Trust But Verify, As MSM Cuts Off Republican Debaters Remember Leftists Manufacture Talking Points To Gaslight Us



"Narrative", by redfive84, via memedroid.com. PMSDNC's Joyless Reid attacks the truth daily.
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The Alt-Far-Left are up to their same old tricks. They have to control the ‘narrative’ to keep us in line, and it happens everywhere now, as evidenced by what occurred in the Michigan Governor’s debate last night. First, a little background on how we got here.

Fox News Channel (FNC) used to advertise themselves as “Fair and Balanced”. Along with Fox Business Network (FBN), a once great replacement for CNBC’s decidedly left-wing financial coverage, and local Fox Network affiliates have long presented themselves as at least moderate, if not right of center.

Once Roger Ailes was ousted from FNC, they dropped that motto, which few seem to have noticed. Then on July 21, 2016, just over 13 months after Donald Trump’s announcement (June 16, 2015) he was running for President, Ailes resigned after being threatened by Lachlan and James Murdoch, Rupert’s left-wing sons, over allegations in ‘New York’ magazine at the height of #MeToo.

“Bro, Do You Even Grift?”, by oudaveguy98, via memedroid.com. Actually Christopher Keith Irvine AKA Chris Jericho, another famous anchor baby (Canadian parents, father playing for New York Rangers in NHL when Chris was born so he falsely claims dual citizenship).

What we believe really happened was that this was the first part of the brother’s plan to transform the network into decidedly more left wing coverage. Donald Trump was then elected President of the United States on November 8, 2016, and Speaker of the House Paul RINO Ryan blocked his efforts to stop illegal aliens from coming here for 2 years before announcing he was retiring.

But unlike prior retirements of Speaker’s, Ryan then waited a year to leave office so that he could finish that 2 years of blocking Trump AND prevent a replacement Republican Speaker running a true House retention campaign. He then handed the gavel to Nancy Pelosi and took a job…on the board of directors at Fox News’ parent company. He has influenced programming ever since.

Now we return to last night (October 25, 2022) when the local Fox station (Fox 47) hosting the debate between Republican Tudor Dixon and democRAT Wretched Halfwhitmer (AKA Gretchen Whitmer) cut away from Dixon just as she began her opening remarks and went to a commercial.

“Mainstream Media”, by schizoidman, via memedroid.com. They slant everything left wing but claim to be down the middle!

Wretched had already made her opening remarks, but instead of hearing Tudor’s, the folks watching were treated to ads for Ashley Furniture and a Big-10 Conference college football game (featuring Michigan State Spartans visiting the #4 ranked Michigan Wolverines).

Later, the station aired the opening statements of both candidates in full, but that still gives Wretched a 2-1 advantage on opening statement viewing AND there is no guarantee that the people who missed Dixon’s the first time saw them the one time they aired at 10pm (two hours after the debate began). Some people work and go to bed early.

This all reminded us of some videos from a few years ago. The first was obvious coordination in 2018 by multiple TV news stations to air a verbatim statement and it is beyond creepy. It was later revealed by alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-indoctrinating-gaslighting-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers that these were all Sinclair Broadcast Group and Fox stations, which are believed to be right of center.

“Multiple local news stations say the same thing verbatim” from 2018, MSM all using same talking points.

Then again, there are MANY examples, almost daily, of the alt-far-left doing the same thing. Here is Tucker Carlson from FNC in 2019 showing just one example, involving the word “manufactured” regarding President Trump’s alarm over the invasion at our southern border with Mexico.

“Tucker: Democrat talking points echo across the land” from 2019, the first 2:32 of this is democRATs using same talking point.

Fox 47 later promised to re-air the opening statements again twice today (October 26, 2022), but that just made the score 4-3 for Wretched. Notice how they think that is fair, when it clearly and obviously is NOT! And for the record, if Wretched’s opening statement had been cut, we would push for exactly what we are for Tudor, which is Fox 47 to air her comments alone to make up for the time SHE alone missed!

“MSM”, by mikehill, via memedroid.com. That blonde girl from Harry Potter spitting truth.

democRATs and MSM think their shit doesn’t stink, but they are the existential threats America faces today. But we should remember Ronald Reagan’s words and “trust but verify” everyone, including those who purport to be on our side.

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