Pot…Kettle…Black?, Nike Uses China Slaves To Make Products Yet Cuts Ties With Descendant Of Slaves Over Speech



'Dear Nike, We Know You Are In Business To Make Money', "Let’s not rule out the cheap labor sourced by such companies in developing nations. Without Nike, there is a possibility that they would have no income but that’s no excuse for workplace treatment and abuse.", by unknown, via edtimes.in
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The DNA deniers at Nike use their ads and corporate muscle to push the trans agenda, while also using slave labor in communist China to produce their products, and now they have cut ties with Kyrie Irving over statements he made about a book and movie.

Our standard disclaimer is that we don’t hate anyone…except communists. We also believe that if the Founding Fathers meant for speech to always be comfortable, they would have specifically stated that, just as they would have done if the Vice President was a strictly ceremonial position, as the left claim.

‘Costa Rica here I come!’, “#47 Colin Kaepernick-Nike-Memes”, by unknown, via boredpanda.com. Scene from ‘The Office’ by NBCuniversal.

We have no interest in the book and movie Irving recommended, and don’t agree with what he said, but Kyrie still has the right to think it, believe it, and say it. If it were a crime to believe abhorrent things, then all democRATs would be in prison for indoctrination into communism (and sexual grooming) in government schools.

The owner of Kyrie’s team, the Brooklyn Nets, himself made his fortune from co-founding Ali-Baba, which sells other slave-made products. By the way, there is no such thing as a privately owned company in a communist country. Jack Ma and Nets owner Joe Tsai are front-men for Xi Jinping (the “general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and chairman of the Central Military Commission”).

‘Do. @nike’, by Stella Ellingson, via pinterest.com. Scene from ‘The Office’ by NBCuniversal.

As for Nike, by some accounts, they have profited $6 BILLION since embracing former 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s cultural Marxism and America-hatred after his first ‘kneel’ in August 2016. He hasn’t played since that season ended, was 28-30 as a starter for his career, and was 3-16 in his last two seasons.

We looked and looked, and can’t find the exact amount Colin has been paid by Nike (based on that profit), but without a doubt it has been more than the $25 million he made in his 6-year NFL career. Some morons even suggest he should get another chance to play in the NFL.

‘This is from the Office’s Favorite Suck-Up, Dwight.’, “The greatest comedy comes from memes about people taking things too seriously. And this is absurd but yet a hilarious one from Dwight.”, by @sprittacomedy, via edtimes.in. Scene from ‘The Office’ by NBCuniversal.

By comparison, Jimmy Garoppolo joined the 49ers midway through 2017 and was 38-17 since then before getting hurt Sunday, and 16-9 over the last two seasons. His 9-year career started with 3.5 seasons with the Patriots, where he started just 2 games (serving as Tom Brady’s backup).

We live in an age where corporations like Nike, Walmart, Target, MLB (HERE and HERE), and the NBA are all pushing a left-wing agenda of some sort. Even the Bush family aren’t hiding their RINOism any longer.

‘This is my best Nike meme yet’, “We could have changed the symbol from a blunt tick to pair of scissors but the “snip snap snip snap snip snap” is just the perfect cherry on top.”, by Dan Worthington, via edtimes.in. Scene from ‘The Office’ by NBCuniversal.

The ultimate goal (HERE and HERE) is depopulation which ‘trans’ and ‘vaxx’ are designed for, and the first step is eliminating free speech (AKA opposition to those). That is why leftists are going after Elon Musk since his purchase of Twitter and freeing of the caged birds.

And if you think “Pot…Kettle…Black” is racist, as we were once accused of online for saying that, you are an idiot and fuck you communist. It is derived from the phrase “That is like the pot calling the kettle black”, which is from a time when pots AND kettles were made of cast iron…which is black.

Interestingly, Irving’s shoes were among the most popular. We’ll see if another company decides to be capitalists and take advantage of that level of draw being available.

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