Woke Bloke Should be Broke Joke, Why Conservatives Must Turn Their Backs on WalMart After CEO Boxes Them in a Corner



Front of a Walmart. via local10.com (Hialeah, FL). Red words of truth and resize by me.
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Every individual has the right to make decisions for themselves, and we in the Shed are pro choice*…which has NOTHING to do with abortion (as the left insists) since babies have 50% of their DNA from each parent and that makes them a unique being and NOT “a part of the mother” (she is a temporary host). Notice that after lecturing us to obey ‘settled law’ with Roe, now that it was rightfully overturned the left refuses to obey the ‘settled law’ of Dobbs. Another right we all have is deciding who we conduct relationships with, and that includes friendships, dating and purchases we make.

Years ago WalMart was a proudly pro-American company. They advertised products MADE IN AMERICA, and their print ads featured employees and their families. At some point, after April 1992 when founder Same Walton died, the remaining family members running the company turned it decidedly leftward AND anti-American. Yet people continue to flock there, likely because they were very sly about it. They didn’t announce their products were now mostly made in China, they just removed the MADE IN AMERICA from the ads (along with the employees and their families).

White’s Food Center was located on the corner of West Park Avenue and Monmouth Road in Ocean Township, New Jersey from 1946 to 1974. Shown in this undated photo were, from left, butcher Frank Smith, Clyde White, Ailene White and Edwin White. Courtesy of the White family via nj.com

The higher profits on cheaper quality goods paid off and they built out their footprint (more stores) to grab even bigger market share, driving mom and pop stores nationwide out of business. WalMart is not the only corporation pushing leftism (so this applies in part or full to MANY other companies too) but they are a store we visited occasionally due to situation (there are 3 within 12 miles of the shed, and 1.5 per county in our state). In other words, if you need something you are probably driving by one no matter which route you take when you leave home.

But today WalMart has gone total woke, first pushing the ‘vaxx’ (NOT an actual vaccine as we proved here) despite those shots having not slowed the spread of Covid despite giving us a new category of death…’SUDDEN’. Never in history (outside of war) has there ever been a time when so many otherwise healthy young people suddenly dropped dead. Nothing to see here say the MSM ghouls who collude with democRATs on every risky scheme they push, including the communist Chinese virus and subsequent shutdown of the world over same.

Yes we know Trump was President, but for his entire term we were told by Dems and MSM that he was not, so I’m just agreeing with them so that I can rightfully blame them. Plus for the first 2 years Paul RINO Ryan was Speaker of the House, and he hated Trump so he blocked everything he could especially the border wall, then he announced his retirement but refused to step down for a year, also refused to run a strong House retention election and basically handed the office to NaziPiglosi (AKA Nancy Pelosi). Then Paul took a Board of Directors spot at News Corp (Fox News) and helped them steal 2020. Then the riots and virus shut us down so at best Trump was fully President for maybe a year (2019). Not making excuses, these are facts. One more, despite what Biden thinks Presidents are NOT God or a King.

Usurper in Thief Joe Biden and communist Dictator Xi, via cnn.com

So to recap Walmart has changed over the years as follows:
• no longer sells mostly American products
• no longer features employees and their families in ads
• forced employees to decide between their long term health or their current job with vaxx mandate which completely violated HIPAA**
• forcing employees to endure racism against white people (CRT, AKA Critical RaceIST Theory)
• now forcing customers to pay for abortions by introducing new program that funnels money off for that purpose

RACIST Walmart CEO Doug McMillon “was described as a ‘true believer’ of critical race theory by a whistleblower.” by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival via nypost.com, red word of truth and resize by me.

WalMart, led by COMMUNIST CEO Doug McMillon, has chosen a path (Pro-Vaxx, Anti-White, Anti-Baby) and the abortion part reduces both the number of future customers and also future employees. They are saying we have enough people and following the lead of depopulationists like Bill Gates, who is famous for software that freezes and crashes (we suggest Linux) a lot so trusting him on a shot is silly. We MAGA made WalMart and we MAGA can break it too. Pay a little more and shop elsewhere. Kick WalMart to the curb and boycott them (and tell them why). Let them choke on their communist China garbage. If boycotts didn’t work the left wouldn’t do them. And if it helps you to remember, now part of every purchase you make there funds abortion.

*Our reality based version of pro choice is about true freedom and you don’t get that by stomping on someone else’s rights, especially a baby’s rights you sick leftist fucks.

**”The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that required the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge.” –cdc.gov, Democrats like Hillary Clinton pushed for this!

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