Ingrained Election Theft Real, Decent Election But Some Results Defy All Logic And Electronic Voting Is Responsible



'Well it's election day again...', "AS IF 2020 COULDN'T GET ANY MORE WEIRD", by unknown, via oklahoman.com. Bill Murray from Groundhog Day (1993) by Columbia Pictures. This applies to EVERY election...now.
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You will probably need a cup of coffee or an energy drink for this one. First, arrest and prosecute Jimmy Carter and his ‘Democracy Program’ {sic} that he runs out of ‘The Carter Center’. They monitored elections in THREE U.S. states, including inspecting the voting machines beforehand (in Arizona, Georgia and Michigan) and at least in Arizona the machines were failing to read ballots at least 20% of the time (or as the jackholes who held the press conference in Maricopa County referred to it, “just 1 in 5 times”). The steal is on!

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Now, our normal disclaimer that the USA has NEVER EVER been a ‘democracy’, which is two wolves and a lamb voting on what is for lunch, and has always instead been a Constitutional (or Representative) Republic. And for the record, we type that by hand each time, although as we have to say it more and more often, we should probably ‘template’ that.

Last order of business before we get into the article topic, is the word ‘recount’ gets thrown around a LOT. We can’t support recounts because all those do is count the fraudulent votes again. We support ‘forensic audits’ of votes because those will discern which votes should never have been counted (for various reasons, NONE OF WHICH ARE RACE BASED!) and rightfully remove them from the total. So if you hear someone using leftist language, PLEASE politely correct them.

‘windoze’, by The Oatmeal, via instagram.com -AND- ‘Live look at Arizona tallying up the votes’, “DISNEY-FIED”, by Reggie’s Meme Stash @ReggieMemeStash, via twitter.com. The sloth is from Zootopia (2016) by Disney. merge and resize by us.

As we looked over the exit poll data we knew we would write this, but also knew it would take more time than we had on Wednesday and even most of today. Our take will be unique though, as we haven’t watched or read any election result coverage.

Until 2020, we were able to count votes after an election ended and, with very few exceptions, find out the results within 24 hours or so of the end of voting on Tuesday. Then they needed to get rid of ‘orange man bad’, so the alt-far-left (democRATs, MSM, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and others) came up with ‘the covid’ and said because of it that we had to use ‘mail-in voting’, which is NOT the same as absentee* voting!

‘Voter Fraud’, by MBarley1987, via memedroid.com

We also lived through 2016 and the ACTUAL election denial of the left and their claims of ‘Russian collusion’, which were actually true…about Hillary Clinton, who got ‘dirt’ on her opponent by paying a British spy to get it from Russians.

We even saw the MSM try for over 90 minutes on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, deny that Donald Trump had won Pennsylvania, despite the New York Times election website (hate them, but it was always the best…although we didn’t use it this year) clearly showing that there were fewer votes left to count than Trump led Hillary by. NINETY MINUTES! Then Fox News Channel broke and announced it, and within a few minutes they ALL had!

‘just dropping off…’, “SNOPES IS SURE TO DEBUNK THIS IMAGE SOON”, by unknown, via oklahoman.com. Just say Nopes to ‘snopes’.

Now, in 2022, we have just had our SECOND fraudulent election in a row (after 2020), and the ‘usual suspect’ states are leading the way again. We have even learned that in all U.S. House races combined, Republicans won just under 5,862,000 more votes than democRATs (just over 6% more nationwide) and yet barely picked up any seats. That is approximately 13,560 votes per race (with 435 total seats, all up every 2 years)!

The current House (435 members by Law) stands at 220-212 with 3 vacancies, and will give way to the new House on January 3, 2023. As it stands RIGHT now, we are at 209 seats won with 218 needed to control the gavel with 37 seats left to be decided and needing 9 more to get there (or just a smidgen under 25%). We were supposed to win over 50 new seats, and we are up 6 right now. None of that makes any sense.


The first attempt to set maximum House membership at the current 435 members was signed into Law by President William Howard Taft in 1911, and then with the 1929 Permanent Apportionment Act automatically reapportioning after each Census (to contain about the same number of people in each, currently approximately 700,000), after it was passed into Law.

For the record, when you hear the terms ‘gerrymander’ and ‘gerrymandering’ thrown about, remember that those are named after a Democrat, Elbridge Gerry (pronounced Gary NOT Jerry), who died in 1841. Also, remember that in 2000 it was Algore who went to court to have the military absentee ballots from overseas thrown out in Florida. THAT was disenfranchisement! Election theft has gone on for a very long time, and by one party!

‘Lefties immerse themselves in propaganda, so they don’t believe it’s true.’, by Karaokephile, via memedroid.com. Characters from The Princess Bride (1987) 20th Century Fox.

Some who are trying awfully hard not to state the obvious are comparing 2022 to the 2010 ‘TEA party’ (Taxed Enough Already) election (when Republicans picked up over 60 seats) as the percentage of votes cast for each party is almost identical, while also suggesting this seat total is lower because Republicans lost several close races against democRAT incumbents, and because of how congressional districts are typically drawn as the reasons, but we suggest more voter fraud by democRATs in blue areas is the Occam’s Razor answer. And those districts have been drawn that way for a long time, by BOTH parties!

‘Joseph R. Biden Jr.’, “It Took; To Install; One Jackass”, by vBackman, via imgflip.com

Here is some very interesting data from exit polls.
Places Republicans increased their % advantage from 2018 to 2022:
Men, from +4 to +14 (up 10)
Women, from -19 to -8 (up 11)

By age:
18-29, from -35 to -28 (up 7)
30-44, from -19 to -4 (up 15)
45-64, from +1 to +10 (up 9)
65 and older, from +2 to +12 (up 10)

By race:
white men, from +21 to +28 (up 7)
white women from even to +8 (up 8)
black men, from -76 to -65 (up 11)
black women, from -85 to -78 (up 7)
hispanic men, from -29 to -8 (up 21)
hispanic women, from -47 to -33 (up 14)

urban, from -33 to -17 (up 16)
suburban, from even to +6 (up 6)
rural, from +14 to +29 (up 15)

non-white with college degree, from -55 to -38 (up 17)
non-white with no degree, from -54 to -39 (up 15)
white with college degree, from -8 to -3 (up 5)
white with no degree, from +24 to +34 (up 10)

moderate, from -26 to -15 (up 11)
Conservative, from +67 to +83 (up 16)

By party:
Republican, from +88 to +93 (up 5)
independent, from -12 to -2 (up 10)

How they view political parties:
favorable to Republicans, from +75 to +87 (up 12)
favorable to both parties, from -36 to -31 (up 5)
favorable to neither party, from -1 to +17 (up 18)

There is crossover, but that is 26 categories Republicans went up in out of 29 total.

Places democRATs increased their % advantage from 2018 to 2022:
liberal, from +83 to +85 (up 2)

By party:
democRAT, from +91 to +93 (up 2)

How they view political parties:
favorable to democRATs, from +79 to +90 (up 11)

And that is THREE (3) categories out of 29 that democRATs went up in.

‘Biden Won… Sort Of’, by Trw60, via memedroid.com. From Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) by EMI Films.

There is no way that this election was not stolen, and the left are now using the same gaslighting that they did after 2020. In addition to the shenanigans going on in Arizona, we are certain it also happened in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Also odd is Georgia and Ohio.

In Georgia, Brian Kemp, a RINO, wins for governor by just under 300,000 votes with 53%, and yet Herschel Walker gets just over 200,000 fewer votes than Kemp did and heads to a runoff for U.S. Senate (as neither candidate got to 50% + 1 vote) after ‘losing’ by just over 35,000 votes. If all people who voted for Kemp voted for Walker he wins.

In Ohio, Mike DeWine, a RINO, wins for governor by over 1 million votes with almost 63%, and yet JD Vance gets 380,000 fewer votes than DeWine did and had to go late into the night to take the lead in the U.S. Senate race to win by under 265,000 votes at 53%. Who splits their vote that way?! Yet the dead are winning in PA and TN.

‘Election fraud 2020’, by BlueVino, via memedroid.com

President Trump got 62,984,828 votes in 2016 and 74,223,975 in 2020, but we are supposed to believe that he lost when presidents who increase their totals don’t lose. Remember they were also saying that he was corrupt for 4 years, so his total should have gone down, logically. Also, when candidates won all 3 of Ohio, Florida and Iowa, as Trump did, they had never lost until 2020. These and other election factoids are being sold to us as normal, but make no sense.

We all saw what happened, and how even the courts dismissed the lawsuits brought for ‘standing’ and NEVER for ‘merit’, meaning the evidence was NEVER actually heard, despite the left insisting that it was. In a recent poll, under 25% of Americans believed that 2020 was 100% valid, which means the left’s narrative is not holding and we can continue to push the truth, which, if you are going to be a ‘pusher’, is the one thing that you can legally do.

For those who insist that 2020 was a valid and legal election, they are both forgetting their own actions after the 2016 election AND gaslighting us. They refer to us as ‘election deniers’, but we know what real, proper, honest, fair elections look like, something future generations must also be able to say, and these are NOT those.

‘Socialism’, “HOW SOCIALISM WORKS; EEENY MEENY MINEY MOE…..CATCH A TAXPAYER BY THE TOE…..IF THEY HOLLER TAKE THEIR DOUGH……”, by anonymous, via imgflip.com. From The Walking Dead, TV show (2010-2022), AMC Network. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (playing ‘Negan’) is a communist.

The truth is that the globalist left has to remove any threat to their power grab, and Donald Trump was #1 on their list. We’ve also seen rigged elections in other places, like Canada, Israel a few years back, and just recently in Brazil (where the ruling party won every region except one in the northeast and will control their congress but magically lost the presidency by “a narrow margin”…NOPE!).

We have gasoline that is 2.5x the price it was 20 months ago, all other item prices through the roof, are almost out of diesel fuel which is used to haul all of that stuff AND gasoline to where you buy it (which means more price increases are coming soon), and we are supposed to believe that on top of that AND the covid mandates blue dictators imposed on us that we voted for more of that?! That is fucking insane!


The left are ‘election fraud deniers’ AND ‘election thieves’. We are election enthusiasts and realists. Don’t spit into the wind then tell us it is raining. Mules and vote dumps and drop boxes and ‘mail-in’ and taking weeks to vote are new and wrong and must be discontinued.

In person, with a valid state-issued photo ID or DL (we don’t need a national voter ID, and we fought Hillary Clinton on her wanting a national ID card for ‘healthcare’), signature matched (ask a leftist why local Board of Elections keep those on file if not to use to verify our votes and watch their eyes glaze over), on paper, and with a paper-trail is the only acceptable way to vote. If it worked for 240 years and still worked all over the world, then it MUST be brought back to the USA!

‘You say there’s no election fraud? But you spent 3 1/2 years believing the Russian collusion scam? How convenient., by unknown, via memecreator.org

*In absentee voting you must 1) make a request in writing, 2) provide proof of ID, 3) your signature will be matched, and 4) there is a chain of custody for the ballot. With ‘mail-in’ there is NONE of that. They even send ballots to empty lots and boarded up buildings, and to every person who ever voted, even if they are dead or have moved or even just don’t want to vote (which is also your right).

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