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Ingrained Election Theft Real, Decent Election But Some Results Defy All Logic And Electronic Voting Is Responsible



'Well it's election day again...', "AS IF 2020 COULDN'T GET ANY MORE WEIRD", by unknown, via Bill Murray from Groundhog Day (1993) by Columbia Pictures. This applies to EVERY
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You will probably need a cup of coffee or an energy drink for this one. First, arrest and prosecute Jimmy Carter and his ‘Democracy Program’ {sic} that he runs out of ‘The Carter Center’. They monitored elections in THREE U.S. states, including inspecting the voting machines beforehand (in Arizona, Georgia and Michigan) and at least in Arizona the machines were failing to read ballots at least 20% of the time (or as the jackholes who held the press conference in Maricopa County referred to it, “just 1 in 5 times”). The steal is on!

“C’mon Man”, by defiantamerica, via

Now, our normal disclaimer that the USA has NEVER EVER been a ‘democracy’, which is two wolves and a lamb voting on what is for lunch, and has always instead been a Constitutional (or Representative) Republic. And for the record, we type that by hand each time, although as we have to say it more and more often, we should probably ‘template’ that.

Last order of business before we get into the article topic, is the word ‘recount’ gets thrown around a LOT. We can’t support recounts because all those do is count the fraudulent votes again. We support ‘forensic audits’ of votes because those will discern which votes should never have been counted (for various reasons, NONE OF WHICH ARE RACE BASED!) and rightfully remove them from the total. So if you hear someone using leftist language, PLEASE politely correct them.

‘windoze’, by The Oatmeal, via -AND- ‘Live look at Arizona tallying up the votes’, “DISNEY-FIED”, by Reggie’s Meme Stash @ReggieMemeStash, via The sloth is from Zootopia (2016) by Disney. merge and resize by us.

As we looked over the exit poll data we knew we would write this, but also knew it would take more time than we had on Wednesday and even most of today. Our take will be unique though, as we haven’t watched or read any election result coverage.

Until 2020, we were able to count votes after an election ended and, with very few exceptions, find out the results within 24 hours or so of the end of voting on Tuesday. Then they needed to get rid of ‘orange man bad’, so the alt-far-left (democRATs, MSM, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and others) came up with ‘the covid’ and said because of it that we had to use ‘mail-in voting’, which is NOT the same as absentee* voting!

‘Voter Fraud’, by MBarley1987, via

We also lived through 2016 and the ACTUAL election denial of the left and their claims of ‘Russian collusion’, which were actually true…about Hillary Clinton, who got ‘dirt’ on her opponent by paying a British spy to get it from Russians.

We even saw the MSM try for over 90 minutes on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, deny that Donald Trump had won Pennsylvania, despite the New York Times election website (hate them, but it was always the best…although we didn’t use it this year) clearly showing that there were fewer votes left to count than Trump led Hillary by. NINETY MINUTES! Then Fox News Channel broke and announced it, and within a few minutes they ALL had!

‘just dropping off…’, “SNOPES IS SURE TO DEBUNK THIS IMAGE SOON”, by unknown, via Just say Nopes to ‘snopes’.

Now, in 2022, we have just had our SECOND fraudulent election in a row (after 2020), and the ‘usual suspect’ states are leading the way again. We have even learned that in all U.S. House races combined, Republicans won just under 5,862,000 more votes than democRATs (just over 6% more nationwide) and yet barely picked up any seats. That is approximately 13,560 votes per race (with 435 total seats, all up every 2 years)!

The current House (435 members by Law) stands at 220-212 with 3 vacancies, and will give way to the new House on January 3, 2023. As it stands RIGHT now, we are at 209 seats won with 218 needed to control the gavel with 37 seats left to be decided and needing 9 more to get there (or just a smidgen under 25%). We were supposed to win over 50 new seats, and we are up 6 right now. None of that makes any sense.


The first attempt to set maximum House membership at the current 435 members was signed into Law by President William Howard Taft in 1911, and then with the 1929 Permanent Apportionment Act automatically reapportioning after each Census (to contain about the same number of people in each, currently approximately 700,000), after it was passed into Law.

For the record, when you hear the terms ‘gerrymander’ and ‘gerrymandering’ thrown about, remember that those are named after a Democrat, Elbridge Gerry (pronounced Gary NOT Jerry), who died in 1841. Also, remember that in 2000 it was Algore who went to court to have the military absentee ballots from overseas thrown out in Florida. THAT was disenfranchisement! Election theft has gone on for a very long time, and by one party!

‘Lefties immerse themselves in propaganda, so they don’t believe it’s true.’, by Karaokephile, via Characters from The Princess Bride (1987) 20th Century Fox.

Some who are trying awfully hard not to state the obvious are comparing 2022 to the 2010 ‘TEA party’ (Taxed Enough Already) election (when Republicans picked up over 60 seats) as the percentage of votes cast for each party is almost identical, while also suggesting this seat total is lower because Republicans lost several close races against democRAT incumbents, and because of how congressional districts are typically drawn as the reasons, but we suggest more voter fraud by democRATs in blue areas is the Occam’s Razor answer. And those districts have been drawn that way for a long time, by BOTH parties!

‘Joseph R. Biden Jr.’, “It Took; To Install; One Jackass”, by vBackman, via

Here is some very interesting data from exit polls.
Places Republicans increased their % advantage from 2018 to 2022:
Men, from +4 to +14 (up 10)
Women, from -19 to -8 (up 11)

By age:
18-29, from -35 to -28 (up 7)
30-44, from -19 to -4 (up 15)
45-64, from +1 to +10 (up 9)
65 and older, from +2 to +12 (up 10)

By race:
white men, from +21 to +28 (up 7)
white women from even to +8 (up 8)
black men, from -76 to -65 (up 11)
black women, from -85 to -78 (up 7)
hispanic men, from -29 to -8 (up 21)
hispanic women, from -47 to -33 (up 14)

urban, from -33 to -17 (up 16)
suburban, from even to +6 (up 6)
rural, from +14 to +29 (up 15)

non-white with college degree, from -55 to -38 (up 17)
non-white with no degree, from -54 to -39 (up 15)
white with college degree, from -8 to -3 (up 5)
white with no degree, from +24 to +34 (up 10)

moderate, from -26 to -15 (up 11)
Conservative, from +67 to +83 (up 16)

By party:
Republican, from +88 to +93 (up 5)
independent, from -12 to -2 (up 10)

How they view political parties:
favorable to Republicans, from +75 to +87 (up 12)
favorable to both parties, from -36 to -31 (up 5)
favorable to neither party, from -1 to +17 (up 18)

There is crossover, but that is 26 categories Republicans went up in out of 29 total.

Places democRATs increased their % advantage from 2018 to 2022:
liberal, from +83 to +85 (up 2)

By party:
democRAT, from +91 to +93 (up 2)

How they view political parties:
favorable to democRATs, from +79 to +90 (up 11)

And that is THREE (3) categories out of 29 that democRATs went up in.

‘Biden Won… Sort Of’, by Trw60, via From Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) by EMI Films.

There is no way that this election was not stolen, and the left are now using the same gaslighting that they did after 2020. In addition to the shenanigans going on in Arizona, we are certain it also happened in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Also odd is Georgia and Ohio.

In Georgia, Brian Kemp, a RINO, wins for governor by just under 300,000 votes with 53%, and yet Herschel Walker gets just over 200,000 fewer votes than Kemp did and heads to a runoff for U.S. Senate (as neither candidate got to 50% + 1 vote) after ‘losing’ by just over 35,000 votes. If all people who voted for Kemp voted for Walker he wins.

In Ohio, Mike DeWine, a RINO, wins for governor by over 1 million votes with almost 63%, and yet JD Vance gets 380,000 fewer votes than DeWine did and had to go late into the night to take the lead in the U.S. Senate race to win by under 265,000 votes at 53%. Who splits their vote that way?! Yet the dead are winning in PA and TN.

‘Election fraud 2020’, by BlueVino, via

President Trump got 62,984,828 votes in 2016 and 74,223,975 in 2020, but we are supposed to believe that he lost when presidents who increase their totals don’t lose. Remember they were also saying that he was corrupt for 4 years, so his total should have gone down, logically. Also, when candidates won all 3 of Ohio, Florida and Iowa, as Trump did, they had never lost until 2020. These and other election factoids are being sold to us as normal, but make no sense.

We all saw what happened, and how even the courts dismissed the lawsuits brought for ‘standing’ and NEVER for ‘merit’, meaning the evidence was NEVER actually heard, despite the left insisting that it was. In a recent poll, under 25% of Americans believed that 2020 was 100% valid, which means the left’s narrative is not holding and we can continue to push the truth, which, if you are going to be a ‘pusher’, is the one thing that you can legally do.

For those who insist that 2020 was a valid and legal election, they are both forgetting their own actions after the 2016 election AND gaslighting us. They refer to us as ‘election deniers’, but we know what real, proper, honest, fair elections look like, something future generations must also be able to say, and these are NOT those.

‘Socialism’, “HOW SOCIALISM WORKS; EEENY MEENY MINEY MOE…..CATCH A TAXPAYER BY THE TOE…..IF THEY HOLLER TAKE THEIR DOUGH……”, by anonymous, via From The Walking Dead, TV show (2010-2022), AMC Network. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (playing ‘Negan’) is a communist.

The truth is that the globalist left has to remove any threat to their power grab, and Donald Trump was #1 on their list. We’ve also seen rigged elections in other places, like Canada, Israel a few years back, and just recently in Brazil (where the ruling party won every region except one in the northeast and will control their congress but magically lost the presidency by “a narrow margin”…NOPE!).

We have gasoline that is 2.5x the price it was 20 months ago, all other item prices through the roof, are almost out of diesel fuel which is used to haul all of that stuff AND gasoline to where you buy it (which means more price increases are coming soon), and we are supposed to believe that on top of that AND the covid mandates blue dictators imposed on us that we voted for more of that?! That is fucking insane!


The left are ‘election fraud deniers’ AND ‘election thieves’. We are election enthusiasts and realists. Don’t spit into the wind then tell us it is raining. Mules and vote dumps and drop boxes and ‘mail-in’ and taking weeks to vote are new and wrong and must be discontinued.

In person, with a valid state-issued photo ID or DL (we don’t need a national voter ID, and we fought Hillary Clinton on her wanting a national ID card for ‘healthcare’), signature matched (ask a leftist why local Board of Elections keep those on file if not to use to verify our votes and watch their eyes glaze over), on paper, and with a paper-trail is the only acceptable way to vote. If it worked for 240 years and still worked all over the world, then it MUST be brought back to the USA!

‘You say there’s no election fraud? But you spent 3 1/2 years believing the Russian collusion scam? How convenient., by unknown, via

*In absentee voting you must 1) make a request in writing, 2) provide proof of ID, 3) your signature will be matched, and 4) there is a chain of custody for the ballot. With ‘mail-in’ there is NONE of that. They even send ballots to empty lots and boarded up buildings, and to every person who ever voted, even if they are dead or have moved or even just don’t want to vote (which is also your right).

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Pork Away Pal!, Usurper Poop Francis Calls 900 Year Ban On Priests Having Sex ‘Temporary’ And Vows To Review Policy



'shock', by unknown, via How Jorge with feel when he gets to hell and finds out he picked the wrong side.
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Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, known professionally as Pope Benedict XVI, was a decent and honorable man. He became Pope in April 2005, following the death of Karol Józef Wojtyła AKA John Paul II. Joseph was then later pushed into retirement on February 28, 2013, taking the title of “Pope emeritus” when Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio usurped power and sent the Church into centuries of darkness.

‘bubblewrap’, by unknown, via twitter. Several people posted it, with no way to tell who created it or posted it first. Very good ‘photoshopping’.

Okay, it just feels that way. Jesuits are the democRATs of religion. They pretend to be Christian, just as democRATs pretend to be American.

Jorge (discussed prior HERE), who took the name ‘Francis’, was born in Argentina to Italian immigrant parents. But no matter what he is called, his sole mission is to destroy the Roman Catholic Church and he has become exceedingly efficient at it.

“Chicago – Hard To Say I’m sorry (Lyrics)”, “Hard to Say I’m Sorry”, performed by Chicago, written by David Walter Foster and Peter P. Cetera. Just because we don’t post new content sometimes it doesn’t mean that we don’t still love our site, or appreciate our visitors (all 42 of you).

Traditional Latin Mass (aka Tridentine Mass) was good enough for use from 1570 to 1962. Although Jorge didn’t phase it out, he is trying to stomp it to death, having deemed it a step backward. He even wants to end its use among those willing to participate.

Perhaps if he thought of Latin Mass as he does abortion or ‘migration’, then those wanting to celebrate it would be free from his persecution.

‘Thanos’, “Pope’s ball-twirling skill has started a photoshop battle online.”, by faultytailight from, via We have long suspected these two were besties…despite both being fictional characters.

That brings us to the main topic. Since 1123, the Church has sought to ordain only unmarried men.

But Jorge says that despite the length of time the current policy has been in effect, that he considers it to be temporary and that for a priest to marry is “no contradiction”.

‘the precious’, “Photographic memory for films + watching films hundreds of times = profit???”, by Jennifer Harrison @GeneticJen from, via, with screenshot by us. THEN she had to go all leftist in the next few comments (about blm and masks…), followed by begging for money for an upcoming surgery. And we STILL hope that her surgery went well.

We read an interview with a male author once, and he answered a question by stating the reason he never participated in gay sex was that he was afraid he would like it. That logic applies to anything potentially corruptive (drugs, drinking, voting democRAT, etc).

If you are religious and want to have sex, then simply don’t become a priest or nun. It isn’t your calling.

‘Lets make Pope Francis a meme I’m bored’, by SmulePlayz, via Waiting for Reuters or some other self-appointed ‘fact-checker’ to publish an article PROVING that @Pontifex is not Jorge’s real account and he never said this.

What Jorge, 86…so fingers crossed he isn’t with us much longer…is trying to accomplish, as all leftists do, is to bend normality to their own perverted wishes.

Just as Germany has led the way in destroying not only their own country but also the entire continent of Europe, via Angela Merkel’s open door (for mainly muslims…) policy, so too do they also now lead the way in ruining the Catholic Church, having voted to request Jorge end the celibacy obligation.

‘Pope Francis why not both’, by anonymous, via Money is not evil. It is an inanimate object, like a gun. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

And for his part Jorge readily agreed, stating recently, “There is no contradiction for a priest to marry. Celibacy in the western Church is a temporary prescription.”

That is in sharp contrast to his own position from 2019 when he called celibacy a gift, and declared it was not optional.

‘skewed view’, by Cassie Dagostino @casatino from twitter, via We can explain that to you, you feckless cunt communist pedophile bitch (a reference to what Canuckian communist Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump on TBS in 2018). Two evil people smiling and or laughing x3, then one evil person not laughing in the presence of someone righteous (who just like us despises communists).

Discussing this with a fellow Catholic, they suggested Jorge simply had an epiphany. We asked if that was a new brand of strap-on.

In the same interview he talked about the rising divorce rate, and we can’t help but notice that non-celibate religious life would NOT solve that issue.

“Pope Trump? God help us.”, by unknown, via More like Pope Trump…God helped us!

The simple fact is that some take responsibility seriously, and others do not. Also, people who do not value societal traditions hate those of us who do.

That goes for stealing elections, forcing vaxx that leads to dying of suddenly, or messing with religion. FAFO…Fuck Around and Find Out.

“Just go ahead. Pork away, pal. Fuck her blue.”, spoken by Kevin Kline as Otto to John Cleese as Archie Leach (and that character was named after Archibald Leach who was known professionally as Cary Grant), from ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ (1988), from Video no ‘worky’, but audio is from movie and we can’t find a better version of clip that entire article premise depends on, so here it is!

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Collusion Of Communists, antifa Domestic Terrorist Tom Jurgens Is SPLC (southern poverty law center, [SIC]) Lawyer



'Come Up and Get Me Bitches!', by TheMinistryOfTruth, via That statue of the founder of Pennsylvania has been atop the city hall building in Philadelphia since 1894. It was cast in 47 pieces, assembled into 14 pieces, then lifted one at a time into place. It is 37 feet tall, weighs 27 tons, and at the top is 584 feet in the air. Good luck.
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Nobody elected so-called ‘fact checkers’ or ANY organization to determine who was a ‘domestic terrorist’ or ‘hate group’, but leftists unilaterally decided to declare themselves as those and, just like Joe Biden, usurp power.

Real actual proper ‘hate groups’ and ‘domestic terrorists’ reveal themselves through their own actions. More on that below.

Yes, we made an exception to our rule of no cursing in the main image, article title or first paragraph. That meme we found for this was just too good to not be first. And as far as cursing goes, it is pretty mild.

Our normal disclaimer: we don’t hate ANYONE…except communists. Fuck them to hell! Oh, and it has been a while since we mentioned that we intentionally ‘lower case’ things we have NO respect for. So those are ‘intentionals’, not accidents.

‘Sameo,sameo.’, by 2ATom, via Brown or black clothing, a nazi is defined by their thoughts and deeds. antifa ARE fascists.

The entire ‘anti-fascist’ movement is based on a lie. They believe that America is filled with Nazis and they define Nazi as anyone who disagrees with them. As adults, they are responsible for their own actions, but this is the result of gaslighting and brainwashing from childhood by adult communists. Not an excuse, just pointing out no teaching goes on in schools.

Part of the problem is the myth the left spread. In reality, nazi = national SOCIALIST = left wing because ALL socialists are left wing! Communist = global SOCIALIST = which is also left wing. The distinction is in scope: either localized (to a nation) ​​or international (aka globalist).

‘”Anti-Fascism”‘, by JerryCiolino, via Everyone is the hero of their own story, even antifa nazis.

The ‘southern poverty law center’ [SIC] or splc, is an alt-far-left-communist-democRAT front group. splc itself is a known alt-far-left hate group aligned with the now obviously criminal fbi, who refer to splc as a “valued asset”. Both provide protection for their fellow communists by casting never-ending aspersions on true American patriots. fbi is now even trying to label Catholics as extremists. Fuck you fbi!

Enter Thomas Webb Jurgens, 28 and an attorney for the splc, who along with a large group of his friends, attacked a police training facility in Atlanta, Georgia, that they nicknamed ‘Cop City’ on Sunday, March 5, 2023.

“Antifa Mugshots Portlabd Riots”, ‘ANTIFA MUGSHOTS FROM PORTLAND RIOTS; PLEASE SHARE WITH THEIR MOM SO THEY LOSE THEIR BASEMENT’, by FootballPenguin, via Atlanta, Portland, wherever. antifa = nazis. They are sub-human!

Police label it as “a coordinated attack” on officers and equipment, and also state that antifa “used the cover of a peaceful protest” to access the premises before changing “into black clothing and entering the construction area” of the facility, which was not yet completed.

So far, 23 people (aged 18 to 50) that we know of so far have been charged. They come from all across the United States of America, and also France and Canada. More arrests are possible, and so far all charges have been filed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and none by the fbi…

‘field report…’, by unknown, found online. The left are evil and insidious, not retarded. We aren’t the extremists, you leftist fucks are.

This is all eerily similar to J6 (January 6, 2021) when it is proven that many antifa and their blm kissing-cousins wore Trump hats and shirts to lead the charge on the Capitol before changing clothes and slipping away, having lured in Patriots who were arrested for walking between velvet rope-lines peacefully and single-file.

And never forget the MANY 2020 protests by blmantifa (really one group wearing two uniforms to give the illusion of separation). No different than democRATs and RINOs (who are NOT actual Republicans), who are actually the DC uni-party, but give the illusion of conflict.

‘Is it wrong to follow rioters home and burn their property?’, “IS IT WRONG TO FOLLOW RIOTERS HOME AND BURN DOWN THEIR PROPERTY? JUST ASKING FOR A FRIEND.”, by TheMinistryOfTruth, via We have long said that if this happened, the left’s violence would stop.

democRATs, antifa, msm, the fbi and others defend illegal aliens and trans’ing our kids. They want to arrest parents for trying to protect their children from government school groomers, who are working to destroy our history, including tearing down our statues.

We prior discussed antifa HERE, blm HERE, fbi HERE, and splc HERE.

Now is the time to take a stand against them all. They have exposed themselves as anti-America AND anti-American.

Sooner or later there will be open conflict with antifa by American patriots. We aren’t calling for that, it is simply inevitable. Their attack on the police proves they are already at war with us.

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MSM Pants On Fire, Alt-Far-Left Urinalists Lie About Bloggers And Florida Governor While Some On Our Side Spread It



'Things I trust more than CNN', "MORE TRUSTWORTHY THAN CNN", by Franchise, via Just as safe as an illegal alien.
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We have supported Donald Trump since he announced for president, just minutes into his speech after coming down the escalator. We switched from Ted Cruz and never looked back. Our family stuck with Ted through our state primary, then realized Trump was the better option all along and never looked back either.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Some of us learned that lesson long ago, and apparently some of us did not. The original stories this week, which we saw some folks in comments on Conservative sites and on social(IST) media believed, were yet another attempt by the alt-far-left to tarnish one of us.

‘Mainstream media’, by schizoidman, via Meme and perhaps your own personal bias aside, adult pit bulls are extremely dangerous and have turned on people they have been docile with in the past, sometimes fatally.

Just in a quick search for ‘desantis blog florida’ we found NBC, MSNBC and TheShill (aka The Hill) all pushing this, and no, we will not be linking to them.

The articles started spreading the story. Too late to get in front of it now, we are hoping to help put out the fire.

‘More fake news :)’, “ABC NEWS RELEASES MORE PICTURES OF THE WAR IN SYRIA”, by Timberwolf814, via We updated this by changing ABC to MSM, and also Syria to Ukraine. Our normal disclaimer: fuck Russia AND Ukraine. Don’t choose between two evils! America first, last and always!

The story going around is that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is pushing a Bill in his state that would make it illegal for bloggers to criticize him, and require them to register with the state before even commenting on him, and that those who violate it would face monetary punishment (fines).

And despite that being completely ridiculous, many on our side joined the majority on the left in believing that load of crap.

‘The Most Interesting Man In The World’, “I DON’T ALWAYS HAVE CNN/MSNBC/ABC/NBC/CBS/ETC. ON MY TELEVISION; BUT WHEN I DO, I QUICKLY CHANGE THE CHANNEL”, by Mr.JiggyFly, via We rarely watch TV news anymore. Usually just clips on topics we are interested in, along with some Real America’s Voice (which you can stream FREE online, with Pluto TV being one source).

We even saw a commenter on a well known site that rhymes with ‘smitefart’ claim “DeSantis backers have a bill that will require anyone that criticizes him to face criminal charges” followed by a grimacing emoji. They rightly had more down votes than up votes, after an earlier comment on the same article with a 50+ to 1 positive ​​ratio.

“Aaaaaand MSM is pushing – another Democrat’s lie”, using ‘aaaand its gone’ template, under ‘media lies for the democrats’, by unknown, via It never ends. The left lie as we all breath.

We ALL know that MSM lies (discussed prior HERE), yet some are still willing to believe things like THIS. Why?

C’mon man!

Hey, he doesn’t own that. Not like communist China owns him anyway.

The problem is that Ron never pushed that. It was ONE lone legislator, Republican state Senator Jason Brodeur.

‘Another Alert, Automatic Amnesiatics!’, by TheRealEVCG, via We used to believe you could change leftist minds by exposing them to facts. The brainwashing and gaslighting is usually too strong though, although miracles do sometimes happen.

The ACTUAL truth is that in ANY legislature ANY SINGLE member can introduce ANY Bill they want to. If it gets enough sponsors or co-sponsors, then it has a chance to work its way through committees and to the floor, where it still faces the other body (House or Senate), then a conference committee to hammer out differences, then final passage in each body and then it STILL must be signed by a Governor or President to become Law.

That is NOT easy, and it was never intended to be. The vast majority of Bills never even get close to becoming Laws.

‘Suppression of the story about the suppression of a story.’, by schizoidman, via By the time we are revealing their prior lies, the left have moved on to other lies. All a part of their risky scheme to destroy America.

We know AOC and others on the left, such as frequent Bush impeachment ‘attempter’ Congressman Al Green (Texas, D is for Dipshit), propose Bills to nowhere all of the time. Not to be rude, but some appear to need a refresher course.

“I’m Just a Bill (Schoolhouse Rock!)” — “I used to love these… 🙂 Enjoy. I’m just a bill… hahaha”. The later ones show early signs of ‘wokeism’ but early ones like this seem simply educational.

As we outlined recently, President Donald Trump had a reason to start throwing nicknames at DeSantis (which we discussed HERE), but just as with Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, that does not preclude working together in the future, and we don’t believe that Ron is the enemy. In fact, he has done a great job in Florida, and we have discussed him prior HERE.

“How a Bill Does Not Become a Law – SNL” — “A Bill (Kenan Thompson) tries to explain government to a little kid (Kyle Mooney), then President Obama (Jay Pharaoh) and his bullying friend Executive Order (Bobby Moynihan) explain how things really work. [Season 40, 2014]”. Saturday Night Live is usually leftist propaganda and completely unfunny. Once in a while though they slip and admit their communism. This is an example of that, found by accident years ago as we stopped watching the show.

MSM and other leftists lie all of the time (examples HERE). Even now, they say there is nothing to be seen at the Southern border, and also say there is nothing to be seen in East Palestine, Ohio.

But we know better. We don’t think most were being malicious, just not careful. So please, when you hear them say anything, don’t spread something until you verify it as accurate first.

This should not have happened, and it was mentally painful to watch unfold. And we can support President Trump without spreading lies about Governor DeSantis.

‘Happening In Your Lifetime Right Now – Fight MSM Lies’, by icemann0, via Orwell’s works were meant as a warning, not a blueprint as left believe.

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