Must Cancel Kyrie, From Opposing Vaxx To Liking Certain Books Leftists Tried To Get Irving But He Won’t Be Silenced



"Kyrie Irving’s eye-opening take on Nets’ NBA title chances", by unknown, from article by Katie Francis at clutchpoints.com
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To be clear, right from the start, we have NOT watched the NBA since the Marxist BLM took over, and other than respecting his ability to play basketball, we aren’t huge fans of Kyrie Irving. However, we also don’t hate the guy, and find him interesting given his positions on certain issues.

For one, he likes Alex Jones, who falls into the same category as Kyrie for us…we don’t love or hate him, he is interesting and right on some things while wrong on others. And having a strong incorrect opinion you’ve apologized for shouldn’t cost anyone a BILLION dollars.

Just to get the disagreements out of the way, Kyrie also believes that ‘Brittney Griner’, who is a 6’9″ man that plays in the WNBA (women’s basketball league), shouldn’t be held responsible for ‘her’ own actions (entering a foreign country with drugs that violate their laws) and we insist that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”, even in #7 most corrupt country on Earth Russia.

For newbies, we’ll throw in here that no, this doesn’t mean we support the #4 most corrupt country on Earth, Ukraine (who helped democRATs impeach President Donald Trump). We will choose neither evil. Instead we choose America, the pre-Biden regime version.

“Scumbag Brittney Griner. Looks like a guy talks like a guy Dunks like a girl” by unknown, via quickmeme.com. enlarged by us.

Lastly on #DNAtestGriner, we also think it is ridiculous for someone to protest against their own country and its national anthem / flag then want that country to save you from the above situation. Fuck off, DUDE.

What we and Irving have in common is being pureblood. He sussed out early on that the entire ‘vaxx’ story was bullshit, just as we did. Real vaccines take 10 years on average to develop, while these took 9 months. Real ones also never required masks, distance or boosters pre-2020. We all know this to be true, as we had those as kids.

What you and I did not have to go through was having basically our entire ‘league’ (work) and lamestream media coming down on us and threatening to take away our approximately $34 million a year job. We had the job threat, to be sure, just not at THAT level of pain. And he stood tall on that, which we admire. Few ‘professional’ athletes had that courage.

He did kneel for that BLM Marxist crap, so points off for that. Then he gets a few back because he was attacked over the ‘vaxx’ and his Alex Jones comments by none other than communist Lew Alcinder (who also attacked Irving’s former team-mate LeBron James over a covid meme).

“Brittney Griner is a man. Here is a pic of her with no shirt. No scars where breast were removed, same tattoo’s. And a link to a video. Listen to that voice. This is no woman. Also what woman reaches 6’9 in height?”, by unknown, from TammyCenter @center_tammy at twitter.com, via thesportsgrail.com

So now that the ‘vaxx’ attacks on Kyrie didn’t work, the leftsteam media have changed tactics and are accusing him of being “anti-Semitic”. Even known rape-hoaxer and race-hoaxer alt-far-left ‘Rolling Stone’ had the nerve to crawl out of the slime they make their home in and attack Irving.

Kyrie’s contention is that blacks are the true Jewish people (linking to a book that was made into a movie which both claim that), and if he is correct, that means he can’t be what they accuse him of.

The ‘Anti-Defamation League’ {SIC} (ADL) have led the attacks on Irving, and it must be noted they are communists who slander good people on a regular basis. We feel the same way about THIS issue as we do about Russia and Ukraine. Not our fight, and we won’t choose.

What Kyrie, for now, is weathering also just happened to Kanye West (no comment). West claims it has cost him $2 BILLION so far, and he won’t apologize. Right or wrong, having strong convictions and not backing down to that kind of pressure takes courage.

“Oh boy! Female basketball player goes naked on Instagram live and people are shocked by her chest”, by unknown, via lindaikejisblog.com. merge and resize by us.

Nobody should be out of bounds on being questioned. We’ve even had people question us, although to be fair it is obvious almost all of them based their opinion on our headline and first picture (usually a meme, borrowed or made) and never actually clicked through to read the article before attacking (which is intellectual laziness).

We aren’t anti-Jewish but we do find the math interesting (20 million people out of 8 BILLION, yet in charge of so many things). That is like having a 2% chance on the river in Texas Hold’em every hand you play and hitting your ‘one out’ on the river every time to win. Possible? Yes. Probable. No. Unless you are a luckbox like attorney and communist and former poker-pro Vanessa Selbst. Oh, wait…

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