Country Burglars Rewarded, democRATs Implement ‘Consequence-Free’ Invasion By Gifting Free Stuff To ILLEGAL ALIENS



Caravan of ILLEGAL ALIENS who refused Mexico's offer to remain there head towards USA in 2018, from Getty Images AFP G. Arias, via dw.com
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We have said it before and will keep saying it until enough people rise up against this, the shed welcomes immigrants but if the ILLEGAL ALIENS (who democRATs insist on calling ‘undocumented’ and use against us) that are pouring into Western countries were all that and a bag of chips they would stay in their home countries and rebuild / fix them. We are NOT getting their best and brightest we are getting their poor and diseased and criminals. Mexico doesn’t even have a welfare system because they do not need one as the USA is that for them.

Immigrants compared to ILLEGAL ALIENS by unknown via online

We already covered Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s process of busing ILLEGAL ALIENS to the ‘sanctuary cities’[SIC] of Washington, DC, and New York City, New York. And despite Mayor Eric Adams (D is for despicable) complaining publicly at least NYC is finding taxpayer dollars to gift illegals with food, school supplies, healthcare services, cellphones and even library cards, all free. The handouts were held at a hospital in the Bronx, which makes you wonder who was looking after American patients while this was going on. But the giveaway didn’t stop there as the ILLEGAL ALIENS were told they would be housed in approximately 6,000 luxury hotel rooms in Manhattan, so no long term stay in the Bronx for them! Meanwhile in Manhattan for actual citizens average rent is $4,000 and the median rent is $5,058.

Undocumented myth explained by tennesseeconservativenews.com

To make matters worse the idiot Cardinal of NYC, Timothy Dolan (it’s okay, as a Catholic I am allowed to criticize the asshole), is having ‘Catholic Charities’ (please don’t donate to them again until the leftists controlling it are thrown into hell where they belong) enroll young ILLEGAL ALIENS in high-priced Catholic schools. Fact is we Catholics do NOT elect Cardinals, Bishops or the pope (lower case p for Francis; Benedict is still MY Pope). So these resources are being given to the ILLEGAL ALIENS instead of actual American kids in NYC and communist Dolan feels all tingly inside about that, the fucking jerk.

Undocumented taxes by unknown via memegenerator.net

The MSM is still pushing the 11 million number for ILLEGAL ALIENS but that has been around for decades, and the number has to be at least 40 million and is more likely 70 million or more since they 1) never stopped arriving, and 2) breed. To declare the kids of ILLEGAL ALIENS to be American citizens is a complete and intentional misreading of the 14th Amendment by the left. The 13th Amendment freed the slaves, and the 14th Amendment said they and their children could not be forced back to Africa. Two foreign people can NOT have an American child even on American soil. That is like saying two Smiths can birth a Jones baby if they have it in the Jones’ home. Citizenship is about blood, not geography (which is why any one American can have an American child anywhere in the world)! That misreading costs us $135 BILLION per year now, in addition to increased crime and other societal costs. Unless we start using them in place of Fauci’s beagle puppies then this has got to stop.

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