You Can’t Unvaxx, So Far Three Republican Governors Move To Save Children As Adults Continue To Make Stupid Decisions



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You are probably guilty of doing it, we used to do it too, and THAT is putting an ‘X’ through Christ by using the phrase “X-mas” instead of Christmas. That is the left’s way of disrespecting Jesus Christ on his birthday (we know, celebrated not actual), and we stopped abbreviating it that way as soon as someone explained why they did that.

Which brings us to why we personally never call the covid shots ‘vaccine'[SIC] as they are not that, and instead show our disrespect for the left’s religion by using the term ‘vaxx’ instead; X’ing it right out.

And while we recognize that, for some of you who are no longer pureblood, it was a choice between the shots and your ability to earn money, we want to remind you it was a choice you can’t unmake and you decided to sell your soul and risk your future health. As painful as it might have been, you always had other options.

We’ve heard for years now that “children are the future”, but they can’t be that if they are aborted, vaxxed, trans’ed, or otherwise groomed into submission by the globalist left.

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In fact, the Coalition of Diseased Communists (CDC, AKA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention[SIC]), which is no longer hiding that they are controlled by communist China, just voted 15-0 to stroke out your kids or make them infertile (the shots can do both) by adding ‘covid vaxx’ to the immunization recommendations for children.

They don’t care which one happens as long as American children are out of the way by the time the illegal aliens replacing them get here. And those are arriving in record numbers as a new study showed that Usurper in Thief Joe Biden has imported a record number of ‘economic migrants’ (AKA country burglars in 2021. The total was 1,662,616…THAT WE KNOW OF (this number does NOT include ‘got-aways’) or 7 for every 10 children born to Americans last year.

It gets worse when you realize that those 7 can reproduce now (or soon) while your babies won’t be able to do that for 15 years or so. The replacement is real and not so great. And just like people dropping dead after their shots, you are supposed to pretend it is all normal.

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CDC are not actually medical professionals or scientists, they are demons in human form who want American children dead and the fact they voted unanimously when kids who already had the shots are dying proves it. We all know what a real vaccine is, as we detailed HERE.

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo said his state’s policy on covid vaxx for children wouldn’t change despite the CDC vote, saying “COVID mandates are NOT allowed in FL, NOT pushed into schools, & I continue to recommend against them for healthy kids.” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) agreed, adding “I just want to let everyone be clear, you know, as long as I’m around, as long as I’m kicking and screaming, there will be no COVID shot mandates for your kids. … That is your decision to make as a parent.”

DeSantis concluded, “As long as I am Governor, in Florida there will not be a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for children in our schools.” So, in Florida, parents can still decide to permanently damage their children with the shots, but the state won’t mandate it.

‘…Orwellian times…”, by unknown, found online.

Governor Kevin Stitt (R) of Oklahoma issued a similar statement, saying “Regardless of what the CDC says, as long as I am governor, we will never force kids to get a COVID vaccine to go to school.” And Missouri Governor Mike Parson added, “As long as I am Governor of Missouri, I will do everything under my authority to never let the federal government mandate COVID vaccines in our schools.”

Once the poison leftists insist is a ‘vaccine'[sic] is in you, it can’t be taken back out. It is designed to weaken your natural immune system and, per studies, does so at a rate of 3-6% per month with no possible recovery. That makes things like cancer and heart disease more likely to eventually take you out, which is the goal of those pushing the shots. Even if you have done so, please don’t condemn your children to that fate as well.

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