Feces-Obsessed Sports Host & Lawyer Goes Off Script, Nobody Cares About Your White Communist Politics Mike Florio!!



'white communist Mike Florio, based on template by KarenFlorio420 on twitter.com, with red words of truth by us. Their description..."NOT associated with Mike Florio or PFT. Just your average Karen reminding you to stay inside and be very afraid of the coronavirus. Cower in the corner with me" The left are terrorists, who want you perpetually afraid.
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So we were minding our own business, running some searches, and reading headlines, when we were accosted (luckily not Jim Acosta’ed) by extremism during a sweep of sports news. We don’t watch games any more, but we do still have childhood favorite teams we keep up on.

Imagine our surprise when we were suddenly told that TWITTER (we refuse to go along with that attempted re-branding, and as of this article can still access the site using that name) was filled with white people.

‘…horseturds…’, by JLGRobert, via imgflip.com. We don’t know that he actually ever used that word, but he is obsessed with crap.

Yes, despite common sense and thousands of years of history proving them wrong, alt-far-left-communist-democRATs are still trying to demonize white people. How racist of them! And it has been going on since President Trump came down the escalator on June 16, 2015.

They are also still trying to demonize being a nationalist, despite that phrase simply meaning someone who loves their own country more than any others.

They have also tried to merge the two things, as if there aren’t yellow nationalists in communist China, or brown nationalists in India, or black nationalists throughout Africa.

We will also point out that neither thing (being white, OR being a nationalist) is a crime, nor is being both, no matter how much the left try to make it criminal.

‘nonexistent’ by Karen Florio @KarenFlorio420, via twitter.com. Mike has blood on his hands, and will have for DECADES as more people die from the lies he helped push.

So who was spreading this tired-old dis-proven mentally questionable disinformation (which is always done intentionally, as compared to misinformation which might be by accident) this time?

Just in case you weren’t paying attention, since it was listed in the headline, it was Mike ‘white communist’ Florio, a sports opinion guy and former practicing lawyer…so he should both stick to his lane AND also know better.

Why did that jackhole say? Nothing worse than he has said before, which is why we stopped listening to him long ago. But this was, literally, right in our faces, so it was impossible to ignore.

“Woke Mike Florio LOSES IT and says NFL should PRESSURE Fox News into FIRING TUCKER CARLSON!”, by BlackandWhiteSports, via youtube.com. They added that “He also suggests Tom Brady should use his fame to pressure the NFL and Fox.” Tom likely has better things to do with his time than to try and get people fired. We don’t though, so please contact NBC to get Mike Florio fired for his communism.

In an article where he felt the need to repeat the phrase “Twitter, now known as X” FOUR fraking times in just 1043 characters (222 words), he attacked “prominent white nationalist accounts”[SIC] for correctly calling the NFL anti-white.

All pro-sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.) today are anti-white and also anti-American, and have been for years. We have prior proven they are even importing players to take the jobs of Americans (regardless of race). And they have done that while also pushing Florio’s own brand of woke leftism, which includes ‘the trans‘.

‘…overreacting’, by Karen Florio @KarenFlorio420, via twitter.com. The account seems to be abandoned now, but we thank it for the meme, and template (used for the main meme).

He also brought up something about a Buffalo Bills player dying from ‘the vaxx‘ and being replaced by “an actor”, and while admitting that only ONE account was pushing that story, he also tried to tar many with that strange accusation.

Why? Because Florio is a ‘the covid’ disinformation AND ‘the vaxx’ pusher.

We’ve also proven that it isn’t likely that a vaccine for that could have been developed in such a short amount of time, AND that the left have pushed ‘health products’ that have been proven to harm us before…including those containing MERCURY!!!

‘…woke mob…’, by The Gerry Callahan Show, via facebook.com. This wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Mike do this, but this one pissed us off enough to address.

Just like Mike, “we won’t name names or post links here”, except him because he deserves to be shamed.

Despite his love for leftist views, Florio was ‘outed’ for making comments like “”homos”, “fruits”, “queers” and “fudge packers”” on his own web site dating back to at least 2005, and only apologized in 2020 when someone went back through old articles there.

“Mike Florio screams about how the “woke mob” doesn’t exist. But he IS the woke mob! #GerryCallahanShow”, by The Gerry Callahan Show, via facebook.com. Great comment there…”Too bad Florio and Murchison can’t take a bath together with a toaster.” by Chuck Smith. No idea who Murchison is, but if he is friends with Florio…deserved!

Our standard disclaimer: we don’t hate ANYONE…except communists and the communist adjacent. That said, medically mutilating children (with drugs and/or surgery), as the British say, is “right out”.

In fact, Florio is actually STILL making such comments, as he JUST referred to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy as “Turdy” and said he can’t be a “franchise quarterback” because his last name sounds like that word for poop.

Even known fellow ass-hat leftist Peter King called that comment “one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard.”

We guess those two aren’t dating any longer now.

“I just listened to Mike Florio talk with Peter King and he gave the stupidest reason why Brock is still a wait and see QB. He said because his last name is Purdy and its not a franchise QB last name. Peter King even said it was the most ridiculous point he’s ever made. This is how i felt after.”, by u/MotherSecretary8302, via reddit.com. Now, what rhymes with Florio?

Mike’s site is now an affiliate of NBC Sports, which is owned by Com(munist)cast, aka Comcast, which also owns alt-far-left NBC and alt-far-lefter MSNBC (aka PMSNBC), Universal Pictures, USA Network, Bravo, Oxygen, E!, and also the now ruined Syfy (formerly Scifi, when it was good) and the streaming service Peacock, among other things. So you can actively practice avoidance of those.

And we will add that if a dishonest mental midget like Mike can make it through Law School and pass the Bar Exam, then anyone can. So if that is of any interest to you, go for it!

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