democRAT ‘muh The Science’ Posts YUGE Win, It Only Took Less Than 200 Years To Determine That Gas Stoves Are Hazard



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Okay, 197 years to be specific. In 1826, James Sharp, a British inventor, patented the gas stove. In 1828, Smith & Philips marketed it for him, and he opened a factory in 1836 to manufacture gas stoves in Northampton, England. Now, in January 2023, we discover he was committing a ‘hate-crime’…or whatever.

Democrats aren’t real, which you can catch up on HERE if you missed it. Their replacements, democRATs, are gaslighting us over gas-lighting (aka actually lighting gas on fire to cook food with). The left are coming for our stoves, specifically gas stoves. Your electric stoves are just fine…until they turn off the electricity.

‘wanted’, “James Sharp; Dead or Alive; For gas(stove)-lighting”, by us using alleged silhouette of James Sharp and ‘Wanted’ template from

The same people who tell us that 18-year-old’s can graduate high school and go into the military but they shouldn’t be able to own a gun are also the people who tell us that new-born babies know they were born the wrong sex, and now they also tell us that gas stoves are deadly.

The left’s ‘the science’ is pretty much all over the place. Seemingly politically selective in its ‘scientific’ approach. Basically anti-science.

Sandy Ocasio (New York, D is for daft) aka Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once she decided to run for office and put on glasses to make herself look smarter (yes, they are a prop), posted online that gas stoves led to “reduced cognitive performance”.

‘Designing Women meme Suzanne gas stove gaslight’, by Robert Sanchez, via MSM loves to gaslight us.

Congressman Ronny Jackson (Texas, R), who is also a retired United States Navy rear admiral, and is a medical doctor (unlike noted taco expert Jill Biden), AND was ‘Physician to the President of the United States’ from 2013 to 2018 (last 4 years of Obama, first 2 years of Trump). He replied to Sandy with a picture she had posted of herself using a gas stove in her own kitchen.

This came about because yet another government agency has been corrupted by communists to spew hate-speech, and WE define that as any language critical of Western civilization.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, with its easy to remember acronym of USCPSC, pronounced UsCpSc, alleges that gas-powered stoves are a “hidden health hazard” and emit “harmful pollutants”, while encouraging people to switch to electric stoves. It only took those commie fucks 197 years to discover that ‘danger’ too.

‘Try it its cool’, by Forever_a_red, via

We believe that old-school thinking needs to be set aside. Leftists are not normal people who are horrible at what they do and stupid to boot. Demeaning them might make some feel better but it doesn’t stop them. They are instead insidious and evil and know exactly what they are doing and laugh at you when you call them names as they destroy Western civilization.

After the democRAT politicians like Sandy touted that ridiculous and incorrect assessment of a known proven technology, of course their colluders in MSM jumped in and ran with it.

‘yeah, if you could stop trying to turn every knob of the gas stove on that’d be great’, by unknown, via

Bill Weir of CNN (Criminal News Network) said “The science is showing us having a gas stove, in a small apartment especially with bad ventilation, is like having a car idling there. If you have young kids, it can affect cognitive abilities, as well as asthma”. Where was Weir when masks were forced on kids (and adults)? Where was Bill for 197 years while we cooked in ‘ignorance’?!

Not to be outdone, Bloomberg (an alleged news organization, not the rich jackass who founded it) said “Natural gas stoves, which are used in about 40% of homes in the US, emit air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and fine particulate matter at levels the EPA and World Health Organization have said are unsafe and linked to respiratory illness, cardiovascular problems, cancer, and other health conditions, according to reports by groups such as the Institute for Policy Integrity and the American Chemical Society.”

‘Set your house on fire – wok adapter’, “NOVEL WAYS TO SET YOUR HOUSE ON FIRE; THE WOK GAS BURNER ADAPTER”, by Fred.Matherson, via THIS is a picture of an actual product (called ‘Wokmon’) and they made a meme from it!

The WHO (not the rock band, the World Health Organization, which is organized communism on a world-wide level to damage the health of us all) are known liars and are in bed with the communist Chinese, as they pushed ‘the covid’ and all of its associated lies and trappings…like those masks. Cloth STILL is not magical, and blocks NO viruses!

The EPA are land-grabbers, and even alt-far-left ‘The Shill’ AKA The Hill admitted same in June 2015 when they said “The EPA just finalized one of the biggest land grabs in American history. Under the Clean Water Rule, all “tributaries” will be categorically regulated by the federal government. Tributaries — which quite literally mean anything with a bed, banks and an “ordinary high water mark” — are now under federal control.”

‘supremacy’, by DaMusicGamer, via

This gas stove nonsense is evolving out of California, which voted for Reagan and Bush the father before being lost to anti-science pro-illegal alien leftists. Proving that, in September 2022 the ‘Air Resources Board’ there decided that by 2030 they would prohibit the sale of gas water heaters and furnaces, replacing them with electric devices.

That is a state where ‘rolling blackouts‘ are normal now. Soon, folks there won’t be able to heat their homes, or water, or cook food, or charge their over-priced, very expensive batteries with 4 tires and a steering wheel that children in Africa mined the cobalt for the lithium-ion batteries for at great risk to their own health.

‘Angel X’, by unknown, via Those look perfect!

Did you know that ongoing exposure to disinformation from democRATs is linked to reduced cognitive performance…such as voting democRAT? The cure is to not listen to democRATs or MSM. Instead do the things they abhor. Learn about that regularly here, where those who have shed their reality are taken to task (out behind the shed, by reality). The Reality Shed fact-checkers have fact-checked that statement and found it to be TRUE!

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