Unfortunate German Last Name?, NFL World And Alt-Far-Left MSM Go Bonkers Over Carolina Panthers Hiring Frank Reich



'stop racism...', by unknown, found online. In a sense, this is true.
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We won’t name it but there is a click-bait site with a cutesy name specializing in a particular subject (not politics) that shows up in searches all of the time and they add ‘world’ (or ‘twitter’) to the end of whatever their topic is, likely to make it sound more important, so we thought we’d try it just this once…or 7437 times. We’ll see. It depends.

It has been just 2 years since the BLM movement (we say it that way because it sounds like taking a shit, and it is a proven Marxist front group, so fuck them) led riots all over the USA with their ANTIFA running buddies. One big commie bunch wearing two uniforms for the illusion of separation.

Our standard disclaimer, which we realize regulars now know by heart…we are not racist and hate no person, except communists and the communist adjacent. Fuck them too.

Most seem to think it is perfectly normal today, after the terrorism of 2020, to see black people in 80% of the commercials on TV. This despite being approximately just 13% of the U.S. population, and black males being just under half of that, at roughly 6% or about 1 in every 17 people in the USA.

‘…judging…’, “Halal meme”, by unknown via imgflip.com, UL by Scrobius via reddit.com. That is exactly what talking to NPC leftists is like.

The first black player in professional football is believed to be Charles Follis, a fullback on the Shelby Blues in 1904. That team played in the Ohio League from 1900-1919, which then became the American Professional Football Conference (APFC) with 14 teams in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New York, which turned into the American Professional Football Association (APFA) in 1920, and then the National Football League (NFL) in 1922.

In 1926, blacks reached a high of 5 players in the NFL, then all of them left the league as 5 teams disbanded and the players from those teams were dispersed around to the remaining teams. From then until 1944, blacks sporadically played for various teams.

Then, in 1945, the Rams moved from Cleveland, Ohio, to Los Angeles, California, and local government insisted they sign at least one black player in order to lease the Los Angeles Coliseum. Other teams then began signing black players too.

Now, in 2023, the NFL has 68% black players, which is 55-62% higher representation than they should have. There should be BY THE LEFT’S OWN STANDARD about 7 black players per team, NOT the 38 we have.

‘The Rolling Stones – Paint It, Black (Official Lyric Video).’ — Apparently this song is racist, and the word ‘black’ should be changed to ‘african-american’. Also, the lyrics can’t be posted in the comment section of one well known ‘conservative’ web site because the word ‘black’ there sends your comment straight to moderation. We won’t mention the site to protect Andrew, the founder.

The other thing pushed in ads today is black man / white woman couples. We developed a new drinking game, so play along with us while watching TV (or a steaming service with ads) and try to find a commercial without a black person in it, or a couple that isn’t as described above.

See how many commercial breaks it takes to find that, and when you do, then take a drink.

You will never get drunk that way. It simply is not possible…in 2023.

See disclaimer… These are just facts, so if those offend you, there are plenty of other sites to scurry off to which will tip toe around such things.

Speaking of facts, the word ‘reich’ actually means realm, but is usually taken to mean kingdom or empire. Most associate it with World War II, because…movies and TV. We do not see it that way.

What this is really all about is leftists being upset that Steve Wilks, the interim Head Coach (HC) of the Panthers, wasn’t hired full time after going 6-6, which according to them meant he should have been given the job he took over after Matt Rhule was fired for starting the season 1-4.

Wilks is black. If a white HC went 6-6 they would not be defending him. That makes THEM racist.

‘…accusing…’, by unknown via imgflip.com, UL by unknown via medium.com. Leftists actually do that and pretend they aren’t hypocrites.

Instead of Wilks, the Panthers instead hired former Indianapolis Colts HC Frank Reich, who also played QB for them in their first season in the NFL.

After being a QB for 13 seasons over 14 years (he missed 1987 due to injury) and going 5-15 in 20 starts (HOFer Jim Kelly was the #1 QB for the Buffalo Bills at the time), Reich got into coaching.

He served as Intern, Offensive Assistant Coach, Quarterbacks Coach, Wide Receivers Coach, and Offensive Coordinator for the Colts, Cardinals, Chargers, and Eagles before his 4.5 years as HC of the Colts.

Reich’s record there was 10-6 in 2018 (then 1-1 in the playoffs), then starting QB Andrew Luck abruptly retired at age 29(!) because of various injuries he said made daily life WITH football painful. We hope his life is better now away from football, but we are certain he misses aspects of it.

The Colts dropped to 7-9 in 2019 without him. Then back to 11-5 in 2020 (0-1 in playoffs), then 9-8 in 2021, and then Reich was fired when 3-5-1 during the 2022 season. His replacement went 1-7 the rest of the way (winning his first game and losing 7 straight to end the season).

We see sites and articles claiming Reich is 41-40-1 overall, but those seasons actually add up to 40-33-1 along with 1-2 in the playoffs for 41-35-1 overall. We are not sure where those 5 phantom losses are coming from since he was never a HC before 2018!

‘leftist hypocrisy’, by unknown, via medium.com. Not sure where the picture on the left is from. The picture on the right is White Chicks (2004) starring Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans as black men pretending to be white women. MSM and leftists = crickets on the blatant racism of that.

Regardless, Wilks was NEVER promised the job on a permanent basis. That is the nature of the game and the league. Nevertheless, leftists keep making the same claim, that he got “the team into playoff contention”.

Carolina plays in the NFC South and 3 of the 4 teams went 7-10 this season, while the division was won by the Tom Brady led Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 8-9 (Tom’s first losing season in 22 years). EIGHT WINS AND NINE LOSSES! And the Bucs still made the playoffs.

This was a bad division, and Wilks coached Carolina to .500 after taking over, but that isn’t a winning record and they did not make the playoffs. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Doug Wigdor is the lawyer for Wilks representing him in the pending racial discrimination case against the NFL involving Brian Flores, formerly HC of the Miami Dolphins.

Doug is obviously a racist jackass, saying that “We are shocked and disturbed that after the incredible job Coach Wilks did as the interim coach, including bringing the team back into playoff contention and garnering the support of the players and fans, that he was passed over for the head coach position by David Tepper. There is a legitimate race problem in the NFL, and we can assure you that we will have more to say in the coming days.”

‘…like…’, by unknown, via medium.com. We pity anyone not comfortable in their own skin.

The race problem is that too many black people want the world handed to them on a platter. Even after going 6-6. Leftists actually called that “impressive work”.

Some are saying the Panthers will be added to that existing lawsuit over hiring practices. You can sue anyone for anything at any time, but that does NOT mean you will win.

They are also saying that Wilks wasn’t given a proper chance since he had to coach the same team Rhule led to 1-4. Which one is it fucktards?! He did NOT have to take the job. He also could have done better at it (or worse, to be fair).

Ultimately, the choice of continuing was never truly up to him. Unless you work for yourself, you always answer to someone else.

‘The Rolling Stones – She’s A Rainbow (Official Lyric Video)’ — Take back the rainbow from the heterophobes and DNA deniers (it IS ‘settled science’), AND also from Skittles!

As we already covered, math is muh racist (as is paint). Numbers hate anyone non-white. democRATs said so, so it must be true. They also declare anyone who doesn’t hire blacks a racist.

Notice though that they aren’t calling for more asian or hispanic players, or even coaches. Here is some more racism, we mean math on that.

Just 0.4% of the NFL is hispanic while they make up 19% of the population (or almost 1 in every 5 people), and asians are 0.1% of the league, while being just over 6% of the population (or 1 in every 17 people). They assume those groups aren’t good at football. Further proof of what diversity means to the left.

It still means anti-white, just as it was at the beginning of this article and just as it will be at the end, next week, next month, next year and forever until we stand up and say ENOUGH!

Leftists want skin color (or now sexual orientation, as long as it is not heterosexual) to be the sole factor in why someone gets a job. They are obsessed with race (and sex). And hate white (and straight) people.

‘…gears…’, by unknown via imgur.com, UL by unknown via medium.com. The left despise merit. They even steal elections to circumvent it.

In the NFL, they consider whites too slow to play certain positions, such as WR. Yet Cooper Kupp of the Rams rates at the top for that position.

They also consider Cornerback a position non-blacks can’t play. The last white starting CB was Jason Sehorn in 2002 for the New York Giants (before playing as a Safety with the Rams in 2003, and then retiring after failing a physical before the 2004 season).

The last asian starter at CB was Kevin Kaesviharn (whose father is from Thailand) of the Cincinnati Bengals in 2003, who then moved to Safety the next season, starting 47 games there before retiring after the 2009 season with the Titans.

‘…lie…’, by unknown via imgflip.com, UL by unknown via medium.com. It might just come to that eventually. Remember, leftists looked at her and accepted she was really black.

It isn’t just head coaches and ignoring the player situation, the left also complains about a lack of minority assistant coaches and whites dominating announcing. The left does this with NBA and MLB too, while giving fellow communists a pass.

The left want jobs to be given to blacks both ways: on merit and on skin color. In other words, they want blacks to have their cake and eat yours too.

Whites are just 16% of the global population (1 in 7 people on Earth), which is a true minority! Fuck diversity. It IS code for anti-white.

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