How To Destroy Pro Baseball 101, MLB Makes Ridiculous Rule Changes But Their Achilles’ Heel Remains Pushing Leftism



'Good bye MLB', by BadAndy, via memedroid.com. Just like the NFL and NBA, I'm not going back after the kneeling.
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We weren’t around in 2022, so we couldn’t tell you then what we thought about Major League Baseball (MLB). We still can’t tell you now because we are in the first paragraph and we have a rule about cursing, but it only applies to the main meme / picture, article title and first paragraph. The rule is there since those are the most visible parts of the overall article structure, especially in search engines.

Now that we are safely in the second paragraph, MLB sucks. They are openly pushing for the trans’ing of kids, support the Marxist BLM movement, take performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), are replacing Americans, and cheat like little bitches.

The Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and New York Yankees are all known to have cheated in the recent past by using video cameras to steal signs, and the Astros claim that approximately 8 other teams did so as well.

‘…cleaner…’, by ‘frontpagetickets.tumblr.com’, via pinterest.com. Hoping Pete Rose outlives this asshole so he can piss on Selig’s grave.

MLB also didn’t even have a commissioner from 1998 to 2015, which is when Milwaukee Brewers OWNER Allan Huber ‘Bud’ Selig cosplayed as commissioner. The decline started under that fucker, and has only accelerated under Robert Dean ‘Rob’ Manfred Jr.

In 2022, ‘Rob’ implemented ridiculous changes following a new ‘collective bargaining agreement’ (CBA), and slowly the game we grew up loving is morphing into an ugly bastardization of itself, much like Pablo Picasso did to art.

“Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.” –tate.org.uk

“who’s your fav player Memedroid peeps”, by Surreal, via memedroid.com. Cheaters are a form of communist.

So, in a nutshell, abstract art is art for people who can’t draw or paint properly, and now MLB is baseball for people who can’t play real baseball.

The American League (AL) was already not playing real baseball, as they implemented the designated hitter (DH) in 1973, which is a player who does nothing but hit, replacing the pitcher in the batting order. As of 2022, the National League (NL) adopted that stupid fucking rule too.

‘Houston Cheaters’, “I LOOKED AT MY WIFE’S BEDSHEETS; I THINK SHE MAY BE CHEATING ON ME”, by theoneandonlydylwyl, via imgflip.com. Birds of a feather…

Pitchers should have to hit, as it keeps them honest. We promise you they wouldn’t be so brave on that mound if they had to step into the batter’s box too. Throwing up and in looks a little different when you know it can be done right back to you.

Another change over the years that is a pure money grab is how many teams make the playoffs. It used to be TWO. The AL and NL pennant races were a season-long affair, with ONE winner from each league emerging to then face each other in the World Series.

‘A hero…’, by @GloveLove.Co, then MLB Memes from pinterest.com, UL by unknown via cheezburger.com. Hero indeed. Houston is a leftist hellhole and their baseball team cheat. Fuck them!

That lasted from 1903 to 1968. It was all people had and it was good enough. Somehow they survived.

From 1969 to 1993, each league added teams and split into two divisions, and now four teams made the playoffs, two in each of the AL and NL.

1994 is when the wheels came off, with no new teams being added, but each league going from 2 to 3 divisions. This was the excuse for adding a ‘wild card team’ to each league’s playoffs.

In 1998, Selig used two expansion teams coming in and intraleague play beginning to move the team he OWNED into the NL, ostensibly so each league would have an even number of teams. However, as they each had 15, that already allowed for the leagues to play each other…

‘Right before…’, by MLB Memes from pinterest.com, UL by unknown via cheezburger.com. If this is true…wow, what an asshole Zack Greinke is. If not then the same can be said for the guy who posted the accusation and picture.

In 2013, our view was proven correct as the Houston Astros moved from the NL to the AL. The Milwaukee Brewers should have moved back instead, as this left the NL without a team in Texas, which is the entire reason the Astros were put there in 1962!

Effectively, this was the league’s trading teams on a 15 year time delay. Selig is an asshole!

In 2012, they added another ‘wind card team’ to each league. Still, as of today, the worst team to make the playoffs is the 2005 San Diego Padres, who managed to win the NL West with an 82-80 record.

‘Man in stands…’, by Randy Miller @RandyJMiller on twitter.com, then unknown from pinterest.com, UL by unknown via cheezburger.com. If you can’t beat ’em confuse ’em!

In 2020 and 2021, double-headers were reduced from 9 innings per game to 7 innings per game, but they changed it back to normal in 2022. In 2020, MLB also decided to recognize the Negro League as a ‘major league’ and include their statistics, which was a mistake as they didn’t play in the major leagues, they played in the Negro League.

Notice that despite being made up of major leaguers, the Federal League of 1914 and 1915 operated as a third major league and still hasn’t seen its statistics declared major league by MLB. MLB is racist against white Federal Leaguers.

‘Guy knitting at an MLB game, my life is now complete’, by zmtuckerman28, via memedroid.com. Wow, that is impressive.

Also, starting in 2020, and now permanent, is the ‘ghost runner’ for extra innings. The last batter from the previous inning is sent to 2nd base to start the next inning, and if they score it does NOT count as an earned run against the pitcher. Automatically putting someone on base ‘just because’ is incredibly dumb.

Starting in 2022, they added ANOTHER ‘wild card team’ to each league, meaning 12 of 30 (or 40%) of teams now make the playoffs. The one saving grace is no ‘ghost runner’ for playoff games, which begs the question…why for regular season games then?!

MLB won’t be happy until losing teams make the postseason, just like in the NBA and NFL. What Manfred and his chief advisor Theo Epstein are doing to make baseball not-baseball. This game used to be played by MEN!

‘This couple…’, by MLB Memes from pinterest.com, UL by unknown via cheezburger.com. Bagged spaghetti couple says knitting guy has nothing on them. Hey, the entire ballpark experience (including eating) is expensive!

We detailed the amazing Cy Young (and MLB’s ‘trans’ support) HERE. There isn’t a pitcher today capable of achieving anywhere near to his production. Some more observations: he averaged 34.05 complete games (he had 749!), 23.23 wins and 3.46 shutouts in 334.36 innings per season over his 22-year career. In 2022 there were 35 complete games pitched in all of MLB.

His best season was his third, in 1892, when he pitched 453.0 innings, won 36 games and had 9 shutouts with a 1.93 ERA with 48 complete games. Those were all personal bests…except ERA.

He had 3 lower (1.26, 1.62 and 1.82) and 2 just over that (1.97 and 1.99). The 1.26 was in 1908, 3 years before he retired! He threw 299.0 innings that year with 3 shutouts, winning 21 games with 30 complete games.

45 times in MLB history (10 AL and 35 NL), a pitcher threw complete games in both games of a doubleheader. The last time was in 1926. Cy Young did it once, and was quoted as saying 10-12 pitchers on a team was way too many!

A few pitchers did it twice, and Joe McGinnity did it THREE times and all happened in the same month of the 1903 season! No player alive today is capable of six complete games in 3 days!

‘Like father…’, by Hector Gomez @hgomez27 from twitter.com, then unknown from pinterest.com, UL by unknown via cheezburger.com. That is an AMAZING factoid and we verified it, it is true.

In 2023, changes ‘even more stupider’ were made for the upcoming season. For one, they made the bases much larger. They think this will increase the number of stolen bases and hits. They want more baserunners and higher scores.

Another change is banning defensive shifts. I guess that is easier than learning to hit to the opposite field. THAT is a lost art. This should lead to more baserunners and higher scores.

‘Can you imagine…’, by Archbishop Deshaies @HouCounterplot on twitter.com, then unknown from pinterest.com, UL by unknown via cheezburger.com. Yes, WE adore sarcasm.

In an effort to decrease game time, they are also adding a pitch clock and limiting pickoff moves, which will force pitchers to work quicker, which should lead to more mistakes, then lead to scores going up as well.

MLB seems adamant that their games reach NBA levels of ridiculousness.

They also added advertising to player uniforms and batting helmets. They are also testing an electronic strike zone system in all 30 Triple-A ballparks this year.

“Today’s game is sponsored by…”, by yourfavoriteuser3, via imgflip.com. Reaching, but cute. The ads on uniforms will be worse than this.

But on the positive side, they made a draft change, adding a lottery to discourage tanking, which is rampant in the NBA, and to some extent the NFL. They are also limiting how many times players can be optioned to the minor leagues, and the schedule will see teams playing at least one series against every other team in both leagues, making it more balanced.

Why would anyone watch a sport that is roughly 40% cheating (12 out of 30 teams)? And some people BET on that ‘sport’ too, which is insane! This isn’t a game that we watch any more, and researching this article was as close as we care to get. They made a grand total of ‘not a penny’ off of us.

‘There it is’, by BallHer @BaseballHer on twitter.com, then unknown from pinterest.com, UL by unknown via cheezburger.com. Although it is actually “Whoomp! (There It Is)”…nice one! We are going…going…gone.

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