You Can’t Unvaxx II, At Least Three More Victims Get Thrown Onto The Top Of Covid Sacrificial Pile By Alt-Far-Left



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We don’t like writing on the same topic so quickly after doing it, but no sooner had we finished yesterday than we learned about more likely cases. As always, they don’t outright say the ‘vaccine'[SIC] was involved, but per the government itself, just over 2 out of every 3 people have taken at least one covid shot.

We just did ‘You Can’t Unvaxx‘, and prior covered the Canadian doctor deaths when the total was just 14 (it then went to 32, and now stands at 80). Before 2020, this had never happened before, and there is one thing they have in common. The latest three young victims, one of whom died are:

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• Cash Hennessy of California, a 13-year-old who was healthy enough to pass his physical to play, suffered a heart attack during a football game recently. He then spent over a month in Children’s Hospital of Orange County, after that game in Rancho Cucamonga on September 17, 2022.

After the event, he couldn’t remember anything that had occurred in the prior 24 hours. Doctors informed his parents he had been born with a congenital heart condition, but again he had passed the physical required to play sports.

He ended up needing open heart surgery, then had a chest tube and feeding tube and spent 8 days on a ventilator. Just 3 days later, he began walking again and is now back home. No mention but he was probably ‘vaxxed and boosted’ as those exacerbate prior conditions. And whoever did Cash’s football physical needs looking into.

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• Drew Strasser of Rochester, Indiana, is healthy and quite athletic. He led his school’s golf team in their 7th out of 11 finish in the Warsaw Invite with an 84 back on May 6, 2022. Then on August 5, 2022, the 18-year-old collapsed during tennis practice for Rochester High School after suffering cardiac arrest.

Drew had actually just finished warming up when it happened. Luckily, a teammate and friend who worked as a lifeguard noticed and came to help, and a coach began CPR right away ( even then shocking his heart with a defibrillator) while someone else called 911. His mother, Laneia Strasser, said he never had any heart problems prior.

Living in a rural area, it took an hour to drive by ambulance to the nearest hospital. Doctors were able to stabilize his condition, then moved him to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis where Drew was placed on a ventilator in the cardiac intensive care unit.

Doctors insist he didn’t have a ‘heart attack’. He developed a lung infection and his blood pressure kept dropping, so he was given strong antibiotics. As he recovered, it took several days for him to remember why he was in the hospital.

They have recommended Drew have an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) placed in his chest. According to one, Dr. Adam Kean, “sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in high-school athletes”, yet Adam claims it is still “remarkably rare”.

Well it used to be. Although again there is no mention of ‘vaxxed and boosted’ status for Drew, given the government numbers, it is far more likely he was than was not.

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• Not so lucky was Jack Aidan Strehl of Dutchess County, New York, who was just 16 when he passed away 9 days ago of ‘sudden’, which is now a leading cause of death. This was a healthy young man, who at age 11, after just 5 years of training, achieved Black belt status in Tae Kwon Do.

Jack also threw discus and shot for the Track & Field team for his high school, and worked at a golf course on their maintenance crew. His obituary and articles don’t say so, but we all know he was likely ‘vaxxed and boosted’, and what ‘sudden death’ really means.

‘covid, flu, and cold’, by unknown from ‘kingjames’ on, screenshot by us. The ONE time LeBron got something political right!

Parents need to remember their own advice and stop having their kids jump off of the ‘vaxx’ bridge just because their friends (with their own parent’s blessing) are doing it. It is not normal for this many kids (or even adults) to have heart problems after no prior history of them.

The only common thing in the vast majority of cases is having taken the death shots. You can NOT get that garbage back out of you and it is designed to wipe out natural immunity (so things like cancer can kill you over time) if not kill you directly. If you are pureblood, stay that way, and if you are not, then please stop taking the shots and hope you stopped in time.

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