Introducing ‘Groomer Motors’, GM Rebrands Itself For 2023 And Funds Trans Agenda For Fellow Alt-Far-Left Globalists



'The new logo for GM.', "We at GM have rebranded for 2023... ...and our pronouns are 'Pedo' and 'Phile'", meme by us.
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The globalist left are insidious and evil. They are also sadistic pervert groomer pedophiles. Their target is our children and they aren’t even hiding it. This is a war leftists started against normality years if not decades ago. It is aimed at women and children.

Politicians of the RINO and democRAT persuasion are trying to institute the ‘Pedophile States of Amerika‘ (PSA) where the USA now stands. Part of that was special stockings for every leftist this Christmas.

‘We’ve been saying it for years, “They want our children.”‘, by james3v6, via imgflip.com

They tell women to put off having kids, or to kill their kids, describing both actions as ‘freedom’ (“you can have it all, baby”). Surviving children are targeted in a different way, with government schools and libraries being weaponized.

MSM is even in on it, and they couldn’t have dropped the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas (does anyone even remember that?!), quicker. Why? Salvador Ramos’ name was ‘Salvador Ramos’ AND ‘he’ was ‘trans‘.

‘Remember when democrats wanted only gay marriage?’, “STUDENTS, IT’S IMPORTANT TO LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE; SO FROM NOW ON, YOU GIRLS WILL BE BOYS AND THE BOYS WILL BE GIRLS!”, by bbbadboy, via imgflip.com

Part of their coalition, the alphabet people, told us that they just wanted to be accepted and be allowed to marry, which they said would mean ‘equality’ (notice they never asked for divorce). Meanwhile, since they can’t reproduce via sex, their real agenda was going after our kids, and their future ‘lovers’ have to come from somewhere!

‘Groomer Of The House, Nancy Pelosi, Celebrates Gay Pride Alongside Small Children’, “GROOMER OF THE HOUSE, NANCY PELOSI, CELEBRATES GAY PRIDE ALONGSIDE SMALL CHILDREN”, by az_jared, via imgflip.com

Even car companies who should know that the business model they are switching to (Electric Vehicles) isn’t sustainable and that they can’t afford bad press on top of that. Enter the former ‘General Motors’ (GM), which has decided to embrace the ‘trans’ movement by funding an alphabet group and their effort to get books detailing perversion (basically instruction manuals) into the hands of young children.

‘Meet Generation (G)roomed’, “THERE’S NO EVIDENCE THAT GROOMING HURTS KIDS.”, by Julie.F., via imgflip.com. So-called ‘teachers’ need to pay a price for their treachery, and that is losing their jobs before going to prison.

Something calling itself ‘Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network’ (GLSEN) runs a program they refer to as ‘Rainbow Library’ (RL) which is designed to indoctrinate kids K-12 into a perverted sexual lifestyle using books they consider “LGBTQ+ centered, racially diverse, and multicultural” that are inserted into school curriculum.

‘People who support this monstrosity of a program don’t care about children.’, “Drag Queen Story Hour is”, by james3v6, via imgflip.com. No ‘veteran story hour’ or ‘grandparent story hour’. The left introduces THIS instead!

RL is described as providing “supportive curriculum materials and book sets” to government school indoctrinators as part of an “innovative program” that creates “inclusive, supportive, and identity-safe classrooms nationwide”.

One of the books (‘I am Jazz’) is about a two-year-old boy realizing they are a ‘trans girl’. Most kids are learning how to speak and walk at that age. Other books they offer are, shockingly, even worse!

‘Kellogs goes all in for pedos’, “OF COURSE WE’RE NOT INTERESTED IN GROOMING CHILDREN; WHAT WOULD EVER GIVE YOU THAT IDEA?”, by sharps45, via imgflip.com. Kellogg’s…

The goal of all of this is to ‘trans’ as many kids as possible, as those can be used for sex and never reproduce themselves (since the process sterilizes you). Another GLSEN program advocates men playing women’s sports (such as Griner in the WNBA).

Groomer Motors (the new GM) has been funding that shit since 2021. But they aren’t alone in helping the groomers at GLSEN, as they are joining Disney/Marvel, Kellogg’s, MLB (Marxist League Baseball OR Mutilating Little Babies), Warner Bros. Discovery, and even some hospitals, jumping into the groomer ‘trans’ agenda with both feet.

‘Nothing to see here! She’s 18 now! Nevermind that she was 12 when he started grooming her. Must.. protect.. agenda…!’, “LIBERAL MEDIA THAT’S BEEN SPINNING THE IT’S NOT GROOMING! NARRATIVE”, by pureserenity524, via imgflip.com

Old-fashioned blind obedience is what the left demands. Question them or their communist agenda as they proceed with destroying the USA from within and they will demonize you via ‘cancel culture’.

They must be stopped, and parents have got to lead the way! We need to take back the rainbow too! Those are beautiful and should never have been allowed to be perverted. The deviants can have a penis with shit on it as their new symbol.

‘Guilty’, “DISNEY. CHILD GROOMING. CASE CLOSED”, by RunawayTrain, via imgflip.com. And it wouldn’t matter if that was a little boy sitting there!

In addition to ‘Operation Disney’ (from the meme), we suggest ‘Operation GM’, where from now on a groomer or pedophile will be referred to as “General Motors”, or the brands they own, “Chevrolets”, “Buicks”, “GMC’s” or “Cadillacs”. The leftist agenda is obviously SO important GM won’t mind the monetary hit to their brand.

‘Operation Disney’, by unknown from 4chan, via knowyourmeme.com

GM’s old motto: “General Motors — Pushing the Limits of Transportation…”.
GM’s new motto: “Groomer Motors — Pushing the Limits of Sexualization of Minors…”

We did not attempt to contact Groomer Motors for comment, because they are demonic perverts. However, if you want to give them your opinion on their actions, you can contact them HERE yourself.

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