Acceptable Child Abuse, Heterophobic Munchausen trans Agenda Becomes More Ingrained As Demonic democRATs Given Pass



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democRATs used to always say “children are the future” and also “if it saves just one life” when trying to justify various leftist policies. They also respected actual science (and believed in borders).

DNA is still “settled science”. Contrary to leftist gaslighting, there is NO such thing as ‘trans’. You either accept reality or you are a science denier (in this particular case, a DNA denier). So anyone subscribing to that agenda is trans-reality, not trans-sexual.

‘always a pizza hut’, “Title”, by sgtjimmy, via The missing D in ‘used’ is not optional, but otherwise a great meme.

No matter how many drugs or hormones you pump into your body and no matter how many mutilating (and possible sterilizing) surgeries you have, you are still whatever you were born as.

Contrary to their repetitive message, there is no such thing as non-binary, masculinity is NOT toxic, and chivalry is NOT dead. And you don’t get your own pronouns either. That isn’t how English works.

‘Inception’, by RWT, via

None of those facts stop the alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-grifter-indoctrinating-gaslighting-Alinskyite-election-theft-denying-globalist-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers from being the existential threat America faces today.

The left’s goal is to tear down Western civilization and specifically the United States of America from the inside by normalizing abhorrent behavior.

‘Trans’, By Trollmahn, by

We used to help people with mental illness, but not Joke Bitem (AKA Joe Biden, AKA Usurper in Thief) who hired a trans (Sam Brinton) for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). In fact, the only reason Sam was just fired is because he stole luggage at two different airports, and NOT for his other non-ethical behavior which is mostly of a sexual nature.

Not to worry, as fresh off of trading a known killer and prolific arms dealer for a man cosplaying as a WNBA player, Joe invited a drag queen (trans adjacent) calling itself “Marti Cummings” (which claims to be a non-binary activist artist) to attend the signing of the Saul Alinsky opposite name inspired ‘Respect for Marriage Act’, which in fact disrespects marriage.

‘Trans’, by Sionis12, via These meme names are so inventive… Actually, Chris Evans’ (older Captain America / Steve Rogers) has a twin brother who is gay. Or does the brother have a twin that is gay…?

The problem is that freak ‘Marti’ regularly performs for kids, and once tweeted “The kids are out to sing and suck D!”. Now the creepy old man in a white van offering you candy has been replaced by a well-groomed man wearing a dress and visiting libraries and schools…and the White House.

Where are the parents?! We used to keep perverts away from children, now Biden and democRATs encourage interaction. Marti also tweeted, “Anyone who thinks drag isn’t for children is wrong.” Nope, any groomer who thinks drag IS for kids belongs in prison.

‘Dirty meme week…I tried.’, by james3v6, via

Even the science denying (they push cloth as magical, and have redefined what a vaccine is and does), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (aka CDC) has invented the word “chestfeeding” to describe what delusional men pretending to be women do for (to?) babies now.

Once family-friendly, Disney converted itself into a company which doesn’t want to make a profit as much as it wants to groom American kids, and government schools changed into gaslighting facilities rather than places one goes to learn math, history and REAL science.

‘I want to join a girls soccer team but transphobic rules won’t let me’, by rjmas79, via Actually Miss Universe 2017 winner Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters (top) and “Miss Greater Derry 2023” which is part of the Miss America organization (bottom…snicker), but the point is valid. Only an agenda stops actual women who look like the top from losing to men who look like the bottom.

Not wanting to be left behind, dictionaries change the meaning of words to push the trans agenda specifically and leftism in general. The Cambridge Dictionary used to define a woman as “an adult female human being”, but now adds “an adult who lives and identifies as female though they have been said to have a different sex at birth”. Said to?! They did you communist fucks. Doctors looked and could tell!

They are playing catch up as Merriam-Webster Dictionary ‘updated’ its definition of female two years ago to “having a gender identity that is opposite of male”. They also define “gender identity” as “a person’s internal sense of being male, female, some combination of male and female, or neither male nor female”. DNA deniers! What is a dictionary? NOT Cambridge OR Merriam-Webster.

‘unnamed’, by Cajun_Thor, via To leftists, women will never be equal until they are men and stand to pee.

Leftist supremacism, toxic feminism and misandry are the problems, not masculinity. Leftists being heterophobic is intentional. The ‘trans’ movement is Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP*), AKA abuse. Not just on kids, but also on adults who clearly need mental health care not surgery.

Basically, to the left, women are SO awesome that they must be replaced by men. The Bush clan is on board. Even NBA legend Dwayne Wade is trans’ing his own son, which means the end of his bloodline…and he doesn’t care.

‘I also identify as a Bratwurst’, by sir_likealot, via Now THIS is a trans movement we can support!

Our kids are supposed to be “the future” (TM, democRATs just a few years ago). Well, they were. Now they want someone else’s kids to be. Most likely those from the Middle East, Africa, India, Central America or South America.

Why is there no grandparents or veterans story hour? Because the left’s goal isn’t to produce happy and healthy children, it is a combination of depopulation and population replacement.

‘Brazilian Deaf-Mute Trans Woman sings Whitney Houston “I will always love you”‘. Lori G-Ski said “I honestly cannot believe that is where we are as a society. We are supposed to pretend that was wonderful just because a person has a disability? The friends and family of that “person” should be ashamed of themselves for not treating him/her like any other person and telling them not to humiliate themselves because they cannot sing!! Shame on the producers of the show for the same reason. If a person with no disability sang like that and tried to get on the show, I am pretty certain they would be told to sod off. Treat everyone equally!” Bravo! We are about to reach the point where non-brain surgeons are allowed to perform surgery on brains because they identify as trans-surgeons. Watch!

The covid shots are designed to weed out a bunch of us, as is abortion and also trans (which prevents the trans’ed person from ever having children). They want fewer of us overall, and current Westerners to be a minority in their own countries. We must resist their risky scheme to alter reality via ‘the science’.

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