Traitor Says What? Mike RINO Pence Attacks Conservative Populism By Claiming Ronald Reagan Was Traitor Like Himself



"Have you been pence'd?", by Dranklestein, via memedroid.com
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He had just one job to do; follow the Constitution (a carefully written document) instead of what has become ‘tradition’. The alt-far-left’s argument is that the Founding Fathers were so stupid they forgot to include the word ‘ceremonial’ in the listed duties of the Vice President regarding Electoral College ballots.

So the left is aware that VP breaks ties during U.S. Senate votes…but when it comes to the EC they insist his duties are strictly as a rubber stamp. Fuck you communists.

The Founding Fathers were the brightest men of their day and would shine today as well, and they would have said that clearly if it were the case. Just like “…shall not be infringed.” I will not be lectured by people who can’t comprehend what they fucking read.

“Pence Patriot or Traitor?”, by ChrisTuck1, via imgflip.com

Mike Pence, who served 6 terms in the U.S. House, has no chance of being President…now…and his only goal is to attack MAGA and President Donald Trump as a supposed former member of our group. But spies don’t count.

Sure, he pretended well, but a lot of us were always suspicious and the fact that he waited until exactly 14 days left in office to betray us doesn’t change his standing.

When Pence says “led astray by the siren song of unprincipled populism” he is clearly siding with the alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-indoctrinating-gaslighting-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers who are the existential threat America faces today.

“Traitor Pence”, by RaymondCraig, via imgflip.com

In their view, nationalism is a crime rather than indicating you love your country more than any others. Nobody ever derides Chairman Xi for being a nationalist.

They also view being white as a crime, then merged the two to invent the brand new for 2020 term “white nationalism”. Again, nobody criticizes Xi for his yellow nationalism.

Of course the reason for that is that democRATs and RINOs (Republicans IN NAME ONLY) are bought and paid for by the communist Chinese.

What we MAGA want is for America first, always. We want America to be the leader, not a follower. We also want American jobs for Americans, and the end of Bidenflation.

“TRUMP ON PENCE MEME: ‘You’re Going Down In History as a Pussy'”, by Dranklestein, via memedroid.com

Ronald Reagan was a good and honorable man, aside from being tricked into amnesty for illegal aliens. He trusted democRATs would keep their word, and back then they sometimes did. Today that never happens, at least on anything good.

The Conservative Populist MAGA movement is the logical replacement for old school Conservatism that accepted wishy-washy go along to get along RINOs as part of the solution. Today we eschew them, knowing they are kissing cousins to the demonic democRATs. And Ronald Reagan would have recognized Mike ‘Benedict Arnold’ Pence as one.

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