Reparations For All!, democRATs To Criminalize ‘Replacement Theory’ And Give black San Franciscan’s $5 Million Each



'Look who else wants a reparation check?', by Democrats are Communists Memes (from May 7, 2021), via facebook.com. Why not? She identifies falsely as American Indian and human.
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California was never a ‘slave state’. San Francisco was never a ‘slave city’. No black alive today was ever a ‘slave’. Nobody alive today ever owned a ‘slave. The last slave in the United States of America was freed in 1865. It is 2023. That is 158 years ago.

The U.S. population at that time was approximately 30,800,000 (the date occurring before two census periods, and right at the end of a war). Just under 5 million of those were black, and along with Whites they made up virtually the entire population, as just 22K were not one of those.

‘How to live in Cuntifornia’, by Che_D_Lay_sir, via memedroid.com. Instead we need to take from democRATs for a change, then deport them to communist China.

Our standard disclaimer here that we are only racist against communists.

Logic has no place in today’s democRAT party. They are all Hulk and no Spock.

Enter the ‘African American Reparations Advisory Committee’, an advisory group of the city of San Francisco, California. Last month, they proposed that the city provide all longtime current black residents with a one-time lump sum payment of $5 million each. This despite such payments being illegal per the 14th Amendment.


But wait, there’s more! The plan would also raise lower-income blacks up to the “area median income” every year for 250 fucking years. That was $97K in 2022.

It would also forgive loans for things like credit cards, college, payday loans (which are predatory, and fuck them for that) and other personal loans.

The entire risky scheme would cost $50 BILLION at the minimum. Where the fuck are they going to get this money from?! It doesn’t matter, it is just a transfer of wealth from those who earned it to those that did not. And in this case, for things that never happened to them by people who never did those things. Very Hulk-ish.

‘Yet another reason for me to stay away from the party I quit’, “DEMOCRAT KAMALA HARRIS CALLS FOR “REPARATIONS”; DESCENDED FROM JAMAICAN SLAVE OWNER”, by CR01, via imgflip.com. Mom from India, dad from Jamaica, raised in Canada before moving to the USA and illegally becoming a U.S. Senator (as Obama did before her). You have to be American born for Senate, as with President.

democRATs claim this is all being done to “address the public policies explicitly created to subjugate Black people”, but THEY are the ones who put those policies in place. They are the very ‘systemic’ they pretend to rail against. There appears to be no vaccine for it either.

In fact, they have systemic’ed all over the USA for decades now, and in the case of San Francisco they have been in control there since January 8, 1964.

As of January 1, 2023, the U.S. population was 334,233,854, and the metro area population of San Francisco is 3,328,000, with blacks being less than 6% of the population there, so less than 200K people.

‘Reparations’, “I support reparations for descendents of freed slaves and Union dead; Time to pay up democrats*; * The democrat party was the primary entity supporting slavery, the KKK, segregation, Jim Crow laws etc”, by Jerksauceagain, via imgflip.com. Should read ‘descendants’. And Dems still are doing those too, but now they call it “anti-racism” and “CRT”.

That means very few of those 200K will get money, as if you divided the $50 BILLION out to all of them it is just $250,000 per person. So those dreaming of a payday need to read the fine print. There is some Spock, because we have that gear.

Conditions are that you have to be 18 or older and be listed as black on government documents for 10 years or more, along with others involving prison, drug use and how long you have lived there. But as we’ve learned from leftists, self-identifying (as anything!) is legal and denying the same is ‘muh racist’, so good luck with that.

Patriots all over the United States SHOULD self-identify as both black and a SF resident, just to throw a monkey in their wrench.

‘Democrat Reparations: The Ultimate Insult’, “1.5 million Civil War Americans already paid FULL REPARATIONS for slavery; BE THANKFUL FOR THEIR PAYMENT”, by Marhew, via imgflip.com. Lost on the left who always look to do new damage to America.

Not to be outdone, at the national level, democRATs have been actively replacing Americans with illegal aliens (they wrongly call “migrants” and “refugees” and conflate with legal immigrants). Now they want to make the proven fact of “replacement theory” and the discussion of same a so-called ‘hate crime’.

Speaking of theories, it is called the “theory of evolution”, NOT ‘the proven fact of evolution’. Search for ‘Piltdown Man Hoax’ (which was an actual conspiracy) if you have any doubts.

First, there is no such thing as a ‘hate crime’. Nobody commits crimes against people they like or love. They just commit crimes! Second, fuck you communists.

‘Everyone got a check right?’, by Zacrates, via memedroid.com. And those BLM leaders used it to buy mansions.

Now that democRATs are in the minority in the U.S. House, they decided to talk about this when they could have done something about it just 16 days ago when they controlled the House. Let that sink in. THAT is the game RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and democRATs, aka The DC Uniparty, play.

The alt-far-left-communist bitch leading the charge is Sheila Jackson Lie (Texas, D is for Disreputable). Sometimes she uses the last name ‘Lee’, likely pretending to be related to famous actor and martial artist Bruce. Despite what Quentin Tarantino claims, Bruce was NOT a racist or bully. He taught students of all races Kung-Fu, which brought heat from other Chinese instructors.

‘But That’s None Of My Business’, “DEMOCRATS SAY THE “DREAMERS” SHOULDN’T HAVE TO PAY FOR WHAT THEIR PARENTS DID… …BUT WHITE AMERICANS SHOULD HAVE TO PAY REPARATIONS TO AFRICAN-AMERICANS FOR WHAT THEIR LONG-DEAD ANCESTORS DID TO THEIR LONG-DEAD ANCESTORS”, by anonymous, via imgflip.com. As evil schemes go, it is a pretty good one. And it would be ‘Americans of African descent’. Our ‘dream’ in the shed is for America to be for Americans. A ‘safe space’ if you will.

Sheila wants speech from one person that is found to have “inspired” a crime that is “racially motivated” but committed by another person to result in charges against the first person…as if the first person controls the second person who has no ability to not commit a crime (like democRATs do to their voters). If it even is one.

Unless any of those people are non-white because honkies fucking deserve that shit, right sista!

Lie calls her proposal “The Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023”. But the real problem is leftist supremacy, and Lie is a chief proponent of that.

Also lost on Lie is that her proposal is anti-White, and therefore racist. Arrest her!

‘i had no idea the number was so low! and we base a good bit of our history education on this!’, “TEN BUCKS SAY; THIS GUY WILL GET BANNED FROM TWITTER”, by NonDescript, via imgflip.com. Thank you Mark Lutchman @marklutchman from twitter.com. If a White person pointed out those facts it would be ‘muh racist’.

What isn’t a crime is openly discussing replacing Whites with non-Whites, as Joe Biden did when he called it “a source of our strength” that “we shouldn’t want to stop” and was “one of the things I think we can be most proud of”. Yes, some genocide is cool now.

The myth is that replacement is only about Whites. It is actually about Westerners. For example, blacks have been approximately 13% of the U.S. population for decades. Almost as if abortion and black-on-black violence in large cities democRATs control was designed to prevent their racial group from growing.

‘Daily Struggle / Two Buttons – We wuz kangz’, by clownslayer, via memedroid.com. Actual picture of Lie at bottom. Those kings and queens sold their own people. Nobody pulled up to a beach and threw nets over them as ‘Roots’ (1977) portrayed. Also, Alex Haley’s DNA was tested and despite appearance he was of Scottish descent.

Okay, it was. democRATs are evil and insidious. They never gave up their slaves, they just moved them from plantations to those large cities, offering the illusion of freedom with the new crop being votes.

We ARE all being replaced by third-worlders, who are rewarded for breaking into the USA. Then the same leftists who claim resources are finite then claim the opposite when illegal aliens are using them.

‘Bill, by defiantamerica, via memedroid.com. Actually communists. THAT is a Bill we like!

Lie’s Bill won’t pass the House, and likely won’t even make it out of the Rules Committee (thanks to those 3 seats the brave ’20 to 6′ demanded and got from Kevin McCarthy, which is veto power there). Even if it did the Senate filibuster power awaits, living proof we are a Republic, and protecting against tyranny of the majority…and “against all evil, foreign and domestic”.

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