Far-Right Extremist Fred, Now We Know That Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Was ‘Transphobic’ Decades Ago…Or Something



'Mr Rogers Giving Zero Fucks', "Even Mr rogers thinks you're full of shit", by unknown, via quickmeme.com. He would probably cave to the left if he were alive today, but this is fun anyway.
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Someone with either a very good memory, or a strange fetish for watching a children’s TV show that ran from 1968 to 2001…don’t ask, don’t tell…recently unearthed footage of children’s TV show host Fred Rogers of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” fame detailing what sane people already know, namely there is NO such thing as ‘trans’.

Born in 1928, and dying in 2003, Fred knew what a woman was, and what a man was too. He also knew that a girl grew into a woman, and a boy grew into a man. Today, that would make him a radical because democRATs and their ‘the science’ tell us gender is determined by feelings, not biology or that pesky little fucker known as ‘DNA’ (aka Deoxyribonucleic acid).

‘…change…’, by Mr. Rogers Memes (mrrogersmemes) from CollegeHumor, via facebook.com. At 7pm the crackheads want their park benches back sir.

DNA used to be ‘settled science’. Now DNA is racist, against ‘trans’…or something (see HERE and HERE). Just one of many ways that the alt-far-left have turned normality on its head. Here are the lyrics to ‘Everybody’s Fancy’, Written by Fred M. Rogers (1967), that have leftists so upset:

“Some are fancy on the outside.
Some are fancy on the inside.
Everybody’s fancy.
Everybody’s fine.
Your body’s fancy and so is mine.

Boys are boys from the beginning.
Girls are girls right from the start.
Everybody’s fancy.
Everybody’s fine.
Your body’s fancy and so is mine.

Only girls can be the mommies.
Only boys can be the daddies.
Everybody’s fancy.
Everybody’s fine.
Your body’s fancy and so is mine.

I think you’re a special person
And I like your ins and outsides.
Everybody’s fancy.
Everybody’s fine.
Your body’s fancy and so is mine.”

‘Are Mr Rogers memes set for growth?’, by ‘deleted user’, via reddit.com. We could have used him during 2020!

The site we found that on added a disclaimer though.

Notes: Becoming more sensitive to gender issues, Fred Rogers slightly altered the third verse of this song for the You Are Special CD release:
Original lyrics: “Only girls can be the mommies. Only boys can be the daddies.”
Altered lyrics: “Girls grow up to be the mommies. Boys grow up to be the daddies.”

That song from 1967 was on the original CD release in 1992. Fred died in 2003, and the CD was re-released in 2020. There was no ‘gender’ or ‘trans’ movement in 1992, so their excuse for the lyric change is bullshit. We accept that the lyrics change, and the new version IS less strong, but the basic meaning is the same.

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!”, “REMEMBER KIDS, DON’T BE RACIST; HATE EVERYONE EQUALLY”, by erogers58, via imgflip.com. Just the communists, kids.

But it isn’t just the one clip from his own show. There are multiple show clips, and also interviews on other shows where the subject came up as well. He even discussed it on ‘The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’ in 1980, saying “sometimes children think that they might change — they might have to change after a while.”

Democrats aren’t real anymore, and the only way to defeat the democRATs that replaced them is by doing the opposite of what they demand. Trans people are mentally ill heterophobes, and need to be helped as such.

‘…just wants…’, by Mr. Rogers Memes (mrrogersmemes), via facebook.com. Remember, that is the puppet talking.

Trans also aren’t capable of reproducing to increase their numbers, so they have to recruit via grooming to do so. So-called mental health care providers who disagree should be locked up themselves, with the trans they deny are a problem. Don’t drop the soap bitches!

Next up, newly re-found footage of Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans discussing intentionally created egg shortages, so be sure to watch out for that.

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