‘Taking a Kaep’, More Bewildering Nonsense From Feces-Obsessed Sports Host & Lawyer AND White Communist Mike Florio



'So slavery is okay?', by mdokken29223, via 9gag.com. Communism isn't funny, but he is clownish.
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We have stated before that writing about the same subject more than once in a row is kind of boring, but we’ve done it before anyway. We even once wrote on the same basic topic for FOUR days in a row (HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE).

And sure enough, he lied to get that position and hasn’t followed through on his promises (including releasing the J6 videos, despite leaks proving what the left claim happened in fact did not). But that is a topic for another time.

“Unpopular but true… (commies strike back)”, by trumpwatching, via 9gag.com. His fellow communists are all proud of Colin. And ALL lives matter or black lives can’t matter, plus it is ridiculous for them to matter any more than any other lives do.

Today we are (sort of) “Groundhog Day’ing” Mike Florio (just dealt with HERE), while mainly focusing on the ‘anti-Rick Monday‘, Colin Kaepernick (covered prior HERE).

Colin was “28-30 as a starter for his career, and was 3-16 in his last two seasons”. That is NOT a great track record, and the often derided Tim Tebow was actually 8-6.

“Politics aside, this is good.”, by MEMES of the NFL (aka NFL Memes), via facebook.com. Some people enjoy being perpetual victims.

While correctly admitting that Colin’s NFL career was over, unless someone decides to take a deep dive into both insanity and communism, Florio attributed it to the wrong cause.

The headline was “It’s over for Colin Kaepernick, and it has been”, which on its face sounds reasonable, but as is so often true, ‘the devil is in the details’.

“To be fair, I haven’t seen Kaepernick throw over any mountains… (IG:scottcerjance)”, by MEMES of the NFL(aka NFL Memes), via facebook.com. Aaron Hernandez was both still alive AND in prison at the time that meme was still posted (March 23, 2017), but even now that he is dead (and out of prison…) it is STILL accurate.

Colin played his last game in the NFL on Saturday, January 2, 2017 (the last regular season game for the 49ers during the 2016 season; Mike claimed the game was played on New Year’s day), leading a 23-25 losing effort against the Seattle Seahawks, ending their season at 2-14.

One leftist search engine doesn’t even list him as a football player. Instead they label him as an “American civil rights activist”, which is code for someone who pushes communism, as nobody right of center is even labeled that, even people championing the 2nd Amendment (because self-defense is the ultimate civil right).

“An example of a meme showing a negative reaction to Kaepernick’s protest.”, by unknown, via ResearchGate on researchgate.net. We realize the quality of this meme is poor (blurry), but we are using it anyway because watching professional sports is a waste of time, especially since so many communists use them to push their politics. And college sports are where communist pro athletes come from, so stop kidding yourself that those are any better.

But with the new ‘New York Jets’ QB Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending Achilles injury, Colin decided to both have his agent contact the team, and then when he didn’t hear back he wrote them a letter himself.

After not hearing back for 5 days, the letter was ‘leaked’, obviously by Colin’s camp, in an effort to shame the Jets into replying.

Mike correctly states that “The fact that so much time has passed since he last played…makes it even less likely that anyone will give him a chance.” before then going off of the rails, adding that “It has simply been too long. It has been too long in part because the NFL successfully colluded against and blackballed Kaepernick.”

“Happy 4th, Colin”, tweet by unknown, meme by chaffer2, via 9gag.com. Black people are paid millions of dollars to act, sing and play sports. They work in politics, TV and at least one (Dr. Ben Carson) has also been a successful neurosurgeon. We reject your celebration of communist supremacy and invite you to liberate yourself back to your homeland and commemorate your “independence” there, Colin.

Colin had a player option for 2017 worth $14.5 MILLION and rejected it. He thought that he could both stay in the league AND make more money by doing so, and he was wrong. So nobody colluded, Colin just fraked himself.

Mike concludes with “That’s the end of the story. The NFL wanted him out. The NFL kept him out. And now, it’s far too long for Kaepernick to get back in.” In Mike’s world, no leftist is ever responsible for their own actions, but it is ALL Colin’s own fault.

But with no NFL team willing to deal with his commie nonsense, he still has options. The British Columbia Lions of the CFL (Canadian Football League) have added Colin to their ‘negotiation list’, although that doesn’t mean anything if he is unwilling to play in Canuckia.

“Sack of shit”, by wilks2021, via 9gag.com. His adoptive parents were SO horrible that they adopted a racist alt-far-left half-black kid. They should have pulled a Spartan ‘300’ move and thrown him off of that cliff instead. Skeletons can’t take a knee!

A quick aside: it might bring in more leftist sponsor dollars, but what that meme above alludes to was uncalled for.

Contrast that to recently reading (and we highly recommend them all): ‘Harpo Speaks!’ by Harpo Marx, ‘Speaking of Harpo’ by Susan Fleming Marx (his wife), and ‘Son of Harpo Speaks!’ by William ‘Bill’ Woollcott Marx (his son), along with ‘The Garden of Allah’ by Sheilah Graham (which details life at a now long-gone famous hotel that famous people lived when in when in the Hollywood area, and which is named after the 2nd owner, silent film star Alla Nazimova and NOT the middle-eastern 1400-year-old death cult founder, although after she sold it they added the H to the end, which upset her greatly).

Those can all be found in the archive that Anna runs…

“Susan Fleming Marx – Speaking of Harpo”, by Cavalier Films LLC, via youtube.com. “Susan Fleming Marx talks about Harpo in an interview recorded in 2001.” Her own life was fascinating too. She never wanted to be an entertainer, but she was thrust into it by circumstance, then got out as soon as she could. The short video includes their 4 kids, including that image near the end of Chico, Groucho and Harpo holding the younger 3, with Bill standing (taken during filming of ‘At the Circus’ (1939). We get nothing from it, but you can order the book HERE.

We told you all of that to tell you this…Harpo and Susan couldn’t have children because of a hysterectomy she had in her 20’s for medical reasons, so they adopted all 4 of their children, beginning with Bill, and then adding Alex, Jimmy and Minnie several years later. Those kids appreciated that they were chosen!

But Colin, whose birth parents were a white mother and black father “whose identity is unknown” (despite them knowing he was “of Ghanaian, Nigerian, and Ivorian ancestry”), is simply ungrateful to his adoptive parents, who are both white.

“Funny Colin Kaepernick memes. Would have been funnier if it was Krusty Krab though. He looks like Squidward!”, by unknown, via pinterest.com. Or some cheese with all of that whine, Colin?

Had Colin spent more time on football (especially in those last couple of seasons), and less time on communism, then the 49ers would likely have won at least a few more games.

And now, since he likes doing it to other people and things (America, the NFL, 49ers, and his parents, to name just a few), in addition to crap, poop, deuce, shit, number two, and BM, we add ‘Kaep’ to the list of ways to describe taking a dump.



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