NOT What Dinger Means!, Marxist League Baseball Took A Knee On USA And Now Funds Child Mutilation And Sterilization



Communists disrespecting our national anthem and flag by Geoff Burke via usatoday.com
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So-called professional sports in general have been moving leftist since late 2016 and none have resisted it. From NASCAR to PGA to NHL to NFL to NBA and more (foreign sports leagues). Now, just two years after they changed their M from Major to Marxist by supporting the Marxist front group BLM* and all 30 teams took part in the “2020 Great Kneeldown on Freedom” movement (which sounds like they took a ‘BLM’) MLB has gotten more eviler as a report shows them aiding the alt-far-left-communust-democRATs as they continue to groom and attack our children.

20 of the 30 teams in MLB are supporting groups performing so-called “sex change operations” on children. You can’t actually change your sex and to believe that is to deny DNA and, since DNA is settled science, you would be a science denier too. So the only “transitioning” going on is from reality to lunacy.

The process they do perform involves brain-washing and gaslighting plus hormone treatments and ultimately surgery, which sterilizes the child, preventing them from ever having children of their own. Meanwhile, the left imports foreign replacement illegal aliens (especially THOSE type of kids) who will vote reliably left wing and work cheap if they work at all.

More communists showing disrespect to our flag and national anthem by MLB via mlb.com

MLB is doing this to children as young as 12 openly, but is likely also doing it to younger kids or at least grooming them to accept the above at 12 as part of the process is changing kids names, pronouns (as if English wasn’t difficult enough to master**) for kids as young as 3 years old. MLB is even sponsoring “Pride Nights” for alphabet people, but no such nights for actual patriotic Americans.

There is a reason kids, even teenagers, aren’t considered adults and therefore can’t enter into contracts or make big life decisions. Well, at least until the left’s trans push they could not, and it is just another step on the slippery slope of perversion.

MLB is doing this under the guise of “social justice”, but we’ve already explained how to identify the real goals. However, true justice doesn’t need to sterilize kids to succeed, and when you convince a boy he is a girl or a girl that she is a boy and then neither can ever produce offspring, the only justice would be them seeing you convicted for your crimes against humanity (making them unable to reproduce).

It wasn’t bad enough that the sport isn’t played by real men today, with starting pitchers dropping from 5.18 innings pitched in 2019 to 5.02 in 2021 but now they have to do THIS! By comparison, Cy Young won 511 games over 22 seasons (23+ wins a year), with a 2.63 ERA and had 749 COMPLETE GAMES out of 815 STARTS (he pitched in 906 games total, 7356.0 innings … 7356 / 906 = 8.12 innings per game he pitched in), and he often started BOTH GAMES of a doubleheader. So today’s players can’t even compare to greats like Cy Young. And if they are going to make the “plumbers and firemen” argument, we have that covered.

Two teams of communists disrespect the national anthem and our flag by Keith Birmingham, Pasadena Star-News/SCNG via ocregister.com

There is nothing patriotic remaining in the former national pastime and ALL leftist sports need to be boycotted (which starves them of your money and time). Also, don’t forget that college sports are where the future communist pros are developed, so don’t give them an automatic pass either.

*as admitted to on the BLM web site before it was pointed out and they scrubbed it.

**according to Barry Farber the author of “How to Learn Any Language: Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively, Enjoyably, and on Your Own” (1991) it is the most difficult, and anyone who has had a text message or email taken wrong knows this is true.

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