Blood NOT Geography, As Cowardly SCOTUS Refuses Citizenship Case We Detail Some Anchor Babies Passing As Americans



'...why didn't they...', by unknown, found online.
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In a case involving American Samoans wanting clarification of their citizenship status based on several U.S. Supreme Court decisions from the past 100 years or so which said they are not citizens since they come from U.S. territories (also known as protectorates) and NOT from states, the current SCOTUS just decided to pass on hearing the case.

So the previous decisions (‘Insular Cases’) will stand, and apply to other places besides American Samoa too, such as Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The ‘birthright citizenship’ of the 14th Amendment was meant to give citizenship to the children of slaves freed from the democRAT plantations after the Civil War (so they could not be forced to go to Africa), and followed the 13th Amendment that actually did the freeing.

The other thing the 14th Amendment did was outlaw ‘race-based payments’ (AKA reparations). Those are unconstitutional and leftists know it, but they keep dangling that carrot in front of black voters (and some others) anyway!

It was therefore meant to cover babies born to Americans and NOT the children of illegal aliens or other non-American citizens. It has been abused by the left as they see it as a way to increase their voting bloc by claiming any baby born here is an American citizen.

Think of a foreign couple stationed here at an embassy who leaves what is considered their country’s soil to go to a hospital for their child to be born (or also a foreign couple just working here and not living at an embassy). According to democRATs, that baby is American, which is nonsense!

‘…stop granting citizenship to illegal aliens…’, by unknown, from NumbersUSA, found online.

The logic is simple: two Smith’s can’t move into a Jones home and have a Jones baby. That baby is all Smith…baby!

That applies to two people from any country other than America (AKA foreigners). They can NOT produce an American baby, no matter where they are. Why? Citizenship is about blood and NOT geography.

Obviously, two citizens CAN produce an American baby. And also one citizen and on non-citizen can produce an American baby. Anything else claiming citizenship is an anchor baby.

Think of the havoc that would ensue if Americans traveled for business or vacation, or Americans serving in the military overseas, couldn’t bring children home, even ones they had within an American marriage when ‘over there’ (one such is listed below).

What you don’t need to imagine is the havoc from the alt-far-left-communist-democRATs claiming illegal aliens can produce American babies just because they are on our soil, even if the baby was conceived before they got here.

Here is a short list of famous people and why they either are or are NOT American citizens:

“American Airlines said that Senator Ted Cruz flew…”, by Jonathan Newton (pool photo), via nytimes.com which is another alt-far-left-communist-democRAT site that helped steal the 2020 elections and push the covid restrictions while ignoring the sudden absence of flu.

• Ted Cruz
Actually an American, despite some saying he is not. A comment we once saw online and replied to said, “He knew that being born a Cuban in Canada made him ineligible but he did not care.” 100% not true. We tolerate him as he lost us when he released nude photos of Melania, but if you have one American parent (in his case, a mother) and are born ANYWHERE in the world (in his case, Canada), you are an American. There is no evidence his mom gave up her citizenship when she moved with his father, who had found work up there.

‘Nikki Haley lashes out after ‘The Voice’ Sunny Hostin called her “chameleon”‘, by AP (which means Always Propaganda…for the left), via livemint.com

• Nikki Haley
NOT an American, but believes she is. A quick search shows her parents are from India, and moved to Canada and then on to the USA in 1969. She was born in 1972 but we see NO record of her parents being American citizens at that time (or not). If her parents were not U.S. citizens in January 1972, then she is NOT an American (which would mean serving as POTUS would be illegal, and being Governor of South Carolina likely was too). She was also an original ‘never trumper’.

“What happened to Marco Rubio…?”, by Greg Nash, via thehill.com which is an alt-far-left-communist-democRAT site and when they had a comment section (Disqus) they allowed death threats against Trump supporters even after the threats were reported to them via Disqus system, then played dumb about it when e-mailed.

• Marco Rubio
NOT an American, but believes he is. His parents came here and were not American citizens when they decided to have a child, so he is NOT an American. As being a citizen is a requirement for the U.S. Senate (or POTUS), he is illegally in office too.

“Nicole Kidman Interview: Keith Urban Is My Rock…(2014)”, by Today (NBC), via youtube.com

• Nicole Kidman
NOT an American, but believes she is. The only non-politician on our list. Her parents were in the USA on student visas when her mother gave birth. A good actress, attractive and seemingly nice…but she is NOT an American.

“John McCain on November 30, 2017 in Washington DC”, by Getty Images North America AFP, via istoedinheiro.com.br

• John McCain
Actually an American, despite some saying he is not. His father was stationed overseas in the U.S. Navy and his mother accompanied him and John was born outside the USA, but IS (was) a citizen. Despite that he abandoned his FIRST wife and kids as she had an accident while he was a prisoner of war and was no longer the raving beauty she once had been…and he had political ambitions and needed a pretty wife (2nd wife Cindy being rich didn’t hurt either).

‘Barry Soetoro’ (AKA Barack Obama), by unknown, found online.

• ‘Barack Obama’ (AKA Barry Soetoro)
NOT an American, but believes he is. This is a dead horse we are tired of beating. His father, Barack Obama Sr., was NOT an American and his porno-picture-posing mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (known as Ann…) had given up citizenship when she moved to Indonesia and married Lolo Soetoro. He illegally served in the U.S. Senate AND then as U.S. President. Period!

To recap, citizenship has ALWAYS been about blood, and NOT geography. Two Americans can have an American baby, and one American can have an American baby, in both cases, regardless of where they are at. Two illegal aliens (the proper term under U.S. Law that even democRATs voted for) can NOT have an American baby, no matter where they reproduce. The 13th Amendment freed the slaves, and the 14th Amendment said that they and their children could not be sent back to Africa.

‘Liberals be like…’, by unknown, found online.

That has all been intentionally twisted by communists to mean ‘come here and give birth’. We now have Russian and communist Chinese women taking trips here to have their babies, then going home with ‘American babies’.

That is in addition to the communist Chinese buying off Democrats and RINOs AND Chinese even invading across our southern border with Mexico, as well as infiltrating our colleges with their ‘Confucius Institutes’. The left built that!

And it was all meant to water down citizenship by expanding it to include illegal aliens (at least 70 million now) and foreign residents who had been here as little as 30 days(!!!) ‘voting rights’ and other rights reserved for actual proper American citizens. We must reverse the illegal policies and not let them become our new normal.

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