Democrats Aren’t Real, What We Have Long Suspected Actually Turns Out To Be True And Here Is How It All Came About



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The greatest conspiracy theory in the history of forever has now finally been proven true and the fate of our entire planet depends on how we choose to deal with it.

Following the so-called ‘Russian Revolution’ of 1917-1923 (which wasn’t a real revolution, and is only said to have ended with the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, aka USSR), the Soviet communists began a program of infiltration into the West, and specifically the United States, by replacing normal Democrats with communist lookalike drones (we call those democRATs to distinguish them).

‘democrats then and now Memes & GIFs — Democatsthenandnow’, “YOUR GRANDPARENT’S DEMOCRAT PARTY; YOUR DEMOCRAT PARTY”, by aquabach, via They just seems more reasonable before colors were invented.

The process sped up beginning in 1948 when Jack Kerouac (pronounced Smith) first used the phrase “Beat Generation” and then, following the Soviet launch of the Sputnik 1 satellite*, the two terms were merged by Herb Caen on April 2, 1958, in the San Francisco Chronicle, giving birth to the ‘beatnik’ movement. They were an anti-conformist underground movement, which by 1967 had morphed into the hippies.

‘Plague’, by Avidreader, via She didn’t say which God… Pretty sure hers is NOT ours.

Some ask what happened to all of the real Democrats when they were replaced with democRATs, but the answer is that nobody knows for sure. The most likely possibility is that they became pig food. Those fuckers will eat anything…even teeth, so don’t ever fall down in a group of hungry pigs.

Perhaps this is why bacon tastes so good now…hmm.

“important conversation by settleslugger” — OP labeled this wrong. Obviously this is a pair of patriots speaking privately about American food (burgers first, then Taco Bell which is NOT Mexican food and is basically the same 20 or so ingredients rearranged into a near endless variety of menu items), when a pair of enforcement drones came over to try to oppress them and they responded by freedom’ing all over them (ie continuing their conversation like the tools of the man weren’t there). And NO, we are NOT anti-police. Just this BS kind of ‘policing’. This was an AB conversation so C your way out of it!

Near the end of the Bill Clinton Presidency, he pushed CONgress to allow communist China (who had illegally funded he and Algore’s reelection campaign) into the World Trade Organization (WTO). From December 26, 1991, when the USSR ended, until communist China officially joined the WTO on December 11, 2001, there was a struggle for control over the democRAT drones.

After that became a reality, the replacement accelerated and control over them shifted almost exclusively to the communist Chinese.

‘Mostly false… psych!’, by Jackmorgan, via They didn’t even read what they wrote!

Over time, Democrats went through various stages on their journey left, starting with ‘liberals’, ‘social-liberalism’ and ‘center-left’, then to ‘moderate’, ‘new Democrat’, ‘centrism’, and ‘third way’, then on to ‘progressive’, ‘leftwing’, ‘leftwing populism’, and ‘Democrat-socialist’.

Along the way, they discarded ‘conservative Democrat’ and ‘Blue Dog’. The reality is they can call themselves whatever they want to, but what they really are now is alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-grifter-indoctrinating-gaslighting-Alinskyite-globalist-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers.

‘pelosi on trump and biden’, by unknown, via Hypocritical bitch.

Unfortunately, this all happened with few noticing and despite President Ronald Reagan often using cryptic words in his speeches, which some now interpret as him trying to provide hints of it going on, real Democrats no longer exist in the USA as of January 2023.

The roots of today’s awareness campaign began in 1984 during Reagan’s reelection campaign, but didn’t do us a lot of good. No matter what anyone else tells you, Democrats are not real any longer. Never believe a democRAT truther.

“Highly Illogical”, by oudaveguy98, via They just want their reliably leftwing votes.

What are they trying to accomplish? Their risky scheme is to subvert the government of the United States. Their policies are real and intentionally painful, and they govern through terrorism. They are the existential threat we face today.

democRATs have even stolen two elections in a row now (House, Senate and Presidency in 2020, along with Senate and various offices in 2022 while also limiting their loss in the House). As if drones could win a real election!

‘Muchos Mexicanos’, by unknown via imgflip, UL by BigDaddyMoonpug via Pelosi did the same thing when Laura Loomer dropped off a load of illegals at one of her mansions.

To that end, they also have control of MSM who are aware of their status and collude with the drones to push their agenda via propaganda. That includes amazing double-standards, pushing bogus ‘the science’, and flooding America with illegal alien third world replacement citizens, just not to their cities or at their homes.

It also covers denying truth via ‘fact checking’, which is really reality denial in disguise, printing more fiat currency to give to those who launder their stolen money and make their bioweapons.

‘Dems being Dems’, by unknown via, UL by The_KlansMan via Got it, shitty ULer name. Good meme! Look, they are giving OUR 2A Rights to Ukrainians with no trace of irony!

How do you spot one? Easy, they wear masks to hide their drone-ness, get software upgrades via repeated shots, and need to be in or around Electric Vehicles (EVs) to recharge. They can also pull current from nearby electronics if needed, so if you must go near one, please make sure your devices are fully charged up first.

‘Thanks’, by unknown for Turning Point Action, UL by Alex_Sim via The right side of meme is sliced off, and we couldn’t find a better version but wanted to use it, so yes the ‘E’ at the end of the top line is missing.

We hear you saying, “Great, now I know what they look like, but how do I deal with them?” You don’t and can’t. Never negotiate with or acquiesce to a terrorist.

The damage they have done is very real. We went from energy independence to begging others to pump oil in less than 2 years. Bidenflation is squeezing everyone and some are even taking out loans to eat.

‘slavery, by defiantamerica, via We are the resistance now.

The government has been turned back on the citizens led by the corrupt IRS (beginning under Obama, with Lois Lerner against the Taxed Enough Already, or TEA, party), and the FBI (which isn’t a law enforcement agency any more).

democRATs (and their RINO** stooges) have pushed too far, and the walls are closing in on them. Their policies are for the birds and this is the beginning of the end for communism. We will see to that.

‘Democrats Aren’t Real, Wake up, 20PeMc17!, Gorvernment Surveillance Drone’ flier, by us. Spelling error intentional. No we don’t have branded duct tape for sale. But print the flier off and help spread the word.

*Which began orbiting Earth on October 4, 1957 but after 3 weeks its radio signal stopped as its batteries ran out. It continued in orbit for 3 months, then fell back to Earth on January 4, 1958.

**Republican In Name Only, not to be confused with real Republicans.

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