Who Knew They Used Resources?, democRATs Feign Ignorance of Illegal Aliens’ Humanity as Invaders’ Usage of Our Water Worsens Droughts



"The low water level reveals two chairs at the Almaden Reservoir in San Jose, Calif., on Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014. The advancing drought condition is most evident in the small reservoirs that store water in Santa Clara County. According to the Santa Clara Valley Water District the Almaden, Uvas and Stevens Creek reservoirs are all at 3 percent or lower capacity.", Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group, via mercurynews.com, 2nd chair is there...
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Imagine you are having a party and extra people show up unexpectedly but they aren’t thoughtful enough to bring their own wine and beet salad. You have a finite amount of food and beverage in your home, so either you go find more or everyone else gets less than you intended. That is what the globalist left (democRATs, RINO’s, UK Labour Party, German SPD, etc.) are doing to Western civilization, forcing us to compete for our own resources with imported replacement citizens they brought in for reliable left wing voting and cheaper labor costs.

Jan reacts to Dwight’s unexpected arrival at ‘Dinner Party’, The Office, Season 4 Episode 13 from NBC-Universal, I don’t know what it is about blurry screenshots online of things I want to use… so again screenshot by me. You rule…almost like a dictator.

If you have less of something vital it makes ZERO sense to import more people who will use that thing, unless you are intentionally trying to inflict pain on your own citizens. That allows for situations where in Germany and other places in the EU they are now demanding people use less water (under the pretense it is only because of fuel costs, which is insane) by not showering as often. It could be just about fuel if cold showers didn’t exist, but they do. So they disguise the truth wrapped in a lie.

We’ll just look at two examples (water and gasoline) but this applies to EVERYTHING we need and use. Notice the distinction there too. Nobody is saying illegal aliens (the proper term under U.S. Law for those not authorized to be in the United States) caused the droughts, but they sure don’t make them easier to live through.

Two Americans looking for water in the desert (we didn’t say which desert…), John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum from Lionsgate, via fox5sandiego.com. Hey, Jeffrey Toobin retired to San Diego!

Let’s look at some ‘muh racist’ math. The average American used 82 gallons of water a day at home per USGS in 2015). In the USA for DECADES now the claim has been that we have 11 million illegal aliens, as if they stopped arriving and breeding. Even using that bogus number that is 82 gallons x 11 million illegals = 902 MILLION gallons per day, or 6,314,000,000 (over 6 BILLION) gallons per week, or 27,435,863,400 (almost 27.5 BILLION) gallons per month (average length being 365 days / 12 months = 30.4167 days per month), or 329,230,000,000 (over 329 BILLION) gallons per year. And again that is based on the totally bullshit 11 million illegals number.

“Welcome to the desert of the real”, The Matrix (1999) from Warner Bros., screenshot by me because I couldn’t find a non-blurry version online. Boo online!

According to 2015 numbers there were 214 million licensed drivers in the USA and they used 140.43 BILLION gallons of gasoline, or approximately 656 gallons per driver a year (or 1.797 gallons per day). So 11 million illegals used 7,216,000,000 (over 7 BILLION) gallons of OUR gasoline driving around our wonderful country they have NO right to be in. The price of gasoline in America would plummet if illegals weren’t using our gasoline as the supply would increase here!

Actual non-American drinking American water. Shocking!, from shemazing.net

And that math applies to food, electricity and everything else we use on a daily basis, including wear and tear on roads. We have plenty of resources, the problem is they are spreading them out. This isn’t rocket surgery or brain science! The left are creating artificial scarcity and unnecessary competition for resources they claim we are running out of anyway! It isn’t ‘climate change’ or the behavior of the people who are supposed to be in Western countries, this is alt-far-left-communist-extremist policies including bringing in foreigners to replace us ALL (not just white people; this isn’t about race). That is just as evil as ‘planned obsolescence’ (your printer dying after a pre-set number of pages on purpose).

American in desert settling for bottle of spittle when he can’t find water, from John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum by Lionsgate via eugenewei.com

Will having the country burglars stop coming here and the ones here all going home solve our problems completely? No but that is just because the Dem-commies will remain. This applies to the EU and to places like California claiming droughts and other shortages. But when they leave the amazing awesome illegal alien invaders leftists love so much can finally rebuild their own countries (and use resources there).

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