The Beat Goes On, Proving We Are Republic NOT ‘democracy’ 19 VERY Brave Americans Reject RINO McCarthy 3 More Times



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“Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain
The Charleston was once the rage, uh-huh
History has turned a page, uh-huh” — ‘The Beat Goes On’, sung by Sonny and Cher, lyrics by Sonny Bono (who was later elected to Congress as a Republican, and died in a skiing accident…don’t ski kids!)

‘Sonny and Cher: The beat goes on (HQ Version)’ — “‘The Beat Goes On’ is a song written and composed by Sonny Bono and recorded by Sonny & Cher. It was issued as a single and appeared on their 1967 album In Case You’re in Love. It entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart on January 14, 1967, peaking at number six.” –from Michael Scott’s favorite source of information.

History just keeps slapping Kevin McCarthy (California, RINO) in the face and he won’t stand aside because he is selfish and entitled and damn you for blocking his ascension into the Speakership so he can get him some of what NaziPiglosi (aka Nancy Pelosi) has…namely very expensive ice cream and a closeted gay husband.

Enter formerly Republican pollster and now openly anti-MAGA and anti-Trump Frank Luntz, who Kevin has been ‘sharing a house’ in DC with for years. Now he just needs the ice cream.

‘The stubbornness – Is strong in this one’, by unknown, via memegenerator.net

J. Edgar Hoover beat Kevin and Frank there, as his ‘assistant and driver’ (“wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more”) Clyde Tolson and he were gay lovers. In fact, Hoover was once seen painting the toenails of Tolson, who he left his estate to upon death. Tolson also accepted the flag from Hoover’s coffin.

Hoover was director of the FBI from 1924 until his death in 1972. During that time, he regularly investigated the sex lives of various individuals, including many people for homosexuality. Somehow, he never managed to weed himself out.

‘Yeah that’d be great…’, “IF YOU CAN JUST STOP BEING STUBBORN – THAT’D BE GREAT”, by unknown, via memegenerator.net

Back to Kevin. We hope he and Frank (who was at the Capitol yesterday) stop lying and just let their freak flags fly…as far away from DC as they can get because McCarthy won’t be Speaker and Frank intentionally skews his polling questions, making them worthless…and the questions too.

After the first two Speaker vote attempts each got 19 anti-RINO votes, the third saw Byron Donalds (Florida, R) switch his vote from Kevin to bring the total to 20 against McCarthy.

‘Dr Evil Austin Powers — And i quote – why are you so stubborn’, by unknown, via makeameme.org

Today has now seen an additional THREE attempts, with the 4th (with Donalds being nominated to receive the votes) seeing 20 again plus 1 ‘NV’ or Not Voting, indicating the person WAS in the House chamber and was declining to vote. Lazy!

In case you were wondering, the reason we keep referring to 19 and not 20 or 21 now is we are honoring those ORIGINAL 19, without whom there could be no greater number. You can only imagine the pressure that has been placed upon them.

‘One Does Not Simply — let people be more stubborn than you’, by unknown, via makeameme.org

The 5th attempt ended the same way. Then President Donald Trump, for a reason only known to himself and God, again issued a statement supporting McCarthy for Speaker. UGH! Proves he is human.

We love Trump. We just defended his abortion position, just not the way he stated it. But the support of Kevin is just SO wrong. Read the tea leaves dude! McCarthy fucked over MAGA and we are DONE! Why aren’t you?! Call me.

‘Me trying to convince myself to stop being stubborn, stuck-up, rude, mean, moody, spoiled, a Cry-Baby and crazy’, by i.pinimg.com, via pinterest.com

A sixth vote showed the same results as the fifth, so the House adjourned. The dead horse beating will resume at 8pm tonight. It was funny too, as the voice vote was clearly AGAINST leaving, but when asked if anyone was demanding the Yeas and Nays (vote) on leaving, nobody stepped up. Cowards.

01/04/2023, 8:41pm UPDATE: The House came back into session, and there was an immediate motion to adjourn by Republicans. It passed 216-214 with 4 left to vote. McCarthy claims there were productive meetings with the 19+ but nothing worked out. That means his attempted bribes failed. Speakerpocalypse2023 continues tomorrow.

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