THEY Think We Are Stupid, ZERO History Of Athlete Mass Death Or Cardiac Arrest Prior To covid Shots But Link Denied



'...clotting', by unknown, found online. We should be rooting for the left to 'shot away' as the fewer of them the earlier we get back to normal as a planet.
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Imagine history as a continuous line of events, in which the order matters and key events are recorded so we can learn from them. Now return to 2022 where alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-indoctrinating-gaslighting-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers tell us that doesn’t matter and to ignore anything that happens after someone takes covid shots.

’32 dead Canadian doctors’, by unknown, found online. We don’t have athlete pictures, but back on August 8, 2022, a total of 14 Canadian doctors had died suddenly after the vaxx…now it is 32!

We wrote HERE about 14 Canadian doctors dropping dead and now it is up to 32! We also wrote HERE about the Miami Dolphins front office guy who dropped dead suddenly at 47 and how ‘sudden death’ used to mean something else entirely (and in addition to the sites listed there we are also on Parler and Truth Social now too).

‘brainwashed’, by unknown, found online. It is NOT just the shots, the left are brainwashed about a LOT of things, and they want to convert us too!

We wanted to do a story listing all athletes who had died or suffered ‘vaccine injury’ but we ditched it as there are simply too many now to start compiling from scratch. Luckily someone else has been on that and we found it HERE. It covers 922 deaths and 1354 cardiac arrests…so far!

‘…tell my’, by unknown, found online. Our children can’t be the future if they are dead or ‘vaccine injured’.

They also encourage skeptics to repeat the following after reading about each death in their report: “The COVID vaccine is a normal vaccine. The COVID vaccine is safe. These injuries and deaths are normal.”

‘…reckoning*’, by unknown from, found online. Actions should always have consequences, and we must make sure the left settles their bill.

The alt-far-left can’t stop lying (which we wrote about HERE, HERE and HERE), and because of that folks haven’t stopped dying. Those lies are killing our friends, relatives, doctors, and athletes, all of whom were perfectly healthy before those shots that are NOT vaccines, and leftists MUST be held accountable for their actions.

*’Reckoning’ as in the ‘ARCHAIC’ usage of “a bill or account, or its settlement.”

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