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Still Not a Ginger, Dark Day for Time Lords as Woke Gender and Race Swaps Came For ‘Doctor Who’



BBC 'Doctor Who' characters, image from IGN, edited via,, and
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The BBC action-adventure show ‘Doctor Who’ has been around for almost 60 years. From the first episode, which aired November 23, 1963, with William Hartnell as the lead character, it was originally aimed straight at children with no curve-balls other than the character being an alien (Time Lord) who protects Earth and regenerates into a new body which retains all of its memories when he is injured enough to trigger the transformation (which was used to cover for actors being replaced).

Until December 26, 2017, when Peter Capaldi’s last episode ended, The Doctor had always been played by a white heterosexual male. Then the show went off the air…for me…but for others it struggled on. Alleged lifetime fan Chris Chibnall drove the stake into the shows heart by doing the normal ‘Who’ thing but using the regeneration to change the actor to Jodie Whitaker (arguably she is a woman, but since the left insists those can’t be defined nobody really knows). Unsurprisingly the ratings dropped with her introduction.

BBC ‘Doctor Who’ characters, from Dwebble on ResetEra. From left to right: William Hartnell (First Doctor (1963-1966, 1973)), Patrick Troughton (Second Doctor (1966-1969, 1973, 1983, 1985)), Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor (1970-1974, 1983)), Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor (1974-1981), Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor (2005)), Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor (2010-2013)), Peter Capaldi (Twelfth Doctor (2013-2017)), David Tennant (Tenth Doctor (2005-2010, 2013)), Sir John Hurt (War Doctor (2013)), Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor (1996, 2013)), Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor (1987-1989, 1996)), Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor (1984-1986)) and Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor (1981-1984, 2007)).

Now luckily they are bringing back former show-runner Russell T. Davies to light that stake on fire and complete the job of strangling the golden goose moneymaker of a show. Russell’s idea is after all those years to bring in Ncuti Gatwa to play the character as black (which should be pulloffable as he is black) and male which could be a bit of a problem.

Starship Troopers (TriStar Picture, Touchstone Pictures), Image from, via the actual fascists at flipscreened.

Actor Neil Patrick Harris (who is gay)*, has tricked us all by playing a teenage straight male doctor (1989-1993), then a straight know it all alien-raper in Starship Troopers (1997), followed by an exaggerated straight version of himself in the Harold & Kumar movie series (from 2004-2011) before disappearing from Hollywood altogether (as far as I know, I saw him in nothing). Neil met Gatwa and claims he was told The Doctor will now be gay. That is doable as Ncuti, whose first appearance will be in the Christmas Special this year (and I’m certain that both Jesus and Santa are thrilled about that), is gay too. Apparently Harris will finally return to work with a role as a Who villain in that same Special.

The countdown is now on for the funeral of the show, which is bound to happen again. It was already canceled once in 1989 after 26 years on the air (oddly when Doogie Howser began on TV). Then it made a comeback in 1996 with a TV movie, before coming back full time in 2005. So if the show rightly gets dropped after one year of the dreck they have announced we might be looking at (based on the prior timeline) 2039 for the next reboot, which is plenty of time for a nice nap.

Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle. Book cover illustration by Donald Cook.

*Notice there was never any outrage or protesting of projects in which Neil didn’t play his actual sexual preference. And the race and gender swap pattern is always away from male, white and straight, never towards those.

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NBA Sarver Rage, Millionaire Players And Billionaire Owners Attack Phoenix Suns Boss But Give Communist China A Pass



Lebron never met communist Chinese money he didn't want. 'Mao ZeBron' by scottallen541 via
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From what we have read about Phoenix Suns majority owner Robert Sarver, he isn’t a nice guy, but he has still never killed even a single person, let alone enslaved anyone. On a scale of ZERO to 10, communist China’s crimes ‘go to 11’ while Robert’s slide in at around 1.5 or 2.0. The Marxist nba types (players, owners, others) will talk about Trump all day long, or about Sarver, but won’t touch the demonic communist Chinese government.

Chris Paul, two-time president of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and current player for the Suns, said “I was and am horrified and disappointed by what I read” and that “the sanctions fell short in truly addressing what we can all agree was atrocious behavior”. That would mean more if he was talking about the communist Chinese abusing people rather than one guy being an ass.

Even LeBron James stuck his nose into this, saying “our league definitely got this wrong. I don’t need to explain why.” which obviously distracts from the reality of him making his money NOT playing basketball ($790 million, versus $370 for playing) with the bulk coming from selling shoes that Chinese slaves made. He went on to say “There is no place for misogyny, sexism, and racism in any work place.” but failed to mention that HE and other leftists would decide what those things meant. And of course, cultural Marxism IS being pushed by the NBA.

One of Sarver’s crimes is that “on at least five occasions, he repeated the N-word when recounting the statements of others.” This is exactly how the left stole Papa John’s from founder John Schnatter. Then, a few years later, an investigation by former FBI Director and former federal judge Louis Freeh proved John was REPEATING a statement by someone else and not saying it himself (as John claimed during the initial uproar).

In his spare time Steve despises MAGA, President Trump and America. “Butters his bread” by kingtiger via -AND- “Balls back” was “Bad Photoshop Sunday presents: All you need is money” by btbeeston via

Although some on the left are conflating the two, Sarver is vastly different than Donald Sterling as Sterling actually made racist statements (recorded). Verizon owned Yahoo had an article from known racist Vincent Goodwill[SIC] saying they deserved the same punishment (Sterling was forced to sell the Los Angeles Clippers to Microsoft billionaire Steve Balmer). Not the same issue asshat. Then Vinny even called Daryl Morey’s PRO HONG KONG statements a “billion-dollar China gaffe”, proving HE shills for communist China himself.

Another racist, Tamika Tremaglio (executive director of NBPA, and who, despite her last name, is actually black), said “Sarver should never hold a managerial position within our league again.” and later outright called for a lifetime ban for him. Good thing it ain’t your call, you commie bitch!

PayPal has also said they will end sponsorship of the Phoenix Suns and two other professional sports teams Sarver owns if the NBA allows him to return. Coming on the heels of Visa, Mastercard and American Express creating a code to track gun purchases for the government, this proves payment system companies have grown too big for their britches and need to be taken down a peg or three.

Meanwhile, NBA commissioner Adam Silver correctly pointed out that he did not “have the right to take away his team even if Sarver were racist and misogynist, which is news to Donald Sterling. Sarver does face a one-year suspension from running his team and a $10 million fine after a 10-month independent investigation by an outside law firm.

‘Boycott NBA’ by unknown, via Boycott ALL pro sports until cultural Marxism is banned from those leagues!

Lost on the left is how racist the NBA and NFL are. Blacks are just 13% of the U.S. Population but make up 81.1% of the NBA and 68% of the NFL. So much for ‘diversity’ (which is leftist code for anti-white). If those leagues followed actual diversity, there would be TWO black NBA players (of 15) and SEVEN black NFL players (of 53) per team, plus a lot more hispanics and asians than now.

So, while the NBA won’t comment negatively on communist China, they WILL go low against American Patriots, President Donald Trump and MAGA (Make America Great Again). The ‘president and head coach’ of the San Antonio Spurs Gregg Popovich (which sounds like a muh Russian last name…) never met a communist he didn’t like, or a MAGA patriot he didn’t hate.

The left love piling on, just as Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors did when suggesting that Donald Trump “has a tone of divisiveness that doesn’t have a place in our country” when asked about Trump running again in 2024. Yes, MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is so ‘muh racist’ and whatnot.

Curry continued that “As serious and loud as the threat is of him or whoever else is running for office” then claimed to be above it all, saying his beliefs were about “equality”, but that included supporting grown men pretending to be women invading bathrooms used by little girls as Curry opposed the 2016 North Carolina bathroom bill preventing that.

‘Quill pen’ by unknown found online.

No surprise when you have a communist for a head coach, which describes Steve Kerr (who played and assistant coached for Popovich), and now coaches the Warriors. Kerr only ever got his coaching shot because he was lucky enough to win championships while playing with Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls and Tim Duncan on the San Antonio Spurs. Birds of a communist feather…commune together.

Kerr also loves the Middle East, despite his father being murdered* there by islamic terrorists. He then dismisses the terrorism aspect and claims it is “gun violence” and says because of THAT, Americans then must give up their Constitutional rights. As anti-gun as Steve claims to be, he has never gone to Chicago and spoken to gang members about not killing each other every weekend there in record numbers. To quote Sgt. Hulka with the big toe, “Gutless…punk.”

Do you paw your boss like this?! “Dennis Rodman says he slept with & dated Lakers team owner & President Jeanie Buss for 6 months back in the 1990s 😳🏆” by NBA Buzz via -AND- “Any clues? 😏” by NBA Memes, found online.

When asked for a comment on the NBA relationship with communist China, Jeanie Buss of the Los Angeles Lakers (LeBron’s team) drifted off saying the NBA is “one of the most popular sports all over the world.” When looking for a picture of her for this story we found TWO which suggest she has some things of her own to explain, and why nobody is asking her tough questions is a mystery.

Jeanie Buss, Dennis Rodman and Kyle Kuzma are all adults, but how does a female owner get to do that with players and get a pass? Same as female teachers molesting or grooming kids in schools. They get a pass and a male doing the same gets outrage…when BOTH deserve outrage. Buss also dated Phil Jackson (and they later became engaged) when he was the Head Coach of the Lakers and her father, Doctor Jerry Buss, was still alive and the team owner.

Which brings us to Enes Kanter Freedom, born in Switzerland to Turkish parents, who is only 30 years old, and at 6’10” has 11 years experience and a career average of 11.2 points per game, can’t find work since wearing shoes with anti-CCP slogans during games. Why? He is outspoken against communist China and their oppression of Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and Kyrgyz.

‘Grateful’ by unknown found online.

MLB is pushing trans surgery, while the NFL and NBA push social(IST) justice issues and cultural Marxism. The NBA is truly a league by, of and for communists. And the NCAA is where the NBA communists are organically grown…don’t forget that. Also never forget communist China has unleashed at least THREE viruses on us (SARS, H1N1 Swine Flu, and Covid which came with a lot of other ‘gifts’ attached) and the pro sports leagues are silent on that.

*Malcolm Hooper Kerr was a visiting professor at the American University of Cairo who was serving as president of the American University of Beirut when assassinated in Beirut, Lebanon in a 1984 attack by a single terrorist who shot his father twice in the head in the hallway outside his office. So, rather than blame ‘Islamic Jihad’, the group that did it, Kerr blames 330 million Americans. And Malcolm’s predecessor (David Dodge) was even kidnapped by pro-Iranian terrorists 2 years earlier.

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Soul Of The Valley, With Season 5 Cobra Kai Proves Old Dogs Have Plenty Of New Tricks To Learn — None Of Them Woke



Scene from 'Cobra Kai', Season 5 (featuring Daniel, Chozen, Amanda and Johnny) from Netflix via
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We prefer to always be completely honest, and when we first heard in 2017 that someone was going to make a TV show continuing the ‘Karate Kid’ movies called ‘Cobra Kai’, we thought it would suck…big time. We have never been so pleased to have been wrong. The show steers well clear of politics, although it seems as if those doing it are at least not leftists, if not actually right of center.

‘Cobra Kai’ (2018-2022, so far) was created by Josh Heald (known for the ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ movies, along with Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg (known for the ‘Harold & Kumar’ movies), who said that the four Karate Kid movies comprise the ‘Miyagi-verse’. The movies are: ‘The Karate Kid’ (1984), ‘The Karate Kid Part II’ (1986), ‘The Karate Kid Part III’ (1989), which all starred Ralph Macchio, and ‘The Next Karate Kid’ (1994), which starred Hillary Swank and is connected only via the Mr. Miyagi character (played by Pat Morita) also appearing.

We have never seen ‘The K̶a̶r̶a̶t̶e̶ Kung Fu Kid'[SIC] remake from 2010 that ripped off the name Karate Kid but changed the martial art AND also the location (to China from California). That was Will Smith buying it to star his now daughter (then son). Zero interest ever. ‘Nuff said!

Enhanced logo, by Hiptoro from Netflix via

Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso in the first three movies) and William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence in the first movie) reprise their roles as well as serving as 2 of the 9 Executive Producers. After filming three Seasons at YouTube Red (two of which aired there), production moved to Netflix (where that 3rd season finally aired) and the show just keeps finding ways to create great stories based in the world of the movies.

Other than deceased actors from the movies (whose characters have NOT been recast, and are only shown in flashbacks via scenes from the original movies), they have brought back the obvious characters, as well as original actors portraying less obvious characters again*, plus added an entire world of interconnected new characters that keep storylines deep and interesting. Chad McQueen (son of actor Steve McQueen), who played ‘Dutch’ in the first movie, is the only surviving actor you can probably count out as he retired from acting and has said he will not be reprising his role, with characters in the show stating Dutch is in prison.

From left to right: William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence, Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso, Yuji Okumoto as Chozen Toguchi in ‘Cobra Kai’. by Curtis Bonds Baker, from Netflix via

Family and friendship drive this show, which revolves around Daniel, his wife, son and daughter, along with Johnny, his son and ex-wife (rarely seen, but she does pop up when needed) and various friends and enemies made along the way. Unlike a 90-120 minute movie, there is plenty of room for character growth and you get that in spades! The show is multi-ethnic (we won’t use the OVERUSED word ‘diverse’ which is leftist code for anti-white) but NOT in a forced way a la the new ALLEGED ‘Lord of the Rings’ show on Amazon.

‘Cobra Kai’, which just released its 5th season of 10 episodes each yesterday, isn’t political, but that is a good thing given how woke Hollywood has become. And at the first sign of wokeness**, we will dump it and enjoy any prior episodes for what they are. There are fights, but they aren’t forced and there are plenty of scenes involving proper parenting, lighthearted moments and even comedic situations to make this something families can watch together, although there is occasional cursing (with Season 5 adding the word fuck) so parents can check it out first and determine what is appropriate.

One of the main lessons we’ve seen over and over so far is that you can’t back down from a bully, which is very applicable to 2022 and the Biden Usurpation sending FBI after MAGA and both hiring and arming 87,000 new IRS agents. Without giving much away, a chief lesson in Season 5 is working together as a team to defeat an evil force. Protect those ‘eggs’!

Season 5 poster for ‘Cobra Kai’, by Netflix via Just 4 of those 15 characters pictures appeared in the movies.

For fans of ‘The Office’ there is even a connection to that show in Jennifer Celotta, who directed 6 episodes from the first 4 seasons of ‘Cobra Kai’ after prior directing 3 episodes of The Office (while also writing 11, producing 98 and being co-showrunner for Season 5*** of that show). She was involved in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 as well, but the extent is unknown at this time.

You don’t even really need to watch the Karate Kid movies first, but you’ll probably want to check those out at some point to be able to catch all of the call-backs. ‘Cobra Kai’ isn’t woke, and there are just (now) 50 episodes, so it is very much worth a watch. We know some will say “But it is on Netflix!” and to that we say…there are ways around that (friends, later disc releases, or COUGH BitTorrent COUGH). So if you’ve never seen it please consider giving ‘Cobra Kai’ a try.

*how they worked Robyn Lively’s platonic female friend to ‘Daniel’ from the 3rd movie into Season 5, Episode 5 was both unexpected and perfectly executed, and although we expected Sean Kanan’s return as ‘Mike Barnes from the same movie and predicted he would have evolved as a human being (Terry Silver used him in that movie just like he does everyone else) we didn’t see the path they took as a possibility…so well done.

**one female character dates a male character, then briefly dated a new female character before ending up back with the same male character. It was NOT a major storyline and quickly passed. No other gay or trans so far, knock wood.

***the BEST season of The Office as it includes Holly Flax (returning from the last 2 episodes of Season 4) AND the ‘Michael Scott Paper Company’ storyline!

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Like Mike, Barack Obama’s ‘Wife’ Unveils White House Portrait Of Self As ‘First Lady’ Entitled “Battle Of The Bulge”



Based on photo by unknown, from nunya @nunyabesniz (to @HuffPost and @HuffingtonPost; with comments of "Finding a suspicious package." and "I bet Melania can't do that!" and "Oh shit!" among others) found online via then edited using
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Some will surely accuse the shed of going for low hanging fruit here, but we prefer to look at this as a tentpole* article and are determined to pitch that tent! We take writing on any topic as a challenge, and this was a stiff one…a bit like wood. But when we are determined to tackle a topic, once we get started, like a ramrod we keep pushing and eventually get it up. It isn’t the longest article ever but we feel we rose to the occasion and are satisfied.

Based on photo by unknown found online via then edited using (with apologies to Lionel Messi)

Basically ‘Michelle’ Obama returned to a special outdoor gallery at the White House (wow, that is SUCH a racist name…Obama**) to unveil a picture of a black “woman” but claimed not to know what one was and no other alt-far-leftist there was able to assist. “A girl like me” he* continued “was never supposed to be up there”. What, hung…up on the wall? He added that it was “not about blood”, a possible allusion to refusing a DNA test which some insist is nuts when they tell us to go pound rocks.

At some event, by Kisho Watanabe via

His husband Barack, who famously was the first ‘president of amerika’, was also in attendance. Many will remember that on at least two occasions (2011 and 2015) Barack is on video (such as “Barack Obama Calls His Wife Michelle Michael Twice” from below) referring to “Michael” by name. The two rent-a-kids aren’t fooling anyone sane either. There are also longstanding stories of Barack in Chicago’s gay ‘bath houses’ and the mother of one gay black man confirmed her son was killed because of witnessing those events and speaking about them. Barack is also reported to prefer older white men, which explains why Joe Biden (shudder) was put on the ticket in the first place.

JOKE BREAK! What do you call a gay guy’s member when it is inside another gay guy? An In-Sir-Ection. democRATs talk about those all of the time, “but don’t ask, don’t tell” …and don’t really want to know.

Based on photo (dancing with Ellen Degeneres) by unknown found online via then edited using

Gender dysphoria is a serious mental health issue, and the way to solve it is not to jump on the crazy train for a ride. DNA is ‘settled science’ (which we will keep pounding away on, like here and here and here and here, until the left have had enough and beg us to stop) but at some point mental health care providers appear to have given up and then the ‘trans’ movement was born. There are ways to spot a gender dysphoric person though (shoulders and hands being two of those ways, and a penis and testicles being three more).

Shoulder ratio by unknown, edit by CloneTHX2012 @Michael06874898 on

Anyway, the painting really does look just like him, which is a drag. This article is dedicated to Joan Rivers, who died in an ‘accident’ September 4, 2014, almost 2 months to the day after her July 3, 2014, comments about the Obama’s. Also, don’t call us ‘Shirley’.

Based on photo (dancing with Ellen Degeneres) by unknown edit by CloneTHX2012 @Michael06874898 on then our edit using

*tentpole, noun. “a movie that is expected to be very successful and therefore able to fund a range of related products or movies.”

**it actually means “little beach” in Japanese, or “crooked, somewhat bent” in the far more accurate African-Swahili.

***for this article we have invented what we call ‘selective personal pronouns'(TM), which is where we decide what to call you because…fuck English, right!

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