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Delusion As Revenge, Milo Yiannopoulos Destroyed Own Career Years Ago And Now Buries It Admitting To Framing Trump



'Rent Free - President Trump is living rent free in your head, son', by unknown, UL by Tysonist, via President Donald Trump continues to prove he is brilliant at real estate.
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This has nothing to do directly with race and religion, but we refuse to tip toe around such issues so they will be mentioned in context. We actually had a soft spot for Milo Hanrahan (Yiannopoulos’ birth name), as several years ago, due to a back injury, we were laid up for a few weeks on a couch (closer to the bathroom, and firmer than the bed) with nothing to do and ended up watching his entire (new at the time) ‘college tour’ video series on YouTube.

Milo worked for Breitbart from 2014 to 2017, as the ‘Technology Editor’. We remember he wrote about the ‘Gamergate’ situation (which we are NOT getting in to) but also articles on a wide variety of topics. He was interesting. He was recruited to work at Breitbart by Stephen K. Bannon, who had helped co-found the site in 2009 (then left work to work for President Trump, before coming back to Breitbart in August 2017 before leaving again on January 9, 2018).

Milo Yiannopoulos — ‘No More Dead Babies’. Speech at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in Spanos Theatre on Jan. 31, 2017 at 6 p.m.” Aside from periodically mentioning throughout that he is gay, this is solid Conservative content. Including…”Incidentally, uhm, the left is the only place that knows where to buy swastika flags.” –Milo, from THIS event. RIP 2017 Milo.

Ben Shapiro also worked at Breitbart during that time, starting in 2012 and leaving March 2016, allegedly over the Michelle Fields situation. She had headed a Libertarian group in college, then was a reporter at The Daily Caller before working at PJ Media (a Libertarian site), while also being a contributor for Fox News. She and Ben also shared a hatred of Donald Trump.

Fields claimed that Corey Lewandowski (then Trump’s campaign manager) grabbed her and twisted her arm before throwing her down at an event for Trump. She resigned from Breitbart on March 13, 2016, after video of their encounter was released by the venue it took place at.

That video proved the incident was over in seconds and that after Fields blocked Corey’s way before he briefly touched her in a different spot than the bruises she posted pictures of (which were obviously done by her own then boyfriend, and now husband Jamie Weinstein, who was senior editor of The Daily Caller at the time). Or Shapiro, or some other never-trumper. But they could NOT have been done by Corey!

Proving her right-of-center leanings were all a mask, less than 2 months after leaving Breitbart (and RIGHT before getting engaged, so Jamie knew) she ended up at alt-far-left-communist-democRAT ‘The Huffington Post’ (AKA Huffington COMpost, as in communist OR full of shit, take your pick) where she is still employed to spew hate.

‘…somehow became…’, by unknown, found online.

Why are you telling me all of this?

Painting a picture. Laying the groundwork. Drawing a map.

It turns out that Milo is a chameleon and grifter, but so are Michelle Fields and David Brock (who used to write books about how evil the Clinton’s were before suddenly announcing he was both gay AND going to work for…the Clinton’s). Milo now has no other place left to go but to join them as openly democRAT.

Why? The infamous dinner on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, November 22, with Kanye West (no we won’t call him by that idiotic name he wants us to) and the obviously hispanic Nick FUENTES (who RINOs and the alt-far-left always identify as a “white nationalist” and Hitler fan), who nobody on the Right even knew who he was until the other day…but EVERYONE on the left did. Hmm…

What dinner? Apparently, President Trump had invited Kanye to dine with him and West showed up with the uninvited FUENTES in tow. Trump, being a gracious host, and obviously trusting beyond what he should have, accepted the third dinner companion. Trump said he did NOT know FUENTES, which Nick has now confirmed in interviews.

‘…exposing…politicians…’, by unknown, found online.

Kanye says when he decided to run for President he wanted to inform Trump at the dinner AND asked Trump to be his VP running mate. Kanye did rightly tell Trump that he should do more to help the J6’ers.

Milo is a political adviser to Kanye’s campaign. This comes after Milo worked as an unpaid intern for U.S. Representative from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R), known as MTG.

It turns out it was all a set-up, which Milo admitted. He hatched the plot along with Kanye and FUENTES “just to make Trump’s life miserable”, apparently because Milo feels “betrayed” by Donald and blames him for his career collapsing. That sounds like some great revenge, but Trump had NOTHING to do with Milo collapsing into himself like a dying star.

After Milo left Breitbart, he wrote a book and started a web site, both named ‘Dangerous’, and around that time we became aware that he was being funded by a wealthy woman but had no idea who. We do remember him posting videos and streaming events in which he spent lavishly, showing off his shopping sprees and expensive trips and high-priced liquor and even trips to the desert to shoot guns.

It turns out that the Mercer family, headed by billionaire and former co-CEO of a hedge fund Robert Mercer (who has helped finance Breitbart, backed Donald Trump for President, and supported Milo’s college tour, among other things) and his daughter Rebekah Mercer, who along with her two sisters purchased her father’s stake in Breitbart. She also funded and was a co-founder of the Parler social media site (which West is now NOT buying after all)…and who helped bankroll Milo, as her father did.


During that time, Milo was wrongfully blamed for violence on some campuses he visited, but that was the lamestream (or leftstream) media ‘urinalists’ talking. If someone is speaking and you don’t want to hear it the normal response is not to riot and threaten people, but rather to go about your normal life and let others who want to hear them make up their own minds.

If we attacked democRATs as they do us simply for existing, there wouldn’t be a democRAT left, just as if We The People actually ‘insurrected’, there wouldn’t be a scorched stone left standing in the Capital.

After the Mercer family finally cut off his funding, Milo said, “I am grateful for Bob’s help in getting me this far in my career. I wish him and the family all the best.”

Simon & Schuster had given Milo a $250,000 advance for him to write that book. On February 20, 2017 they announced they were canceling the book and the same day a story came out that ’employees at Breitbart’ (who? how many? allegedly at least 6, per an anonymous source) had threatened to resign if he remained as senior editor.

Then CPAC quickly canceled an invitation for him to speak at the event scheduled to run from the 22nd to 25th. We remember being furious with Conservative Political Action Conference Chairman Matt Schlapp over that.

‘DP #193 | MILO YIANNOPOULOS ON DP! – THE SITUATION! (DP = Drunken Peasants).’ We think this is frokm 2016. THIS contains the comments, just before 53 minutes in.

Why did this all happen at once? Milo had made some comments that seemed to justify pedophilia. At the time, we accepted his explanation that he wasn’t promoting it and that in fact he was molested as a child by an older male his family knew.

You won’t find us admitting mistakes too often. It isn’t that we are perfect (nobody is, Trump included), but we try hard and don’t make many AND we refuse to admit to ones we didn’t make (which the left seem to thrive on getting right-of-center people to do).

On Milo, though, we made a mistake. Not in liking his stuff, but specifically in not following up on those allegations and seeking out the video of them. Having listened to it now, for this article…wow. And it doesn’t even matter if he was molested. ZERO excuse for what he said. Totally unacceptable. We fucked up not checking into that then. And we didn’t even have to admit it. If we say nothing, you have no idea.

So CPAC was right to un-invite him, and the publisher was right to cancel the book. It came out anyway, self-published by Milo’s ‘Dangerous Books’. And as bad as it was for us to not investigate his comments further, at least we didn’t pour money into his horrible spending habits and life decisions.

“The Office – S8 E6 – ‘Doomsday’, “Pobody’s Nerfect”.

Milo even seems confused about religion. Or perhaps he intentionally confuses US. Under Jewish Law, the child is the religion of the mother until they reach legal age and can decide for themselves. Milo’s mother is Jewish, and of German descent, but their relationship wasn’t good and he ended up being raised by his paternal Greek-Irish grandmother in the Catholic faith.

The one prescient statement Milo made on that is, “People claim that really stupid things are anti-Semitic that are not really anti-Semitic, or they make more of a fuss about it than they need to.” And to think he was talking about himself in mid-2019 when he said it too!

He went on to add that “it’s not conspiracy, that’s a fact” that Jewish people are “disproportionately influential in media, publishing, entertainment and finance”. This isn’t a knock, but given that just 20 million or so people out of a global population of 8 BILLION are Jewish, and a lot of them end up in those fields…something is going on. And for fuck’s sake, it shouldn’t be a crime to discuss it!

Milo said that “They may have some prejudice about Jews. Like the Jews run everything. Well we do. The Jews run all the banks. Well we do. The Jews run the media. Well we do. You know they’re right about all that stuff.” We guess he wasn’t Catholic that day.

He added, “Just like I don’t like left-wing political correctness about women and blacks and Muslims, I don’t like right-wing political correctness about Jews and Israel.” And yet here he is, trying to blame Trump for his own results from his own bad behavior and using ‘anti-Semitism’ allegations he FUCKING STAGED to do it.

‘this is fair use’, by unknown on, via The New York Slimes, aka New York Times, forced Trump to take down the meme picture on the left of this meme because their photographer took it. Fuck that! Trump is IN the picture! It is clearly fair use. We’ll sepia it and reverse the image if needed, fair using all over it!

Donald Trump’s own daughter is Jewish, so is her husband, and so are their children. As President, Trump moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. He has also been friends with and hired many Jewish people. That is the opposite of anti-Semitism…and AGAIN, Nick Fuentes is fucking hispanic.

What he is doing, possibly intentionally, is the dirty work of the actual anti-Semites in the democRAT party. And we say that before he said that they were that prior and, if anything, they’ve gotten worse since then!

Milo has also spoken out about mass migration from Muslim countries to the West. We have also said that, given that islam is NOT a religion of peace as claimed. If you actually take the time to read Quran / Koran, available FREE online as ebook and audiobook via a quick search, you will learn it is a religion if pieces…of you here and pieces of you over there. Those muslims NOT acting in a violent way are the radicals!

Oh, and fuck the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). They are both Marxist front groups, just like BLM and ANTIFA, and also alt-far-left-communist-democRAT hate groups who spread disinformation. The fact-checkers here at Reality Shed have fact-checked that statement…and it is TRUE.

Also fuck any other group that is opposed to free speech, and only wants that for them, including Venmo, PayPal, MSM and democRATs. Folks should boycott the shit out of all of them!

‘…bring him back’, by Reed Cooper News, found online.

West has spent most of the year getting a divorce, complaining about who his now ex-wife (as of 2 days ago) was dating, and revealing his true nature (hating on Jewish people and plotting against President Trump).

So, against the advice of some close to him, President Trump hosted the dinner because he insisted he wanted to help Kanye, who had asked him for business advice due to West’s recent problems. And West repaid that by colluding with Milo and FUENTES to fuck Trump over.

The three even set up Karen Giorno, a contributor for NewsMax who prior worked for Trump, getting her to pick Kanye up in Miami and drive him and ‘Nick’ (she wasn’t told FUENTES’ last name on purpose by Milo beforehand) the 70 miles to Mar-a-Lago AND help get them in.

The trio insist that they informed her of their plan on the drive, and of FUENTES’ identity then too). Giorno insists she tried to take the other two men to the bar area so that Trump and Kanye could dine alone, but the President left it up to Kanye, who insisted they all dine together, including her.

‘I’m Crushing Your Head! – Trump Crush’, by unknown, UL by satoshiincarbonite, via

We had lost track of Milo, almost as if he fell off the Earth after Twitter banned him. Apparently, he has been waging war on Trump (and MAGA) since 2020. We guess having lots of gay sex wasn’t enough to keep him busy during covid. During the last two years, both Giorno and Milo had public spats with Laura Loomer (who is Jewish), the young lady who gathered a group of real illegal aliens and took them to Nancy Pelosi’s mansion a few years back, and who still backs Trump.

Loomer has also run for Congress unsuccessfully, which is too bad, as we like her…she has guts. We like MTG too, but now question her as Loomer has over her hiring of Milo. Laura thinks MTG was even in on the infamous dinner plot.

Greene spoke at an event put on by FUENTES in early 2022 but, as with Trump, said she had no idea who he was and that her speech was to the audience (that she was told would be 1200 or so college kids) and not to Nick himself. She added that video of the event is out there and it was basically the same speech she normally gives. As for Milo, MTG (who has endorsed Trump for 2024) says he lives in the same city in Georgia as she does and that they talk occasionally.

Milo (who is white) was married to a black man, but in March 2021, he declared he wasn’t gay any longer. He has, however, spent the last year claiming Kanye (who is black) is gay AND likes white guys, in over a dozen social media comments. Now he is working for him. We’ll just leave that right there…

“Kids In The Hall – Head Crusher: Rival”. The epic battle between “I’m crushing your head” and “I’m pinching your face”.

Kanye told Tim Pool he was connected to Milo by a producer for Alex Jones. Milo then brought FUENTES on board Kanye’s campaign. And obviously, Alex Jones took Elon Musk’s condemnation (and Twitter ban) to heart and, realizing he would NEVER be let back on Twitter, decided to flush the rest of his career too by aligning with Kanye (and also Milo and Fuentes too).

The usual RINO suspects (Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Chris Sununu) were all quick to condemn Trump, so we hope that someone decides to set those self-righteous anti-American fuckers up real soon. Kind of even the playing field…

Milo is still British. We always wondered why a guy who claims to love the USA, and who both lives and works here wouldn’t become a citizen. Now we are glad he did not.

In the end Milo fucked Milo (AKA his perfect date). The lesson here for everyone is to vet who you spend time with, especially if they initiate contact asking to associate with you. And we still don’t hate anybody…except communists.

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Parler is likely gone for good as of April 14, 2023.
Twitter account abandoned May 12, 2023, after Elon Musk hired WEF’er Linda Yaccarino as new CEO.

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Largest Ever hispanic Simon Says Game Begins, mexican president amlo Strongly Suggests They All Vote Monolithically



"Joke: Over the past few years, since Trump first talked about building the wall between Mexico and the United States, there has been an increase in depression among Mexicans. Mexican psychotherapists have reported that many Mexicans will never get over it.", by unknown, via Good, they are losing sleep. Meanwhile, Americans are being murdered by illegal aliens.
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As of today there are 8.036 BILLION people on Earth, and approximately 486 MILLION people across 20 countries that speak spanish natively. In fact, it is the #4 most spoken language on Earth, behind #3 Hindi, #2 Mandarin Chinese, and #1…English.

Finding this out is shocking considering we are told every day to give up our identity and accept “Dial 2 for spanish’ on our phone calls to, well, every company in America.

“Don’t believe the fake Noose media!”, by Humornama Media, via The leftstream, or lamestream, media did collude with known racist scumbag leftist William Darrell ‘Bubba’ Wallace Jr. (white father, black mother; and neither raised him properly) and the FBI (aka Fascist Bureau of Investigation) on that noose story a few years ago…almost like nobody had even seen a rope garage door pull before. For those who don’t know, EVERY garage door at that racetrack had one, not just his.

We’ve even noticed that FREE streaming services, such as PlutoTV and others, now regularly run ads (you watch those rather than pay a monthly fee) in spanish, at all times of the day and on every channel.

Quick note: fuck you Paramount-CBS-Viacom…munist.

“Why july to me? Julier!!”, by Humornama Media, via AMLO and other globalists are Julier’s!

The totals, for those interested, are 1.452 BILLION for English, 1.118 BILLION for Mandarin Chinese, 602.2 MILLION for Hindi, and 548.3 for spanish.

Our standard disclaimer here: we don’t have anyone except communists, and those communist adjacent (which includes illegal aliens…the proper term for alien invaders under U.S. Law).

“Tell me if juicy the cops.”, by Humornama Media, via The same cops leftists want to eliminate.

Then it is quite a fall down to #5 French at 274.1 MILLION, #6 Arabic at 274.0 MILLION, #7 Bengali (India’s #2) at 272.7 MILLION, then #8 Russian at 258.2 MILLION, #9 Portuguese (spoken in Portugal, obviously, and Brazil, less obviously) at 257.7 MILLION, and #10 Urdu (spoken in Pakistan, and also parts of India) at 231.3 MILLION.

No other language clocks in at over 200 MILLION (at this time), and just 4 more (again, at this time) top 100 MILLION.

“I tried to go to American, but defense was in the way.”, by Humornama Media, via We don’t want a fence, we want a WALL!!!

For those wondering, there are 8 main spoken Chinese variants, and over 300(!!) different dialects of Chinese in China. The next two dialects of Chinese came in at #19 AND #22.

mexico has just under 3x as many spanish speaking people as Spain does (130.21 MILLION to 47.26 MILLION).

“Why did the Mexican take anxiety meds? For his His-panic attacks.”, by Humornama Media, via Good, they have the shakes. Meanwhile, Americans are being raped by illegal aliens.

Fun fact, we were curious and looked up…”The main difference between Spanish speakers in mexico and Spain is how they pronounce z, ci, and ce. In mexico and across Latin America, the pronunciation of z, ci, and ce in Spanish are all similar to the “s” sound in English. In Spain, they sound more like a breathy “th” sound.” –

Anyway, enough of that stuff.

“The doctor asked me which knee hurts that knee or disney?”, by Humornama Media, via Boycott that knee and Disney.

After centuries of insistence that all hispanics were NOT the same, mexican president andres manuel lopez obrador (aka amlo, as in amlodownglobalistscum) declared a few days ago that ALL hispanics are, apparently mexican AND have to do what he tells them to do, even if they live in another country.

“The doctor said I shouldn’t drink too much because it’s bad for deliver!”, by Humornama Media, via The least harmful thing that could happen to them is developing liver problems. That is too slow!

This pronouncement came as part of a larger attack by MANHOLE on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who lied when he said that if President Trump decided to run in 2024 then Ron would not run. That is okay though, as it will be fun to watch Donald humiliate a large group of RINOs and Paul Ryan friends (as Ron is; even taking advice from the former Speaker and current Fox News board member) again.

“My friend gets so drunk that I have to pick the bishop!”, by Humornama Media, via Call her a bish to her face and you won’t have that problem again…

Referring to Ron as “Mr. Santi”, AMMOdump stated that “all of his politicking about migrants was because he wants to be the candidate for the Republican Party.”, because pandering is apparently not a part of mexican politics…

First, they are NOT “migrants”. They are illegal alien invaders. Not just of the USA, but also of mexico and other countries too.

Second, fuck you communist.

“I want to go to the club but no body wash my child.”, by Humornama Media, via Where is your baby-mama?

SCAMPRO also said he hopes that hispanics, “wake up and don’t give him [DeSantis] a single vote” in the upcoming Republican primaries and presumably also in the possible 2024 general election, although President Trump will be the one to ensure that.

It is also Tony Montana’s intention to continue to tell hispanic Americans how to vote in the future, so they have a decision to make. And if they decide to side with his own special brand of terrorism (which is what his actions are), then they need to leave.

“Nando asked me hey bro do you think you cologne me a dollar?”, by Humornama Media, via Will you pay back the cologne?

Even legal hispanics are tired of illegal aliens, and especially ‘their own kind’, as the ones coming here aren’t saints (see HERE and HERE recently on MS-13, and HERE for illegal aliens in general).

CONBRO is also colluding with communist China to import Fentanyl (50x more potent than heroin, and 100x more potent than morphine) into the USA to kill Americans.

“I just wanted to stop by anguish you a happy birthday!”, by Humornama Media, via Stay in your own country and just tweet me best wishes.

That motherfucker also allows illegal alien invaders from countries to mexico’s south to just waltz through his country to enter ours. HE is a criminal and should be tracked down, arrested, and brought to the USA for a speedy trial and equally quick PUBLIC execution, as a warning to the next 10 generations that some actions come with too high a price.

“Today is not tuesday, it’s mande.”, by Humornama Media, via Mande was a pretty good day, but it is almost over now.

The fact is that white people, globally, have built modern society, and now we are expected to just hand it to third world invaders, then step aside and die. Not happening! And if you are all that and a bag of tortilla chips then stay home and fix your own shit-hole!

We want to thank ‘mexico hat guy’ for being here today (on a Mande), who, as it turns out, is the 17th cousin, 5 times removed, of our prior guest ‘Anti-Joke Chicken‘. Please, don’t ask.

You can find us on social media here:

Parler is likely gone for good as of April 14, 2023.
Twitter account abandoned May 12, 2023, after Elon Musk hired WEF’er Linda Yaccarino as new CEO.

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Wipe With democRATs!, The Ultimate Solution To Stopping Deforestation AND ‘Deleavestation’ While Also Saving Money



'...not buying...', by unknown, via This really is a no-brainer, and comes down to comfort and price.
Spread the reality, RealityShed.Com --

We really do listen to you and read your comments, and we always consider your suggestions…before dismissing them. Unfortunately for you, no, we won’t be starting an OnlyFans account. Also, shame on those of you who want to see a scantily clad “10-year-old cartoon boy” researching and typing. THAT is a new kink!

As for the headline, it was a tossup between ‘ultimate’ and ‘perfect’, but in the end ‘ultimate’ was more better-er. Speaking of the end, this article is all about some leftist ass-hat suggesting that we do away with toilet paper (TP) and instead begin using leaves to wipe our butts with when we take a poop.

Translation into vulgarian: “using leaves to wipe our asses with when we take a shit”. We just want everyone to be happy, and appreciate our vulgarian minority readers. To that end, this article contains both toilet humor AND humor about toilets.

“you’re a true vulgarian” — from ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ (1988, MGM). This scene features Kevin Kline (as Otto) and John Cleese (as Archie). What comes next in the movie is Otto hanging Archie out of a window upside down.

Are we actually taking one or leaving it? You don’t bring the crap with you when you exit the bathroom. Actually, since we are leaving it, then perhaps we should use leaves.

Back on topic, who are the dirtiest and most disgusting people on the planet?

democRATs. But you know that, even if you are one. And if you are one, what the fuck are you doing here? There is no hope for you. Any chance you had of saving your soul was lost when you stole the 2020 and 2022 elections.

Yes, you did.

The real question isn’t if we should continue to use TP, but rather what are we going to use when democRATs finish intentionally collapsing society?

This kind of nonsense from the alt-far-left isn’t new though. The globalists tried to create an artificial shortage of TP during the covid scamdemic of 2020 (aka that thing that enabled the first recent election theft).

This did get us thinking though. Perforated TP was patented in 1891, and we decided to learn about what people used before TP was invented.

‘public restroom usage’, by unknown, found online. Yet people still buy food at gas stations.

The first known reference to TP was in 589AD by the Chinese scholar and official Yan Zhitui, who said, “Paper on which there are quotations or commentaries from the Five Classics or the names of sages, I dare not use for toilet purposes.”

In islam they are not allowed to eat with their left hand…because they wipe with that hand after crapping (via THIS is the reason we shake hands with the right hand! According to, male muslims “…must also not wear any scent, including deodorant.”

Well, that stinks.

Here are some other solutions to this common shared problem…

‘…literally…’, by unknown, via Never did that ourselves, but most often it seemed to be aimed at government school indoctrinators (aka ‘teachers'[SIC]).

“How did Romans wipe their bottoms? The Romans cleaned their behinds with sea sponges attached to a stick, and the gutter supplied clean flowing water to dip the sponges in. This soft, gentle tool was called a tersorium, which literally meant “a wiping thing.” The Romans liked to move their bowels in comfort.” –

“What did Vikings use as toilet paper? The waterlogged areas of the excavation at Whithorn uncovered preserved ‘sheets’ of moss, which had been discarded. Closer analysis revealed them to be studded with fragments of hazel nut shells, and blackberry pips.” –

“What was toilet paper in China? In the 6th century CE toilet paper was widely used in China. Historically the first modern toilet paper was made in 1391, when it was created for the needs of the Chinese Emperor family. Each sheet of toilet paper was even perfumed. That was toilet paper as we have come to think of it.” –

‘pre-2020 life’, by unknown, via Those companies plant new trees too, because without them they’d run out of product eventually.

“What did people use instead of toilet paper in the Middle Ages? Before toilet paper was even a concept, people just used whatever was available to wipe. This included items such as hay, wood shavings, corn cobs, and even iron cables.” –

“What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper? Leaves, sticks, moss, sand and water were common choices, depending on early humans’ environment. Once we developed agriculture, we had options like hay and corn husks. People who lived on islands or on the coast used shells and a scraping technique.” –

“What did pirates use for toilet paper? Sailors used something called a ‘tow rag’. A tow rag was a long piece of frayed rope that dangled in the water. The ropes were tied to the part of the ship that was used as a toilet. After wiping, they would drop the rope back into the water and let the ocean do the clean-up.” –

‘…square’, by unknown, via The guy that sings the song this is based on is VERY left wing. Cute meme though.

“What did [American Indians] use before toilet paper? Corn cobs. Dried corn cobs were plentiful in rural agrarian societies throughout history. From colonial Americans to ancient Mayans — the corncob worked by turning on its axis to clean the region (you get the picture). According to our official internet sources, some outhouses in western US states still use this method” –

“What did pioneers use to wipe their bum? One of the more popular early American wiping objects was the dried corn cob. A variety of other objects were also used, including leaves, handfuls of straw, and seashells. As paper became more prominent and expendable, early Americans began using newspapers, catalogs, and magazines to wipe.” –

“What did cowboys use for toilet paper? If the cowboys used the large velvety leaves of the mullein (Verbascum thapsus) plant while out on the range, then you can too! Mullein is a biennial plant available for use in almost every bioregion.” –

‘…CVS…’, by unknown, via CVS has nothing on Big Lots!

“What was used for toilet paper in the 1800’s? Before the availability of mass produced toilet paper in the mid-1800s, humans had to resort to using what was free and available, even if it didn’t provide the most effective (or comfortable) results. Options included rocks, leaves, grass, moss, animal fur, corn cobs, coconut husks, sticks, sand, and sea shells.” –

“What was toilet paper like in the 1860s? The first commercially packaged toilet paper was made in 1857 by Joseph Gayetty. The paper was wet with aloe and had his name printed on every sheet. It was sold as a medical product, and claimed to prevent hemorrhoids.” –

“What did civil war soldiers use for toilet paper? There was generally no toilet paper available. Soldiers used sheets of newspaper, pages from catalogs, or water from a canteen to clean themselves.” –

‘…wish…’, by unknown, via We’ll pay with cash, thank you for asking.

Quite a lot of creative options there, but we will stick to TP and hope that it doesn’t stick to us.

But if push comes to shove, there is no shortage of leftists today, as colleges and government schools are designed to produce them, by taking perfectly normal human beings and brainwashing and gaslighting them into leftism.

‘crane’, by unknown, via Those things are SO rigged!

So our very reasonable and comprehensive solution to this problem is obviously the proper path to take. And anyway, who gives a shit if the left doesn’t like it, as they’ve been crapping on us for decades now.

What started this off was Robin Greenfield, an allegedly grown adult male of 36, who likes to refer to himself as an “environmental activist”. Actually, so-called environmentalists are not environmentalists, they are environmental EXTREMISTS pushing a Marxist agenda. Nobody normal hates the environment! NOBODY!!

‘…one carat…’, by unknown, via We came close once, and will likely visit this territory again.

We ALL like clean water, and clean air, and also radiation as low as possible (seriously, if you dislike radiation, then Earth is the last place you want to be, since we are bombarded by solar radiation 24/7/365, as even if you are on the side not facing the Sun, solar radiation goes right through the planet, through you and out into space).

Greenfield claims we have an “environmental crisis”, but we really have a crisis of environmentalist wackos wanting us to be regressive while claiming they are progressive. Wanting us to live in boxes, while doing away with normal cars for EVs (HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE), and eliminating gas stoves are just three more examples of the left’s regressivism.

‘…seeds…’, by unknown, via Gives a new definition to grow your own.

The plant (blue spur flower) that he suggests we use instead of the plant we already use (aka trees, which provide the pulp for all forms of paper as we know it) grows in just 11 States, so the other 39 States worth of us would just be…wait for it…totally worth it…almost there…shit out of luck.

Told you so.

‘Here Goes Nothing’, by Dana Jean Taylor @danajeantaylor from, via It takes a while for it to sprout, so be patient.

Robin also failed to explain what would happen to Taco Bell in a TP-less society, as “mud-butt” is a real disease and they are a known cause.

We recently brought together a crack team of specialists, or was it a specialist team on crack, or even a team of crack specialists…anyway, we consulted with the best folks we could find: Hugh Jast, Richard Hertz, Nate Yuri and Irving Phillip Frehley (who claims to be a distant cousin of original ‘Kiss’ guitarist Paul Daniel ‘Ace’ Frehley, but we have our doubts).

“History Lessons – Chappelle’s Show”, the mud-butt part of the first 6:05 of this video. By somewhat reasonable and occasionally on our side despite being muslim, Dave Chappelle, and completely unreasonable communists Comedy Central [SIC]. RIP Charlie Murphy. You are still funnier than Eddie.

Their solution was to stuff TP down the throat of the guy who suggested we stop using it, then wrap him in TP and put him up in a tree with the other nuts. They didn’t specify if the TP was to be unused or not, and we have no preference either.

Our solution is to dump Robin and his lame-ass idea in the toilet bowl of history and flush. Also, crack is whack.

‘…take it’, by unknown, via Don’t Mess With Myass!

This is the crappiest article we will probably ever write, and we really just want the globalist left to leave us alone. There is a time and place for communism, and it is called China.

Next we will turn our attention to another top request, figuring out how to go fuck ourselves. Sounds like fun, AND also quite a challenge. Stay tuned.

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Twitter account abandoned May 12, 2023, after Elon Musk hired WEF’er Linda Yaccarino as new CEO.

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Dying To Bring Your Food To You, We Told You That To Tell You This — MS-13 Murdered A Gig Driver In Satanic Ritual



'...kept out...', by Frank-Lee, via democRATs and RINOs know this, so the obvious answer to why they refuse to build a wall is...they want us all dead.
Spread the reality, RealityShed.Com --

Originally conceived of as ONE article, this all began as a story about a food delivery person killed by a member of MS-13. Then we heard about something else happening to a different driver, and then the family in Texas was murdered. You can find that first part of this now two part article HERE.

So, as we started to say, before we were so rudely interrupted…by life…there is an obvious love affair between democRATs and MS-13. Just as with blmantifa (or antifablm, if you prefer), MS-13 are used by the alt-far-left to terrorize Americans. And other criminals are obviously welcome to help out too.

The Biden Usurpation has pretty much destroyed the once booming Trump economy. It wasn’t difficult to do, and it was intentional. The left are NOT incompetent, as some on our side claim, but rather are in fact VERY good at being evil. So good in fact that some people still believe democRATs care about America and Americans.

“Calling an illegal alien an undocumented immigrant is like calling a meth dealer an undocumented pharmacist”, by unknown, from via The conflation of those who things is 100% intentional by leftists. A misinformed populace is easier to trick and control.

Things have gotten so bad that despite fewer orders being placed because of the poor Bidenflation economy, well-meaning folks are still flocking to gig work (delivering food, groceries and other items to people) and further dividing up the lack of orders into ever smaller ‘pieces of the pie’.

Being as vague as possible while still being honest, having lost, at least for now, our own prior position due to the Biden regime’s attacks on people who are not globalist commies like themselves (people who paid us well to do work for them), we had been living off of savings for months, so to stem the bleeding we too have dabbled in gig work as well.

“Right now I’d do anything for money. I’d kill somebody for money. I’d kill you for money. Hahaha, ah no, you’re my friend…I kill you for nothing.”– Chico (Chico Marx) to Harpo (Harpo Marx) in ‘The Cocoanuts’ (1929).

Scene from ‘The Cocoanuts’ (1929), by Paramount, via Starring Chico Marx (ducking), Harpo Marx (standing, right) and with a special appearance by Groucho Marx’s left hand (left, ironically). This was the only picture we could find of Chico and Harpo together from this movie. In the described scene they are alone, and both are standing. This is the only movie where Harpo wears his original dark red ‘fright’ wig (from Vaudeville and Broadway). Even in B&W, it photographed too dark so he switched to light red for all other movies (hinted at by character names like ‘Rusty’ and ‘Pinky’), although that looked blond.

Yes, the screenwriters actually came up with character names for Groucho (Mr. Hammer) and Zeppo (Jamison; a name he also used in ‘Animal Crackers’, the next year…well, specifically, Horatio Jamison in that) but couldn’t think anything up for the other two brothers and used their regular stage names instead (and all four brothers were called their stage names in 1931’s ‘Monkey Business’, and in 1949’s ‘Love Happy’ Harpo was).

Okay, back on topic. Better to do something now when you don’t have to, than to wait until it is required. That is what adults do, even a 10-year-old cartoon boy. And we didn’t resort to murder, even for free.

Anyway, Title 42 ended Thursday, May 11, 2023. democRATs and MSM insist President Trump put Title 42 into place, but it was actually passed…GASP!…under FDR in 1944, as part of the Public Health Services Law.

“Facts abt pizza delivery: highest job fatality rate (police don’t even make top 10) -most pizzerias wont allow drivers to even carry a pocketknife on them -if a driver gets robbed it comes out of their tips -most car insurance agents dont cover “on job” collisions for them; einsturzende– love all these new memes, PIZZA DELIVERY IS TWICE AS DANGEROUS AS BEING A COP SALUTE THE REAL TROOPS”, by autumnrainy28_2013, via This is, depending on source (position rank varies), basically true. More information below.

The left counters that Title 42 has been “rarely used” since then. That doesn’t change the fact that it was still Law. Then leftists switch to saying that Trump abused Title 42. Not as much as illegal aliens (and democRATs) abuse the immigration system.

What is/was Title 42? An emergency law allowing the government to prohibit illegal aliens from entering the USA in order to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

How do we know they have contagious diseases?

Do you think ‘country burglars’ (what illegal aliens actually are) go to see doctors regularly? Really?!

‘Just one of MANY victims 1’, by unknown, via Kayla Gomez-Orozco went missing during a prayer service at her Bullard, Texas, church, on November 1, 2016. An illegal alien, Gustavo Zavala-Garcia, was living in that city and her body was found in a water well on his property. He later pleaded guilty to capital murder in her death.

They are certainly more of a danger to society than a gun owner is. Why? Illegal aliens are ‘super spreaders’, and in more ways than one. BEFORE Title 42 ended, we had illegal aliens coming into the USA from over 50 different countries!

We are NOT bordered by 50 countries! We are bordered by TWO countries: Mexico and Canada. So how are they getting to Mexico and Canada to illegally enter the USA? Super-spreading!

But, according to the alt-far-left (including RINOs), our border does not matter. Which border does? Ukraine’s border, of course. That one they continue to find excuses to throw money at.

Our standard disclaimer: we are not pro-Russia or pro-Ukraine, we are solely pro-American. Deal with it.

‘Just one of MANY victims 2’, by unknown, via Joshua Wilkerson deserved better than what the risky schemes of democRATs, RINOs, MSM and Hermilo Moralez gave him.

On Monday, April 24, 2023, a 30-year-old named Oscar Solis, who is an actual member of MS-13, and who had moved to Florida after his release on parole from prison in Indiana, was arrested by the Pasco County Florida Sheriff for the murder of Randall Cooke, who was delivering food on behalf of an unknown restaurant via Uber Eats at the time of his death on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

And we said “on behalf of” because, contrary to popular belief, those who work gig jobs are NOT employees of those companies, but are in fact independent contractors (aka 1099 workers). They install an app on their phone, and when they log in they are sent ‘offers’, which they are free to accept or decline at their own discretion.

Sure, companies encourage drivers to take all offers, but it is NOT required, and in some cases it is downright silly to do so. We’ll probably discuss this in detail soon, but for now most drivers say that a $1 or more to 1 mile ratio is what you look for, because below that you are losing money since drivers use their own car, gasoline and time.

‘…Deported…’, by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (aka ALIPAC.US), from William Gheen @ALIPAC via Since it happened, we have actually heard some leftists blame Mollie Tibbetts for her own murder. Nope, that was ILLEGAL ALIEN ‘farm worker’ Cristhian Bahena Rivera.

So $10 total (including what the app pays directly, and in tips from the customer) for 8 miles would be good, but $5 total for 11 miles would be ‘upside down’ and cost you money in the long run (oil changes and other maintenance aren’t free).

Cooke was a 59-year-old husband and stepfather who unfortunately decided to accept an ‘offer’ that took him to gang-member Solis’ home on what was meant to be his last delivery of the night (he had texted his wife he was heading home after dropping it off), but it instead turned into his last delivery ever.

Security camera footage shows Cooke going to Oscar’s front door. Randall had only decided to sign up to make deliveries so that his family could live in an ocean-side area as his wife and stepdaughter wished to do.

Meanwhile, Solis had failed to register as a convicted felon when he moved to Florida (which violated his parole).

‘Trump Is Right’, by Zalix512, via Even rich professional athletes are not immune to illegal aliens killing them, so obviously WE are not safe either.

Police believe that Solis forced Cooke inside, then murdered Randall before dismembering his body and putting the pieces into garbage bags. Later, he received help taking those bags outside to garbage cans.

For the record, the user agreements of the delivery companies prohibit drivers from going inside a house or apartment, so please never do that voluntarily, even if you think it might be safe. You never know who is waiting around a corner with bad intent.

Police found blood and a wedding ring, both belonging to Cooke, inside Oscar’s home, then days later found the trash bags containing Cooke’s remains.

Solis’ many crimes before this brutal murder include a slew of drug offenses, aggravated battery (the difference with regular battery being these are more serious injuries requiring medical attention), repeated burglary charges, assault on prison staffers, stabbing another inmate while in prison, and resisting arrest.

‘legal VS illegal’, by Warrior XII, via Blue Lives Matter @bluelivesmtr on 32-year-old ILLEGAL ALIEN Gustavo Perez Arriaga shot and killed Officer Ronil Singh (a legal immigrant) during a traffic stop in Madera County, California, on Wednesday, December 26, 2018.

In other words, Solis is a solid democRAT citizen. And not that it should matter, but we will note it anyway, Solis is hispanic and Cooke was White.

Not to be outdone, around the same time, another Florida hoodlum, Joseph Killins…yes, KILLins, was charged with two attacks on women. The 38-year-old Killins is not known to be a member of MS-13, but apparently hates delivery drivers almost as much as Solis.

On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, Killins used a gun to kidnap a woman who was working on behalf of a restaurant through the DoorDash app, then made her drive (using her own car) to another area while committing sexual battery on her and with the likely intent of raping (if not also of killing) her.

Luckily, this victim, listed only as a 20-year-old hispanic woman, had been talking to someone on the phone when Killins approached her and she was tracked down by her family using a phone finding app. Killins shot his gun at them, hitting a woman in her 20’s before he fled.

“Joe ‘Illegal Immigration’ Biden”, by MoFuzzero13, via Joe is a pedophile, which explains why he wants a steady flow of illegal alien kids brought into the USA.

The next day, Wednesday, April 19, 2023, Killins, who, for the record, is black, repeated his actions (minus the car part) with another hispanic woman, this time in her early 40’s, before stealing her backpack and fleeing. Police found him 4 miles away at a hotel and arrested him.

And we said Killins “hates delivery drivers” because sexual battery is a crime of violence, NOT a crime of sex.

Now those stats we promised earlier. According to ‘Industrial Safety & Hygiene News’ (, the most dangerous job in the USA is logging, with 56 deaths in 2018 (or 111 per 100,000 workers).

Delivery drivers ranked 7th, with 966 deaths that year (at a rate of 27 per 100,000). The list includes the top 25, and police officers rank 22nd, with 108 fatalities (and a rate of 14 per 100,000 workers).

‘no different’, by DrSarcasm, via Joe Biden = pedophile. Touch them? Sniff them? Shower with them? Worse?! The answer is worse. He has sex with them.

According to ISHN, working as a police officer is 4.1 times more dangerous than the average job, and again, the rate of deaths per 100,000 workers is almost twice as high (27 to 14) for delivery drivers.

So if you get good service, please tip the delivery people. They risk more than restaurant staff or even police. And please make sure your location address is clearly visible and, at night, well lit. Thank you!

You can start checking back here again. We have some hard-hitting stuff coming up, and you won’t have to wait 3 weeks between to read them either.

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Parler is likely gone for good as of April 14, 2023.
Twitter account abandoned May 12, 2023, after Elon Musk hired WEF’er Linda Yaccarino as new CEO.

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