This Week In ‘Died Suddenly’, Globalist Left Normalize Folks Dropping Dead While Claiming ‘vaxx’ Can’t Be The Cause



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The alt-far-left love to lecture the rest of us, and actually believe that they are the free thinkers, but in reality they are the biggest sheep around, and in truth are more sheeple than people.

They have long shown that, but from late 2019 until today (mid-January 2023) their reaction to ‘the covid’ and government mandates has proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The cherry on top of their sheep Sundae is total acceptance of people dying of ‘suddenly’ and MSM, the government, Big Pharma, so-called scientists and alleged medical professionals insisting that ‘the vaxx’ couldn’t possibly have anything to do with that despite it never happening before ‘the vaxx’.

Fucking science-deniers! Actually, they are a bunch of fucking reality-deniers.

‘People who got vaccinated waiting on “sudden death”‘, by Dranklestein. via memedroid.com. Converted from mp4 to gif by us.

We’ve written about this before. The shots (HERE and HERE), that you can’t unvaxx (HERE and HERE) and people dying of suddenly (HERE, HERE and HERE).

This is a topic we’d like to never write about again, but realize we will be writing about until the WEF is either itself eradicated or they defeat us.

The memes for this article mostly feature obviously non-covid deaths being labeled as covid deaths because it is extremely hard to show ‘dying of suddenly’ without video. There are videos online of people all over the world doing the same movement: looking up to the right and pointing at the sky, then spinning in a clockwise circle before dropping dead while shaking.

‘…Tesla…’, by SmokesLetsGo, via br.ifunny.co

This one started with Lisa Marie Presley. Honestly, we have never understood why the children of celebrities are themselves considered celebrities when they’ve done nothing to earn that recognition. No offense to her.

Apparently, she suffered TWO cardiac arrests in a short span of time after the Golden Globe awards (appearing to almost fall over while being interviewed there) and ultimately died after initial reports said she was in stable condition. She was 54, which is too young for this nonsense.

Actor Nicholas Cage (husband #3) was married to Lisa Marie in August 2002, and divorced in May 2004, although they separated just months after marrying. At the time, he admitted that “we shouldn’t have been married in the first place”.

Of her death, he said that he was “heartbroken” and it was “devastating news”, but that she “had the greatest laugh of anyone I ever met” and “lit up every room”.

“The avalanche has already started; It is too late for the pebbles to vote.”, by Kosh Naranek from ‘Babylon 5’ (S1 E10, “Believers”). In this case the pebbles are the vaxxed, and the avalanche is dying of suddenly.

Lisa was married 4 times, with Michael Jackson being the second, but her fourth ex-husband, Michael Lockwood (married from 2006-2021, and with whom she had twin children), was suing her at the time of her death claiming she was hiding a $60 million trust fund Elvis had purchased for her.

She claimed to be $3 million in debt (including $1 million in back taxes), with monthly expenses of $92K (including $5K in groceries and $3K on eating out).

She had 4 children, 2 each from her first and fourth marriages. Her then 27-year-old son, Benjamin Keogh (from her first marriage to Danny Keough) died in 2020 by gunshot suicide.

To conclude this section (finally), Lisa filed for divorce from Lockwood in 2016, and in 2017 claimed she found child porn on his personal computer. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation did an “exhaustive search” on 80 electronic devices he owned, including those she turned over to them and found nothing. And yes, they check for deleted files (with the right software anyone can).

‘…praying on the field…’, by unknown via imgflip.com, found online

We had started to write at the time it happened about the NFL game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills that was called off after Bills Safety Damar Hamlin, just 24, collapsed on the field after someone breathed on him too hard. Damar was fully vaxxed and boosted. You know this because the league won’t confirm it although they mandate it.

That happened around the same time as former NFL player Uche Nwaneri, a Guard for the Jacksonville Jaguars, died of suddenly at 38. He was a known vaxx pusher, even Tweeting “Jail anyone who refuses” on 09/01/2021. Fuck you too, bub.

‘…steamroller…’, by unknown, via knowyourmeme.com

Former professional golfer Barry Lane also died at 62. Suddenly.

Taylor Brice LeJeune, known at ‘Waffler69’ on TikTok, died suddenly at 33. His claim to fame was eating an unhealthy diet, but even doing that doesn’t normally lead to heart attacks at such a young age.

Dr. Lindsay Ann Heck, a 25-year-old doctor of Pharmacy, who had been “heavily involved in vaccinating people”, died of suddenly near the end of December, 2022.

Charles ‘Chad’ Cate, a 46-year-old Fire Captain in Callam County, Washington, was found dead of suddenly in his bunk by his fellow firefighters. He was also the wrestling coach at Sequim High School, where he graduated from.

‘skydiver…’, by unknown via imgflip.com, UL by Brandon via knowyourmeme.com

So we’ve got people 24, 25, 33, 38, 46, 54 and 62 in this group, three of which were professional athletes (yes, golfers walk courses, they don’t ride carts on the tour). There is no way this is normal, and here is more proof.

Imo Essien is a Sophomore who plays basketball for Old Dominion and he collapsed during a game against Georgia Southern. Like Hamlin, he did not die.

Not so lucky were:
Jordan Brister, an 18-year-old Las Vegas High School student died of suddenly in the bathroom after gym class, and it happened just a few days after Ashari Hughes, a 16-year-old, had died suddenly after a flag football game at nearby Desert Oasis High School.

‘…cube and crushed…’, by unknown via imgflip.com, UL by Brandon via knowyourmeme.com. From Star Trek (original series).

Theo Gibbs, an 18-year-old Canadian baseball player, died in his sleep…suddenly. He had been playing collegiate baseball at Lassen Community College (LCC) in Susanville, California before injuring his shoulder and returning home to Regina, Saskatchewan for treatment. He was about to head back to LCC.

Logan Holgate, an 18-year-old English rugby player, died suddenly. He was considered to be a Rugby League ‘Star of the Future’.

Victoria Lee, an 18-year-old rising star in the MMA promotion ‘ONE Championship’ died of suddenly.

Jack Madison of Bexley, Ohio (where he was a two-time all-state selection at Columbus Academy), a 20-year-old sophomore on Colorado College men’s tennis team, died suddenly in his sleep.

Hunter Brown, a 21-year-old Air Force football player, died suddenly walking to class.

‘…solid deck’, by unknown via imgflip.com, UL by Brandon via knowyourmeme.com. From Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Everything listed here, except for the Heck death, happened in the first two weeks of January, 2023. Before ‘the covid’ in 2020 you could go years without hearing of this many healthy people, most of them young too, dying suddenly. Unless a plane crash happened, that is.

The left are always quick to claim it can’t be because of them pushing vaxx and that there is no proof anyone was vaxxed, but the fact is that even if the person never admitted to being vaxxed, the math proves they likely were. “But math is muh racist!” Actually the government claims a certain number of shots have been given and those numbers indicate that about 2 in every 3 people are vaxxed. Denying that is to be a math-denier.

‘…Epsteins cause of death…’, by unknown via imgflip.com, UL by Brandon via knowyourmeme.com

The fringe media today is MSM. Those urinalists deny any connection between these deaths and their beloved ‘vaxx’. They say things like “No evidence” and “Lies about vaccine”. You motherfuckers are killing people for your agenda! We aren’t killing anyone for ours, and our agenda is FREEDOM! Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are great, but you have to be alive to do those.

The “bizarre, fringe theory” that “has surged in popularity in the US during the coronavirus pandemic” is that the government, MSM, Big Pharma, scientists and medical professionals have your best interest at heart. Despite what the BlueAnon conspiracy cult tell you, they do NOT.

‘…shot 33 times…’, by unknown, UL by Brandon via knowyourmeme.com

To quote Ferris Bueller (as Abe Forman, the Sausage King of Chicago) to the Maitre D at ‘Chez Quis’, the fictional restaurant (that entire scene was actually filmed in a private home dressed to look like a restaurant) in ‘Ferris Beueller’s Day Off’ (1986), “Its understanding that makes it possible for people like us to tolerate a person like yourself.”

But that doesn’t mean we will tolerate your leftist terrorist bullying crap forever.

‘…Illinois…’, by unknown, UL by Brandon via knowyourmeme.com. Watched ‘American History X’ once. This scene keeps us from doing so again. Yet we would watch it non-stop for the rest of our life before considering taking the covid vaxx.

Covid is a prison and we are all prisoners. It was designed that way, and the so-called vaccines (aka vaxx) are meant to hurt and kill. The reason so many people are having a hard time understanding that is because they think if that was the case then the shots would kill instantly, but that would have given the game away.

There is a world of difference between dying WITH something, and dying OF something, and before 2020 and covid that mattered. Before covid, co-morbidity was a real thing, and the #1 co-morbidity was flu. Now nobody dies of that! It used to be flu AND obesity, or flu AND heart disease, etc.

‘COVID-19 Pandemic’, “SO YOU TAKE PFIZER’S 66% EFFECTIVENESS, PLUS MODERNA’S 80.2% EFFECTIVENESS, AND ADD THAT TO ASTRAZENECA’S 90%, AND THAT GIVES ME A 236.2% CHANCE OF BEATING CORONAVIRUS THIS SUNDAY AT SACRIFICE”, by Grosdoriane @Grosdoriane on twitter.com, UL by The Doctor of Wumbology, via knowyourmeme.com. Worst Pay-Per-View ever, featuring Big Poppa Vaxx.

In 2020 you could only die of covid. Not with it, OF it. Without even searching during that year, we saw people who died falling off a ladder, car wreck, crashing a motorcycle, or with a 0.55 blood alcohol level when 0.08 is the legal limit in his state, and each was listed as a covid death.

The mRNA is designed to alter our DNA and to weaken our natural immunity. It works at varying speeds for each person. In some it causes death by sudden, and in others you get 3 foot-long blood clots that clog your veins and arteries.

‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) COVID-19 Vaccine Conspiracy – Corona Trail’ with thanks to Pfizer, by Stormwatch, via knowyourmeme.com. Cute meme based on ‘The Oregon Trail’ computer game.

Everything is connected. If the globalists don’t unleash the virus as an excuse for lockdowns, then there is no ‘mail-in voting’ (NOT the same as absentee), then they don’t steal the election of 2020 and J6 never fucking happens. They knew at the start of this entire risky scheme evil plot of theirs that they would need to falsely arrest people that day.

They also knew that the vaxx they developed BEFORE unleashing the virus would eventually lead to people dying suddenly, and they keep recommending people take it. They hate you. Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt.

‘…IQ test…’, by unknown, via forbes.com. True, and so many have failed!

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