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Quarter-Hour Communism, War On Normality Continues As Alt-Far-Left Want Us Put In Boxes They Call 15-Minute Cities



'doge wisdom', by League_of_jay, via That goes for ALL alt-far-left risky schemes.
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This is the left creating ANOTHER problem that doesn’t exist, so they can claim to be the only ones capable of solving it. But the end result is always the same; more communism and less freedom. And in true Alinskyite fashion, their risky schemes always sound so pleasant.

‘Affordable Care Act’, AKA ObamaDONTcare, which wasn’t affordable but they didn’t care and it was all an act. ‘Inflation Reduction Act’, AKA Bidenflation, which has seen gasoline more than double and egg prices hit $10 a dozen in some areas (roughly a 10x increase) in just two years.

democRATs have even tried to codify their latest election theft methods under the ‘For the People Act’ (later changed to the ‘Freedom to Vote Act’). That passed the U.S. House but, thankfully, couldn’t get through the U.S. Senate!

Their latest big thing is a proposal to change urban areas so that everything you could possibly need, including shopping, work, school, recreation and medical care, is within a 15-minute walk or bike ride.

You won’t even need a car, which is good because they are working to get rid of those too (and not just the gasoline kind either, so don’t get too smug EV owners).

“WEF & Global mayors’ network C40 to create more 15-minute neighbourhoods in cities around the world – Fining those who leave zon”, by Slester78, via It really says ‘zon’. User ‘RunawayTrain’ said “That sounds a lot like China.” Yes, it does, because that is the testing ground for communist ideas.

As an excuse to replace our current cities with this new concept, they use the excuse of ‘climate change’ and ‘the covid’. Upon that, they will build a box and keep us in, and they’ve slapped the pleasant sounding name ’15-minute City’ on it.

We came up with our own name which is far more accurate: Quarter-Hour Communism. It was in the article title…

This same 15-minute idea has magically shown up all over the world, although in some versions they aren’t as ‘generous’ and you might have to walk or bike 20-minutes (those they call neighborhoods rather than cities).

If it sounds familiar, that is because we’ve done this before. It was called ‘life up until 1886’ when the car was invented.

We already have ’15-minute’ city-type living situations, and they are called summer camps, college dorms, and military barracks. Those all have one thing in common…they are not meant to be permanent situations!

‘The tax slaves love obeying the elites’, by leonhunt, via We told you the shots were bullshit!

We also have even already tried ZERO-minute cities…it was called “15 days to flatten the curve”, which turned out to actually be a year or so in most places and even longer than that in some blue-controlled areas.

Notice leftists love that number, ’15’. Remember the $15 an hour minimum wage (states vary with Washington being the highest at $15.74, but the federal number is still $7.25, which many states still follow)?

Now they want to lower the age for voting (currently 18) and for sexual consent too (currently 16, 17 or 18, depending on the state you live in).

Like most bad ideas, this 15-minute thing is spreading throughout Europe first, because the EU ‘loves them’ some globalism and communism and ‘anti-freedomism’. We don’t use the word ‘socialism’ here, which you may have noticed, and the reason is because there is nothing social about it.

“Atsushi Nakanishi is among the jobless living in a capsule hotel, renting a bunk with no door.”, by Ko Sasaki for The New York Times, via alt-far-left-communist-democRAT Just nope!

While pushing this all over the West, they are also seeing to it that we are invaded by illegal aliens who will never assimilate, while driving down wages and raising the cost of living.

Leftists now also claim that ‘urban wildlife’ like pigeons, rats and squirrels, are harmed by the non-existent ‘systemic racism’ that the left seem to see everywhere THEY go but we can’t find anywhere WE are.

They know but play dumb to the fact that THEY are the ‘systemic’, so if that has racism in it, then THEY are racist. And since they are the ones always talking about race, and dividing by race, and pitting races against each other…the shoe fits as that shit is all stuff REAL racists do.

Ecologists Chloe Schmidt and Colin Garroway, who both should be locked in the basement of the University of Manitoba rather than allowed to publish papers representing it, announced their ‘study’ in ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Science’ last year.

‘Change My Mind’, by neiljones, via Only a fool would attempt to do that.

Apparently, wanting to do things such as live and play with people like you is wrong, unless you are a leftist and doing it. So a men-only club or white-only sorority is wrong, but a gay club or black fraternity is okay.

Our normal disclaimer, we love everyone here in the shed, except communists and are openly ‘racist’ against them.

The claim is that white-majority neighborhoods are nicer than non-white neighborhoods, which leads us to the obvious conclusion that people need to clean up their own mess.

That is the whole point of fighting illegal aliens invading us too. If they were all that and a bag of bee’s knees, they would fix their own country. The problem is that some people are just lazy and think everything should be handed to them on a bag of chips.

The ‘study’ claims that the housing patterns that have developed for decades and centuries which form cities are racist. We claim that people can plant flowers and trees (or a garden) anywhere, and that not messing up your stuff is part of ‘adulting’.

The left like to talk about ‘marginalized groups’ but those today include whites, Conservatives and Christians.

‘The Prisoner Intro’ — by Jess Erskine, “A parody of The Prisoner opening sequence, starring me as no. 6. I love this show, Patrick Mcgoohan co-created, wrote, edited, directed and acted in the episodes. To those of you who have no clue about The Prisoner, check it out. To The Prisoner fans, I’m sure you will find this amusing. It took 2 weeks to make due to lack of location. And yes, this is cheesy as crap- I made it that way on purpose. Be seeing you!” Nicely done!

Their best argument in favor of the 15-minute concept appears to be that people who are opposed to it are conspiracy nuts.

Not good enough! The conspiracy is they say we need it when NOBODY asked for it. The radicals and fringe element are the ones who want to change the West.

The actual conspiracy theorist is ANYONE who believes the following statement is true: “We are the government, and we are here to help you.” That goes double for ‘World Economic Forum‘ (WEF) backers.

This is the left claiming to know better than you do how you should live your life, and they will only force you into it if you make them do so.

Eat bugs, don’t use gasoline, live in a tiny home (or a pod), don’t use natural gas, and don’t forget to ‘trans‘ your kids!

‘The Prisoner 1080p opening’ — the real deal from 1967, created, starring and sometimes written and or directed by Patrick McGoohan. A few of the later episodes are goofy (there was only one ‘series’ of 17), but overall quite enjoyable. The episode “Many Happy Returns” (usually #6 or 7, depending on source), is one of the best episodes of ANY show ever! He had worked with episode guest-star Georgina Cookson before on the 1961 ‘Danger Man’ (his prior show, known as ‘Secret Agent’ in the USA) episode “The Trap”. He also has a ‘Colombo’ connection, being friends with Peter Falk, he is tied to 6 different episodes of that show as director (5), producer (2), actor (4), writer (unknown # but at least one, and worked in several ‘The Prisoner’ references too) or some combination of those things.

We just want to live our lives, making our own decisions about when and where to go along the way.

They want us in that pretty little box, with the pretty little box name, so they know where we are at all times. We have already explained what your ‘cellphone’ (really a very small computer with a phone app) is actually for HERE.

If they don’t like living in the West, they don’t have to, they can just go the fuck back home. If they are from here and don’t like it, then they can just fucking leave!

‘Well…’, by unknown, found online (can’t make out site created on). If we have to, we will.

‘1619’ isn’t the problem, it is a lie and a distraction. Globalists want to talk about their distorted view of the past so you don’t notice your future being taken away from you.

‘Agenda 21’ and the newer ‘Agenda 2030’ are both really ‘Agenda 1984’. To counteract the WEF, we propose ‘Agenda 1776’.

What we need to do is build 15-minute cities, but only for alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-grifter-indoctrinating-gaslighting-Alinskyite-fringe-election-theft-denying-globalist-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers, who are the existential threat America faces today. WE will call them prisons.

The absolute best kind of prison is the one that you don’t know that you are in, and THAT is what 15-minute cities are meant to be. So don’t tell them, and they will think they won.

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Like A Bad Neighbor ‘Great Harm’ Don’t Care!, Pro-Trans Leftist Insurance Company Partially Denies First Ever Claim



'The Hartford Insurance Meme', by bleh19799791, via They 100% love you when you are paying them, but when you want them to do their job they Gollum you.
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Yes, we know about the travesty the alt-far-left-communist-democRATs pulled today (March 30, 2023) by indicting President Donald Trump in solid blue New York state. We were already working on this article, and stopped to post our initial thoughts HERE and HERE (for those that hate that site, the same comments were posted on other sites too). Then we resumed this because it was almost done…

‘Insurance companies be like’, by narkarrupesh, via They couldn’t build their giant headquarters buildings and run endless ads unless they were taking money in and not paying it back out as they should (after a REASONABLE profit).

For those living under a rock or in a foreign country…or under a rock IN a foreign country…State Farm is a well-known insurance company in the United States. In fact, they are either #1 or #2 (to Progressive), depending on the source, with about 13.5% market-share.

They are famous for a long-running ad campaign: “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”, and our article title is a play on that. We even wrote that before we found that cat meme below. Thank you sub-conscious!

“The Sanity Clause – A Night at the Opera” by The Marx Brothers — always read contracts, unless it is online because those are massive, so you can just skip it. You don’t really need your first born child anyway.

Despite being a 10-year-old cartoon boy, we are a LONG-time customer, with a perfectly clean driving record, and have paid them a LOT of money in insurance premiums over the years, plus this was our first claim ever.

So imagine our surprise when our perfectly functioning ‘thing’ was hit by ‘another thing’ and suddenly our ‘doohickey’ starts acting up and they decide to cover cosmetic damage and not fix the CLEAR safety issue.

‘Luckiest…’, “Insurance Memes and Trolls”, by unknown, via This is NOT us. We also like the meme but think the car backed up to the tree after the tree had fallen.

Yes, that is vague on purpose.

What did NOT happen to us is that we were flying our X-wing Starfighter down the beach at night and a Killer Whale visiting relatives in the city started running next to us, then as we slowed down it decided to continue on to the ocean on our right and hit the front left area while also causing our ‘flight system’ (starting and stopping) to suddenly not function properly.

But that is close to what happened.

“Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World (Original Spoken Intro Version) ABC Records 1967, 1970” — normal life, no worries…you don’t take risks AND you’ve got insurance!

It could have been much worse, as other space craft were traveling towards us and also flying a little too close behind us. If we came to a sudden stop or veered left or right there would have been blood and some of it might have been ours.

We contacted our local insurance agent who told us to call a toll-free number and that in turn said to get an estimate. The local X-wing Starfighter repair center said there was a part that was bad that would fix everything but the dent (which would be dealt with at an X-wing Starfighter body shop).

‘Insurance is Actually Gambling. Do you really want to win big?’, “BUYING INSURANCE IS A FORM OF GAMBLING; WHERE YOU BET SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN TO YOU”, by the_tristacle, via Occam’s razor says yes.

We then spoke with many people at State Farm, all women (not that it means anything, we just happened to notice it as we wrote down each name…always write down the date, time and name of who you speak with), as we reported our claim and it worked its way through their system.

They were all supportive and friendly. We just wanted our X-wing Starfighter fixed before the next rebel uprising.

‘Dion – Runaround Sue (1961) 4K’, and no her name was NOT Sue. It was a name that isn’t super popular, but it is a character from a movie we like so that made it all feel rather odd.

The last person we spoke with denied the aspect of the claim that we felt was most important (being able to stop and go). She felt the dent was the key issue. We’ll refer to her as ‘Runaround Sue’, because we suspect she is a whore AND we’d sure like to sue her, but it isn’t worth it.

What we will do instead is write this, spread the word, and punish them that way. For years and years. Bank on it. We are bitter and we hold a grudge. You also already know how we feel about scammers.

‘Brilliant!’, “ALL MEN SHOULD CHANGE THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION TO FEMALE; AND DEMAND EQUAL CAR INSURANCE RATES!!”, by endlessninth, via Since the insurance companies are already pushing a leftist agenda they need to be taught a lesson and THIS makes sense.

In a past life, we were a gate-keeper for a large company, and we had great powers. We used them for good, didn’t throw money at people, and only denied help to those who obviously did not deserve it.

Her gate-keeping radar was way off. Probably from the whoring.

‘Why Pay More?’, “YOUNG DRIVER? POOR DRIVING RECORD? GUYS, IDENTIFY AS A WOMAN AND WE CAN SAVE YOU UP TO 25% ON YOUR CAR INSURANCE. CALL 1 800 GUY-LESS.”, by YaYaYa, via Studies show that although women do pay less at certain points, over an entire lifetime it is still fairly even. We still think it is worth a try.

So now our X-wing Starfighter will look pretty and be unusable without the repair, or we get the honor of not only paying our insurance premium (less than a week before the Killer Whale) but also for the repair to make the X-wing Starfighter usable again.

Runaround Sue kept using a certain phrase (NOT ‘denied’ and NOT ‘covered’, another one, that isn’t a synonym for those) over and over again, as if she could hypnotize us with it.

“Carpenters – Hurting Each Other” — reality setting in, as you realize insurance doesn’t care about you AND can’t be reasoned with.

Our stance was, is and will always remain, that the X-Wing Starfighter was flying normally before the Killer Whale hit it, and it was not afterwards, so sure fix the dent, but we also need the stop and go ability functioning too.

The bitch just kept repeating “it isn’t”, then that one word.

‘…be like…’, by @attorneyproblems from unknown, via Pretty much what was said to us. If the damage were greater in the pictures it would have been better for us, forgetting the X-wing Starfighter still wasn’t entirely safe to fly now and it was RIGHT before the Killer Whale hit us.

Her stance is that there should have been more damage, and the pictures we took right after of the piece of Killer Whale skin with hair on it (bet you didn’t know they had that, but they do), and other Killer Whale hair stuck to that area of our X-wing Starfighter didn’t matter.

One of her male colleagues even told the X-wing Starfighter repair shop boss they didn’t think a Killer Whale hit us. She admitted it before denying it later.

“The Allman Brothers Band – Whipping Post (Lyric Video)” — lamenting the fact that insurance used you and cast you aside.

To quote the late great Sam Kinison on an ex, “You lying whore! You used me! You never loved me! I hope you slide under a gas truck and taste your own blood! Die! Die! Die!”. He always was a romantic.

This is the same company that last year tried to put books from “GenderCool” praising ‘the trans’ into schools for kids as young as 5-years-old. There was both a customer AND agent backlash over that announcement, and State Farm backed down.

We have a long memory though. Attempted sexual abuse is still a bad thing, and that is what ‘the trans’ is, and we’ve discussed it many times so far (HERE).

‘…petty…’, by us via AND, based on “Insurance companies waiting to deny your claim – When you donâ€&tra… use exclusive PIA”, ‘Anthony Adams in Yellow Suit Rubbing Hands’ template, by unknown from, via Their meme was too specific and we needed a general insurance meme, so we designed our own based on their opening line.

Just think, Runaround Sue comes off as SO righteous yet she works for a company pushing to surgically mutilate children, cutting off little girl breasts and little boy penises. She is the Josef Mengele of the insurance industry.

We almost quit State Farm then, but our own local agent is great and said the company would not make that mistake again. They had made at least one earlier though.

‘…not there’, by unknown from, via Lesson learned. Longstanding relationships and a clean record don’t matter.

In 2014, they denied benefits to a paralyzed man because he did not insure his motorized wheelchair, despite not even offering such coverage themselves (in fact, no insurance company did). Read about that HERE.

Today they have a new ad campaign, having joined the ranks of the companies who, post 2020 and the RIOTS by blmantifa, decided that they MUST have a black person in every damn ad, AND if a white person is in the ad, the white person has to be goofy or stupid.

“Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know (Official 4K Music Video)” — coming to the conclusion that you can hurt insurance just as badly, if not worse, than they hurt you.

So, for a few years now, State Farm’s current ad campaign is ‘Jake from State Farm’, featuring a probably very nice young black male actor, and assorted white people who appear retarded. And for just a FRACTION of what they pay ‘Jake’ for ONE ad appearance our X-wing Starfighter would be usable and this article doesn’t ever get written.

Actions have consequences, so while we write this article in a blatant effort to monetarily hurt those who hurt us monetarily, and do so anonymously, we are fully prepared to defend ourselves if need be. After all, the truth is a perfect defense.

‘Waiting on an insurance claim? #meme #insurance #workerscomp #riskfinance’, by Risk Finance @RiskFinanceWMC, via Supposedly the check is in the mail. We all know how that goes.

If you have State Farm, please just know that this could happen to you at any time, just as it did to us. But there are alternatives, including a Conservative one (HERE). And please forgive us for our vagueness, but the point comes across anyway.

Fuck you, State Farm. Like Neo did for Agent Smith in the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies (the crappy ones; we don’t count the recent 4th one as the 2nd Wachowski BROTHER did not return to write/direct), you have given us “purpose”.

“Drowning Pool – Bodies” — deciding to lay waste to insurance (monetarily, since that is all that they really care about and they can’t miss it if you do it the other way, so deny them of as much money as you can). After all, fair is fair, and tit for tat!

But we are NOT going to insert our digital hand into your chest while our eyes glow, converting you into a clone of us. No, what we are out to do is to cost you AT LEAST 10x what you screwed us over for, if not 100x or more. Purpose!

Please post your insurance horror stories, or positive experiences, in the comment section below.

Adding: There is a hero in this story…besides us. When we contacted our local agent to inform them about what happened they made some comments about gate-keepers and the importance of taking care of customers. They decided to cover the cost of that one part for us themselves. There are good people in the world. But evil must still be punished, so the game is still on.

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Pork Away Pal!, Usurper Poop Francis Calls 900 Year Ban On Priests Having Sex ‘Temporary’ And Vows To Review Policy



'shock', by unknown, via How Jorge with feel when he gets to hell and finds out he picked the wrong side.
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Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, known professionally as Pope Benedict XVI, was a decent and honorable man. He became Pope in April 2005, following the death of Karol Józef Wojtyła AKA John Paul II. Joseph was then later pushed into retirement on February 28, 2013, taking the title of “Pope emeritus” when Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio usurped power and sent the Church into centuries of darkness.

‘bubblewrap’, by unknown, via twitter. Several people posted it, with no way to tell who created it or posted it first. Very good ‘photoshopping’.

Okay, it just feels that way. Jesuits are the democRATs of religion. They pretend to be Christian, just as democRATs pretend to be American.

Jorge (discussed prior HERE), who took the name ‘Francis’, was born in Argentina to Italian immigrant parents. But no matter what he is called, his sole mission is to destroy the Roman Catholic Church and he has become exceedingly efficient at it.

“Chicago – Hard To Say I’m sorry (Lyrics)”, “Hard to Say I’m Sorry”, performed by Chicago, written by David Walter Foster and Peter P. Cetera. Just because we don’t post new content sometimes it doesn’t mean that we don’t still love our site, or appreciate our visitors (all 42 of you).

Traditional Latin Mass (aka Tridentine Mass) was good enough for use from 1570 to 1962. Although Jorge didn’t phase it out, he is trying to stomp it to death, having deemed it a step backward. He even wants to end its use among those willing to participate.

Perhaps if he thought of Latin Mass as he does abortion or ‘migration’, then those wanting to celebrate it would be free from his persecution.

‘Thanos’, “Pope’s ball-twirling skill has started a photoshop battle online.”, by faultytailight from, via We have long suspected these two were besties…despite both being fictional characters.

That brings us to the main topic. Since 1123, the Church has sought to ordain only unmarried men.

But Jorge says that despite the length of time the current policy has been in effect, that he considers it to be temporary and that for a priest to marry is “no contradiction”.

‘the precious’, “Photographic memory for films + watching films hundreds of times = profit???”, by Jennifer Harrison @GeneticJen from, via, with screenshot by us. THEN she had to go all leftist in the next few comments (about blm and masks…), followed by begging for money for an upcoming surgery. And we STILL hope that her surgery went well.

We read an interview with a male author once, and he answered a question by stating the reason he never participated in gay sex was that he was afraid he would like it. That logic applies to anything potentially corruptive (drugs, drinking, voting democRAT, etc).

If you are religious and want to have sex, then simply don’t become a priest or nun. It isn’t your calling.

‘Lets make Pope Francis a meme I’m bored’, by SmulePlayz, via Waiting for Reuters or some other self-appointed ‘fact-checker’ to publish an article PROVING that @Pontifex is not Jorge’s real account and he never said this.

What Jorge, 86…so fingers crossed he isn’t with us much longer…is trying to accomplish, as all leftists do, is to bend normality to their own perverted wishes.

Just as Germany has led the way in destroying not only their own country but also the entire continent of Europe, via Angela Merkel’s open door (for mainly muslims…) policy, so too do they also now lead the way in ruining the Catholic Church, having voted to request Jorge end the celibacy obligation.

‘Pope Francis why not both’, by anonymous, via Money is not evil. It is an inanimate object, like a gun. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

And for his part Jorge readily agreed, stating recently, “There is no contradiction for a priest to marry. Celibacy in the western Church is a temporary prescription.”

That is in sharp contrast to his own position from 2019 when he called celibacy a gift, and declared it was not optional.

‘skewed view’, by Cassie Dagostino @casatino from twitter, via We can explain that to you, you feckless cunt communist pedophile bitch (a reference to what Canuckian communist Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump on TBS in 2018). Two evil people smiling and or laughing x3, then one evil person not laughing in the presence of someone righteous (who just like us despises communists).

Discussing this with a fellow Catholic, they suggested Jorge simply had an epiphany. We asked if that was a new brand of strap-on.

In the same interview he talked about the rising divorce rate, and we can’t help but notice that non-celibate religious life would NOT solve that issue.

“Pope Trump? God help us.”, by unknown, via More like Pope Trump…God helped us!

The simple fact is that some take responsibility seriously, and others do not. Also, people who do not value societal traditions hate those of us who do.

That goes for stealing elections, forcing vaxx that leads to dying of suddenly, or messing with religion. FAFO…Fuck Around and Find Out.

“Just go ahead. Pork away, pal. Fuck her blue.”, spoken by Kevin Kline as Otto to John Cleese as Archie Leach (and that character was named after Archibald Leach who was known professionally as Cary Grant), from ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ (1988), from Video no ‘worky’, but audio is from movie and we can’t find a better version of clip that entire article premise depends on, so here it is!

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Collusion Of Communists, antifa Domestic Terrorist Tom Jurgens Is SPLC (southern poverty law center, [SIC]) Lawyer



'Come Up and Get Me Bitches!', by TheMinistryOfTruth, via That statue of the founder of Pennsylvania has been atop the city hall building in Philadelphia since 1894. It was cast in 47 pieces, assembled into 14 pieces, then lifted one at a time into place. It is 37 feet tall, weighs 27 tons, and at the top is 584 feet in the air. Good luck.
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Nobody elected so-called ‘fact checkers’ or ANY organization to determine who was a ‘domestic terrorist’ or ‘hate group’, but leftists unilaterally decided to declare themselves as those and, just like Joe Biden, usurp power.

Real actual proper ‘hate groups’ and ‘domestic terrorists’ reveal themselves through their own actions. More on that below.

Yes, we made an exception to our rule of no cursing in the main image, article title or first paragraph. That meme we found for this was just too good to not be first. And as far as cursing goes, it is pretty mild.

Our normal disclaimer: we don’t hate ANYONE…except communists. Fuck them to hell! Oh, and it has been a while since we mentioned that we intentionally ‘lower case’ things we have NO respect for. So those are ‘intentionals’, not accidents.

‘Sameo,sameo.’, by 2ATom, via Brown or black clothing, a nazi is defined by their thoughts and deeds. antifa ARE fascists.

The entire ‘anti-fascist’ movement is based on a lie. They believe that America is filled with Nazis and they define Nazi as anyone who disagrees with them. As adults, they are responsible for their own actions, but this is the result of gaslighting and brainwashing from childhood by adult communists. Not an excuse, just pointing out no teaching goes on in schools.

Part of the problem is the myth the left spread. In reality, nazi = national SOCIALIST = left wing because ALL socialists are left wing! Communist = global SOCIALIST = which is also left wing. The distinction is in scope: either localized (to a nation) ​​or international (aka globalist).

‘”Anti-Fascism”‘, by JerryCiolino, via Everyone is the hero of their own story, even antifa nazis.

The ‘southern poverty law center’ [SIC] or splc, is an alt-far-left-communist-democRAT front group. splc itself is a known alt-far-left hate group aligned with the now obviously criminal fbi, who refer to splc as a “valued asset”. Both provide protection for their fellow communists by casting never-ending aspersions on true American patriots. fbi is now even trying to label Catholics as extremists. Fuck you fbi!

Enter Thomas Webb Jurgens, 28 and an attorney for the splc, who along with a large group of his friends, attacked a police training facility in Atlanta, Georgia, that they nicknamed ‘Cop City’ on Sunday, March 5, 2023.

“Antifa Mugshots Portlabd Riots”, ‘ANTIFA MUGSHOTS FROM PORTLAND RIOTS; PLEASE SHARE WITH THEIR MOM SO THEY LOSE THEIR BASEMENT’, by FootballPenguin, via Atlanta, Portland, wherever. antifa = nazis. They are sub-human!

Police label it as “a coordinated attack” on officers and equipment, and also state that antifa “used the cover of a peaceful protest” to access the premises before changing “into black clothing and entering the construction area” of the facility, which was not yet completed.

So far, 23 people (aged 18 to 50) that we know of so far have been charged. They come from all across the United States of America, and also France and Canada. More arrests are possible, and so far all charges have been filed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and none by the fbi…

‘field report…’, by unknown, found online. The left are evil and insidious, not retarded. We aren’t the extremists, you leftist fucks are.

This is all eerily similar to J6 (January 6, 2021) when it is proven that many antifa and their blm kissing-cousins wore Trump hats and shirts to lead the charge on the Capitol before changing clothes and slipping away, having lured in Patriots who were arrested for walking between velvet rope-lines peacefully and single-file.

And never forget the MANY 2020 protests by blmantifa (really one group wearing two uniforms to give the illusion of separation). No different than democRATs and RINOs (who are NOT actual Republicans), who are actually the DC uni-party, but give the illusion of conflict.

‘Is it wrong to follow rioters home and burn their property?’, “IS IT WRONG TO FOLLOW RIOTERS HOME AND BURN DOWN THEIR PROPERTY? JUST ASKING FOR A FRIEND.”, by TheMinistryOfTruth, via We have long said that if this happened, the left’s violence would stop.

democRATs, antifa, msm, the fbi and others defend illegal aliens and trans’ing our kids. They want to arrest parents for trying to protect their children from government school groomers, who are working to destroy our history, including tearing down our statues.

We prior discussed antifa HERE, blm HERE, fbi HERE, and splc HERE.

Now is the time to take a stand against them all. They have exposed themselves as anti-America AND anti-American.

Sooner or later there will be open conflict with antifa by American patriots. We aren’t calling for that, it is simply inevitable. Their attack on the police proves they are already at war with us.

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