“Whatever IT Is I’m Against IT”, As Long As IT Is RINO Kevin McCarthy Forcing Vote After Vote Like An Entitled Brat



'Don't spoil your children', "NO ONE LIKES SPOILED CHILDREN. SO BE SURE TO PROPERLY REFRIGERATE THE LEFTOVERS", by JBmemegeek, via imgflip.com
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Our debacle watching continues, as 19 brave Americans (and a few others now) hold back the RINOism of Kevin McCarthy (California, RINO) who apparently is now running to have his picture inserted into the dictionary next to the word ‘insanity’ as he keeps doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

“Groucho Marx – I’m Against It” from ‘Horsefeathers’ (1932), as sung by Groucho Marx.

Kevin tried to bribe his way to Speaker. He then even tried terrorist threats. MSM are helping the RINOs just as they help democRATs. The once Conservative patriot Sean Hannity is now a CINO (Conservative In Name Only) having verbally attacked Lauren Boebert during an alleged interview last night on FauxSnewz.

We mention it for those new here, but regulars will know WE have not watched that channel (Fox News) since the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

Alt-far-left Newsweak (aka Newsweek) even ran a story claiming Anna Paulina Luna (Florida, Republican), an Air Force veteran, is a witch!

‘Thanks for the riots, parents’, “Temper tantrums got my way at home, so riots will get my way in the world!”, by DrSarcasm, via imgflip.com

But this process IS proving we are a Republic and not a ‘democracy’ {sic} which is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for dinner (quick, someone inform Tucker Carlson…we cringe every time he uses the democRAT talking point ‘our democracy’), AND the House aren’t doing real damage as they just did with that fucking omnibus Bill at the end of last year.

Our awesome prior 2 days of #Speakerpocalypse2023 coverage is HERE and HERE. Voting started shortly after noon today. Vote 7 was as follows: 433 voted out of 434. 212 Hakeem Jeffries, 201 Kevin McCarthy, 19 Byron Donalds, 1 Donald Trump and 1 Present (but not voting).

Matt Gaetz (Florida) nominated President Donald John Trump of Florida as Speaker of the House and then voted for him.

They quickly moved on to Vote 8 and those results were: 433 voted out of 434. 212 Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 17 Donalds, 2 Hern, 1 Trump and 1 Present (but not voting).

That is Kevin Hern (Oklahoma), who was ranking (minority party) member of the Rules Committee, and would now presumably be Chairman of that committee. Lauren nominated him.

‘It didn’t get me mine, because I was taught better….’, “OH, SO YOU SAY YOU’RE FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE WORLD, HUH? PLEASE, TELL ME MORE ABOUT HOW THROWING TANTRUMS LIKE LITTLE SPOILED BABIES WILL HELP YOU GET YOUR WAY.”, by thislittlelightofmine89, via imgflip.com

Vote 9 is happening as we write this, and we will wait to post it after they stop voting for the day.

And we are back. The results for Vote 9 were: 432 voted out of 434. 212 Jeffries, 201 McCarthy, 17 Donalds, 3 Hern, 1 Present (but not voting).

Matt Gaetz switched his vote to Hern. Congressman Ken Buck (Colorado) has a medical appointment and will miss any future votes today.

It also turns out that Hern’s mother died this week (sorry to hear that), and the funeral is Saturday, so if votes go through the weekend he will eventually miss them. Also, another male Republican (missed the name and reason, sorry) may have to miss future upcoming votes too.

As the 9th vote results were confirmed, the leadership decided not to try to adjourn and to instead go straight to a 10th vote. They think they can wear us down.

‘SPOILED BRATS SPOILED BRATS EVERYWHERE’, by unknown, via quickmeme.com

For the first time in this entire process, C-SPAN decided to NOT include a running vote total on the upper left side of the screen. Fuckers. But they did just change the graphic (5:17pm EST) to say that McCarthy can’t reach 218 again.

And 4 minutes later they added the vote total back. UNfuckers.

The 10th vote ended up 212 Jeffries, 200 McCarthy, 13 Donalds, 7 Hern, 1 Present (but not voting) and 1 not voting at all (Ken Buck, see above).

We also learned that the consistent ‘Present’ vote (since the 4th ballot) is from Republican Victoria Spartz of Indiana, who was born in Ukraine. We know nothing else about her, so won’t guess why she is voting that way.

‘No more spoiled brats’, by unknown via icanhascheezburger.com, found at jaseandjax.wordpress.com. Flush McCarthy!

The 19 are saying “things are being put into writing, but the devil is in the details’. C-SPAN says the Republican ‘leaders’ are going to try and adjourn for the night.

The next vote would be the 11th ballot. As soon as the prior totals were confirmed they went right into an 11th vote. We will update as they finish new votes today and into tonight, or adjourn.

‘Captain America | All “I Can Do This All Day” Scenes’ — So can MAGA! Pity they hired a communist to play Cap though.

01/05/2023, 6:51pm UPDATE: Matt Gaetz is back to nominating President Trump. Bob Good of Virginia nominated Hern. And they JUST hit the magic 5 (then 6) votes so there would need to be at least a 12th ballot. Fight on Patriots!

01/05/2023, 7:02pm UPDATE: What this is all about is that Committee Chairmen used to hold power, but over time (and both parties did it) the Speakership has consolidated the power into their own hands. These 19+ are trying to undo that, and MUST be supported! 12 for freedom so far this vote.

01/05/2023, 7:33pm UPDATE: We would REALLY like to write about anything else, but this is the biggest story going right now so we will ‘Captain America’ on. Vote 11 ends 432 of 434 voting, with 212 Jeffries, 200 McCarthy, 7 Hern, 1 Trump, 12 Others, 1 Present. Among ‘Others’ all votes were for Donalds. C-SPAN says “A deal is cut and it either works or McCarthy is in trouble”. One of the 19 said he is NOT waiting for any deal, meaning no on Kevin is NO on Kevin. Waiting on the official tally, above is ours. They may adjourn. Update if needed.

01/05/2023, 7:50pm UPDATE: Tally confirmed. Republicans moved to adjourn. Voice vote, the Yeas were loud, but the Nays (democRATs) were louder and longer. A recorded electronic vote (15 minutes) will result, just like last night, in adjournment. Good night.

01/06/2023, 12:02am UPDATE: The vote on adjournment did pass, 219-213 with 2 NV (not voting). Now, some background on and the lyrics to the song in the article title…

“One of Groucho’s most famous comic songs is this one from the 1932 comedy film Horse Feathers. When Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff is made the new head of Huxley College, the outgoing headmaster tells him the trustees have some suggestions for his administration. Wagstaff’s response is this song.”–genius.com

I don’t know what they have to say
It makes no difference anyway
Whatever it is, I’m against it
No matter what it is or who commenced it
I’m against it

Your proposition may be good
But let’s have one thing understood:
Whatever it is, I’m against it
And even when you’ve changed it or condensed it
I’m against it

I’m opposed to it
On general principles, I’m opposed to it

He’s opposed to it
In fact, indeed, he’s opposed to it

For months before my son was born
I used to yell from night till morn
“Whatever it is, I’m against it.”
And I’ve been yelling since I first commenced it
I’m against it” –end of song

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