Republicans Racist Against Teslas and Iguanas, According to democRATs Global Warming Causes Climate Change And Cold



'New for 2023, Tesla introduces Iguana-mode', meme by us FROM 'cat in Tesla', by unknown, via AND 'iguana', by unknown, via No more falling from trees in cold weather. Just leave your iguana inside your Tesla!
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Electric Vehicles (EVs) that won’t charge. Iguanas falling out of trees. All caused by Republican opposition to taxes that would somehow change weather patterns that have existed for billions of years due to our Solar System’s own Sun and its cyclical patterns of heating and cooling.

That is what leftists such as autistic Swede Greta Thunberg and governorship usurper Kathy Hochul (New York, D is for disreputable) claim. “It’s very clear to me that the effects of climate change are wreaking havoc everywhere.”, Hochul said, blaming that made up thing for record snowfall and cold. Read a fucking book we reply.

‘…existential threat…’, by unknown, found online. It is all about power.

Winter storms are NOT caused by “climate change” {sic}, they are caused by the Sun, which is 99.86% of the mass in our solar system and accounts for all of our energy AND weather AND climate. [Source: Wikipedia ‘The Sun’…a left-wing site]

“The helical model – our solar system is a vortex”

The Sun’s core is 29 million degrees Fahrenheit and spins 4x faster than the surface, which is ‘only’ 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, per UCLA research in 2017. It also travels through space at 448,000 miles per hour (MPH). Sound fast? At that speed it will take the Sun 230 MILLION years to travel once around the Milky Way galaxy, which itself turns at the rate of 1.3 MILLION MPH.

‘climate change…’, by @RacySicilian at Patriots Hub, found online. The left’s policies are meant to enslave us all.

Leftists want you to believe that what 8 billion of us do actually matters, but all of us together are just a TINY part of the remaining 0.14% (just over 1/8th of 1 percent) mass of the solar system. You can’t beat that math!

The alt-far-left-communist-democRATs are Sun Deniers, which, along with their DNA denying proves they are science deniers. They are also election fraud deniers AND election thieves. Leftists even claim math is racist, but it was invented in Sumer (where Iraq is now) about 7000 years ago. Their claim is actually racist!

‘climate crazies…’, by unknown, found online. Quick, boil some water and grab some buckets!

The left also tell us to ditch regular cars for EVs (which can be dangerous). Well, some EV owners are discovering something that many gasoline-powered car owners have known for years: during the Winter car batteries sometimes won’t hold a charge.

Only for those driving EVs (which are basically batteries attached to a steering wheel and tires) that doesn’t mean calling AAA for a jump-start (or new battery). In fact, if your EV battery needs replacing, it is roughly the same price as the entire car!

‘The power of the purse’, by BobboJenkins, via We are slaves to the left. They don’t want to work so they design policies they profit from at our expense.

The owner of a ‘Tesla S’, Domenick Nati of Lynchburg, Virginia, tried to charge his car for Christmas Eve events and due to freezing temperatures (19 degrees Fahrenheit), it would not do so. His battery was at just 40% when he plugged it in at a so-called ‘supercharger’ Tesla station on December 23.

‘Climitard…’, by unknown, found online. The only thing ‘climate policies’ solve are how to empty our wallets into leftist wallets.

After 2 hours, the battery percent had actually dropped with the outside temperature. He drove home and attempted to charge it there but it still would not. He then went to a different ‘supercharger’ station and after an hour the system said the battery was heating up and to keep the charge cable inserted, but no charging was taking place.

‘Inconvenient truth’, by BobboJenkins, via Algore has been wrong about everything he has ever said. And no, he did NOT invent the internet (it started as ‘ARPAnet’, U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, before he entered CONgress)!

Being gullible, he has no other vehicle, so as his Tesla said it only had “19 miles left to empty”, he left the car charging at the ‘supercharger’ station and got a ride home. He tried to reach Tesla but could not. FIFTEEN HOURS LATER, still no charge, so he canceled his Christmas plans.

He wasn’t the only one affected by the cold as 1.5 MILLION Americans and 125,000 homes were without power due to the ‘bomb cyclone‘ (formerly known as a Canadian cold spell). All the left cared about was their precious replacement citizen ‘migrants’. And if you happen to be in a place like Florida and an iguana falls from a tree, don’t worry, it isn’t dead, it is just stunned from the cold.

‘Where are the solar panels?’, by unknown, found online. If solar was the answer then those roofs would be full of solar panels.

That happens practically every year at least once per winter and hits even Florida and Texas. Being cold-blooded, iguanas require heat from an external source (aka the Sun) to stay warm. So they are going into a catatonic hibernation-like state due to the arctic cold.

Even in this condition, they can be dangerous, so they should be left alone. When they wake up, and they will, they can be very aggressive (scratching and biting), and they possess claws and sharp teeth, and will even use their tales as a weapon. Just like democRATs. Mostly peaceful indeed!

“In Search Of The Coming Ice Age … With Leonard Nimoy (1978).”

The left doesn’t want to solve real problems, they create fake problems so they can tax us and pretend to solve them. From the 1960’s on we’ve had overpopulation, new ice age, acid rain, ozone hole, global warming and climate change. None of them real. All of them designed to give power to the left.

‘…how much climate change do we have?’, by unknown from, found online. Nobody hated white people until Obama came along. Odd, that was when we last had 2 ‘genders’ too…

We will not join the left’s religious cult. The big yellow thing in the daytime sky prohibits our doing so. What will save the planet is ‘comprehensive leftist control’, which isn’t leftists being in control, but rather is control of leftists by we normal people.

democRATs are the existential threat to mankind, and to Earth. So-called scientists of the left lie all of the time. Their goal is to regress civilization, and when they eventually shut off the electricity, the EV owners can buy horses to pull their cars for them.

‘I take it all back…’, by unknown, found online. Communist says what? Witch’s tit, bitch!

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