There Are No Take-Backsies On Communism, We Appreciate Tim Robbins’ Change Of Heart But He Can’t Have covid Amnesty



'The Office - The Only Guilty Man in Shawshank' template by unknown, UL by Rebecca Rhodes on reddit.com, via knowyourmeme.com. then 'shawshank mike' meme by us via imgflip.com "The worst thing was the Dementors. They were flying all over the place, and they were scary. And they'd come down, and they'd suck the soul out of your body, and it hurt! ; So basically just like Democrats and covid mandates."
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As we have detailed before, we reject the phrase “alt-right”. We are the ‘New Right’ (or just Right), and we don’t back down from democRATs who are alt-far-left-communist-groomer-extremist-grifter-indoctrinating-gaslighting-Alinskyite-election-theft-denying-globalist-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers and the existential threat America faces today.

The ‘new right’ knows what real science is, and won’t be lectured to by a bunch of demons pretending they want what is best for us while actually trying to kill us off (covid vaxxes, abortion) or sterilize our kids (‘the trans’) in order to reduce our numbers so that like the frog in the pot of tap water slowly brought up to boil (illegal alien invasion) we don’t notice the NOT SO ‘great replacement’.

Ronald Reagan famously said that someone who disagrees with you 20% of the time is not your enemy but rather is your friend and ally. He also said “trust but verify”.

Too many times we on the Right blindly accept someone as one of us simply because they agree with us on ONE issue (HERE and HERE), although Elon has continued his journey towards the light. On the flip side we have false accusers and scammers some still believe are with us.

‘What are you in for?’, “…down the isle the wrong way…”, by macman85602, via imgflip.com. And it should be ‘aisle’ NOT ‘isle’ (which means a small island or peninsula). Still funny.

Tim Robbins pretends for a living. We have enjoyed some of his work. He is VERY left wing, and he reflexively took THAT viewpoint on ‘the covid’. Now he wants us to forget that.

Recently, Tim was a guest on Russell Brand’s podcast and actually told him that during the covid lockdown things got dystopian and “We turned into tribal, angry, vengeful people.”

Nope, we did NOT. YOU leftists did that. We wanted to live our lives as normal for a flu variant that we knew would not be deadly, and it wasn’t, except for the same groups ALL flu is deadly for: those who are old, those who already have illnesses, or those who are in both groups.

YOU leftists are the ones who said covid was the end of the world. That actually came later for people YOU forced shots on who now have a wide variety of illnesses or who died of ‘sudden’.

Instead of protecting the weak, you forced lockdowns and masks and shots on EVERYONE (okay, tried to get us all and missed some).

There is NO vaccine for covid and there never will be. The shots ‘elite’ and ‘celebrities’ take are likely saline. Unfortunately, the rest of us (at least those gullible enough to take the shots) are being given something meant to hurt or kill us.

‘So What Are You In For…’, “…school board meeting”, by unknown, via tennesseeconservativenews.com

We welcome Tim Robbins opening his mind to actual mind opening rather than the straight leftism leftists usually mean when they discuss open minds. That said, until he opens it a lot more and begins renouncing his MANY other leftist views…and apologizes…we have little to discuss.

And for the record, WE were never taking that ‘vaxx’, under Donald Trump or under Biden.

Two weeks to flatten the curve is (in some places) still going on and will hit 3 years in early March 2023.

Natural immunity, acquired immunity, and herd immunity were real science that those pushing ‘the science’ couldn’t accept. Ditto the LONG established concept of comorbidity (“the existence of more than one disease or condition within your body at the same time”; which can also apply to reason of death, which the left also deny now).

Now EVERYONE who is claimed to have had ‘the covid’ automatically died FROM ‘the covid’ and not WITH it, as if it was a guaranteed death penalty. The virus existing doesn’t mean you will get it, getting it doesn’t mean you will get sick, getting sick doesn’t mean you will die. Those are FACTS!

‘Coronavirus memes to help you get through COVID-19 lockdown’, “…second walk”, by unknown, via heraldsun.com.au

About 18 months ago, we put this together:
“Put on your thinking caps.
The Truth about COVID-19
As of June 16, 2021:
World population 7.8 billion
Total Covid cases 182 million
Total Covid deaths 3.94 million
% of people who got Covid 182m / 7.8b = 0.023 or 2.3%
% of people who died from Covid 3.94m / 182 million = .021 OR 2.1%
Chances of getting Covid and dying is .023 x .021 = .0004 or 0.04%
That is a fraction of one percent, which is NOT a pandemic!”

Healthy people should have been allowed to live our lives normally. The economy couldn’t and wouldn’t have been tanked if that happened though, and they needed it to as a way to make the 2020 election theft seem like people turned on Trump.

‘…mask slipped off…’, by Shawshank Trail @ShawshankTrail, via twitter.com

Then came that election of 2020, and there is NO way that, after all of that mess, We The People blamed Trump for it all when he was fighting mandates (despite being very gullible on Fauci, Birx and Mike ‘traitor’ Pence’s vaxx program. YES, Pence ran that covid response group just as KamelatoeHairAss is running the illegal alien invasion for the Biden Usurpation.

“The Camp of the Saints is a 1973 French dystopian [-style ‘fiction’] novel by author and explorer Jean Raspail. [Originally] A speculative fictional account, it depicts the destruction of Western civilization through Third World mass immigration to France and the West [that is actually happening in late 2022 and has been for some time now].” –wikipedia, edited to remove leftism.

We highly recommend that book, which can be found online for FREE via a quick search (as an ebook and audiobook). You know it must be good when leftists don’t want you to read it! This ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ great replacement risky scheme is what has been done to the entire West, not just the USA.

The left tell us to put off having kids or to not have them at all (and enjoy our lives instead), then they tell us to abort our babies too, then they also tell us fertility is dropping and the population is too low, so they now have to import foreigners to have kids. If that isn’t a replacement, we don’t know what is! And no, it is NOT ‘great’.

‘Shawshank’, “…kids to the park”, by ThinkAboutReality 3, via imgflip.com

Remember the left also released convicted criminals with ‘the covid’ as the excuse. We have long said that if judges and prosecutors want to do that fine, but they MUST be responsible for the crimes committed by the people released.

The left want forgiveness for their behavior on ‘the covid’ but that is only the tip of their communist iceberg, and they haven’t apologized for that and likely never will. They never recuse, resign or apologize.

We have already said that we won’t be going along with the so-called “covid amnesty” the left has proposed. You don’t treat we and ours like shit and walk away unscathed, bitches. We are going to keep scathing you, forever!

‘Shawshank Redemption’ template by unknown UL by Sha Fi Muhammed to memezero.com. then ‘Leftists waiting to see if I will give them ‘covid amnesty’; Me pretending like I am actually considering it’ meme by us via imgflip.com

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