negro Leagues did not. EVER!

MLB Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. is a jackass of the highest order and failed to consider that when making his inane and frankly racist decision in December, 2020. He is known to hate baseball AND baseball history, and has undermined both since taking power. His new rules (see first link in first paragraph of this article) prove that. It is NOT baseball any more!

‘Willie, Mickey & The Duke (aka Talkin’ Baseball) by Terry Cashman (born Dennis Minogue)’, “‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Cookie’ mentioned in the song’s bridge are not baseball figures, but childhood friends of Cashman’s: Mike Green and Bobby Cook.”–wikipedia.com. All others mentioned (white and black) were involved with MLB, as players or coaches. Can’t we all just get along? With non-communists, sure. With communists, NEVER!

Even sites like BaseballReference.com, while pushing the agenda of MLB in recognizing the Negro Leagues as major leagues, still acknowledge that the records are incomplete and that the teams played far fewer regular season games and instead played “an extensive amount of exhibitions and barnstorming games”.

That translates as ‘accurate stats are not important, but money coming in is very important’. We have no issue with that, but please stop pretending it isn’t the case!

BaseballReference also admits that despite Negro League hitting legend Josh Gibson being credited with “almost 800 home runs” on his Hall of Fame plaque, their own carefully compiled data shows that he only hit a total of 166.

There is no denying the guy could hit, and for power, but his HR stat has been inflated by just under a factor of 5!

Meanwhile, dishing out our normal healthy dose of reality, we still say that non-steroid-enhanced Hank Aaron is the current MLB home run king with 755 lifetime. Fuck you, Barry Bonds, you cheating piece of shit.

And for the single season mark, that also goes for Bonds (again), Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa. All three of those guys (along with others) cheated, and we hope their nuts shrivel up and fall off.

While there were certainly standout players in the Negro Leagues, including those deserving of MLB attention, the overall level of the group was more like a AA or possibly AAA minor league team. And the same can be said for today’s Japanese and Korean professional leagues. For each player from those leagues who makes it to MLB, there are dozens and dozens of players who never did or could.

The blatant dishonesty by MLB regarding Negro League history was 100% intentional. If we could find the truth, then so could they…if they didn’t have a leftist agenda to push.

Yes, we’ve been working on this one, off and on, for several weeks now (we actually stopped to write the Tucker article) and it got away from us a bit (in fact it is about the same length as the Milo ‘getting revenge’ on Trump article (HERE). You can find more startling math facts on race HERE, and don’t forget to stick it to leftists and ‘be more racist‘.

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