19 VERY Brave Americans, RINO Kevin McCarthy Repeatedly And Humiliatingly Denied U.S. House Speakership By Patriots



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History was made today as, for the first time in almost 100 years, it will take more than one ballot to elect the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. We watched the debacle, because that is what we do…debacle watch. It was brought about by the greed and ‘entitlism’ of Kevin RINO McCarthy and several people who Cosplay as Republicans.

democRATs have 212 members, so they have 212 votes (it would have been 213, but one died, so a special election will be held at a later time to fill that Virginia seat). With a full 435 member House (or even the current 434) you need 218 to be elected Speaker.

‘He will only get the Speakership because of Crooked deals, behind close Doors.’, “THE ONLY WAY THIS PIECE OF SHIT; GETS THE SPEAKERSHIP, IS BECAUSE OF BACKROOM DEALS AND CAVIAR DREAMS.”, by EagleEye747, via imgflip.com

212 is NOT 218. That didn’t prevent the scare tactics from starting early, with threats of Hakeem Jeffries (New York, D is for denier, as in 2016 election denier) being elected instead. No matter what alarmist you hear saying that there is NO chance that can happen unless RINOs start crossing the aisle to vote for him.

If they did that, they would reveal themselves for good! No more hiding in the shadows while colluding in secret with democRATs. They would face censures and recalls. They would need to switch parties to democRAT because their political careers as Republicans would be over.

THIS is what a Republic looks like. This is what sausage looks like when it gets made. No steamrolling by the majority. No ‘two wolves and a lamb voting on what is for lunch’ “democracy” {sic} here!

‘Bully! Bully!!’, “I’M KING OF THE RINOS”, by Jangler, via imgflip.com

We issued a proposal in early September that would have resolved this. Apparently, someone has better ways to spend his time than sticking it to UPchuck Schumer (New York, D is for dickhead) in the Senate and Joe ‘Usurper in Thief’ Biden (aka the guy who stole his office).

Voting started shortly after noon EST. The first two votes today were 212 for Jeffries, 203 for McCarthy, and 19 for Republicans (the first time for 4 different people, and the second all for Jim Jordan, who McCarthy had nominate him that second time after Elise Stefanik did the first time).

‘Donald J. Trump for Speaker of the House 2022! #TimeForALion’, “STEP ASIDE, KEVIN; THIS IS NO TIME FOR CHUMPS”, by Slobama, via imgflip.com. Yes, we know Trump wants Kevin for Speaker now. He is wrong. It happens.

On the third vote, McCarthy lost one person and Republicans got 20 (Jim Jordan was put up again by the Patriots, while Kevin had Steve Scalise nominate him that time). The good news is that while this was all going on, and roll-call votes take forever as they are voice not electronic, CONgress wasn’t creating and spending fiat currency.

After THREE slaps in the face, Kevin had had enough. ‘RINOism’ lost today, and no amount of scaremongering could save it. Instead of a 4th vote tonight, they adjourned until noon tomorrow when Speakerpocalypse2023 will resume.

‘Kevin McCarthy finds comfort in Paul Ryan’s tactics. Pass bills that will never become law until they can become law, then quit.’, “How do I stay true to my RINO values yet act like I’m working for the best interest of the country? I’ll loan you my playbook”, by sevenheart, via imgflip.com

We made sure to Tweet at Kevin and Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG, who we like but she is wrong on this, and she still needs a better explanation for hiring framer MILO than “he lives in my district”) the entire afternoon, since they were both pushing the doom and gloom earlier today (MTG on Steve Bannon’s Real America’s Voice show).

They both claimed Kevin (the former right-hand man of Paul RINO Ryan) was doing this for party and country, and that the Patriots who had had enough of RINOism should step aside. NO! If Kevin cares about country and party, HE needs to step aside.

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